Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 195 - Seeing The Emperor

Chapter 195 – Seeing The Emperor

“Um?” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster and said, “You also think you should go into the rooster fighting arena and fight?”

“Get lost!” The giant rooster stared at Chu Mo: “Boy, talk nonsense again, and Lord Rooster will go all out with you!”

“Haha” Chu Mo laughed happily. To be able to accept Wang Dafa, is naturally something to be happy about. Although the man’s combat strength is very mediocre, his mind is one of the brightest!

If such a person is well used, what is being the number one businessman in the world count as?

The giant rooster rolled his eyes at Chu Mo: “What are you proud of? The most important reason why that man dares make such a bet on you is that your master is too formidable!”

Chu Mo smiled and said, “So what?”

The giant rooster said, “If it hadn’t been for your master, would he have taken the initiative to come to your door?”

Chu Mo said lightly, “There is no such thing as “if” in the world, and luck is… sometimes part of one’s strength.”

“Come on, you’re just showing off like that.” The giant rooster strike at him and said, “If Lord Rooster is not mistaken, your master should be leaving the world soon. By that time, I’m afraid your hard days will come!”

Chu Mo was silent for a moment. He knew that what the giant rooster said was true.

Among the invitations he has just received, one is from the Prince’s House. Xia Jing’s handwritten letter told Chu Mo that besides a few medicinal materials, other medicinal materials have been prepared. As long as Chu Mo has time, he can start refining at any time.

At Xu Residence’s side, an invitation was also sent, asking Chu Mo rest over to Xu Residence.

The Second Prince Xia Xiong’s invitation followed.

There were other princes and ministers that sent invitations.

Chu Mo has a feeling, as if from his return this time, a lot of things have undergone tremendous changes.

At this moment, the people sent by the palace are still waiting outside.

“I’m going to the Imperial Palace.” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster and said, “Do you want to go see it with me?”

“Forget it, the Imperial Palace of the Human World is just a bigger yard. There’s nothing to see.” The giant rooster looked arrogant, and then said, “Aren’t I going to be watched as a rarity when I go? I won’t go!”

“A giant rooster. Who would treat you like a rarity?” Chu Mo’s grinned and said, “What they probably think more in their hearts is: Wow, what a big chicken. You can stew one in a big pot without needing to add mushrooms!”

“Get rolling! Lord Rooster doesn’t want to see you!” the giant rooster put his head to the side, and the crown on top of his head became even redder.


When Chu Mo came to the palace, he discovered that the emperor had been waiting for him in the imperial study.

“I have seen Your Majesty!” Chu Mo saluted to the emperor.

“No need to be courteous. Have a seat.” Not seeing him for half a month, Chu Mo discovered that the emperor seemed to be getting older, and he has a lot more white hairs. This is not a normal phenomenon for emperors who can have all kinds of medicinal pills that can resist aging and increase lifespan at any time.

After Chu Mo thanked him, he sat in a chair and looked at the emperor.

The emperor also looked at him and said gently, “How are you doing? Did it go well?”

When the emperor said this, Chu Mo asked somewhat speechless: “Your Majesty knows what I have been doing during this period of time?”

“I’m not blind.” The emperor stared at Chu Mo: “If I’m not aware of such a big movement. Then there’s no need for me to be the emperor…”

Chu Mo smiled and said, “It went well, although there were some regrets in the end.”

“It is inevitable that there will be regrets, and you coming back alive is beyond my expectation. Worthy of being someone with great promise!1″ The emperor said with a smile, and his brow that has been locked, also relaxed.”

The emperor didn’t know that the regret Chu Mo said was completely different from what he understood.

But Chu Mo didn’t explain anything. Some strange question: “When did I become someone with great promise again?” (TN: 1 li = 0.5km)

“I was not the first on to call you this, it was Xu Fufu.” The emperor smiled and said, “I deeply believe that!”

“The emperor overpraised. This boy can’t accept it.” Chu Mo replied.

“Don’t do that in front of me.” said the emperor. Staring at Chu Mo, he asked, “Can the Academy still be run?”

Chu Mo said, “Of course.”

“Really?” The emperor narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Chu Mo unbelievingly, “Are you sure that the Academy can still be established?”

“Why not?” Chu Mo smiled and said, “This boy has come back alive. Is that enough to explain the matter?”

“Good! Good! Good!” The emperor clapped his hands, and unexpectedly stood up and laughed: “I have Chu Mo, who can match 100,000 troops, ha ha ha!”

The emperor did not ask too much about what Chu Mo has experienced during this period of time. People who are really smart don’t particularly like to get to the bottom of everything. A lot of things, as long as there are satisfactory results, it is enough. As for the process, it does not matter to them.

Subsequently, the emperor told Chu Mo that the medicinal ingredients that he wanted has been sent to the Fan Mansion. Then Chu Mo refused the emperor’s invitation to keep him for dinner in the Imperial Palace, left the Imperial Palace, and went directly to the Gluttonous Ogre.

Here, he saw Chu Yan. After explaining some things to Chu Yan, Chu Mo once again rushed to Xu Fu without stopping.

No matter what, he’s here to have a look.

After Chu Mo arrived at Xu Residence, Xu Fufu didn’t really have any accident during his seclusion, and did not appear. Grandfather Xu Zhongliang pulled Chu Mo for a meal, but he did not talk too much. He just encouraged Chu Mo that in the road ahead, he must take every step.

In fact, Chu Mo’s performance has greatly exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Over the course of a year, the changes that have taken place in him were so great that many people couldn’t even accept it. Even Xu Zhongliang, the head of the cabinet of the current dynasty, had not much to offer to Chu Mo.

When Chu Mo returned home, it was already very late, and he didn’t know where the giant rooster went to hide. Chu Mo didn’t see him, so he went straight back to his room.

Recalling the experience of more than half a month, Chu Mo still has a feeling that it was all a dream.

Being chased down by over a thousand experts seemed to be a dead end, but they are hardly regarded by the Demon Lord as Chu Mo’s life and death tempering.

During this period, the Demon Lord seems to have done only one thing, and that is: To lower the realm of these people to the same level as Chu Mo. Then… he began to wait and see. There was hardly any action to help Chu Mo. All of it, it was all done by Chu Mo himself.

In fact, it seems that for Chu Mo, it is still a fatal situation.

In Chu Mo’s view, it is not just that his fighting strength is strong enough and good luck that he can return safely after obtaining rich tempering.

Chu Mo learned a lot from this experience, and also deeply understood the dark side of human nature.

Those people are almost full of greed and selfishness!

If all those people, from beginning to end, was only holding the purpose of killing Chu Mo. Then, if the Demon Lord didn’t make a move, they’ll probably would have succeeded.

No matter how powerful Chu Mo is, he can never be the opponent of so many enemies in the same realm.

Even in the process of fighting this group of people, everyone also has their own axe to grind. They were all thinking about how to get more benefits from Chu Mo. (TN: Everyone has their own axe to grind = hidden ulterior motives.)

So much so that in the end, they didn’t even realize that they were killed by Chu Mo.

“Therefore, one day, if I have a lot of people around me, and when I can’t give them what they want, they must learn to let it go. Otherwise. There’s going to be a backlash. The human heart is the most elusive thing in the world. ” Chu Mo said to himself.

To be continued…


TN: I might have got this entirely wrong. There are two translation for this that I found: one is “Horse with tremendous speed” and the other is “Son showing great promise” or “young talents with strong ability” or an entirely different one. 千里驹1

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