Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Really Evolved

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“What about the beast soul? If I win and you decide to go back on your word by saying you don’t have it, I won’t be able to do anything after that. So you should just prepare the item before you look for me. What I need is a fire element beast soul that’s at least a level one prime. If you don’t have it, stop wasting my time.” Lin Jin waved her off.

“Who says I don’t have it?” Lin Jin was getting on her nerves. Lu Xiaoyun pulled out a beast soul talisman, enwrapped in crimson flames. It was a level one prime beast soul and of the fire element.

It was such a coincidence really. Lu Xiaoyun’s older brother had just given her this beast soul yesterday for her to raise her red fox’s potential. Her pet beast just happened to be of the fire attribute as well.

‘She really has it!’

Lin Jin smiled as he couldn’t resist rubbing his hands together. With this beast soul, he could produce the six sun beast soul pill. Together with the fire spirit crystal, that piece of trash, Xiao Huo, could finally evolve.

At the thought of this, Lin Jin immediately stretched his hand toward Lu Xiaoyun’s pet beast.

“No!” Zhao Ying exclaimed while Lu Xiaoyun had a malicious smirk across her face. Her pet beast was no regular species. Her brother had traveled land and seas in search of this fierce, rare beast. Despite its dinky size, the beast was aggressive. Although it was still a level one beast, it could hold its ground against a level two beast in battle.

Since the man was overestimating himself by extending his hand without Lu Xiaoyun’s acquiescence, wasn’t he just asking for it? Lu Xiaoyun immediately flicked out a bronze beast token, summoned a spell and ordered her beast to attack. It would dig into the man’s arm, rip apart his sleeves and leave him publicly humiliated.

When the red fox received such orders, it’s fur spiked up, it scrunched up its snout, baring its fangs and purred a low growl.

By then, Lin Jin’s arm was already hovering above the fox as he patted it down onto its head.

There was no resistance, no rampant attack, not even a dodge.

Just like that, the red fox nuzzled its head into Lin Jin’s hand for him to caress its fur.


Lu Xiaoyun loosened her hand, letting the beast token crash onto the ground as she gaped in disbelief. As Zhao Ying watched, it felt like deja vu all over again. Yesterday in Everlasting Town, that guy, Wei Changyong, seemed to have also worn this very expression.

‘I’ve been worrying for nothing. Of course, Appraiser Lin is an expert, so how could he be unaware of the dangers? Since he did it, he must have been confident. I have to stop making a fuss in the future,’ Zhao Ying made a note to herself.

Lu Xiaoyun was genuinely shocked.

She pointed her shaky finger at Lin Jin, stammering, “You… what have you done to my pet beast?”

Lin Jin responded by shutting his eyelids. On the outside, he seemed to be deep in thought, but in fact, Lin Jin was reading the instructions on the Deadly Beast Museum’s tablet.

“So that’s it!” He was done reading. Lin Jin opened his eyes and stroked the red fox. Then, he grabbed the creature by the back of its neck and flung it into the pond beside them.

A wave of water splashed out from the impact of the fox’s body.

“Ah!” Lu Xiaoyun was traumatized. “What are you doing?!”

She was about to march over to Lin Jin and give him a piece of her mind.

Zhao Ying was surprised as well but her fast reflexes held the ballistic Lu Xiaoyun back. Just then, a ball of heat surged through from the bottom of the pond and a crimson silhouette shot through the waters, landing in front of Lu Xiaoyun.

“Xiao Hu!” Lu Xiaoyun quickly held it close, feeling distressed, and then gritted her teeth at Lin Jin.

Anyone would be furious if their beloved pet best was tossed into the water.

Lu Xiaoyun was more than ready to take action, but what happened next made her jaw drop. Her red fox leaped away from her and dashed toward Lin Jin, wagging its tail before him.

‘What are you wagging your tail for? You’re not a dog!’

Lu Xiaoyun’s body slumped in defeat.

Without a word, Lin Jin grabbed the red fox by the skin of its neck again and tossed it into the pond.

Nevermind Lu Xiaoyun, even Zhao Ying was gaping as she watched, speechless.

