Murder the Dream Guy

Chapter 28 - The Weak-Willed

Chapter 28: The Weak-Willed

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A major breakthrough!

There wasn’t any news more exciting than this!

As the case slowly unraveled and developed to the current stage, the chord in her heart had long been stretched to the extreme.

Her dark eyes looked at Bai Muchuan almost in eager anticipation, waiting to hear about the breakthrough.

However, Bai Muchuan turned a blind eye to her anticipating gaze. He turned around to look at Zhan Se who was smiling.

“Teacher Zhan, thank you for your hard work tonight. It’s getting late, I’ll get Huang He to send you back to the hotel. We’ll talk about the details of the case tomorrow morning…”

“No problem.” Zhan Se still looked energetic, and her tone sounded like she was in a good mood as well. “I’m completely not tired when I’m doing this work. It’s been a while since I traveled to another city, and I’m enjoying this trip. Moreover, Wang Tongsheng was especially weak-willed that it exceeded my initial expectations, I didn’t put in much effort…”

“That’s because he met you. If it’s another person, it might not be as smooth.”

“Woah! Laowu never told me before Captain Bai is so good in dishing out compliments?”

As the two of them were trying to be polite to each other, Xiang Wan, who was eager to know the result, was being forgotten.

Xiang Wan was speechless.

This Detective Bai mentioned the first part and she thought he would continue, but instead, it was actually a full stop.

So what was the major breakthrough? She was being kept in suspense!

Zhan Se walked over to her. “Xiang Wan, I’ll make a move first. I’ll talk to you another time.”

Xiang Wan knew about formalities like this. She gave a smile and shook hands with Zhan Se. “Alright Senior, please be safe.”

Zhan Se nodded her head and left with Huang He who showed up at the door.

Xiang Wan walked her to the door. When she turned around, Bai Muchuan was busy with his mobile phone. For a long time, he did not lift his head up. Xiang Wan did not know what he was doing.

She couldn’t take it anymore. “Detective Bai…”

Bai Muchuan still did not lift his head up. Instead, he signaled with his hand to stop her and continued to get busy with his mobile phone.

Xiang Wan: “…”

She had no choice but to wait for him to finish his work on his mobile phone.

So, she sat there idling for over 10 minutes before she heard Young Master Bai finally puffing a sigh of relief.

Bai Muchuan shot a concerned look at her. “What’s up? Looking ‘so good’ today?”

Anyone would “look as good” if they’re in my plight! Xiang Wan retorted in her head.

“Haha.” Xiang Wan forcefully pretended to be indifferent as she shook her head. “Now, what do I need to do? Identify the car?”

“Oh, I have almost forgotten about this!” Bai Muchuan seemed to just realize this as his long fingers supported his forehead. “There’s no need to identify the car, Huang He has found the car already.”

What? So efficient?

Since the car had been found, why didn’t anyone tell her?

On top of that, if the car was found, what was she waiting here for?

Xiang Wan’s anger of waiting the whole night erupted into raging flames. “Detective Bai, since you don’t need me, why did you call me over? So, did you have fun, huh?”

Her eyes were filled with the shame and anger of being fooled, exceptionally bright.

Detective Bai narrowed his eyes, his gaze lingered on her face. “I thought you will need me?”

Xiang Wan: “…”

She was breathing heavily; her chest visibly moved inward and outward due to anger. Xiang Wan felt like giving him a good thrashing, but she was worried she might be charged for assaulting a police officer.

No choice, any burning anger had to be suppressed, so her heart and her chest continued to puff and huff…

Bai Muchuan’s expression turned serious, his gaze still fixated on her. “The laptop? I don’t need to compensate it anymore?”

Xiang Wan flared up. “Detective Bai, I thank you so much. Would you please don’t stop to gasp for air and finish saying your sentence in one go? If you’re compensating my laptop, then say so, why are you saying things like I need you or something…”

Bai Muchuan’s pleasant-looking eyebrows raised. “What did you think I’m referring to?”

Xiang Wan froze for a moment—she was unable to answer it.

Many a time, whenever it was about something sensitive, women tend to be in a more disadvantageous position than men.

She was powerless against a Bai Muchuan like this. She was so hopping mad she wished she could chew him up. However, he was so serious that there was totally no trace that he was making fun of her. In addition, he even kindly explained things to her.

“You have an inseparable relationship with this case right from the beginning, and your novel is connected to this case. I thought you’ll need me to answer your doubts?!”

D*rn! Can’t he say this earlier!

Yes! Of course, I need it! I need it too much!

Xiang Wan was swearing inside her heart yet she had to hand it to him.

He was always able to light up her little inner universe, then slowly put out the fire for her. At the end of the day, it would seem that she would be the one who was picking on him without reason.

Which she just did so, earlier.

Bai Muchuan assigned the duties for his team and let Detective Tang drive the car. The detectives on duty were all going to have their supper somewhere nearby. He also invited Xiang Wan to join them.

He took on the role of the good guy for the whole day.

Xiang Wan did not feel like eating, but her curiosity for the case was so great that she agreed to Bai Muchuan’s “manipulation”.

