Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Shocking


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Lin Jin was only a level one beast appraiser himself.

Zhang He’s first impression of this was that Lin Jin was spouting nonsense. The thought of this eased his flustered mind.

‘Right, he must have been terrified of losing to me, that’s why he forged that on purpose. It’s impossible for him to tell the attributes of the hidden bloodline. If he could, wouldn’t he be more amazing than Chief Wang Ji who’s a level two beast appraiser? Hmph, dear, dear, Lin Jin, you’ve been ruined by your own intelligence. Lying to a client and forging an evaluation report is the highest taboo of all. Let me see how you’ll deal with this issue.’

A sly glint flashed in Zhang He’s eyes.

After the shock, everyone else around had the same thought.

Some of them were even shooting Lin Jin contemptuous looks.

Incompetence could be salvaged by hard work, but there was no cure for immorality. As a beast appraiser, forging a beast evaluation report was unforgivable. Once it’s verified, the appraiser would be scorned by all mankind.

Even Zhao Ying who took pity on Lin Jin was shaking her head.

“Lin Jin! You have some nerve, not only did you dare to forge an evaluation report, but also spout nonsense?” Zhang He lashed out.

Lin Jin remained composed. He said faintly, “What are you shouting for? In the book, [Every Beast’s Blood Evaluation], there’s a method to verify the blood of a Golden Dragon. Whether or not it’s true, you just have to use the evaluation method stated, then you will know.”

Every Beast’s Blood Evaluation was a classic book in beast appraisal studies. Passed down for several hundred years, it’s a book that is compulsory for every beast appraiser. The book contained too much information so it was naturally impossible to memorize it. However, there was such a book within the association so someone immediately went to retrieve it to find the assessment method of a Golden Dragon.

If the bloodline had been speculated, this method could verify the claims. If not, then using such a method to identify a beast’s bloodline was akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

Again, this indicates the importance of having a beast appraiser.

The verification method was simple. It requires only a few specific materials. By adding a single drop of the rock lizard’s blood into a beaker, if it truly had the bloodline of a Golden Dragon, that drop of blood would turn gold.

Everyone watched as the drop of blood descends into the beaker, and right before their eyes, the blood bloomed golden.

“It really is the bloodline of a Golden Dragon!”

Someone shouted in a trembling voice. A Golden Dragon’s bloodline was extremely rare. Even if he could not use this pet beast, he could definitely sell it at a high price.

At that moment, everyone stared at Lin Jin like he was a monster.

Especially Zhang He. After seeing the beast’s blood turn golden, his jaw dropped, turning speechless.

“It actually was the bloodline of a Golden Dragon. How could he tell?”

Lin Jin did more than just notice the rock lizard’s hidden bloodline, he also evaluated the species and attributes of that hidden bloodline. Such capabilities exceeded far beyond Zhang He’s.

With this information, despite the majesty of the rock lizard, it conflicts with the client. Which explains why Lin Jin recommended the wind spirit fox who was a better match, as it has no flaws and was recommended based on consideration for the client.

As for Zhang He, if he had truly made the client sign a blood pact with the rock lizard, once the bloodline was activated in the future, they will be in for a heck of a ride. Both gold and earth were a colossal clash with the wind attribute, and if that happened, it would be far too late for regrets.

Just the thought of it was terrifying.

The winner of this competition was clear. Even the clients who had looked down on Lin Jin earlier went over to thank him sincerely. After all, they had the facts proven right before them.

Zhang He’s expression fell somber, feeling his scalp boil. He had intended to humiliate Lin Jin but ended up embarrassing himself instead. But, a loss was a loss. Had it been in private, he could get away with it unreasonably. However, in front of so many people, he couldn’t deny it no matter how shameless he was. Hence, with intense reluctance, he said to Lin Jin through gritted teeth, “I lost!”

Right now, he just wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

Lin Jin stopped him and smiled gently. “You haven’t admitted your mistake yet.”

Zhang He flushed with anger, his knuckle bones cracking.

‘I’ll endure this.’

‘I have to endure this.’

“I was wrong!”

