Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Large Turtle’s Condition

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Zu Can was awestruck.

It’s not that Lin Jin was wrong, but in fact, he had been flawlessly accurate. Zu Can had never mentioned many details to the others. Previously, both Chief Wang Ji and Appraiser Gao Jiang had failed to pinpoint these symptoms, but Appraiser Lin sang about it as if he had witnessed it in the flesh.

What did this mean?

Zu Can was no fool. Just those statements earlier were enough to prove that Lin Jin’s consultation and evaluation skills far exceeded the other two beast appraisers.

Taking a deep breath, Zu Can steadied himself. Recently he had been through too much. Having sought out countless esteemed appraisers, but none of them could cure his pet beast’s illness. Sometimes, a spark of hope would ignite only to be extinguished by despair.

His family pressured him big-time, hounding at him to abandon his pet beast. Because he was the eldest male descendant, he was nurtured to be the family’s patriarch. How could the future head of the family be held back by one dying pet beast?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, his family had given him a deadline. Within three days if he failed to cure his pet beast’s disease, he was forced to accept the family’s orders and switch to another beast.

As he exhaled, Zu Can spoke, “Appraiser Lin, you’re absolutely correct. I’ve consulted many masters and they’ve all told me it was a disease, not poisoning.”

Zu Can still had a tiny bit of suspicion left in him even when he was this close to fully trusting Lin Jin.

Lin Jin shook his head. “I won’t comment on how others generate their diagnosis. As an official beast appraiser, I, Lin Jin, rely purely on facts as my foundation. I would never exaggerate but speak as it is. Your pet beast was indeed poisoned, and not by accident. Someone had poisoned it for quite some time now.”

Zu Can’s expression dramatically changed.

“Impossible. I take care of it every day, how could someone poison it for long…”

As if he recalled something, Zu Can trailed off as his eyelid twitched.

Lin Jin understood that detailed elaboration was at times, not needed, what he gave was more than enough. Like now, Zu Can must have figured out some crucial information that was the missing puzzle piece.

Lin Jin definitely had full confidence in his diagnosis. After all, it was the museum’s stone tablet diagnosis, given after he recorded the large turtle into the Museum of Deadly Beasts. He was always appreciative of the museum’s information.

A waft of silence.

What Lin Jin said had undeniably meant something to Zu Can as his expression fluctuated. After a while, Zu Can whimpered, “Do you know what poison it is, Appraiser Lin?”

Lin Jin knew.

“Golden water flame poison. This was something that had to be specially produced. Just like water, it’s tasteless and odorless. The poison wouldn’t take effect on regular humans and pet beasts nor cause health problems when consumed, it would only activate specifically with a Seven Sea Dragon Turtle bloodline. Once poisoned, it’s hard to detect. It appears as an illness and the cause would seem tricky to identify. As the poison accumulates, naturally your pet beast’s frailty increases day by day. If you’d sought me any later, you’d be prepping to bury your beast by then.”

Zu Can’s eyes sparkled. This means his pet beast could still be saved.

He shot up from his seat and bowed. “Appraiser Lin, please save him. Money isn’t a problem.”

“Great!” Lin Jin rubbed his hands. “Uhm… Have you taken my consultation token?”


Zu Can sprinted out to grab the consultation token while Lin Jin stroked the large turtle on its head, feeling pleased with himself.

Earlier, Lin Jin managed to record over ten pet beasts with rare bloodlines into the museum. Then, a tempest swept past as a holy light shone down, the museum had awarded him with a new skill. Just like the previous reward, the ‘Wild Beast Deterrence’ skill, this skill was just as unique, well, everything from the museum was unique, nothing less.

“Beast Energy Formation, the first article. Specifically used to nurture a pet beast. Once cultivated, the pet beast’s status would enter the ‘energy formation’ stage.”

Lin Jin was marveled.

‘Energy formation’ was the first stage to the path of immortality in ancient times. Sadly, immortals were now merely legends, and the skills they’d practiced no longer exist. It was rumored that the Friar Association kept some secret techniques for energy formation but they were guarded as treasure, no one had easy access to them. Moreover, the earth’s spiritual energy had changed. It became more challenging for humans to absorb it. Pet beasts could, but they had no skills. They only relied on innate abilities, bloodline, and potential to develop themselves. If they were lucky, it would lead to evolution; if not, they’d just be stuck there.

But with this ‘Beast Energy Formation’, it was a whole new ballgame.

No matter what beast, as long as this skill was performed on it, it would gradually develop stronger. One can only imagine the value that this skill possessed.

“What a pity it’s only the first part!” Lin Jin complained. He had tested out his new skill earlier. With one touch on the pet beast, he transfers the skill over to the creature, so it could cultivate on its own.

Visually, Xiao Huo looks to be happily dreaming, but in truth, it was already cultivating. Flagrantly, Lin Jin would prioritize training his own pet beast after gaining an amazing skill like this. The others could wait.

Lin Jin generally figured out the reward system of the Deadly Beast Museum. First, he gets rewarded for surpassing a certain amount of pets, then, the rarity of the pets comes next. As he increases the amount and rarity of pets recorded, the rewards get evidently better.

As for Zu Can’s pet beast, while its condition seemed grave, it was in fact an easy cure. Lin Jin had sent Zhao Ying and Lu Xiaoyun to gather some medicinal ingredients for pelletization so he could help this large turtle detoxify its body.

With this, as long as no one poisoned it again, it would recover in a few days.

After Zu Can returned from paying the fees, he noticed his large turtle looked much livelier. This pushed Zu Can to gather more faith in Lin Jin’s diagnosis.

“Appraiser Lin, I have something to request of you.” Zu Can spoke respectfully. Zu Can couldn’t be more grateful to Lin Jin for the revival of his pet beast.

He pointed to his pet beast and said, “Can he stay with you here for a few days? Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to cover the expenses.”

Zu Can passed a stack of money to Lin Jin.

In a glimpse, that stack was at least two hundred bucks. The rich young master was surely generous.

“No problem. You can keep him here however long you wish.” Lin Jin accepted the money shamelessly. So happened that he ought to renovate his house and fix up his yard. He would even be left with quite a sum of money after.

As for why the client wanted to keep his pet beast here, it was egregious. For someone to be able to get away with poisoning his pet beast for so long despite it being under Zu Can’s nose all the time, it must be someone close to him. During its recovery period, bringing his pet beast home would be the last thing Zu Can wanted to do.

So Zu Can took his leave.

Lin Jin now had money. Coincidentally, it was lunchtime and his stomach was growling. He turned to Zhao Ying and Lu Xiaoyun, “Come, I’m treating you two to lunch.”

The girls were naturally delighted.

Before heading for lunch, Lin Jin made a quick pitstop home, hired some construction workers to repair his yard and house, then rushed over to the restaurant to meet with the girls.

Symphony Restaurant!

This was the first time Lin Jin was treating at a restaurant and such a classy one at that.

His reservation was on the second floor but as he walked through the first, he could hear several apprentices gossiping over their meals.

“Have you heard? The logistic department’s Mr. Dong has been found sleeping in an alleyway this morning. What’s more, he was buck naked. I don’t even know where to begin describing.”

“Haha, I’ve heard it too. This fatso must have been punished by the gods for being such a prick. After such an embarrassing incident, he’d probably want to bury himself in a hole so, I don’t think he would show up anytime soon.”

That was music to Lin Jin’s ears. A smile escaped him as he walked upstairs, blissful.

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