As the pet beast kept shooting out of the water, it was thrown back into the pond again by Lin Jin. As they watched, Zhao Ying secretly nudged Lu Xiaoyun and whispered, “Your pet beast isn’t masochistic, is it?”

Lu Xiaoyun’s expression turned stone-cold. Spiritual energy was building up within her and she took a step forward. “That’s enough!”

She roared in overpowering madness.

Lin Jin paid no attention to her. All looks visually fine, but only those with a keen eye would notice the slight perspiration on Lin Jin’s forehead. The red fox took one last leap from the water and ran to Lin Jin, still wagging its tail.

This time, Lin Jin shook his head. “Alright, you’ve squeezed my spiritual energy dry. That’s about enough.”

Having said that, he sat down cross-legged and activated a seal to recover his lost spiritual energy.

Finally noticing that something was odd, Zhao Ying shook Lu Xiaoyun with widened eyes. “Xiaoyun, look at your red fox. It looks… evolved!”

Lu Xiaoyun had been so busy gnarling in anger that she hadn’t paid attention. Once she heard Zhao Ying, she suppressed her emotions to take a look and was flabbergasted.

Xiao Hu was overflowing with energy. It had really evolved!

This red fox was her pet beast, so other than observation, Lu Xiaoyun could also feel it through unique channels in her body. Weirdly enough, the red fox’s body was untouched without a single drop of water visible on it, its crimson fur grew thick, its body buffed up and it was lit up in flames surrounded by a burst of fire energy.

“How is this possible?” Still in denial, Lu Xiaoyun tried casting a spell with the beast token and saw Xiao Hu shot up through a tree nearby. A loud booming sound followed and the tree burst into flames with the ignition being at least a meter tall.

Evidence was stronger than an explanation.

Her pet beast had truly entered level two, obtaining the ability to use its elemental powers.

However, this incident was too shocking and too incredible, that she started to question her knowledge. In her understanding, her brother had mentioned that it would be harder to promote its level from it being such a rare species, plus, her much admired Appraiser Gao even personally examined her pet beast, concluding that the red fox required two years of accumulating experience or maybe even three for it to reach evolution. So, Lu Xiaoyu was pretty convinced that this was the only outcome.

But now, after this unthinkable method of being tossed into the pond for over ten times, her pet beast evolved.

How should she even begin to comprehend?

Compared to Lu Xiaoyun’s astonishment and confusion, Zhao Ying was able to accept this much easily. After all, she came from experience.

“Xiaoyun, I told you that Appraiser Lin is competent, and that his methods are so extraordinary that no average beast appraiser would dare compare to. You should be able to believe me now. Those rumors were spread by people with malicious intents to taint Appraiser Lin’s reputation.” Zhao Ying bragged with pride.

Lu Xiaoyun’s expression changed. Her head full of madness turned into pure amazement.

Zhao Ying added, “Look at Appraiser Lin, he exhausted his spiritual energy just to help your pet beast evolve. Although you’ve already agreed on a bet with him, even if you offered your beast soul, who else could’ve helped your pet beast evolve? If this was an exchange of favors, a few more beast souls wouldn’t even be worthy for this outcome.”

Lu Xiaoyun was gradually coming to a conclusion.

Just like Zhao Ying had said, proof triumphed explanations. From those scandalous rumors, not once did Lu Xiaoyun hear of Appraiser Lin retorting them. He only endured it quietly. Although the technique used earlier was mindblowing, the outcome spoke volumes.

The only person she could blame was herself for being too young and naive, to be like everyone else, feeding into rumors without seeking the truth. Reminiscing her behavior and manner of speech earlier, Lu Xiaoyun sulked in guilt.

‘Seeing is truly believing. I’ve almost misunderstood Appraiser Lin. Just like Yingying said, he’s really low-profiled and indifferent to fame, but this man is genuinely capable!’ Lu Xiaoyun’s impression immediately changed as she replaced her cold heart with admiration. As she watched Lin Jin sit there in meditation, the longer she studied, the more knowledgeable he seemed to her.

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