Mushoku Tensei (WN)

Volume 10


    I will marry Sylphy.


    It is something I never experienced in my previous life.

    It feels a little premature for that matter.

    Thus I have a great deal of anxiety.

    But, more than that, the expectation as a couple is high and such a thing is allowed.

    When I think that the pretty girl is to get my poisonous fang, it would be coveted.

    No, of course I don't intend to do anything that Sylphy hates.

    However, I was troubled.

    When I think about it, I don't know much about the marriage system of this world.

    At least, I have never seen such a thing as a wedding ceremony until now.

    Paul didn't hold a wedding ceremony with Lilia either.

    At best, it's enough to have a celebration by calling people from the village.

    Asura nobles throw parties once they get married, but I've never heard of them holding something like a wedding ceremony.

    However, marriage and relationship, the concept of a partnership.

    But I don't understand it.

    What is marriage?

    What should a married man do?

    What do I do?

    16 years have passed since I came to this world and I don't even have such basic common sense.

    Now what?

    If I don't know, I will learn.

    A person can learn it.

    If I don't understand, I should ask.

    "Are you getting married?"

    At first, I decided to ask Zanoba (a 26 years old divorcee[Widower][1]) in time for dinner.

    The place is a dining room in the dormitory.

    "Over time, I gave my partner's family a domestic animal, a soldier, and food as gifts."

    In the case of marriage in Shirone, it seems to be common sense that a man sends a gift to the woman's relatives.

    "Since you're a prince, isn't it easy to get?"

    "Yes? For anyone, even if he is a prince, it is natural that the man sends the gift."

    And then Cliff's head coincidentally pops by.

    "It's reversed in Milis. The family of the bride gives her a betrothal present."

    It has become regular for Cliff to have dinner with us.

    This is because he has few friends, so it's lonely for him.

    "Oh, but that's it. Don't you lose the woman's family?"

    "Instead, the man helps out when there's something going on in the bride's home."

    "I see."

    Be it Milis or Shirone, recognition of marriage is a strong connection between houses.

    "Oh, a marriage is different for different races."

    "How is it with the Elf Race?"

    "......The truth is I haven't married Liese yet. We have the promise to solve the curse, so I don't know the customs yet. Since Liese is different from the other elves she doesn't seem to be particular about such things."

    We had a long discussion.

    But talk of a wedding ceremony never came up.

    Won't there be something called a wedding ceremony?

    There isn't. Is it good that there isn't?

    "Then if you're to marry someone, what do you need?"

    "You're right... First is a house?"


    Zanoba nodded at Cliff's words.


    A house.

    "Oh? Why is it suddenly a house?"

    "It's obvious. In order to get married, what are you going to do without a house."

    Looking at Zanoba's face, of course he's nodding.

    In this world, is it necessary to have a house to marry?

    That reminds me. Did Paul come to live in Buina village upon marrying?

    Was he living in the adventurer's inn until then?

    When I[2] asked, he said Philip granted him a house and a job.

    "Generally girls can't enter the male dormitory, so their only options are to refrain from marriage before graduation or to leave the dorm after the marriage. Since there isn't a place to live in."

    Now that you mention it that certainly seems true.

    I haven't heard any stories of a couple living in a dormitory.

    There is no dormitory for married people.

    There aren't any concepts of long distance or commuting relationships here.

    Basically, a couple lives together.

    "Anyway, if the daughter is from a good place, and the other side has a house, either way you are home free. It is resourcefulness that a man prepares."

    There's too much male chauvinism in Cliff's words.

    But is this the common sense of this world even without our families' assistance?

    It'd be reasonable that I prepare for such a thing.

    Rather, she might be disillusioned with me if I'm not prepared.

    "I understand. First is a house."

    Cliff made a suspicious expression when he said so.

    "Wait Rudeus, are you getting married?"

    "Yeah, well."

    "With whom?"

    A question from Cliff.

    Somehow it doesn't seem right to give Sylphy's name.

    It will definitely be found out at some point, but should I keep it secret for a little longer?

    "It's the person who cured my disease."

    "Oh, I see. Name?"

    "Well, let's leave that as a secret for now."

    "I see...... well, if the partner is from Milis, I'm acquainted with the bishop of this town, and I'm good with informal congratulatory addresses."


    So there seems to be a wedding ceremony-like thing in Milis.

