Murder the Dream Guy

Chapter 681 - Criminal Record

Chapter 681: Criminal Record

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This shocked Xiang Wan somewhat.

“At that time,” said Bai Muchuan slowly, “Wanwan was only a pronunciation to me. I didn’t know which word is the ‘Wan’ that my mom was always talking about… She liked to use Wanwan to compare with me, so my impression was particularly deep. And so, this Wanwan became the good kid whereas at that time, I was the mischievous kid!”

That was shocking.

Xiang Wan was stunned.

By telling her this, he was saying that her dad and his mom were indeed related.

But the fact was – they were colleagues in the past.

Bai Muchuan’s mom actually met her before and was very familiar with her dad.

“When I was writing ‘The Grey List’, I subconsciously put down the female lead’s name as Wanwan. I let her become the girl whom my mom wanted her to be – obedient, adorable and beautiful…” Bai Muchuan gave her a glance. “The female lead in ‘The Grey List’ is called Wanwan not because of Xie Wanwan. However, the opposite is true…”

So that was what happened?

Xiang Wan was slightly taken aback.

Bai Muchuan looked at her. “The most initial stage of my novel was actually formed while I was in that Special School. Back then, I was already planning my story plot… Later on when she stepped into showbiz, she changed her name to Wanwan.”


Xiang Wan gave a gulp. “That means Xie Wanwan already knew that you’re Second Young Master Mu?”

Bai Muchuan didn’t deny that.

Xiang Wan paused for a moment and chuckled a little ironically. “She’s indeed a good actress. She had been pretending that she didn’t know that… and I thought I’m the only one who knew this. I was even happy for a few days as I thought this was our little secret. Aye!”

She puffed a sigh and raised her eyebrows. “No wonder… I finally understand now.”

Bai Muchuan furrowed his eyebrows. “Understand what?”

Xiang Wan gave him a casual glance. “No wonder Xie Wanwan was willing to comply with CEO Song’s perverted requests so as to ensure that ‘The Grey List’ could be broadcasted smoothly… Also, when you refused to believe her and continued to interrogate her about CEO Song, she was devastated… I feel that any woman would have felt the same way.”

Bai Muchuan: “I was simply fulfilling my duties. I wasn’t trying to make things difficult for her.”

“I know that.”

Of course Xiang Wan understood that.

If Bai Muchuan had allowed himself to be more lenient, he wouldn’t have made Xie Wanwan upset then.

Xiang Wan leaned against the sofa slowly, as if to find some support and finally had the courage to speak up. “Do you feel that what Ye Lun said is true? In terms of courage, I’m really not as courageous as Xie Wanwan. Maybe… she loves more deeply than I do.”

“There’s nothing to compare,” said Bai Muchuan firmly, “Xiang Wan, you are you. Moreover, Xie Wanwan didn’t like me.”

Xiang Wan raised her eyebrows.

And smiled.

“Have you looked inside the flashdrive?”

Bai Muchuan shook his head.

Xiang Wan was surprised. “Why not?”

Bai Muchuan looked at her. There were some stirring emotions within him which were caught by Xiang Wan. “I was waiting for you to wake up. If you agree, I will open it. If not, I won’t look at it.”

Xiang Wan: “…”

When Ye Lun asked if she wanted to continue filming the video, Xiang Wan went ahead with filming everything down.

That included the threats that Ye Lun had made. Bai Muchuan had watched it and knew about their conversation.

“Just open it.” Xiang Wan tried to show a smile. “There’s nothing great about it. Who wasn’t weak before?”

Bai Muchuan looked at her deeply. “So you’ve thought it over?”

“… Yeah,” replied Xiang Wan, “Ye Lun said that it was something that I’ve been wanting to know. I also want to see what it is. Everyone should face their own imperfections and past… There’s nothing disgraceful about it.”

“Mm.” Bai Muchuan agreed.

He got up and walked into the bedroom where he took out a notebook from a drawer.

