Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 547 - Feed Mill

Chapter 547: Feed Mill

Lin Jin made a daring assumption that the Demonic Appraisal Association probably obtained token number one a long time ago.

Assuming that to be the case, then door number one most probably had the same creature as door number three. Could the demonic appraisers have taken away that dangerous creature after obtaining the token?

However, this was merely a suspicion that Lin Jin had no means of verifying. Even so, the probability was high enough that he could not afford to ignore it.

It might even be the truth.

Lin Jin took a deep breath.

He thought it through. If he wanted to clarify the matter, he had to open up doors number two and three to see what was inside.

But now, Lin Jin wasn’t ready yet.

Lin Jin cast door number three a glance before exiting the Visitation Hall.

However, he didn’t leave the museum but ventured around inside.

This museum was a bizarre place. The Visitation Hall was only one part of it. Another area was the Demon Slaying hall with the golems of demons Lin Jin had slain hanging in the air. There was also a Demon Slayer blade.

Right, Lin Jin almost forgot about this.

He entered the Demon Slaying Hall and retrieved the Demon Slayer.

That being behind the third door had been as evil as a zombie. It might just be a great demon so this Demon Slayer would probably work on it.

Of course, Lin Jin was only guessing so it might not necessarily be true.

Lin Jin continued wandering around.

There was a row of shelves with books on cultivation practices and secret arts he obtained from the museum by appraising beasts and completing achievements. It even held information on the beasts Lin Jin had appraised thus far. These racks had been empty at first, but now, thousands of books had started piling up.

After the rack was darkness. Lin Jin couldn’t proceed further.

He clearly hadn’t appraised enough beasts so the entire museum couldn’t be revealed yet. Prior to this, Lin Jin had thought nothing of it. Now that a new danger had just been uncovered in the Visitation Hall, Lin Jin didn’t felt safe about dark places anymore.

“Oh, right!”

A thought suddenly came to mind. He had been so busy recently with Shu Xiaolou since his ambush that he didn’t have time to visit the Beast Appraisal Pavilion anymore.

He still hadn’t finished recording a large percentage of the beast specimen samples there.

Since he wanted to continue expanding the museum, how could he forget such a thing?

Lin Jin exited the museum at once. Ignoring the fact that the moon was still hanging high up in the sky, he went straight for the Beast Appraisal Pavilion.

Shu Xiaolou was off his back right now so this was a great opportunity.

Otherwise, Shu Xiaolou would harass him with never-ending questions while he collected DNA samples.

Because it was still dark, the academy was also quiet. Seeing no one around, Lin Jin simply got onto a cloud and flew hurriedly to the Beast Appraisal Pavilion.

The Beast Appraisal Pavilion hadn’t opened yet but Lin Jin couldn’t wait. He just knocked on the door and Wang Xin, who was on night duty, came to open the door groggily. He had been rather reluctant, but at the sight of Lin Jin, he quickly put on a smile and welcomed him warmly.

Lin Jin’s reputation and status within the academy kept growing every day, especially after treating Appraiser Yang Ming’s injuries.

Hence, Lin Jin was now comparable to the seasoned Rank 4 appraisers. Due to his close relationship with Shu Xiaolou, Lin Jin now probably ranked right below Zhong Zifeng.

In other words, Wang Xin would never mistreat him.

“I’ll be taking a look inside. Lecturer Wang, there’s no need to follow me,” said Lin Jin before disappearing upstairs.

Since Lin Jin had spoken, Wang Xin wouldn’t dare try to follow him.

On the second floor, Zhong Zifeng heard the noise but he didn’t come out of his room. With his cultivation level, he could tell that the commotion outside came from Lin Jin.

This was all the more reason for him to stay put.

The Beast Appraisal Pavilion may be an important place, but that depended on who they were referring to.

Given his close relationship with Senior Shu, he might just be here on Senior Shu’s instructions. If Zhong Zifeng were to go out now, he would just be a nuisance so it was better to stay in his room to read.

Meanwhile, Lin Jin had begun recording beasts at a frenzied pace.

Since the last time, he had only a few specimens left to record on the second floor. Lin Jin finished up quickly before moving to the third floor.

Most specimens in the tower were stored on the third floor, where a few large halls would be found. Lin Jin made haste and started recording them all.

Only by sunrise did Lin Jin manage to finish recording the entire third floor.

His harvest was bountiful that morning.

The third floor alone held a total of at least ten thousand specimens and many among them were rare beasts, almost doubling the record Lin Jin previously had in the museum.

The achievement rewards naturally came along as well.

The complete set of Demonic Transformation was given, and in addition to that, the museum opened up a new area.

A feed mill!

Lin Jin genuinely hadn’t expected the museum to have a place like this.

Opening the feed mill’s door, Lin Jin came to a simple room filled with various large tanks, bottles, cans, and even gunny sacks. The area was divided into an animal feed section and a kibble section.

This reward was a little different than Lin Jin had imagined. But after careful observation, he realized he had underestimated this reward.

The feed mill wasn’t to be taken lightly.

The stuff produced here was anything but ordinary. As Lin Jin rummaged through the place, he found a sack of feed filled with large beans that could instantly increase the pet beast’s strength by one fold.

That sounded terrific.

Lin Jin decided to give it a name that suited its powers.

Might beans!

The name suited the item. In addition, he also found ‘crazed grass’ and ‘beast-luring flower’.

The first one would cause one’s pet beast to lose its sanity for a short period of time; the other would emit a unique scent that attracted beasts.

Lin Jin quickly noticed the specialty of this Feed Mill. All feed and kibble in here had unique usages. The might beans could increase a pet beast’s combat ability while the crazed grass would prove useful in certain situations.

As for the beast-luring flower, it could be used independently or paired with the crazed grass.

Staring at the might beans, Lin Jin wondered what would happen if humans ate them.

Frankly speaking, he didn’t dare to try.

He wasn’t a coward, but he just couldn’t fathom the consequences. Should any accidents happen, no one could save him.

Even if he wanted to try, he wouldn’t try it on himself.

That was all of the museum’s latest rewards. Lin Jin returned to the Beast Appraisal Pavilion and continued up to the fourth floor. The specimens on this floor lessened considerably with only less than a hundred in total. Yet, they were all of premium quality with each specimen belonging to rare beasts that were scarcely found even among rare beasts.

Unsure whether it was a coincidence, but Lin Jin found a tiger claw on the fourth floor. This tiger claw was distinct from all the tiger claws Lin Jin had seen thus far.

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