This time, there were only the detectives from the criminal investigation team, and there was no one from the forensics team.

Captain Bai treated them supper. The detectives were very excited. They didn’t stand on ceremony with Bai Muchuan and ordered the most expensive dishes.

Bai Muchuan barely said anything. He would only occasionally ask everyone to help themselves with the food and drinks.

Frankly speaking, the current Detective Bai was amicable. As he sat there with his elegant mannerisms, there was a feeling that a dashing immortal had visited the secular world, be it looks, figure, or disposition, wherever he went, he would attract eyeballs.

There were two young ladies from the neighboring table who kept looking at him. They couldn’t move their gazes away from him.

Xiang Wan was totally unaware of all these and had no mood to appreciate, either. Her brain was preoccupied with questions and curiosity about the major breakthrough on Wang Tongsheng.

“Detective Bai, so what happened? You still haven’t told me yet!”

She had asked in a low tone. Bai Muchuan answered her in an even lower tone.

“Do you think this is a good place to talk about that?”

As he said that, he motioned for her to take a look at the surroundings. With that, the two young ladies who were stealing glances at him were directly caught by him and Xiang Wan. They flushed red in an instant and quickly lowered their heads.

Xiang Wan was dumbfounded. Bai Muchuan glanced at her, and the corners of his mouth turned upward, revealing an indescribable tsundere expression, so charming and handsome. That smile made his dashing face irresistible.

At that moment, Xiang Wan almost suffocated.

What kind of food did this guy feed on since young? His smile was so alluring!

Surely no woman could resist such a smile, right? If he were to smile like that every day, who would be able to refuse his requests…

Xiang Wan was entranced by that smile and was letting her imagination run wild when a prawn landed in her bowl all of a sudden.

“You didn’t eat a lot at the hotpot dinner, right?” asked Bai Muchuan. “Eat more and preserve more energy for quarreling.”


Xiang Wan was totally powerless against his logical thinking that didn’t play by the rules.

“I don’t like eating prawns!” she said.

“But I do!”


“I don’t like peeling them,” he said.


So he liked to eat prawns but didn’t like peeling them. But what did this got to do with her?

Xiang Wan was confused. Her face full of questions but Detective Bai answered her naturally as if it was her responsibility, “Comrades help each other.”

A pair of disposable gloves was handed over. Xiang Wan cussed inside her head so much so that she almost spouted profanities. However, she was unable to withstand Bai Muchuan’s “pleading” gaze.

She had to admit that she was just another mundane person!

She was no exception! She was unable to resist the demands of a handsome man, her inner willpower was even more fragile than Wang Tongsheng by umpteen times.

At the very moment when Xiang Wan peeled the prawns for Bai Muchuan, her heart was almost filled with the bitterness of a sacrificing hero.

Heck! Why was she made to do all this? She hadn’t even touched her food, and now she was the little maid peeling prawns for that Young Master?

Hence, Xiang Wan served her comrade, feeling contradicted throughout the meal until it ended.

The detectives returned to their office, while Bai Muchuan personally drove her back.

It was Bai Muchuan’s villa.

Under the night lamps, the lintel courtyard seemed especially luxurious.

Xiang Wan saw Bai Lu, who was waiting at the entrance. The young girl looked like a sulking and dissatisfied housewife.

Xiang Wan finally realized what Bai Muchuan meant by “preserve more energy for quarreling”.

However, on what basis did she have to quarrel with Bai Lu?

Xiang Wan refused to get off the car and returned the bank card to Bai Muchuan. “Take this back, I only need the amount of money to pay for my laptop. I’ll leave when I get the money!”

Bai Muchuan looked at her. Under the street lights, his well-defined facial features were mesmerizing. “Are you sure?”

His voice was deep and cool with a frivolous tone. When heard inside the car, it seemed to have an enthralling effect.

Thump! Xiang Wan’s heart missed a beat.

Am I sure about that? she thought.

All the horrific experiences started to swarm inside her head and crept up to her like snakes.

The car that nearly knocked her down in the alley, Er Niu’s smiling face, the falling flowerpot that could have killed her… All these scenes replayed in her mind, and she started to have some difficulty breathing.

Xiang Wan gulped hard and suddenly felt powerless. “I admit that I’m a little scared. But this is not the reason why I should stay.”

One second later, she suddenly lifted her head and stared fixedly at Bai Muchuan. “Detective Bai, we don’t know each other very well.”

Bai Muchuan raised his eyebrows—he could not deny that.

Xiang Wan narrowed her eyes and looked at him. “Tell me, why are you concerned about me? Why did you bring me to your house again?”

Bai Muchuan remained silent for a long while and did not answer.

The car in the night seemed desolate.

For a long time, no one spoke. Only the breathing sounds of the two of them could be heard.

Xiang Wan’s heart was pounding. She couldn’t help but press for an answer again. “Why?”

Bai Muchuan’s gaze was frosty like a snow-capped mountain. “You haven’t released a new chapter today!” he said, enunciating each syllable, “I want to read your latest chapter before telling you of our latest investigations.”

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