    In Japan, the wedding ceremony is regarded as particularly awful, but it isn't so here?

    However, in this world, it seems to be offensive if you imitate a different sect.

    I am not a follower of Milis.

    Neither is Sylphy.

    "Still, a house... A house will be expensive."

    "Shishō, if you do not have enough money shall I lend assistance?"

    "Though... I would feel ashamed that I have to depend on Zanoba for this kind of thing."

    Even I want to maintain my pride as a man.

    What is the market price of a house in this neighborhood anyway?

    Hopefully my savings will suffice.

    "Anyway, I'll check around town tomorrow. If it looks impossible, then I'll ask."

    "Naturally. Rest assured, Shisho will be able to purchase the biggest house in town."

    Zanoba said so and laughed.

    Royalty doesn't feel any different despite being from a small country.

    The next day I proceeded to the real estate agent.

    Normally the local feudal lord would provide forms for citizens to rent out land and buildings.

    However there is no feudal lord in the Magic City Sharia.

    The Magic Triumvirate and the Magic Guild collaborate to manage the territory.

    The problem that occurs in situations where there is no lord has been solved by installing a [Real Estate Broker].

    Though I don't know what kind of problem was actually taking place.

    I call it a [Real Estate Broker] for convenience, but the official name is [Land Management Agency] or something like that.

    They buy and sell unoccupied houses, and manage vacant land and development.

    It's like a so-called government office.

    When I went to one of these real estate agents and said, [I want a house], the receptionist handed me a list.

    The list of houses on the market was summarized in one page.

    Size of the property, the size of the building, number of rooms, the price, the address, etc...

    The list ranged from small houses to mansions, each property was very different.


    Honestly, I don't understand how much it cost to buy a house.

    After all, I wonder about a single-room house with a garden would be good... it would be nice to have enough room to keep a dog.

    Or wouldn't an apartment like a tenement house work?

    Sylphy is the escort of the princess.

    The house should be good, even without considering the fact that she's an escort.

    However, because she's an escort, Princess Ariel might visit.

    Since that's the case, it would be bad if we had a poor house.

    Still, I instinctively clutch my wallet when thinking about buying a high-quality house suited for nobles.[3]

    Should I ask Zanoba for support?

    No, I am hesitant to use a friend as a wallet.

    Especially since I'm not looking to buy a modest house.


    I might come with Sylphy.

    I wonder if I should consult with the bride about such a large expense.

    No, in this world a man should purchase the house. I also want to impress the woman I like.

    When I talk to Sylphy I don't want to seem like a miserable excuse for a man.

    I must show my resourcefulness.

    "It needs to be large, have many rooms, and the property must be cheap..."

    I start scanning the list for such a property.

    No matter what world you're in, buying a house will be expensive for sure.

    Though it could have been considered normal for a newly-wed couple to rent a cheap apartment in my old world.


    And there, I found a good property.

    Right at the end of the list.

    The property has a single structure.

    For its size it could be considered a mansion.

    It is located in a corner of the town, but it isn't far from the Magic University.

    It is 2-stories, and it also has a basement and a garden.

    The only problem is that the house is slightly old.

    The price is surprisingly cheap, less than the half price of a comparable property.

    If it's this much, I can buy it and still have money left over.

    "Why is this listing so cheap?"

    The staff member shows a bitter smile when I asked.

    "It's a fact that the mansion is haunted."

    "Is it a curse?"

    "Yes, around midnight you can hear sharp sounds, but even if you look for the sound you won't find anything. When you think that the house is rumbling or something and try to leave it, the next day you'll be found cruelly murdered."

    Are you serious?

    Well, I didn't hear the story well.

    Haunted house.

    And I wonder if it's evil spirits.

    There are demons in this world, too.

    "You didn't exorcise it?"

    "A request was given to the Adventurer's Guild, but the adventurers were brutally murdered."

    In short, nobody was able to succeed in exorcising it.

    By the way, the subjugation rank of the request seems to be E.

    I want to raise the rank, but the budget is lacking and there is also friction with the Adventurer's Guild, which seems difficult in various ways.

    "Did you ask for help from the Magic Guild?"

    "Yes, but they are in a difficult position to interfere with things of this nature, so we can only handle it on our own."

    The real estate agent was about to give up on the haunted house.

