Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Cockerel


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A hundred beasts. Even a true level two beast appraiser would never be able to finish evaluating in such speed. Wei Changlong knew that the only level two beast appraiser in Maple City was none other than Chief Wang Ji of the Beast Appraisal Association.

Although he had never met the dignified chief, Wei Changyong was aware that the man was over forty years old. Yet, this person before him was only in his early twenties, so it’s logically impossible for him to beat Chief Wang, with addition to the fact that a notable figure like him would never come to Everlasting Town.

Hence, this person in front was definitely a con-man.

Wei Changyong’s confidence was boosted.

If they were really beast appraisers the association had sent, he wouldn’t dare mess around with them, but knowing that they’re fakes, he felt courageous. They might have succeeded in fooling that they’re appraisers from the association, but Wei Changyong wasn’t going to expose them, he was only going to make them lose a duel in public to help him boost his reputation.

After that, this imposter would hide and be forced to suffer in silence with the possibility of Wei Changyong earning a huge sum out of this. Either way, it was a win-win.

And so, with Wei Bi in tow, Wei Changyong began operation: Crashing Lin Jin’s party.

“Hey, isn’t that Master Wei?” In Everlasting Town, Wei Changyong was mildly famous, so when he’s spotted in public in such a high-profile manner, he was instantly recognized.

Wei Changyong was one of the top few resident appraisers the locals seek to get their beasts evaluated.

“What is Master Wei doing? Although he knows how to evaluate beasts, he can’t compare to a certified beast appraiser, could he?”

“Shh, keep it down. Master Wei tends to hold a grudge. If he hears you, he might not evaluate your beasts anymore…”

Passerbys loved a good drama scene. The place started to crowd again and people who left came back to watch.

Lin Jin glanced once at Wei Changyong and knew he was only here for trouble, but he kept his cool. He never got up but asked faintly, “Are you here for a beast appraisal?”

That gave Wei Changyong a shock, awestruck at the other man’s composure. He shook his head.

“If you’re not here for a beast evaluation, get lost. Next!” Lin Jin never even looked up this time.

“F*ck, you con-…” Wei Bi scowled. But before he could finish scolding, Wei Changyong stopped him and snapped him back to his senses.

They were here for fame so they mustn’t expose the guy.

Wei Changyong smirked. “I am Wei Changyong of Everlasting Town. May I know what your name is, beast appraiser?”

Lin Jin couldn’t be bothered to answer. They are obviously here for trouble so he’ll just watch what the man has up his sleeves. Zhao Ying stepped forward. “If you’re not here for a beast appraisal, please make way. Don’t disrupt the order.”

Zhao Ying might just be an apprentice, and although she was a woman, she had a heroic spirit. Her blood kindred beast, a pangolin, was standing guard beside her.

Wei Changyong glanced at Zhao Ying and his eyes sparkled. He enthused over the beauty of this young woman. She had a graceful figure, exquisite features, and her skin looked extremely supple, what an excellent beauty. She was so much better than those average-looking women at home. But it was a pity that such a beauty was with a con-man.

“Let’s not waste time with small talk. I’ve always loved appraising beasts since I was a child. I’ve studied hard, and while I’m not very established, I’m somewhat skilled. After hearing that the Beast Appraisal Association had sent a level one beast appraiser here today, I couldn’t resist my urge to learn so I’ve summoned my courage to come here and seek your advice. May I know if this beast appraiser is willing to show me some guidance?”

While he spoke with courtesy, after carefully interpreting his words, it was clear that he wasn’t being courteous at all. It was a blatant challenge.

Wei Changyong expected the trickster to take up the challenge after being unable to resist temptation.

“If you’re not here for a beast appraisal then go away. If you are, pay up ten copper coins first.” Lin Jin never looked up and pointed to the standee beside him.

On the standee wrote: Maple City Beast Appraisal Association’s Countryside Beast Evaluation Program. Ten copper coins an evaluation.