“What? You were too soft, I couldn’t hear you,” Lin Jin said sarcastically.

“I was wrong!”

Zhang He screamed. He wanted to cry. He had completely humiliated himself today. This time, Lin Jin nodded in satisfaction. “Just realizing that you’re wrong wouldn’t be enough. You have to be humble and mend your ways! I’m quite busy so I won’t say more to you. Reflect on your own.”

Having said that, Lin Jin turned around and walked away rather grandly under everyone’s attention, as if he were some otherworldly being.

Once outside, Lin Jin burst into laughter.


There were just some people where the more you ignore them, the harder they will push you, so why should you show them any more mercy? Rather than saying Zhang He lured Lin Jin into a trap, Lin Jin also dragged him down alongside him. Both of them had their own intentions but the results would depend on who was capable enough to escape the trap.

In the end, it was Lin Jin who came out stronger.

After this, Lin Jin better understood the powers of this Deadly Beast Museum.

In fact, Lin Jin had only written a small portion of the results in the evaluation report. If he actually wrote down everything on the stone tablet, he wouldn’t just be shocking the crowd, he might just frighten them to death.

Lin Jin was smart enough to know not to reveal his trade secrets. The Deadly Beast Museum was so mind-blowing he naturally had to keep it private and confidential to prevent exposure.

Lin Jin believed in fate. Since destiny had brought him to this world almost permanently as he didn’t know how to go back, why not just live here comfortably and experience the beauty of this parallel universe.

He had to keep an open mind.

What else would he do if he didn’t have an open mind?

Lin Jin had just taken a few steps outside when he realized he had nowhere to go. Thankfully, someone jogged up behind him.

“Appraiser Lin!”

Zhao Ying was exhilarated. All her life, her dream was to become an excellent beast appraiser and had always worked hard for this dream.

After endless nights of learning and learning, she took her first step and finally became an apprentice beast appraiser.

Upon officially entering the beast appraisal industry, only did she realize how profound this profession was. Becoming a certified beast appraiser required talent, effort, and time, without any parts lacking from these three factors.

She was already slaving but there was still a long way into becoming a level one beast appraiser. In the meantime, the more she studied, the more she understood how frightening a job as a beast appraiser could be.

What Lin Jin did today had refreshed her thoughts and given her a new insight once again.

Just now, she had been studying the two pet beasts carefully as well and there was not much she could tell except their species and attribute. Zhang He was considered amazing to be able to tell its bloodline but Lin Jin was far more superior for being able to go in depth with its details. The results of the competition was proof.

However, that wasn’t the main point. The point was, Zhao Ying had been listening to the rumors, believing that Lin Jin was undeserving of his reputation as a level one beast appraiser and had attained his certification through luck. In addition, his assessment scores were incomparable to Chief Wang Ji and the other certified beast appraisers, not to mention several apprentices even managed to score above him. This became a joke in the association with Lin Jin at the center of their amusement.

The appraisal accident was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, sending Lin Jin’s career as a level one beast appraiser plummeting beyond reach. He was derided and disrespected by everyone, seemingly beyond redemption.

Even a newcomer apprentice like Zhao Ying also looked down upon Lin Jin if she had to be honest.

Although she never spoke condescendingly, she was repulsed by the idea of accompanying Lin Jin to the countryside for a beast appraisal because she assumed she could learn nothing from Lin Jin so it would be a waste of time.

But now, her views and impression had been completely overturned.

Earlier, Appraiser Lin had calmly and effortlessly defeated Zhang He. It was also obvious he had held back and that this was the kind of knowledge and capability a level one beast appraiser should have.

The rumors were false.

“Appraiser Lin, we might need to stay a night during our trip to Everlasting Town, do you need to prepare anything?”

Zhao Ying was previously just being polite, but now she was being respectful.

After some thought, Lin Jin figured he had not much to pack. He only needed to bring his blood kindred beast along.

Everlasting Town was one of the eleven towns in Maple City. While it’s not distant, the journey was tough. Five miles up the mountain, five miles down followed by a stretch of winding roads and finally, Everlasting Town will be in view.

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