    Come to think of it, there was a similar case that happened when I was on the magical continent.

    It's certainly a common thing in this world.

    "If I succeed in exorcising the house, I don't suppose... that you could hand it over for free?"

    This guy has a look as if he can't believe what I just asked.

    Is that so.

    It seems that they will sell it even if it's troublesome.

    "I'm sorry, then can we proceed with a temporary contract so I can inspect the property at a later date?

    "...Then, I'll ask for your name here."

    Although I failed in the initial negotiations, I signed the temporary contract without minding it.

    Since there was also a place for references I wrote Demon King Badigadi and Princess Ariel.


    The staff member's face paled a bit when he looked at the contract, then retreated back into the offices.

    His supervisor appeared immediately.

    While rubbing his hands together.

    Did this happen because my name is famous?

    No, mentioning Badigadi and Ariel might be the reason.

    Well, whatever.

    I cut in while they spoke a little and the negotiations were concluded.

    Furthermore they reduced the price by half.

    Well, the property was treated like a plague.

    But I'm not going to complain.

    A few days later.

    I went to visit the haunted house.

    The building itself is firm, even though it was built more than a hundred years ago.

    In this world, probably because magical power dwells in everything, it may take time for it to rot.

    The supports are made of solid stone and it has hardwood floors.

    An intricate building made of stone and wood.

    Moss and ivy are stuck to its outer walls.

    However it's a beautiful thing.

    I imagined it being a more terrible looking house.

    "Well, Zanoba-san, Cliff-san, will we give up?"

    Zanoba and Cliff stand a ways behind me.

    Although I am an A-rank adventurer, I am self-conscious enough to not attempt this alone.

    Therefore I asked Zanoba to lend me his strength, he is a man I can rely upon.

    Zanoba can handle it even if a western doll waving a kitchen knife comes out.

    Cliff also came along because he had the eyes of someone who wanted to help out his friends.

    That said, he's a genius who can use advanced level Exorcism magic.

    If the other party is a demon or evil spirit-based, he will certainly be helpful.

    "It's a very good house. It looks a little cramped, but about this size... is this much considered reasonable?"

    "Isn't this house too large to live in with only two people? If it was me, first I would buy a small house then save money. Then later, if it becomes too small, I would move."

    The two opinions contrast.

    I guess that means I'll take this as the middle ground.

    "The price is low for a reason, now let's go."

    "You are wise Shishō, more than anything."

    Zanoba starts walking calmly while saying that.

    He has a club in one hand.

    It is a weapon that I prepared.

    During subjugation requests being unarmed is bad, but this guy with his monstrous[4] strength seems to break all of his weapons.

    So I gave him a club which I made with earth magic.

    It's a free weapon to break.

    Cliff is in the middle.

    He's clutching his staff, which seems to be expensive, and looking around restlessly.

    Even if the person himself intends to be cautious, I can only see it as being scared.

    I act as the rear guard and prepare for an attack from behind.

    It is important that the party protects Cliff who can use healing magic.

    As for me, who's the most experienced, I'm in the back to also keep a close watch on everyone.

    I walked over the broken stone pavement to arrive at the entrance.

    There is a cracked wooden door.

    One hinge is broken.

    I better repair this later.

    "I don't think that there's a risk of a trap, but please be careful."

    "Yes, Shishō."

    While watching with my foresight eye,

    Zanoba grabbed the doorknob and just broke it.

    No hesitation.

    "Hey, don't break it so suddenly."

    "Excuse me. The door was distorted and it wouldn't open. Renovation would have been necessary anyway."

    Apparently, the door that looked safe upon first glance was somehow distorted.

    "Is that so? But you should say something next time."

    "Yes, Shishō."

    Just the answer is fine, Zanoba.

    Anyway, we entered the house.

    We saw the lobby immediately.

    There are stairs going up to the second floor directly in front of us and there are doors on our right and left.

    There is a corridor leading to the back, near the side of the stairs.

    Although it's viewed as a haunted house from the outside, the inside was bright.

    The house's exposure to the sun is good. It is a good place.

    Does a real estate agent regularly clean? There isn't much dust piling up.

    "Shishō, how should we proceed?"

    "First we'll start by investigating the right side of the house, looking through all the rooms. I don't think that there are traps, but please be careful where you step because there is a possibility that the floor and ceiling have become rotten."

