Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: A Loud Slap in The Face


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In the entire Beast Appraisal Association, it was without a doubt that the managers in the logistics department had the most luxurious errands to run. Guarding the warehouse and being in charge of resource allocation and safekeeping would guarantee a great amount in their pockets.

There were many people entering and leaving simultaneously by the gates of the logistics department, the place was abuzz.

Regardless if it were for beast appraisal or beast diagnosis, all of the activities needed the appropriate tools and equipment. For example, the daily use of a beast talisman was not a small number and various kinds of healing pellets used were also taken from the logistics department, so it would be weird if this place wasn’t bustling with noise.

Dong He, the manager in charge of the logistics department, might not be as good or popular as some apprentice appraisers, but Gao Jiang, an official beast appraiser, still treated him politely.

There was no other reason for this besides the fact that Dong He held the resources, and that his brother-in-law was one of the association’s three elders.

Having the most luxurious job, Dong He was naturally big in size. His face was dripping with desire to please the seductive woman he was chatting with. Whenever he got excited while speaking, his chubby cheeks started twitching. At the same time, he saw Lin Jin entering.

“Lin Jin?”

Of course Dong He could recognize Lin Jin. Lin Jin was such a ‘popular’ official beast appraiser in the association! There wasn’t any bad history between him the two of them, but he was still picked on by Dong He because of Jia Qian.

Well, what a coincidence that the gorgeous woman Dong He was chatting with was Jia Qian herself.

After noticing Lin Jin’s arrival, Jia Qian’s smile immediately turned cold.

Dong He immediately got the drift after seeing her reaction.

It was no secret that Jia Qian and Lin Jin had bad blood. In fact, almost the whole association was already aware of it. Despite there being rumors that Jia Qian and the chief had been flirting, Dong He knew that the both of them weren’t there yet.

Speaking of which, Jia Qian was indeed the most gorgeous woman in the association. Any man would want to fall under her beguiling figure. Dong He, was one of them.

It was already hard enough to put a smile on Jia Qian’s face, but this was considered Dong He’s lucky day for an opportunity like this.

He rubbed his palms together excitedly and gave a few orders to his subordinates after seeing Lin Jin walk into the logistics department.

“My dear Qian, wait a moment and I’ll let you witness a great show.” Dong He said, his face filled with only one wish which was to please Jia Qian. Yet Jia Qian had not humored him and instead said composedly, “Manager Dong, please have some self-respect!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll call you Appraiser Jia.” Dong He said while grinning. Jia Qian’s every move were all so appealing to him. He’d be willing to do anything if he had a chance to even graze his lips on hers, that would satisfy his happiness for at least a few years.

“I wonder what Manager Dong wants to show me?” Jia Qian asked, knowing the answer to her own question. The moment she saw Lin Jin walk in and Dong He giving orders to his subordinates, she knew that he was going to cause Lin Jin trouble to please her.

Dong He had done this multiple times in the past.

“Appraiser Jia has been so tired lately… watching the embarrassment flow from your enemies is certainly a way of relaxation.” Dong He smiled as he said in anticipation.

Jia Qian did not respond, but she didn’t leave either.

Within the lobby of the logistics department, Lin Jin was notified that the spirit stones were out of stock, and was asked to come back another day.

“Out of stock?” Lin Jin’s expression grew hostile as he watched the others surrounding him clearly leaving with spirit stones.

The person in charge of the spirit stones replied with a cold sneer on his face. “Yes, it’s out of stock. Please come back another day, Appraiser Lin.”

From his memory, his predecessor hadn’t been able to claim his spirit stones in the past few months. Every time he came, the person in charge would tell him that they had run out of stock and he had been asked to come back next time.

Even an idiot would know that it was on purpose.

If he were his predecessor, all he could do was sigh and leave, but now things were different with Lin Jin.

He was not afraid to make a scene.

Looking at the arrogant staff, Lin Jin smiled, and raised his hand to slap him across the face.

This unexpected slap made a loud and clear sound that turned the heads of everyone in the lobby. As the crowd was silenced, they stared.

