Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Startled Gu Mengzhong

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Suddenly, Lin Jin was reminded of Xiao Huo.

Compared to this ink monster that was born a level three, Xiao Huo looked monotonous. But after its ‘perfect evolution’ replaced its coat with scorching flames, Xiao Huo was now a level three that might just be at par with this ink monster.

To commoners, this pet beast was definitely a priceless rarity. No wonder Gu Mengzhong was panicking earlier. If it ran away, even a river of tears wouldn’t bring it back.

Lin Jin’s museum awarded ‘Wild Beast Deterrence’ was barely useful on this creature. If it had been a tad bit stronger, Lin Jin wouldn’t be able to tame it.

He lifted his head and saw that Gu Mengzhong’s jaw was hung so loose, an egg could fit perfectly in it.

Because Gu Mengzhong practiced calligraphy from a young age, his talent was cultivated since then. Later on, he studied under a famous mentor and after tens of years of experience, he achieved a status of mastery within his generation. Gu Mengzhong was deemed a remarkable existence within his industry.

Of course, calligraphy masters could contract a pet beast as well.

In his earlier years, Gu Mengzhong had a blood kindred beast who unfortunately lost its life in an accident. He didn’t sign a blood pact after that. Many dignitaries tried to present him with rare breeds, but Gu Mengzhong was never interested.

However, recently, he inadvertently came across and bought an extremely rare ‘ink monster’.

As a man of literature, his selection of pet beasts was naturally different from average people. Only barbarians would sign blood pacts with wolves, leopards, and other beasts of that kind. Cultured individuals would not be as wild.

And what kind of beast would cultured figures get?

Storks, sparrows, flying fishes, as long as they were unique, the battle potential was irrelevant. Their elegance and nobility were a priority.

Of course, rare breeds were always a steal, and within a scholar’s list of desirable pet beasts, the ink monster was definitely a dream. The monster was fluid like calligraphy ink, completely fitting a scholar’s requirement of elegance, and the best part is that an ink monster wasn’t just for show, it had an invincible battle prowess.

Two hundred years ago, a scholar named Li Mo, also known as the ‘Green Lotus Monk’, relied on just one pet beast to travel across the lands, defeating evil with his blade and upholding justice.

He never really wielded a sword, nor did he know swordsmanship. Alternatively, he relied on his pet beast, the ink monster’s strength. Born with the ability to shape-shift, the ink monster could be anything, like a sword.

This invincible ink monster only required the corresponding ‘sword skills’ to shapeshift into a flying blade, slicing an enemy’s head off from a mile away.

That’s how slick it was, and how powerful.

Just imagine, a world traveler who walked around dressed in long robes that majestically danced in the gentle breeze. Upon encountering a villain, one snap of activation and your ink blade pierces through the air, taking the evil-doer’s head. The world would sing your praises and your name would go down in history.

This was the ultimate goal of a cultured man.

Some people say that they’re indifferent to fame, but the truth is, the more they deny it, the more they desire elegance and uniqueness.

Gu Mengzhong was a scholar, but deep down in his bones, he was a man of sorrow. He need not admit it, but it was the truth.

From the moment he got this ink monster, Gu Mengzhong babied it, feeding it spirit stones every day and visiting every famous beast appraiser of the lands to help him tame this beast into signing a blood pact.

Everyone knows, the rarer the breed, the harder it was to sign a blood pact.

Prior to this, Gu Mengzhong had tried every trick in the book, from trying out methods to seeking beast appraisers, yet he found no method to sign a blood pact. A triple-ringed beast appraiser he sought had given him this solution which was to trap the ink monster in a ‘jade metal bamboo’, stick on a beast quelling talisman, and feed it spirit stones every day in an attempt to slowly tame this creature.

The thing is, he had been using this method for more than a month without seeing any improvement whatsoever. This time, an accident even occurred during feeding and the ink monster broke free.

Gu Mengzhong had never been more terrified. He feared the escape of the ink monster. Once that happens, he might as well say his goodbyes for he would never see it again and dump all of his efforts down the drain.

But to his surprise, Lin Jin, whom he abhorred and had assumed to be unprofessional, caught the ink monster barehanded in this crucial moment.

Gu Mengzhong’s mind froze from such a sight.

Didn’t they say it was absurd to catch this fluid creature by hand, that it could only be contained in specialized vessels?

Didn’t they say the ink monster was violent in nature and was untouchable untamed due to its dangerously powerful attacks?

Didn’t they say that Lin Jin was Maple City’s Beast Appraisal Association’s disgrace, who had luck written all over his certificate?

Then what was this?

This very ink monster, which apprehended a level three beast appraiser from touch, was being held obediently in Lin Jin’s hand. It never even showed signs of resistance nor aggression.

Gu Mengzhong felt that his cognition had been distorted.

Either the previous beast appraisers he encountered were all useful as a chocolate teapot, or this Lin Jin was actually a master beast appraiser with profound skills.

Various thoughts flashed through Gu Mengzhong’s mind, causing him to zone out until he was forced back into reality by Lin Jin.

“Master Gu, Master Gu. Here, I believe this is yours.” Lin Jin extended his arm and handed Gu Mengzhong the inky blob. However, he flung his head from side to side, afraid to receive the creature.

“Uhm… Lin… Lin Jin, how did you do it?” Gu Mengzhong asked, stuttering.

He was certainly curious. Within his curiosity, he saw a ray of hope. Today might be the day he finds a method to tame and sign a blood pact with this ink monster.

Despite feeling ridiculous from receiving help from the laughingstock of the public who was only a level one beast appraiser, Gu Mengzhong had an intuition that he’d found the right person this time.

Lin Jin replied with a sheepish smile. “Master Gu, beast taming is one of the basic skills for a beast appraiser. There’s nothing special about it.”

Basic skill?

Nothing special?

Gu Mengzhong’s eyelids were twitching madly as he gaped. Fortunately, he regained his composure, and after a brief reflection, he finally realized his prejudice.

He was never in the flesh to witness Lin Jin’s skills, he only painted a picture through words.

Like the saying, ‘seeing is believing’, he’d woken up and smelled the coffee. The rumors got Lin Jin all wrong.

The world is mysterious that way. Gu Mengzhong altered his point of view and was reflecting on himself for being so gullible. When he looked back at Lin Jin, not only was his disdain gone, but he had admiration blooming in his heart.

No arrogance in victory, no despair in defeat. This was the attitude a nobleman should have.

Gu Mengzhong asked, “Appraiser Lin, do you know that this creature is?”

‘Trying to test me?’

Lin Jin began reciting the museum’s tablet. He started with basic information about the ink monster, then elaborated on its level, attribute, origins, and finally ended with the ancestry of its bloodline. His whole speech was incredibly detailed.

Gu Mengzhong’s face widened as he listened. A glimmer of light sparkled in his eyes as he excitedly fidgeted his fingers.

Lin Jin had given him the most detailed elaboration of an evaluation he ever heard in his lifetime. This time, he traveled to Maple City intending to get Chief Wang Ji’s appraisal, but now there’s no need for him anymore.

Plus, Chief Wang Ji could never come up with such a comprehensive evaluation anyway.

Now, Gu Mengzhong knew better that Lin Jin’s rumors exist to cause a snafu. He opened his eyes to know what Lin Jin is capable of. Being a man who had his share of ups and downs, Gu Mengzhong deduced that his defaming was probably due to an internal feud at the local beast appraiser’s association.

After a deep breath, Gu Mengzhong asked the one question he was here for…

“Appraiser Lin, is it possible to tame and sign a blood pact with this ink monster?”

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