After saying that, Lin Jin turned to Zhao Ying. “Previously you mentioned that some people would try to escape without even paying these ten copper coins. I’d thought you were joking but who knew that such people existed.”

Zhao Ying rolled her eyes, musing, ‘This person is obviously here to challenge you and look for trouble. Why can’t you tell?’

But after careful thought, she presumed that Appraiser Lin must be deliberately trying to annoy these two men.

Admittedly, this method was quite refreshing, and she could tell just by the constipated look on both men’s faces.

Wei Changyong was irked.

To think he was dissed by a trickster! Ten copper coins. Was he a man who couldn’t fork out ten copper coins?! His cup of tea was worth even more than that.


He took out a bag of money and tossed it onto the table. There must contain at least a hundred coins with such weight.

“This should be enough, shouldn’t it? But I’ll be brutally blunt here. I’ve come such a long way and paid good money. If your evaluation is correct, that’s fine. But if it’s wrong, I’ll trash your stall.”

He gestured for Wei Bi and he quickly placed the large cage he was carrying onto the table.

The cage was hefty, seemingly rugged from its metal build which was presented under a black cloth. Wei Changyong flung the cloth aside to reveal a large cockerel trapped inside this cage.

“What’s with the chicken?” One of the onlookers was dumbfounded after seeing the animal.

“No matter how I see it, it’s a cockerel that’s just a little larger than average. So what if it’s bigger? I have quite a few big ones at home. These creatures do nothing but crow, who would use them at pet beasts?” Someone scoffed.

“Don’t be so sure. Look at the cage Master Wei is using. Would an average chicken need a metal cage? It might actually be a rare breed.”

The crowd bantered on their opinions, but it was obvious that Wei Bi and Wei Changyong were very ‘fearful’ of that chicken.

Lin Jin looked up and faced Zhao Ying. “Normally, if you guys encounter such mentally challenged people, what would you do?”‘

Zhao Ying couldn’t resist snorting out a laugh.

Wei Changyong wasn’t an idiot. He was well aware that Lin Jin was referring to him, but right now, he only felt joy.


Because he had confirmed that this so-called beast appraiser was definitely a con-man.

If he were a true beast appraiser, it was impossible for him to not realize the uniqueness of this animal. He said, “Go on and evaluate this chicken.”

He wasn’t even addressing Lin Jin formally anymore.

Lin Jin sighed. “Isn’t this just a chicken? Fine. If you want it appraised, I’ll do it. Open the cage.”

He spoke as if everything was fine but Wei Changyong was smirking internally.

“This is no ordinary chicken. You better open your eyes wide and watch carefully before you speak. If you think that I have issues with putting a chicken in a metal cage, exaggerating even. But that’s because you don’t know how scary this creature is. I have my reasons for doing this. It’s very dangerous and I’m not joking. So you better not try to open the cage, because you’ll hurt…”

Before he could even finish, Wei Changyong gaped as he watched Lin Jin open the cage and extend his hand inside.

“You’re crazy! Don’t!”

“Run, quick! It’s dangerous!”

Wei Changyong and Wei Bi immediately took a step back out of fright, shouting and exclaiming as if they imagined something bloodcurdling. Their faces flushed white.

They knew it was too late. Lin Jin had already extended his hand inside.

“His hand is gone. He might even lose his life!”

Both men exchanged glances, affirming this possibility.

They’ve witnessed exactly how vicious this chicken could be. They watched as it brutally pecks a living wolf beast to death. That scene was burned into their brains. The only way to contain it was to lock it up in a metal cage, with a black cloth over it. Or else, the crashing of the creature ramming against the metal bars would deafen their ears.

It was such a savage creature, but that ignorant impostor actually opened the cage.

His life was at stake!

Both men were ready to bail and run.

Yet, before their eyes, not only did the savage cockerel not attack, it was obedient, allowing Lin Jin to stroke his head. It was the most extraordinary and unbelievable sight.

Silence fell upon the scene.

Everyone stared at the Wei cousins like they were idiots.

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