    Zanoba nodded, and Cliff looked back.

    "You, you look like the real thing, you know."

    "...For the time being, I am also an A-rank adventurer after all."

    "Ah, that's right."

    Cliff seems to be tense or something.

    That reminds me, it seemed like he went off on an adventure with Elinalise and [Stepped Leader] the other day, but I never heard any details.

    How did it turn out?

    "That reminds me, how did the adventure go the other day?"

    "...It was harsh."

    "Well, they are all S-ranked..."

    It probably wasn't that harsh for every member of [Stepped Leader].

    I understand that their partner is a rookie.

    They might not have been very considerate of that fact since it was their intention to educate him about this and that.

    However, it's another story if Cliff didn't think of it like that.

    "What should I do?"

    "Please attack with Exorcism magic if you find an enemy."

    "I understand... What should I do if that doesn't defeat the spirit?"

    "Please withdraw, Zanoba or I will handle it."

    When I said that, Cliff made a face that seemed offended.

    I follow up.

    "Because if Cliff-senpai uses magic, the house may be damaged."

    Cliff seems to be convinced when I say that.

    I had better let the beginner get a hit in.

    You use Exorcism magic if you find an enemy.

    That's the first wave of attack.

    Then I'll join in if that doesn't work.

    "Zanoba. There is a possibility that a demon who uses magic is lurking, so please be careful."

    "Leave it to me."

    Unexpectedly Zanoba has a warrior's temperament and was not scared at all.


    I enter the door to the right of the lobby.

    It was a large room.

    The room was around the size of 20 tatami mats.[5]

    It was well lit, there was a large fireplace against the wall towards the back of the room.

    I wonder if this place is the living room or the dining room?

    The fireplace becomes a concern.

    "Cliff-senpai, this fireplace, could it be a magic tool?"

    "Here, I will know if I try to examine it."

    Cliff was just about to go look around the back of the fireplace...

    "Stop. There may be an enemy."

    We'll stop there, I'll inspect the fireplace.


    Winters around here are cold, so heating is important.

    If the fireplace is a magic tool, then the whole house will become warm.

    If it isn't[6], then we'll consider remodeling.

    No...! In the cold, Sylphy and I hugging each other naked is what will keep us warm... but a good fireplace is still hard to pass up.

    "Get ready, when I start forcing air through the fireplace anything like a demon hiding inside should come flying out."

    And to draw its attention, with magic I force a strong wind through the fireplace's chimney.

    Nothing happens.

    I listen carefully, but there isn't any sign that something is moving.

    Some soot fell down from the chimney.

    I wonder if I should try maintaining a fire in it at least once while we're here.

    If there's a hole or something in the chimney and it starts a fire, that would be unpleasant.

    Anyway, I decided to go and take a look through from the bottom.

    I could see the sky from the depths of the chimney.

    For the time being I light it and try to maintain the fire for a moment.

    There is no sign that anything is lurking.

    It should be all right.

    "Cliff-senpai, thank you for waiting."

    "All right."

    Cliff investigated the inside of the fireplace and discovered a magic circle immediately.

    As expected, since he has been examining a lot of magic tools and curses recently.

    "It is usable?"

    "I don't understand how the fire works, but it seems to be no problem with magic."

    "Is that so, thank you."

    All right.

    I nodded and we moved to the next room.

    Looking from the entrance, it is the room to the right.

    The floor in this room is stone and there seems to be something like a stove.

    Perhaps this is the kitchen.

    A piece of cloth is on the ground near the stove, and when I went to pick it up I noticed it was a piece of tattered apron.

    Sylphy might be willing to cook for me in a naked apron here.

    If I think about that, it is something to be excited about.

    Innovation, and then remorse.

    We're here to get rid of the evil spirits.

    It's not the situation to be getting up. [7]

    I checked the stove and anywhere else that seems like it might be a hiding place.

    "All right, there is nothing unusual, next."

    On the way, I look at the rooms in sequence.

    I discovered a door to the basement behind the stairs.

    I advance to the next room counter-clockwise.

    There is nothing unusual.

    There were places where the dust has piled up a little, but these rooms are so beautiful you wouldn't think of them as over a hundred years old.

    Did the former residents even do repairs?

    "Is this the last room?"

    I finished inspecting the rooms on the ground floor.

