Murder the Dream Guy

Chapter 1 - The Man Who Comes Knocking

Chapter 1: The Man Who Comes Knocking

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“Ah Sheng, let’s do it now. You know what I mean, right?”

“No, no, no, no, we can’t, he…”

“He’s a blackhearted *sshole! I was only chosen because he wanted me to give birth to his child! Ah Sheng, let’s not talk about him. I only wanted to, you know, do that with you. I’m yours…”

“Er Niu, no, don’t… we can’t afford to trifle with him.”

“We need not be afraid of him anymore! Never again! Ah Sheng… he doesn’t exist anymore.”

Ah Sheng looked at her, puzzled.

“I… killed him.”

Xiang Wan was reading what she had written and stopped when she saw her cousin, Fang Yuanyuan, staring hard at her with a straw between her lips. Xiang Wan frowned. “You didn’t find this part full of suspense, didn’t you?”

Fang Yuanyuan ruffled her hair in exasperation. “Sis, do you know the reason why each and every book you wrote failed?”


“Weak dialogues and content, fuzzy logic, readers don’t get what you’re trying to say! Do you understand what young girls like me want to read? It’s romance, romance, romance! Important things need to be said three times!”

“Isn’t there romance in my book? Wait, what do you mean by young girls like you?”

“…What, do, you, think?”

Fang Yuanyuan pouted and looked at Xiang Wan sympathetically.

“Besides, you’ve never even dated before. Are you sure you’re able to write a romantic love story? You even need to imagine a sex scene out of thin air, how are you able to write a pair of lovers who love each other deep into their soul? Hence, I hereby suggest you should get into a relationship, okay?”

“But I’m writing a murder mystery novel,” said Xiang Wan with a smile.

“Girls don’t like to read a murder mystery novel without romance. And if you’re going after the male readers, your novel is still lacking in some areas…”

“Fang Yuanyuan!” Xiang Wan forced a smile again. “I do have a group of really loyal and unwavering readers as well…”

“Forget it! With the trashy stuff you wrote, if I’m not your editor, you won’t even be able to become a VIP writer. You only have a handful of paying readers, and the royalties are not even enough to pay your rent! My dear cousin, just give up!”

Xiang Wan leaned on her chair slowly as she looked at her cousin intently with a faint smile.

“One day, I’m going to write the most popular novel on the internet. Do you believe me?!”

“You? Hoho!” Fang Yuanyuan put her coffee mug on the table and took her handbag. “Youngest aunt has arranged the blind date tomorrow night at eight o’clock, Ocean Sky Hotpot. Do as you see fit!”

Another matchmaking session!

Xiang Wan knocked on her own forehead.

After packing her laptop, she left the cafe. The weather outside was like an oven. She could hear the buzz of electrical fans on the streets near her house. A passing cool breeze was soon replaced by a hot gush of air. She felt as though she was going to be roasted alive.

She rented herself an apartment with just one living room and one bedroom to get away from her mom’s constant nagging, despite not having a lot.

At the young age of 26, she was already facing the mayhem of a midlife crisis. She had never dated before and was never embarrassed by that, but with a pretty face like hers, her relatives thought that she had just been too arrogant and picky. As time went by, rumor has it that there might be something wrong with her.

Must she just get married off to a man and give up her dreams for the rest of her life?

Her fragile heart was crushed to smithereens once more by the sound of her mobile phone ringing when she arrived at the foot of the apartment building that she lived in.

“Oh mom! What’s up again? You interrupted me while I was thinking about my novel plot!”

“Novel plot! It’s always about your novel plot! Who reads your stuff anyway? Let me remind you, you’re almost 30…”

“I’m 26!”

“Round up!”

“Are you really my mom?” Xiang Wan felt her head aching mildly. She felt it might be due to the free air-conditioning she enjoyed at the cafe. “I just haven’t found a good man, alright?”

“What type of man do you like? Just tell mom and I’ll find you one.”

“A national grade rich and gorgeous guy with a height of 1.9 meters, 16-pack abs, lives in an 88-storey villa, and wakes up in a bed of 800 meters. Otherwise, it’s a no.”

“… Are you planning to marry a centipede?”

“Bye, mom!”


Xiang Wan was chatting with her mom while she climbed up the stairs. Before she knew it, she was panting and had already reached the sixth floor.

That was actually the top floor. Under the hot summer sky, one would feel like a crab placed inside a cooking pot, wishing to be freed from all the heat. However, there was a man who was quietly leaning against the wall just outside her door. He looked so suave, so cool, and so fresh without any trace of perspiration—his appearance dazzled her eyes so much that she felt dizzy…

The man was tall and had well-defined and chiseled features, as if he had walked out directly from an idol drama.

He looked at Xiang Wan without much emotion. His eyes were amazingly bright under the sun, but at the same time, he looked exceptionally distant, cold and arrogant. Yet, contradictorily, his pair of brooding eyes emanated an irresistible, piercing charm that could stir up feelings in any girl just with his physical appearance and eye contact. He was a typical set-up of most male leading characters in romance fiction.

Oh my, what have you done to my maiden heart!

Xiang Wan puffed a sigh inside her head as she took out her keys.

“Who are you looking for?”

She composed herself, suppressing the emotions that stirred within her.

As the man threw a glance at her, he said, “You’re Xiang Wan.”

That glance was attractively subtle, and that voice was too sexy.

Xiang Wan had never thought that her name could sound so good in her ears. Her cheeks started to feel hot.

“Yes, is there any problem?”

The corners of his mouth turned upward. Xiang Wan’s gaze almost melted completely under his inscrutable smile. He fished out his police officer badge and showed it to her.

“You’re being suspected of murder. Please kindly cooperate with the investigation!”

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