Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Money Is The Priority

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Lin Jin shook his head, he couldn’t bother explaining more. If he had the energy to deal with this, he would rather be investing it on the six suns beast soul pellet.

The woman watched as shock overtook Lin Jin. Her face grew dim and without uttering a word, she lowered her head politely and got up to leave.

However, clueless on whether it was her weak physique or sudden symptoms of anemia, her body quivered as she stood like she was turning into jelly. Thanks to Lin Jin’s quick reflexes, he managed to catch her in time. Otherwise, she would have fallen.

As he held her, Lin Jin’s expression fell grave.

“What’s going on?!”

An elderly person in black rushed towards them while glaring at Lin Jin, the woman waved at him and said, “I lost my balance.”

The woman had wanted to release herself from Lin Jin’s grasp.

But she couldn’t.

She tried pulling away again, but it seemed that Lin Jin had a palm of steel. Her face blushed, creating a contrast between her pale exterior as she boiled in anger.

With one final yank, she was finally able to free herself from the adhesion.

She shot a fierce glare at Lin Jin, then turned to leave.

“Wait a second!” Lin Jin said in a serious tone, but the woman didn’t even turn back to look at him, as the elder man’s intimidating gaze pinned onto him the whole time.

Lin Jin shouted while hastily catching up to them, “The curse in your body is already deeply rooted in you. You are greatly ill, but I can still save you!”

However, the young woman was already out of earshot. She couldn’t hear what he said and even if she did, she wouldn’t have believed him. The elder man in black stopped and turned to face Lin Jin as he reached out his palm.

Xiao Huo growled and charged forward but was repelled by an invisible force. Lin Jin also felt as if he were knocked back by a few punches, the blood churned inside his chest as he started to vomit blood.

They were hurt.

“Big words of utter bullsh*t, make this a lesson to remember!”

After saying this, the man left too.

Lin Jin didn’t know what this situation was. The man just got mad and fought as he pleased. Did he think that Lin Jin had no temper of his own? Wait, no, he had indeed zero chances of revenge. The man seemed like a great master. Even with both Lin Jin and Xiao Huo’s strength combined, it would hardly suffice to defeat him.

“Dang it, I was going to tell you guys to consume nine water floating clouds pellets with dragon blood grass, once a week. Now, I won’t tell you then… Wait, that’s not right. That moron hasn’t paid yet! Don’t run! Pay for the appraisal and session fee!”

Lin Jin chased them for a few steps but lost them in the end.

Lin Jin was infuriated.

He was only doing this out of the kindness of his heart, he didn’t do anything wrong. Why did it end up like this?

Well, the good thing was that the injury wasn’t that serious, but the bad thing was that he had been embarrassed from being attacked in public.

He glanced around him, no one gave him the time of day. Lin Jin coughed and left in helplessness.

Despite the injury being harmless, it was obvious that the old man had held back his strength. Other people probably wouldn’t see a difference, but Lin Jin could tell that despite the old man seemed to be attacking by himself, in fact, he was actually using the strength of his pet beast.

The old man’s pet beast was very high in level.

This led Lin Jin to understand better that the weak would be left behind and bullied, while the strong would persevere and rule.

Xiao Huo’s level up was something that had to be done.

Even though Lin Jin was furious, he did not stop to rest. He still had some copper coins with him, but it was impossible for him to purchase the six suns beast soul pellet’s materials with what he had, the materials themselves cost a whole lot more.

Right now, Lin Jin was only filled with a desire for money.

He found a way to earn a big sum of money in a short amount of time.

Many people queue outside the Beast Appraisal Association every day. Just by observing a little more, you’d be able to tell that the clients who come for beast diagnosis surpassed those who come for beast appraisal.

To simplify, it is more common for pet beasts to be ill or injured, so clients demanding a beast diagnosis would be significantly more. This was proven by the number of people who sold the number plates at the front gates every day.

But not everyone would be able to get the number plate of their ideal specialist and not every beast appraiser would know how to appraise each beast. This was the same for illnesses.

There would always be exotic types of pet beasts that the beast appraisers did not recognize and there would always be difficult illnesses that the beast appraisers could not treat.

