Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 829 - Is the Production Crew Providing Insulin?

Chapter 829: Is the Production Crew Providing Insulin?

“Is there a problem with the script?” Fu Huai’an reached out for the materials in Lin Nuan’s hands and skimmed through them, his dark eyes collected and calm as he did.

Lin Nuan gritted her teeth. “This is going to be aired on TV! It’ll be a bad influence on the children! The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television might even blacklist the program for being too explicit!”

How often did she do it with Mr. Fu? Is Mr. Fu great… What kind of nonsense questions were those?

“This is just a rough script. You can interpret the meaning yourselves!” Miss Xia said.

“Are we ready to begin filming?” the director asked.

Fu Huai’an returned the questions to Lin Nuan and nodded. “We’re ready…”

Lin Nuan looked at Fu Huai’an with wide eyes, but he simply gave her a comforting smile.

The seats that were left vacant after Mu Taotao escorted the fans out of the building were all filled up by staff members in the TV station who were free at that moment!

The moment they heard that Fu Huai’an was going to appear on Lin Nuan’s show, they couldn’t hold back their nosy selves. Whoever could make it for the filming was there!

The people who didn’t have seats simply stood and watched. At that moment, the recording studio for “Talking with Lin Nuan” was so packed that there wasn’t even space to stand!

Lin Nuan’s eyes scanned the studio. There were even several rows of people sitting on the floor in front of the camera. The whole place was packed to the brim… There were even people outside who didn’t manage to squeeze into the studio and were shouting at the people inside to move in further.

When Fang Yan arrived, there was already a sea of people in the studio. She kept asking people to move aside and tried to squeeze into the studio, but it was to no avail!

With no other option left, she called Miss Xia and asked her to come and get her. However, after ten minutes, Miss Xia said that she couldn’t get out because there were too many people blocking the entrance. Fang Yan would have to wait until the program was aired on TV to watch it…

Fang Yan was rendered speechless.

Fu Huai’an and Lin Nuan were even more influential than the kings and queens of the entertainment industry!

Fang Yan saw that she wouldn’t be able to watch the filming and thus headed downstairs. She sat in her car, turned on her laptop, and began looking through invites sent to Lin Nuan by the production crews of various shows…

Fang Yan got her lawyer, Bai Hui, to settle everything regarding the divorce. She had to focus on her work and strive to reach new heights!

Fang Yan’s phone rang. It was the ringtone she’d set for incoming breaking news.

With one hand on the controls, Fang Yan reached out her other hand to grab her phone from the front passenger seat and then unlocked it…

[Astonishing news! Nobel Prize winner Liu Mingchen arrested for producing counterfeit drugs!]

[Nobel Prize winner selling counterfeit drugs: Twisted humanity or the end of morality?]

[The pride of the people, Liu Mingchen, producing and selling counterfeit drugs. Insider claims that host Lin Nuan was well aware of it!]

[Liu Mingchen and Lin Nuan’s ambiguous relationship: Business partners or secret lovers?]

Fang Yan was dumbfounded upon reading such headlines. What was going on? Liu Mingchen selling and producing counterfeit drugs? And Lin Nuan was dragged into the matter too? Each headline was more ridiculous than the last!

Fang Yan still remembered how Liu Mingchen accused the pharmaceutical company on Lin Nuan’s show “A Sunday Date” back in Haicheng, revealing the cost of manufacturing Abinoque. He had such a righteously indignant and heartbroken look on his face back then!

Fang Yan had talked to Lin Nuan about Liu Mingchen before, and she said that he was an idealist who was protected extremely well. She didn’t believe that Liu Mingchen had produced and sold counterfeit drugs for profit!

The recording studio for “Talking with Lin Nuan.”

Lin Nuan was wearing a light blue suit jacket, ankle-length dress pants, and white stilettos. Her makeup, which reminded people of peach blossoms, made her look refreshing yet girly.

Lin Nuan sat on the dark gray couch meant for the host and said her opening lines. She tried to make herself and her voice as relaxed as possible…

“Today, the Kaide Corporation is involved in so many different industries. The company’s products have been integrated into various aspects of our daily lives, from little things like toilet paper to huge things like furniture and household appliances, housing, cars, smartphones, computers, shipping, ride-hailing apps, and so on…” Lin Nuan turned to the second camera. “Our guest for today is the chairman of the Kaide Corporation, Mr. Fu!”

Lin Nuan introduced the guest naturally, and the stage lights on Fu Huai’an’s side lit up…

There was a round of applause, and Fu Huai’an nodded towards the camera in greeting. There was a faint smile on his lips. “Hello, everyone…”

Fu Huai’an turned to look towards Lin Nuan. His mature voice was so deep and teasing that it caused Lin Nuan’s ears to tingle. “Hello, Mrs. Fu!”

The audience screamed.

“Oh my god! I didn’t expect him to show his affection for her right from the beginning! There’s still 45 minutes until the end of the program, what am I going to do?”

“Mr. Fu, Mrs. Fu… wow, that’s so sweet! I’m going to become a fan of Lin Nuan’s husband too!”

“Is the production crew providing insulin? I’m afraid that I’m going to get diabetes by the end of the program!”

Among the audience, Lin Nuan’s fans went crazy!

Fu Huai’an usually called Lin Nuan “Mrs. Fu” in private, and he did it mostly to tease her. She didn’t expect him to call her that on stage, so she didn’t know what to do, and her face instantly flushed red…

Their eyes met. Lin Nuan couldn’t hold back her laughter and pursed her lips. She was wearing a watch on her wrist, and she raised that same slender arm to tuck her long hair behind her ear.

She tried to act professional and briefly looked down at the cue cards in her hands. “Mr. Fu, we all know that you used to be a soldier before you entered the legal profession and became an undefeated legend in the industry. You then left the legal profession in 2014 to take over the Kaide Corporation and made a name for yourself on Wall Street. In the span of just a few years, you’ve managed to bring the Kaide Corporation to where it is today. A netizen wants to know your secret at being so successful in everything you do… Would you mind sharing that with us?”

“What area of success is this netizen referring to?” Fu Huai’an’s eyes were as calm as water and had the indifference of someone with many life experiences. “If it’s about being a lawyer, just do your job well and memorize all of the different clauses. Think through things carefully, and always remember to have your client’s best interests at heart!”

“If it’s about the Kaide Corporation, everyone knows I’m the grandson of the former president…”

Fu Huai’an was being very honest. He didn’t sugarcoat his answers, and his words couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lin Nuan nodded.

“What about the success of your marriage?”

Among the audience, Miss Xia pretended to be a fan and shouted the question, causing the hair on Lin Nuan’s neck to stand on end!

Lin Nuan had purposefully avoided this question, but it seemed like Miss Xia wasn’t going to let it slide that easily…

Lin Nuan’s ears heated up furiously as she turned and gave a gentle smile. “Would the producer kindly refrain from disrupting the filming of the program!”

The camera turned towards the smiling Miss Xia, who quickly used her hands to cover her face and tried to avoid the camera. The rest of the audience noisily asked for the question to be answered and said that they needed the couple to display their affection for each other.

Lin Nuan was rendered speechless.

“If it’s about marriage…”

Lin Nuan heard Fu Huai’an speak again and say the words “marriage.” Her heart was beating rapidly, especially when Fu Huai’an’s deep gaze was directed towards her. She thought that she’d definitely be unable to host the program well now!

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