Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 18: Bumping Into A Noble Lady

Chapter 18: Bumping Into A Noble Lady

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All through the way, Gu Chaoyan was surrounded by people who kept talking about her. They kept saying that she was the Miss Ugly who should have died. She must have become a very popular topic for those people.

Gu Chaoyan frowned and got distressed.

Suddenly a few miserable screams were heard. Those who had been the most vocal about her matters, were now lying on the floor, groaning. They kept blaming each other, thinking that it had been the other person who did it to them.

Gu Chaoyan smiled quietly, feeling glad that she had picked up some stones on the way. Or she would have been pestered by these irritants during the entire journey.

Gu Chaoyan and Qing walked some distance and finally spotted a pharmacy not faraway.

Gu Chaoyan was about to walk in when a carriage came barreling towards her and the situation became messy. Gu Chaoyan was going to shift away from the path, along with Qing when a child fell out of the carriage. She stretched out her arms and successfully held onto the child. Gu Chaoyan calmed herself after the initial scare. If she had not noticed the falling child from the corner of her eyes, the child would have died.

But why was this child not crying after this incident?

Gu Chaoyan examined the boy carefully and realized that he did not look well. His entire body was twitching uncontrollably.

No wonder he did not cry even after experiencing such a fright.

She brought out a silver needle and managed to control the problem. The child finally stopped twitching. Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief. Good that she had a silver needle with her. This was her practice from her previous life. She had not expected that the needle travelled all the way through the time channel, with her.

There was no more sound of the horse hoofs. The frightened horse must have been brought under control.

Gu Chaoyan started to look for the child’s family.

At this moment...

A woman appeared in front of her. She looked extremely frightened because of what had happened. Her eyes were red and full of misery as she looked at the child. “How are you, Tong?”

“You... You have medical skills?”

Gu Chaoyan removed the silver needle from the child and nodded.

As the child returned to the woman’s arms, he said, “Grandma!”

The woman felt Tong’s pulse and said with disbelief in her voice, “How did you manage to cure Tong? How... which family are you from?”

Gu Chaoyan did not have any intention of concealing the fact that she possessed some knowledge in the field of medicine.

It was her intention to change her current circumstances with this expertise, after all.

Seeing the woman’s carriage, she realized that it was not a luxurious one. But judging from how this woman spoke and behaved, she could tell that she was not someone ordinary.

So she replied in a neutral tone. “I am Gu Chaoyan, the eldest miss of the Gu Family!”

The woman was about to ask something more when some nosy people came closer. “She is the daughter of the Gu Family in the south, the one who was just abandoned!”


“Madam, she crashed into your carriage. Just got to the Gu Family, don’t try and reason with her any more.”

“She did not crash into the carriage!” The woman denied instantly, and looked at Gu Chaoyan with a complicated expression on her face. “I will definitely come to express my appreciation at your doorstep soon.”

Gu Chaoyan smiled and nodded.

The woman went back into the carriage with the child in her arms.

Those people ignored the woman’s attempt at clarifying the matter, and started to talk about how this ugly girl had startled the horse.

Gu Chaoyan had no intention of explaining anything, so she headed towards the pharmacy with Qing, which had been her original destination.

The news that the eldest miss of the Gu Family obstructed some rich woman’s carriage reached the Gu Family soon. Someone said that the lady in the carriage was the madam of the Wang Family!

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