Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Chapter 563 - Wenchuan Is Here

Chapter 563: Wenchuan Is Here

“Of course.”

Song Yaoyao looked up proudly, her invisible fox tail almost raised up to the sky.

Under the light, her small face was as beautiful as a flower, exceptionally bright.

Huo Yunque curved his lips and kissed her forehead.

“This is your reward…”

Song Yaoyao changed her clothes upstairs and was led downstairs by Huo Yunque.

That was when she realized that the atmosphere downstairs was a little strange.

She blinked her eyes and poked her head out from behind the man’s tall body.

When she caught sight of a thin figure, her eyes lit up and she immediately shouted excitedly, “Wenchuan!”

She suddenly pounced over and hugged Song Wenchuan’s neck.

“Why are you here?”

Huo Yunque was mercilessly left behind. His gaze swept past the little girl’s hand that was intimately wrapped around his neck, and his eyes darkened slightly.

Song Wenchuan curled his lips and pulled her down, rubbing her head while he was at it.

“I came to see you. He didn’t bully you, did he?”


Song Yaoyao’s little face was slightly red. She glared at Song Wenchuan with a reproachful look. “No, don’t worry!”


Song Wenchuan’s scrutinizing gaze moved from Song Yaoyao to Huo Yunque. His thin lips curled slightly, and the two men, who were equally strong, met each other’s eyes. It was as if there was an invisible smell of gunpowder in the air.

Huo Yunque chuckled and reached out his hand. “Mr. Song, long time no see.”


Song Wenchuan gave a faint smile and nodded meaningfully. “It has been a while.”

The Huo Family’s collateral relatives looked at each other in surprise.

They were all experienced and knowledgeable, but they had rarely seen someone with an aura that was comparable to Huo Yunque’s. The two of them seemed to be on good terms, but in reality, the smell of gunpowder was suffocating.

Dai Shiqing pursed her lips. She had thought that Song Yaoyao was just a Cinderella who jumped out of nowhere and did not have any powerful backers.

Until Song Wenchuan appeared…

The thin man was dressed in black. He had a noble posture and his legs were crossed as he leaned lazily against the sofa. His hands tapped on the armrest carelessly. His face was clear, and his temperament was cold.

Unlike Huo Yunque, who gave off a smart and refined feeling, he gave off a bone-chilling feeling even when he was smiling.

It was as if he had lost some kind of human emotion.

Only when he faced the little girl next to him did he melt in an instant, from winter to spring.

Song Yaoyao was very happy that Song Wenchuan could get along well with Huo Yunque. Her voice was soft, and she said proudly to Song Wenchuan, “Gege is a very good person, and he treats me very well. You will know in the future.”

The smile on Song Wenchuan’s lips deepened, but it did not reach his eyes.

His phoenix-like eyes narrowed. “Oh?”


Grandfather Huo came down from upstairs. His coughs attracted everyone’s attention. With a warm smile on his face, he walked to Song Wenchuan’s side and patted him on the shoulder.

“Welcome, welcome. Yaoyao, why don’t you introduce us?”

Song Wenchuan reached out his hand. “Hello, Grandfather. I am Yaoyao’s older brother, Song Wenchuan. You can just call me by my name.”

“Oh, yes, sure! You are indeed a handsome man!”

Grandfather Huo laughed so hard that his eyes disappeared. He held Song Wenchuan’s hand and said affectionately, “Since you are Yaoyao’s older brother, then we are family. Why don’t you stay here today? The kitchen is already preparing food. You can stay and have New Year’s dinner with us.”


Song Wenchuan silently looked at Huo Yunque. Under his deep gaze, his lips curled up. “In that case, I shall kindly accept. It’s a good opportunity for me to see Yaoyao for longer.”

Song Yaoyao narrowed her eyes and hugged Song Wenchuan’s arm. “Wenchuan, do you have any New Year gifts?”

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