Hence, many con artists prey on these helpless people, trying whatever they could to trick them into paying money. Lin Jin had planned to join them, but of course, without using trickery.

He, on the other hand, was the real deal.

However, if he were to do something like this, he must not be recognized by anyone because he would be breaching the rules of the association, but since Lin Jin had been benched for quite some time, no one had been requesting for his sessions so no one would notice if he were gone.

After returning home, he changed his clothes, put on a cap, harvested some of Xiao Huo’s fur, and pasted it on his face as his beard. Lin Jin transformed into an entirely different person. It was so convincing that he would even be able to fool those who were close to him.

Xiao Huo and Goldy observed curiously at what Lin Jin was doing from the courtyard. Lin Jin had to leave Xiao Huo behind in case he was recognized by someone.

He made his way back outside the Beast Appraisal Association. It was as crowded as usual.

Just after he made it there, someone whispered to him, “Hey brother, trying to get number plates? I have all the number plates of the association’s experts, even Chief Wang’s. As long as you have the cash, not a problem.”

Lin Jin asked, “Do you have Appraiser Lin’s number plate?”

“Who? Which Appraiser Lin?” The person froze.

“Lin Jin, Appraiser Lin!” Lin Jin said, full of anticipation.

After pondering for a while, the person finally got the drift and scolded him, “Are you mad? If you want that trash’s number plate, you go queue for them yourself.”

The person muttered as he walked away, scolding under his breath.

Lin Jin cursed to himself as well and sighed. His reputation preceded him—even the people selling number plates know about him.

After observing more while squatted in a corner, he had a grasp on the situation there. Just by the looks of the depressed and frustrated clients exiting the place, it surely meant that the association wasn’t able to solve their problems. Those disappointed clients were Lin Jin’s potential clients.

With his target on lock, Lin Jin prepared himself and approached a depressed fat person who looked like he was rich.

The droopy person dragging his legs across the ground was Qian Youde.

As the owner of over ten shops in Maple City, his favorite thing to do was to show off. He liked to flash his expensive clothes, the gold rings on all his fingers, and his powerful, exotic pet beast.

His pet beast was a leopard that he had purchased from a foreign merchant at a high price.

Qian Youde felt that only a deadly beast who wore gold fur would suit his status as a rich person. He normally treated his pet beast really well, assigning people to take care of it and providing it with good food and drinks. Whenever he was out in public, his pet beast was always leading the way, creating a grand pathway wherever he went and the ego boost goes without saying.

But his pet beast had fallen sick during this period of time. It did not only become lethargic and anorexic, it had also been shedding fur.

Qian Youde couldn’t take it anymore so he brought it here and returned numerous times for Chief Wang to treat and diagnose it personally. Chief Wang managed to treat the other symptoms, but the shedding worsened.

How could it be a leopard without the fur on it?

Yet somehow, this was the only symptom that Chief Wang had no cure for, the situation hadn’t improved even after taking several types of medicines at different times.

As he dwelled in his heartache, he heard someone say, “This leopard is losing fur, right?”

The person just had to mention the thing that was eating away at his heart.

Qian Youde became irritated as he turned back to see who was the one speaking, It was a man that had band-aids on his face and a gray mustache—definitely not a good guy look.

“Get out of my way, I am not in a good mood today, be careful or else I’ll…. Jin… Jinman, what are you doing, get back here!”

Jinman was the name Qian Youde had given it. The name symbolized enormous wealth. Usually, this leopard was so ferocious that it didn’t allow anyone to touch it besides its master. One time, there was a subordinate of his who wasn’t careful enough and almost lost his life from being bitten by Jinman.

Yet at this moment, this ferocious leopard was very friendly and obediently rubbing itself against the odd person’s hand.

Qian Youde’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Of course, Lin Jin had tamed the leopard with his Beast Deterrence ability. Obtained from the ‘appraised one hundred beasts’ achievement, all beasts level three and below would obey him with just a touch of his hand.

This had definitely left Qian Youde baffled, but Lin Jin just stood there in silence. He knew that if one couldn’t get business through a request, you had to show yourself as a master of your craft.

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