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Chapter 9: What Are You Doing Here?

Chapter 9: What Are You Doing Here?

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Hence, she was curious to know what Lord Huai’s personality was like.

“Of course I do.” Qing answered without hesitation. She barely went out and didn’t have much knowledge about the other lords.

But she knew enough about Lord Huai.

“Lord Huai is the most beloved child of the King and the Queen. He gained his title at the age of eight. The King has many children, but he is the most cherished one. Everyone hopes to have some link with Lord Huai. All the girls in the Capital want to marry him. But...”

Qing glanced around cautiously, making sure no one was within sight.

She lowered her voice to a whisper. “Lord Huai doesn’t have a good temperament. As per the rumours, he is irritable and ruthless. Miss Wang of the Wang Family got one of her arms chopped off just because she irritated him. The son of some officer was almost crippled by him, as well. I have heard that tons of dead bodies are often carried out of Lord Huai’s Mansion, and those are just the servants beaten to death by him.”

Speaking these words, Qing shivered in fear. “Miss, don’t even think about Lord Huai, else you might die a terrible death!”

The man Qing talked about seemed to be like a frightening Shura.

But she had met many people in her life. As far as she could tell, Lord Huai did not seem like an irritable man but a calm and rational one.

Gu Chaoyan rolled her eyes at her. She did not buy the exaggerated story that Qing told her. Hearsay was always distorted to a large extent.

Didn’t the original host suffer from it, as well. She had never stolen anything but as per the rumor, she was an established thief. It was said that she even stole from the servants. In her case, it was most probably malicious gossip made up by her stepmother and sisters.

Gu Chaoyan rolled her eyes. Rumour was easier created than clarified.

Thinking of clearing her name in the future, she found that she had quite a lot of stuff to do.

But first, she needed to become healthy again.

At this point, the key thing was that her stomach was caving in. She looked at Qing with a begging look on her face. “Qing, I am starving.”

Qing jerked up in surprise. “Oh Miss, you haven’t eaten anything yet, right? I will go and get the lunch box from the kitchen.”

She hurried off as if she did not want to see Gu Chaoyan suffering from starvation for a single more second.

Seeing Qing leave, Gu Chaoyan closed her eyes and crashed on the bed. With her eyes shut, she thought about her little maid. She might be a watering pot, but was indeed a nice person.

She was feeling a bit too tired from today’s events, and soon she dozed off.

The sunlight was quite warm. Gu Chaoyan smiled in her sleep.

It was not until she heard someone throwing stones at her windows, did she get up.

Who was that?

The move and air of that person did not seem like Qing.

She would never dare to throw stones at the window. It wasn’t any of the sisters as well. If they intended to give her a hard time, they would always do it in public. Was it one of those annoying servants pulling a prank?

When she thought about this, Gu Chaoyan picked up one of the broken cups from the table.

The moment she opened the window, she threw the cup with full strength.


She did not hear the sound of the cup hitting the floor. Nor did she hear anyone getting hit on the head. So, Gu Chaoyan craned her neck out.

A young man, dressed in white, greeted her with a smile.

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