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Chapter 2002 Official Competition 11

Chapter 2002 Official Competition 11

Upon hearing the family head's words, Wu Zidao's facial muscles twitched once more, his expression betraying his internal turmoil. He had no intention of yielding and offering respect. Escaping from this situation had become increasingly challenging for him.

Wu Zimo's dominance in spiritual energy intensified. If Wu Zidao were to retract his own energy and launch another attack, he couldn't guarantee a successful escape. However, if he refrained from attacking, the struggle to resist Wu Zimo's pressure would become even more taxing.

The family head's words only served to exacerbate the mounting pressure on Wu Zidao.

Wu Zimo had never anticipated such blatant contempt from the head of the Wu family.

Since it had come to this, he would have to bear the consequences himself.

Utilizing his seventh-level spiritual energy, Wu Zimo sent Wu Zidao hurtling through the air.

Caught off guard, Wu Zidao was still contemplating his next move when he suddenly found himself airborne. By the time he regained his senses, he had already fallen from the arena to the ground below.

Leaving the arena would result in his loss. Even if he desired a rematch, it would be impossible.

Wu Zidao stared at the ground, then shifted his gaze to Wu Zimo standing triumphantly on the arena.

Had he lost?

Had he truly lost to Wu Zimo?

Was he no longer qualified to claim the position of Tribe Chief?

He refused to believe it.


Why was it Wu Zimo?

With a fiery glare in his reddened eyes, Wu Zidao attempted to rush back onto the stage to challenge Wu Zimo, only to be restrained. "You've already lost," he was reminded firmly, preventing any further escalation.

The head of the Wu family's eyes reddened, and his face flushed with embarrassment. He felt a deep sense of shame.

Wu Zidao had been defeated, brought down to the ground!

What just happened?

Wu Tian stood there in a state of shock.

Had Zimo emerged as the victor?

Had Zimo truly won against Zidao?

Could it be that his own brother, Zimo, had achieved this victory?

"How did Zimo manage to win? He might even become the Tribe Chief," Wu Tian blurted out, unable to contain his excitement. Deep down, he harbored joyous thoughts.

Nobody was naive enough to overlook the distinction between holding the position of Tribe Chief and serving as an assistant.

If Zimo became the Tribe Chief, then he, Wu Tian, would be Zimo's assistant.

The mere thought of it was unimaginable.


Just as Wu Tian dared not entertain such thoughts, he received a swift blow to the head. "What are you smirking about?" scolded the head of the Wu family.

Wu Tian stood there, dumbfounded.

He was filled with happiness, but he had not been gloating.

Why did the family head hit him?

Wu Tian was beaten up.

The other elders quickly stood up and said, "Family Head, you've gone overboard."


"Zimo is also a member of the Wu family. It's only right for him to be happy that he won."


"I really didn't expect Zimo to be so powerful. He's even more powerful than Zidao," someone said with emotion.


The Wu family might also undergo a change.

The Wu family's head and Wu Zidao had been unreasonable and domineering in the Wu family for so long. The Wu family would probably change in the future.

It would be a good thing for them if the Wu family could change.

"You!" The head of the Wu family glared at these people.

These people were indeed too arrogant.

The head of the Wu family went out to fetch Wu Zidao back.

Upon seeing the head of the Wu family, Wu Zidao's heart brimmed with resentment. "It's all your fault! Why did you utter those words? You distracted me. If not for that, it wouldn't have ended like this!"

The head of the Wu family felt a tinge of aggrievement. He had spoken those words because he had complete trust in Zidao.

But now…

He lifted his gaze and directed it towards Wu Zimo, who descended from the stage with a relaxed expression.

A faint heat spread across the face of the Wu family's master, fueled by pure embarrassment.

Wu Zidao didn't spare him a glance.

It was evident that the words spoken by the head of the family on the arena were nothing but a harsh blow to his pride.

The two of them departed in a somber mood.

Meanwhile, Wu Zimo, full of enthusiasm, approached Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Chaoyan handed him a pill.

Then, he spoke earnestly, "Zimo, you need to be cautious in the upcoming events…"

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