The staff that was slapped gaped in shock, and anger started to shroud his face.

“Lin Jin, this piece of trash dared to hit me!”

Perhaps it was because the staff was used to being politely treated, he yelled out Lin Jin’s full name in a fit of rage.

Lin Jin lashed out, “You’re just a staff in the logistics department, so you’re basically just a temporary worker in the association, which is even more powerless than an Apprentice Beast Appraiser. You have not only treated me, an official Beast Appraiser, without the respect I deserve, you have intentionally taken away the spirit stones that should’ve been allocated to me. This is against the law. Where is the law enforcement team! ”

Lin Jin’s last sentence was raised a tone higher than the rest.

The law enforcement team was formed for the sake of punishing members who had been in the wrong. Lin Jin saw a few members of the law enforcement team, so he was speaking directly to the members who were present.

The few law enforcement team members didn’t have a choice but to walk up and confront him.

“Appraiser Lin, what seems to be the matter?”

He knew the answer to the question asked. In fact, he saw everything that had happened clearly. Speaking of which, it wasn’t the first time they saw Lin Jin being picked on. Normally, Lin Jin was timid and never spoke up when he was in these situations, turning himself into a laughing stock, but for some reason, the timid Lin Jin had actually fought back today.

“This logistics department staff is arrogant and has no sense of the law or the rules. He not only called out my full name, he also purposely took away my spirit stone. You guys are the law enforcement team, you should know how to deal with this, right?” Lin Jin said firmly.

The staff that got slapped was boiling with rage until his mind went foggy and couldn’t get a clear idea of the situation, so he could only keep arguing, “Lin Jin, how dare you hit me, I will end you!”

Lin Jin slapped him once again, harder this time, blood started dripping down the corners of his mouth.

Yet he still had something to say.

A voice scolded him, “Shut up! Don’t you recall what I have normally taught you? Know the rules and your place, if you don’t, then you deserve it.”

The voice came from Dong He.

There was no way that he didn’t know such a big commotion was going on, so he brought his subordinates with him.

Lin Jin looked at him from the corner of his eye, he knew the mastermind behind this had finally shown up.

Dong He walked to Lin Jin with his chubby figure, he smiled and said, “Appraiser Lin, what caused such great anger in you that you have to start a fight with a subordinate?”

There was a hint of belittlement from Dong He’s seemingly respectful words, hinting that Lin Jin and a subordinate were at par. He was an expert in the belittling game.

After saying this, Dong He said to the staff, “Are you blind? Did you not recognize Appraiser Lin? Despite anything, he is still a level one official Beast Appraiser. Getting slapped for disrespecting him was what you deserved.”

Only then did the staff realize that he had made a grave mistake. With his head hung low, he bit his lip and did not breathe a word.

“Appraiser Lin, you can choose on how you’re gonna deal with him. I suggest from what he deserves, you should just kick him out of the association and let him fend for himself.” A menacing look flashed on Dong He’s face.

The staff shivered at the sound of what he said.

If he were kicked out, he would lose a lot.

Lin Jin gave Dong He a long look.

Obviously, the fatty did not say this out of consideration for him. Lin Jin had watched enough palace drama TV shows to see through this scheme of his.

“Dealing with him is your problem. I could care less about it. However, Manager Dong, please return the spirit stones to me, as per the number I should have received for the past few months.”

Lin Jin went straight to the point without causing him trouble.

That was what he wanted.

Xiao Huo was waiting for him to level up, and his condition was way more complex than Zhao Ying’s Pangolin. Xiao Huo needed spirit stones and beast pellets, and both were a must.

“Spirit stones? What spirit stones?” Dong He pretended to not understand. Of course, he knew what Lin Jin was talking about as he was the one who had schemed this.

As set in the rules of the association, official beast appraisers could claim one intermediate-grade spirit stone, and ten low-grade spirit stones per month, and as for apprentice beast appraisers, they could only claim five low-grade spirit stones per month.

Spirit stones were essential in training. They could also be consumed by some pet beasts directly and gain strength.

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