Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 13: Aloe Vera

Chapter 13: Aloe Vera

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It was quite early in the morning. A gleam arose from the east, immersing the blue sky in an enchanting golden glow.

The shabby Qiong Pavilion stood surrounded by a thick plantation.

Gu Chaoyan was sitting down amongst this cluster when Qing arrived there with the food box that she had just got from the kitchen. “Miss, what are you doing here? Come and have some breakfast!”

“Got it!” Gu Chaoyan replied, yet she was unwilling to leave. She was still busy seeking more herbs amongst the weeds. She had accidentally found wormwood yesterday that could stop bleeding. She came today in the hope that something better may be waiting for her here. That was why she was here groping so early in the morning.

And she was not disappointed.

She had not only found Aloe Vera, but also some other herbs that could aid her in making a few types of poison.

In this era, plants that could bloom beautifully were often considered to be noble and important. The green-looking herbs were deemed to be useless and had been termed as weeds.

But people had no idea how much they could do with these ‘useless’ plants.

Now, she was going to make full use of these plants.

Gu Chaoyan smiled brightly. “Qing, get some clean water here.”

Soon Qing got the water ready, Gu Chaoyan put away other herbs, and washed Aloe Vera first. She squeezed out the juice and washed her face with it.

Actually, Gu Chaoyan’s skin was currently tanned, but the quality of her skin was excellent. Her face was smooth. As soon as she was able to remove the tan, she would become much prettier. Gu Chaoyan could not understand why a boudoir girl like her would manage to acquire such a dark skin tone which was worse than the servant girls in the mansion!

But with the Aloe Vera plant here, she was easily going to solve the problem.

She was even going to put some Aloe Vera juice on her body while taking a bath at night, so her whole body could acquire a lighter tone too.

She had to remove the tan from top to bottom.

“Miss, what is this green thing that you used to wash your face?” Qing asked her in confusion.

She had been noticing her miss’s weird behaviors during these past few days. It was as if she was a completely different person. But Qing still trusted her deeply.

After Gu Chaoyan was done, she replied calmly in a good mood. “It helps to remove the tan from skin, excellent stuff.”

She said as she poured away the water, “When you find time, you can try it yourself.”

Qing gasped in surprise and curiosity.

She was taken aback at how her miss had gained such knowledge about these plants. But more than that, she wanted to check whether this plant truly could bring about the so-called effects.

She was about to ask her further when she saw a group of people headed in their direction.

Qing spoke in a hushed tone. “Miss, it is the Second Miss!”

Gu Chaoyan turned around and saw the ostentatiously dressed girl coming towards them. Ha, she had not yet embarked on her revenge, instead the perpetrator had delivered herself to her doorstep.

“Qing, get me a chair.” Gu Chaoyan said calmly.

She picked up a small batch of the herbs which she had pulled out earlier and hid them in her sleeves. They were fresh, so Gu Chaoyan was not sure if they would be as effective. Yet, Gu Ruxue should be able to get a taste of her first strike.

Qing had just brought the chair outside when Gu Ruxue came to them and sneered. “You have learned to behave...”

Just as she was just about to take a seat, a silhouette beat her to it and sat down.

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