Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Dispute

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They were promised a dragonfish dish but was served a carp instead, so Lin Jin was right in saying that there was something wrong with the dish. However, his intentions were never to cause a scene, especially over lunch, so all he wanted was for them to redo his dish.

Of course, he couldn’t accept this carp dish either because his order of courses was specific for his spiritual energy regulation. Without the dragonfish, the balance of this spiritual energy regulation would be disrupted and ultimately, administering no health benefits after the meal.

Lin Jin came in peace, but Zhang Baili thought otherwise.

Secretly switching out dishes was unethical for a restaurant. Since he’d already done it, all he could do now was try and keep the matter private. Of course, if they had another dragonfish, he would replace this dish without a second thought, but the problem is that there was only one, and it was to be served to the customers in the private room. So, replacement here was not an option.

If he gave back their original dish, he would have a guilty conscience. The best option he had was to keep denying Lin Jin’s claim.

“Symphony Restaurant is a century-old establishment, it would be impossible for us to serve the wrong dish. Sir, this is the premium vinegar dragonfish you’ve ordered. Please stop trying to cause a scene,” Zhang Baili said coldly.

This man would never speak this way to any customer, but when the customer was Lin Jin, he would.

Symphony Restaurant was walking distance from the Beast Appraisal Association, so many of its customers originated from there. This made Zhang Baili well-acquainted with the managers of both the general affairs and logistics departments. Dong He of the logistics department was even a regular here.

Dong He was the source of Lin Jin’s rumors to Zhang Baili.

Lin Jin’s infamous appraisal mistake was now defining who he is, stirring up his ostracism. Due to his open secret, many people were waiting for the moment he’s stripped of his title along with his qualifications. When that happens, he might not even make it as a freelancer if he wanted to.

So why should he care to respect Lin Jin? This was the wind beneath Zhang Baili’s cape.

Lin Jin shook his head at what Zhang Baili said and responded straightforwardly. “You’re a manager so you should take responsibility for your words.”

“What? Are you trying to threaten me? Let me tell you something, Symphony Restaurant has encountered all kinds of customers since its doors opened. If you decently have a meal here, we welcome you. But if you’re here for trouble, then I’ll have to nix your presence as this isn’t a place for your outrageous antics.” Zhang Baili’s attitude was firm, beckoning the restaurant’s bouncers as he spoke.

Part and parcel of opening restaurants were encountering people who dine and dash or cause trouble. But they came prepared with skillful bouncers as countermeasures.

Lu Xiaoyun and Zhao Ying could no longer bite their tongues.

“Why are you running your restaurant with outlaws? We’re only verifying if you’ve served the wrong dish, but this is how you treat your customers? Unreasonable!”

Zhang Baili’s true colors shone through. “Young lady, watch your mouth. If he weren’t stirring up a hornets’ nest, none of this would happen. Don’t act like the rumors about Appraiser Lin are a secret, I’ve heard that he’s completely broke. This feast here costs a good twenty silver pieces. How could he afford it? So isn’t he just trying to use this excuse to dine and dash?”

Lin Jin’s expression finally darkened.

Coincidentally, another premium vinegar dragonfish was being carried to a private room.

Lin Jin saw it from the corner of his eye and went over to stop the waiter.

“What are you doing?” Zhang Baili’s heart sank immediately as he saw this.

The bouncers stepped forward to obstruct Lin Jin’s path.

Lin Jin was about to bite someone’s head off. He was no longer a cowardly man like his predecessor. ‘Talk to me nicely and I’ll leave you be, provoke me and you’ll be sorry.’

“Zhao Ying!” Lin Jin called out and the girl slammed the table. Scratching sounds started coming from outside and a two-meter-long pangolin clawed its way in.

When dining in restaurants, pet beasts would be kept in specialized beast pens on the first floor. After she cast a spell, Zhao Ying called upon her pangolin.

Not just her, even Lu Xiaoyun’s red fox surprisingly showed up as well, enveloped in fire energy. Although its size was incomparable to the pangolin, its razor claws and fangs were undoubtedly dangerous.

As for Xiao Huo, he was still back at the association, peacefully cultivating the first part of the Beast Energy Formation.

The bouncers backed away and helplessly watched as Lin Jin intercepted the plate of premium vinegar dragonfish.

Lin Jin lowered a finger to give the fish a gentle poke and realized what was going on.

Zhang Baili illuminated lividly. “Someone’s causing trouble, report him to the officials! Don’t even think about getting away, Lin Jin.”

Lin Jin was unfazed. “I wouldn’t leave even if you wanted me to. You dishonest trader. We ordered a premium vinegar dragonfish, was served a carp, and got denied as an accusation, but at the same time, you serve another table, an actual dragonfish? Is this how you trick customers? Or was this a setup? You can beg for forgiveness now, but that ship has sailed.”

Zhang Baili’s heart palpitated. He was the only one who knew the incident like the back of his hand and was steaming with confidence that the other party would never find out. But what was this?

Immediately, Zhang Baili panicked.

The exposing of this incident would not only annihilate Symphony Restaurant’s reputation, but he would hold a special place in the owner’s heart, never to be forgiven. In a frantic, Zhang Baili decided that he won’t ever let this matter come to light.

“Lin Jin, you’re framing me! You’re just a measly beast appraiser. Do you have any idea who owns this restaurant? Today, you’ve made a huge mistake by offending someone you never should’ve offended. Apologize now and get lost, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Lin Jin was open to persuasion but not coercion. At this point, the man was still so insistent.

‘Alright, go ahead, fan the flames. We’ll see who’s laughing at the end.’

Their argument had alarmed many customers nearby. All heads were glanced in their direction, gossiping as they watched on. Even the guests inside the private room were startled by the commotion.

Zhang He was the first to rush out to see that Lin Jin in the eye of the disturbance. After knowing that Lin Jin was the one holding up their order, he bellowed, “Lin Jin, are you mad? We’re treating an honored guest of Chief Wang Ji’s today. Look at you, you call yourself an official beast appraiser, but act nothing like one!”

He only got one word as a reply, “Scram!”

Zhang He’s head boiled. But then, he realized that this was an opportunity. Lin Jin was causing trouble and holding up their order. Master Gu would go ballistic.

Master Gu Mengzhong was a famous figure in the country. Even a person like Chief Wang had to be respectful. Anyone who offends him must have a death wish.

“Looks like today will be the day you’re finally chased out of the association.” Feeling accomplished, Zhang He immediately went back inside and explained the situation, adding spice to the description.

Soon, Master Gu Mengzhong came with Jia Qian’s company. Jia Qian couldn’t conceal her disdain as she looked at Lin Jin. She was already biased against the man and only viewed him as an obstacle, now that Lin Jin was causing trouble, other than contempt, she felt fury.

Why didn’t she insist on taking the exam back then? How could she have let this piece of garbage climb all over her? Such embarrassment. Someone like him should be kicked out of the association. No, he must be chased out of the beast appraisal community.

“Master Gu, this is a beast appraiser from our association. It’s a pity that his personality is so terrible. Can you see how unsightly it is for him to cause such a scene? He’s also incompetent and made a mistake during appraisal once,” Jia Qian whispered into his ear. Gu Mengzhong frowned, feeling pestered.

After successfully making Gu Mengzhong upset, both Jia Qian and Zhang He were ecstatic. Because if word got out that Lin Jin had upset Master Gu, Chief Wang Ji would expel him as soon as possible.

Zhang Baili hurried over and apologized for how this unpleasant situation had disturbed his honored guest.

At that moment, a shadow ascended the stairs.

As this figure approached, a waiter rushed over to him. “Masterchef Liao, why did you come up here?”

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