Murder the Dream Guy

Chapter 11 - The Chase

Chapter 11: The Chase

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Chasing after the car was a subconscious act of Xiang Wan.

It was like seeing something had fallen onto the ground and having the urge to pick it up, like an urge to drink water when one felt thirsty.

Being entangled in this case for almost two days had already left her physically and mentally exhausted, almost on the verge of breaking down. She wanted the case to be solved as soon as possible more than anyone else. She also wanted to find out the ins and outs of the whole case. Bai Muchuan’s words “nobody can confirm all that you’ve said” had greatly stimulated her. She was desperate. That was why she did not hesitate and gave her best to give chase.

But how could a person chase after a car?

Xiang Wan panted heavily. As she saw the car heading toward the main road, she wished she could jump to stop the car.

Nonetheless, it was human nature to maximize their gains and avoid trouble.

She looked like a rabbit in a hurry, so who would stop to give her a ride and create trouble for themselves?

Cars sped past her. Xiang Wan ran till her legs were trembling but none of the cars stopped.

“Wait!” At this moment, Cheng Zheng caught up to her, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her back. He stretched out his arm and stopped a white Volkswagen.


The loud harsh sound of the car tires were heard as a car stopped abruptly. The driver was cursing inside his car.

Cheng Zheng hurried over and showed his police officer badge. “Police! This is an emergency, please cooperate!”

The driver was shocked, his eyes opened big and wide; he couldn’t believe what was happening.

What’s the odds of encountering a detective chasing after a car on the street?

As the driver was hesitating, Cheng Zheng dragged him out of the car and took the driver’s seat. He shouted to Xiang Wan, “Hurry up!”

Although he was in the forensic team, he was still a police officer after all! Xiang Wan quickly got on the car, leaving behind many passersby with frightened expressions.

Cheng Zheng really did know about the case after all, as well as Xiang Wan’s involvement in it. He had run after her without saying or asking anything.

However, at this hour, it was the start of the vibrant nightlife in Jin City. There were many cars as well as people on the road. The driver of the black car was particularly cunning, as if he knew someone was hot on his heels. The car swerved left and right and merged into the main traffic, driving at top speed.

They had a hard time chasing after the car, but Xiang Wan actually felt excited about it.

“The driver knows someone is chasing behind, yet the car speed is still increasingly fast! I’m now absolutely sure that’s the car!”

Who’s inside the car? Is it a man or a woman? Xiang Wan did not know any of these.

She was immersed in the thrill of being the police, chasing after a criminal. She got restless. She couldn’t wait to seize the person immediately and find out the truth to clear her name.

“It’s there, over there… Captain Cheng, it went that way!”

Cheng Zheng took a glance at her and focused on driving the car to follow the black Nissan in front to shorten their distance.

“What the hell? Do you know how to drive a car?”

“F*ck! You’re rushing to get reincarnated?!”

That Nissan seemed like it was fleeing for its dear life, without regard for the speed limit or the busy street. It sped past red lights and drove dangerously forward, causing drivers on the road to curse and swear.

But that also applied to Cheng Zheng who was hot on pursuit of the black Nissan.

“Ah! The car made a turn!” Xiang Wan’s gaze was fixated on the black car in front without batting an eyelid.

Cheng Zheng responded with a “hm” and did a sharp turn.

That road was a junction that prohibited vehicles to do left-turns. But the black Nissan did just that, so Cheng Zheng could only follow and do the same.




A series of sudden sounds of brakes rang through the area, as well as sounds of swearing!

Cars from both sides were in the way, An SUV directly “kissed” the right side of the white Volkswagen, which was the front passenger seat, where Xiang Wan screamed in fright.

Cheng Zheng had no choice but to stop the car.

That black Nissan could care less about human lives but he couldn’t.

Due to this hesitation, the black Nissan quickly disappeared in the distance before their eyes.

While Cheng Zheng was looking for a chance to attempt to do a left turn to chase after the black car, that car was already out of sight…

It disappeared… just like that!?

They couldn’t catch the driver but created a traffic accident instead. Xiang Wan felt a little cranky.

“What should we do?” She felt a bit apologetic toward Cheng Zheng.

“It’s alright.” Cheng Zheng was calm and composed. “Bai Muchuan will take care of it.”

Xiang Wan: “…”

Why did this sound like Detective Bai will be cleaning up after them?

Speak of the devil! For the “devil” called her up.

“Where are you?” She heard Bai Muchuan’s cold question.

Eh… Why is he fuming in anger?

