Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 738 - How Bad Could a Loyal Person Be?

Chapter 738: How Bad Could a Loyal Person Be?

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Bai Xiaonian hid the expression from her eyes, then picked up the rabbit ears from the box and caressed them. She then asked with a smile, “I don’t even have a boyfriend, so who am I going to wear this for? For myself?”

Lin Nuan paused momentarily.

The last time Lu Jinnan proposed to Bai Xiaonian, she said she had chased him out. Had the two of them not made up yet?

“Xiaonian, Lu Jinnan…”

“I’ve already given you your present. Where’s mine?” Bai Xiaonian extended a hand towards Lin Nuan. It was way too obvious that she was deliberately trying to avoid the subject.

At the start, when Lin Nuan first got to know Lu Jinnan, other than fear, she also felt dislike towards him! But Lin Nuan had never denied one thing from the start—that was, the loyalty Lu Jinnan showed towards Fu Huai’an.

How bad could a loyal person be?

Although Lin Nuan didn’t know the story behind Lu Jinnan killing a person back then, Bai Xiaonian had said there was a reason behind it, and Lin Nuan was willing to believe. After all, her husband and best friend both believed in Lu Jinnan.

In subsequent interactions, although Lin Nuan and Lu Jinnan couldn’t be considered friends, Lin Nuan could tell that Lu Jinnan’s feelings for Bai Xiaonian were genuine.

Lin Nuan frowned and slapped Bai Xiaonian’s hand. “For Lu Jinnan to have proposed to you, it shows he’s serious about you! He could change his way of proposal if it’s not right. And if you feel it’s too rushed, you can take it slowly…”

“Nuan Nuan, Lu Jinnan and I aren’t suited for each other!” Bai Xiaonian smiled, a bitter expression in her eyes. Regarding her relationship matters with Lu Jinnan, Bai Xiaonian wasn’t planning on saying too much about it to Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan gazed at Bai Xiaonian, only speaking after a momentary silence. “We’ve been friends for so many years. How could I not tell that you truly like Lu Jinnan?”

“I do like him!” Bai Xiaonian smiled with her eyes too. She frankly said to Lin Nuan, “I like him very much! So much so that… when I think of him, this aches!”

Bai Xiaonian pointed at her heart with a finger, then continued, “But what am I to do? He asked me to choose between him and being an overseas reporter. This choice is as hard as when parents divorce and ask their child to choose between their papa and mama. Tell me, how am I to choose?”

Lin Nuan looked at the way Bai Xiaonian forced herself to smile despite wanting to cry and felt awful. She reached out to pull Bai Xiaonian into her arms.

Asking someone to make such a choice wasn’t a simple misunderstanding… It couldn’t be resolved with a friend stepping out to mediate, expecting everything to be well again.

The night she completely fell out with Lu Jinnan, Bai Xiaonian went to the KTV and bought a lot of liquor to “hold a memorial ceremony” for her deceased relationship. She had heard someone say this before, “We need a sense of ritual in life!”

Hence, she buried her relationship with such a ritual. She had thought that after the ritual, all that laid before her would be wonderful, but whenever someone mentioned this, she still felt heartache.

“I’m fine…” Bai Xiaonian hugged Lin Nuan and laughed softly. “It’s so easy to find a three-legged frog, much less a two-legged man! Who knows, I might just bring back a blond-haired and blue-eyed handsome man the next time I return from America. I’ll be sure to bring back someone well-endowed and good in bed… and make you die with envy!”

Lin Nuan smiled, her eyes slightly reddened. “I’ll surely keep this kinky lingerie you gave me. I’ll return it to you the day you return with a blond-haired and blue-eyed handsome guy!”

Bai Xiaonian burst out laughing. “No thanks! This is suited for a conservative type like you. Furthermore, my breasts aren’t as big as yours, so I won’t be able to hold up the costume! If I wear something like that, I’ll surely pick something hotter!”

Actually, Bai Xiaonian had always been tough when it came to words, but the truth was, she didn’t really have the guts to act out those bold claims. She would probably chicken out if someone asked her to stand before her boyfriend in such a costume.

“Do you want to go on a bestie date with me today?” Bai Xiaonian asked Lin Nuan. “Leave behind your man and your child! After all… after I leave, it’ll be hard for you to date me!”

She had planned on spending Christmas with Fu Huai’an and Tuan Tuan in their new residence. Uncle Blessing, Aunt Blessing, and Yun Liuli were all staying there.

But when she thought of how Bai Xiaonian would be leaving after New Year’s, she readily agreed. “Okay! I’ll tell Huai’an that I’m keeping you company today and go to the new residence tonight! What do you want to do?”

“Do what? Of course, it’s to watch a movie! That movie of yours, ‘The Exorcist,’ is showing in theaters for the first time today! We obviously need to go and join in the fun!” Bai Xiaonian then said to Lin Nuan in a relaxed manner, “After the movie, we’ll go for a good meal! I’ve thought it over… let’s go to that hotpot restaurant we used to visit often when we were in school, shall we? Let’s go the nostalgic route today!”

“Okay! Whatever you say!” Lin Nuan beamed.

“Then what are we waiting for? Change your clothes, and we can set off now!” Bai Xiaonian said to Lin Nuan energetically.

Lin Nuan took the bowls and plates to the sink, then went upstairs to change her clothes under Bai Xiaonian’s urging.

Lin Nuan put on her sweater and took a black long down jacket and a tweed cap, then went downstairs with Bai Xiaonian’s Christmas present.

Bai Xiaonian smiled and asked as she opened the present, “What is it?”

Bai Xiaonian opened the gift box to find that it was a branded bag that she had been eyeing for a long time.

Bai Xiaonian paused in surprise…

It was true that she liked this bag, but she had never mentioned it in front of Lin Nuan!

During the period of time that Bai Xiaonian’s father had fallen ill, she felt a lack of security without money, so she no longer bought anything she fancied like she did in the past.

Lin Nuan had known Bai Xiaonian for so many years, so she didn’t need to say she liked something. Lin Nuan would know after merely seeing her look at the bag.

Bai Xiaonian’s father needed his medicine, and that used up a lot of money. Lin Nuan knew that Bai Xiaonian wouldn’t bear to part with so much money just for a bag.

Bai Xiaonian gripped the bag tightly as she gazed up at Lin Nuan. “Nuan Nuan…”

It wasn’t so much the fact that the bag was expensive. Bai Xiaonian was no fool, so she must have known that Lin Nuan had discovered that she liked the bag and thus gave it to her!

She had concealed it very well, but even then, Lin Nuan still found out. This went to show that Lin Nuan truly paid attention to the small details and regarded her as a true friend!

Bai Xiaonian felt that the most blissful thing that happened to her in this lifetime was her friendship with Lin Nuan!

“Do you like it?” Lin Nuan asked.

Bai Xiaonian nodded, unable to conceal her fondness for it. “I’ll make sure to carry this every day when I get to America!”

Tree leaves and branches had piled up outside the French windows. The warm temperature indoors filled their hearts up with warmth…

After changing her shoes and going out the door, shortly off in the distance, Lin Nuan saw Fu Huai’an, who was wearing a black jacket and black scarf, and Tuan Tuan, who looked like a little meat dumpling in his down jacket.

Fu Huai’an held onto his phone in his hands and was reading something with his head lowered. Tuan Tuan was sitting by his side on his little butt, making a snowball. As he shaped the last one with his hands, he looked up and touched his hat with his snow-covered glove. His little face turned red from the cold touch, and he was exhaling white steam from the corners of his lips…

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