Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 1556 - 1556 Not Afraid of Death

Chapter 1556 - 1556 Not Afraid of Death

1556 Not Afraid of Death

Seeing Gu Zhou’s gaze turn fierce, Cui Qi knew in his heart that Gu Zhou had long been prepared. He was not afraid of death, but he did not dare to risk the lives of his entire clan.

Cui Qi frowned. After some hesitation, he said, “I want the Seventh Princess!”

His thoughts were very simple. He just had to complete half the mission.

Gu Zhou looked at Cui Qi coldly and pursed his lips slightly. “You can only accept my suggestion. You’re not qualified to negotiate.”

Cui Qi looked at Gu Zhou in confusion. He didn’t understand why Gu Zhou was protecting the Seventh Princess. The Seventh Princess had nothing to do with Gu Zhou. He had already given in, but Gu Zhou was still pushing his luck. He pursed his lips tightly and said, “Don’t go too far, Gu Zhou. Aren’t you afraid that your family will be in danger?”

“Cui Qi, I’ve told you before that you’re not qualified to negotiate with me. After some time, I won’t be able to guarantee that your family will still be intact,” Gu Zhou said lightly.

Cui Qi’s pupils dilated uncontrollably as he looked at Gu Zhou in disbelief. Was Gu Zhou not afraid that Earl Mark would destroy the Gu family?

Huo Qi slowly closed his eyes and said helplessly, “All of you, leave!”

The subordinate standing beside Huo Qi looked at him in disbelief. He had been with the general for more than ten years, but this was the first time he had seen the general show weakness. He couldn’t help but call out, “General Huo!”

Huo Qi looked at his subordinates with a dark expression and said unquestionably, “Stand down!”

Seeing that Huo Qi had already made up his mind, Huo Qi’s subordinates had no choice but to put down the guns in their hands. Their hearts were filled with indignance as they stood together and retreated.

Seeing that his subordinates had left, he held onto the branch and turned to leave. At this moment, he picked up the branch in his hand and smashed it at Gu Zhou without hesitation.

Gu Zhou had long seen through Huo Qi’s intentions. He shot Huo Qi in the arm.

“Ah!” Huo Qi lost control and cried out. He threw the branch in his hand to the ground and staggered to his knees. He crawled towards Gu Zhou and attacked him with all his might.

Huo Qi’s subordinates instantly reacted. They knew that Huo Qi was only pretending to surrender, so they hurriedly picked up their guns and aimed them at Gu Zhou.

However, before his subordinates could fire, Qiao Nian threw the silver needles in her hand.

When those people were hit by the silver needles again, they immediately fell to the ground.

However, there were too many people around Huo Qi. Qiao Nian immediately snatched the gun from the corpse closest to her and aimed it at Huo Qi’s subordinates.

Kneeling on the ground, Huo Qi attacked Gu Zhou crazily like a dog with crippled hind legs.

Huo Qi was a general. He had been taught that military orders were like mountains. Even if he had to sacrifice the entire Huo family, he had to complete the mission.

Every move he made was filled with killing intent. At first, Gu Zhou did not attack. He only dodged casually. Seeing that Huo Qi wasn’t stopping, he called out, “Nian’er!”

Qiao Nian aimed a silver needle at Huo Qi. Like a dead fish, Huo Qi couldn’t move at all.

Huo Qi’s subordinates were all stunned. They had not expected the general, who they thought was as powerful as a god, to be picked up by Gu Zhou like trash.

They could see that Huo Qi’s eyes were still open, and his mouth was opening and closing as if he was cursing something, but there was no sound.

At this moment, the wind instantly picked up. Huo Qi’s subordinates barely managed to stabilize themselves. They still wanted to attack Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian, but they were afraid that they would hurt their general. After all, the general had already become Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian’s human shield.

A huge roar sounded. Everyone looked up and saw six helicopters hovering over the mountain. The helicopter doors opened and special forces soldiers slid down.

The first person to come down seemed to be the leader of the special forces. He led a group of people with submachine guns towards Gu Zhou and Huo Qi’s men.

Although Huo Qi couldn’t move, he could tell that those people weren’t his people at all.

In the next moment, the special forces soldiers who had alighted from the helicopter instantly surrounded Huo Qi’s subordinates. The leader walked up to Gu Zhou and said in perfect Chinese, “Second Young Master.”

“Tie them all up,” Gu Zhou said calmly.


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