Xiang Wan took a glance at Cheng Zheng and gave a brief account of the incident. “Detective Bai, although that driver managed to get away, I’m sure that driver is involved in the case. Otherwise, there is no need to drive so fast to get away from us, agree? You need to find that car. The car plate number is…”

“I asked where you are!” Bai Muchuan impatiently interrupted.

“Oh? Oh,” Xiang Wan then responded by telling him the address. When she wanted to continue to tell him the car plate number, she suddenly heard the beeping sounds when a call was disconnected.

Detective Bai hang up the phone?

She looked at her phone, stunned, then she heard Cheng Zheng’s voice.

“You don’t have to tell him that. If he can’t even get hold of such a trivial information, he should go kill himself.”

“He’s able to get that information?”

“Of course.” Cheng Zheng lifted his head to indicate her to look at the surveillance system installed at the junction.

Only then did Xiang Wan recover from her agitated mood. She took a look at the messy traffic as well the curious crowd of passersby and couldn’t help but give a laugh. “Since that’s the case, why did you follow me to chase after the car?”

Cheng Zheng replied, “At least we’ve proven that there’s indeed a problem with that car.”

Xiang Wan put her phone into her bag and pursed her lips. “Am I too reckless earlier? Did I cause any trouble for you?”

Cheng Zheng shook his head. “No trouble for me. Bai Muchuan will handle this.”

Xiang Wan was speechless.

Seems like it’s not easy to be the Captain of the Criminal Investigation team.

But what should they do next?

Cheng Zheng seemed to know her thoughts. He got down the car leisurely to check the damage of the car, then got back in again.

“Just wait for a while!”

Wait for what?

Xiang Wan did not know.

But she had no other choice but to listen to him.

Then they sat in the car until they heard the police siren…

As well as Detective Bai who parked the police car directly next to them…

“Very impressive indeed!” It was unknown whether Bai Muchuan was referring to Xiang Wan or Cheng Zhang. That was his first sentence when he also sat inside the white Volkswagen. “Since you’re so good, why didn’t you continue to chase and catch that person?”

Xiang Wan lowered her eyes. She felt that his anger was baffling and unfounded.

Shouldn’t they be praised for having seen a suspect and pursue in the face of danger?

She chose to remain silent.

Cheng Zheng was even more composed than her. He brushed his sleeves, got off the car, and removed his white gloves.

“Arresting people is the work of Captain Bai’s team. I shouldn’t interfere with that! I’ve done what I can. I’ll leave this to you now.”

After that, he just… left like this.

He did mean it when he said to let Bai Muchuan handle the aftermath…

Xiang Wan stared at Cheng Zheng’s back view, and turned to look at Bai Muchuan’s really gloomy face. She felt that Detective Bai was about to explode in anger.

However, this time, she finally saw for herself what Nanny Li meant by Detective Bai had a “good temper”.

Bai Muchuan did not ask anything but let Huang He be in-charge of the mess, and got into the police car that he drove over.

“Get on!”

The first time when Xiang Wan heard him, she didn’t know he was talking to her.

Although she had recovered from being agitated, she was still in shock and was imagining what would happen next.

When Bai Muchuan pressed the car horn grumpily, she turned and saw his dark, cold face.

“You’re calling me? she asked.

Bai Muchuan turned his head to motion her to get on.

“What, what do you want?” Xiang Wan asked after hopping onto the police car.

Detective Bai had a grim expression and did not answer her. The police car drove away from the scene.

So cold!

Xiang Wan sneezed. She recalled that Fang Yuanyuan was still at Ocean Sky Hotpot, and called to inform her what happened.

Just now, everything had happened all of a sudden, so Fang Yuanyuan must be in a confused state. Now that she called her, Fang Yuanyuan asked her a lot of questions. Xiang Wan did not know how to explain to her. She could only come up with an excuse, and she decided to push everything to Detective Bai.

“It’s about Zhao Jiahang’s case. I’m taken away by the police now! They need to know something.”

“Ah? It’s… not finished yet? You don’t even know Mr. Zhao! Isn’t that none of your business?”

“Don’t ask anymore, and don’t tell my mom about this. Or I’ll post your naked photo on the official forum of Wen Quan Book Treasury!


Fang Yuanyuan stopped asking.

When Xiang Wan ended the call, she noticed that Bai Muchuan shot a chilly gaze at her.

Thinking of what she had told Fang Yuanyuan, she felt her ears a bit hot. “Emm, Detective Bai, you… where are we going?”

Bai Muchuan lowered his eyes. “Your place!”

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