Then he came out and placed the notebook on the coffee table.

“It’s Mr Luo’s notes. One part of this is about my mom…”

Xiang Wan sat up slowly and took the notebook. “Can I have a look at it?”

Bai Muchuan: “The reason why I took it out is for you to have a look at it.”

Xiang Wan glanced at him and opened the notebook.

Mr Luo’s notebook mainly recorded his own thoughts and feelings on the cases that he had handled before. He was unable to back up his thoughts with hard evidence for most of the things that he had felt. From what he wrote, Bai Muchuan’s mom and Xiang Wan’s dad were indeed close.

Mr Luo felt that although Bai Muchuan’s mom was working as a tour guide, her financial situation was actually good and she was a beautiful woman. As for Xiang Wan’s dad, he was not a good person as he was addicted to gambling. There was a very high chance that he had ulterior motives for getting close to Bai Muchuan’s mom…

Consequently, the affair between the two got exposed. Someone reported that there were illegal prostitution activities when the two of them went to a hotel for their affair. It was too much of a coincidence.

The late Mr Luo felt that all these were planned out by Xiang Wan’s dad. This was because when their affair got exposed, Xiang Wan’s dad accused Bai Muchuan’s mom of seducing him before the police and that he had even paid her for her services. That made Bai Muchuan’s mom leave in anger… At that time, women valued their reputation more than the current generation. Due to this matter, Bai Muchuan’s mom later committed suicide.

However, the next day after her death, Xiang Wan’s dad died in a car accident…

What made Mr Luo perplexed was that it was clear Xiang Wan’s dad was at fault for the car accident. Yet the other party actually gave a sum of compensation money to Xiang Wan’s mom as he felt that they were very pitiful. This sum of money enabled Xiang Wan’s mom to buy a small house in Jin City…

“Bai Muchuan.”

A while later, she called him.

“Mm,” responded Bai Muchuan.

“… If this is true, what should we do?”

Xiang Wan asked hesitatingly and kept looking at his reaction. That day, she couldn’t read him or guess what he was thinking about. She was at a loss as the sense of security seemed to have gone away. When she looked at Bai Muchuan’s eyes, she was nervous…

She was worried about his response.

She was worried about how he looked at this issue.

This was because, from the notebook, his mom was an innocent party.

And her dad was undoubtedly a scoundrel.

Xiang Wan couldn’t remember any details about her dad.

The memory of him had long faded in her heart.

If this was true – she knew that she would feel guilty.

She kept looking at Bai Muchuan like she was waiting for his judgement.

“What can we do?” A while later, Bai Muchuan looked downwards. “Things were already like this. Do you think we should pay for what our earlier generation did?”

Xiang Wan looked at him quietly. “We don’t have to?”


Bai Muchuan replied in a determined tone. Then he puffed a sigh and sat next to Xiang Wan.

“You are you. Your dad is your dad. These are two different matters.”

He took his laptop and took out the flash drive. His gaze was deep and serious.

“There’s only you and me here. Xiang Wan, are you afraid?”

He didn’t open it before anyone else in Serious Crime Division One as he wanted to protect Xiang Wan’s privacy.

Xiang Wan’s gaze dimmed and shook her head. “I’m not afraid. I haven’t been since long ago.”

Bai Muchuan inserted the flash drive into the laptop and keyed in the password that Ye Lun had said…

The waiting process was in fact very painful. Xiang Wan held her breath as she didn’t know what kind of thing would show up before her.

She was so nervous that her hands became clammy.

Inside the flash drive, there were a couple of videos as well as some documents.

The documents were the murderer’s script which had appeared on the Internet recently.

Bai Muchuan gave a glance at Xiang Wan before he clicked onto a video.

On the screen, Ye Lun’s handsome face appeared. He was smiling as he greeted the viewer.

“Hi, I’m Ye Lun. Now, I’m going to tell everyone what crimes that Cui Ming, the top dog of the Dark Clan, had committed over these years…”

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