    Although I knew by looking at the floor plan, this mansion is symmetrical.

    However, there was no stove in the kitchen on the other side.

    That room might have been used for another purpose, not for cooking.

    Maybe for laundry.

    But, let's call it a kitchen for the time being.

    2 kitchens.

    2 large rooms.

    4 small rooms.

    2 toilets.

    I get the impression that this house was built by renovating two smaller houses together.

    The only staircase is the one near the entrance.

    "The basement or the upper floor. Which place is more likely to have a demon?"

    "I guess the basement."

    "It will be the basement."

    Unanimously it was decided that we check the basement first.

    The door to the basement is attached to the back of the stairs to the upper floor.

    A door which requires a key and looks like a storeroom.

    The stairs leading into the basement were dark...

    I light the lamps which I prepared and handed them to Zanoba and Cliff.

    "I'll use my foresight eye to support from the rear. Don't part with the lamp even if you think that it's dangerous, I can't support you if I can't see."

    "Wahaha, I am a Miko. There is nothing I fear."

    While spitting out a reliable death flag, Zanoba goes down the stairs.

    Be more careful.

    There might even be an arrow that will come flying out as soon as you open a door.

    We arrived at the basement.

    "Hmm, there's nothing."

    The basement was deserted.

    Some wooden shelves were lined up side-by-side.

    It feels like an empty warehouse.

    I light up the dark room, but there is no sign of something lurking.

    There is a little stain on the wall, but it doesn't particularly look like blood.

    Towards the end of the wall board, there's just a little rot.

    This is... We have to accept this for the time being.

    There isn't a demon.

    That was anticlimactic.

    "Okay, so the upper floor is next."

    We go out of the basement and head back to the lobby.

    Then we carefully go up the stairs to the upper floor.

    The wooden stairs don't make a sound. They're solid.

    We make it upstairs and begin to inspect the rooms one by one.

    The upper floor was also symmetrical.

    There are two slightly larger rooms on each end which connect to the inside of their adjoining rooms.

    The other rooms are six tatami side-by-side.

    There are a total of 8 rooms.

    4 small rooms of about six tatami.[8]

    2 rooms of about twelve tatami.

    The middle room which leads to the bedroom had an area of about six tatami.

    In addition, there was the balcony in the middle room, too.


    Let's put a big bed in the bedroom.

    A bed large enough to fit three people lying down.

    Maybe I could combine two normal beds...

    No, sleeping huddled in a small bed isn't that bad.

    You'll be warm when you wake up from sleeping side by side.

    Being sexually active, with Sylphy's chest to massage within arm's reach.

    It isn't too bad.

    Anyway, the bed is important since I use it every day.

    Oops, of course it isn't limited to erotic purposes.

    It's also to sleep in every day.


    "What is it? Did you find what it was?"

    "Do you think a bigger bed is better when you use it as a couple?"


    Cliff falls silent for approximately several seconds.


    He inhales suddenly.

    And sighed.

    "It is. Such a 'thing' is also important, but it's rude to the other party if you are always like that."

    "Yeah... Hm, is that so."

    His words are persuasive for some reason.

    I wonder what Elinalise would do.

    As soon as they are alone in a room, Elinalise would attack Cliff with bloodshot eyes.

    I can't imagine it easily.[9]

    I will take it to heart.

    Oh, apart from that, is there a need to make the bed slightly bigger?

    "Phew, there isn't."

    I said with a sigh after looking around the last rooms.

    "So, as planned, let's spend a night here."

    "Yes. Thank you."

    I didn't expect to see the problem when I was tentatively searching for it today.

    Originally, it's a story of a guy that appears in the middle of the night.

    Along with a sharp sound.

    It's a creepy story.

    Perhaps some kind of demon has settled down here.

    I don't know of a demon ghost or any another demon.

    I didn't think that it was a strong demon when I was in town, but carelessness is bad because the low rank adventurers that failed the request are now dead.

    Unexpectedly, you don't know whether a homeless thief or something else has made this their headquarters either.

    There's a kirikiri sound sharply picking at the entrance.

    No, the door was broken. Then is it the back door?

    A smell doesn't do for it.[10]

    Isn't there a line?

    Um, I don't know.

    Are three people enough? I should have also brought Elinalise... just to make sure.

    In her experience, acquired through age, she might have known about something like this.

    But to be honest, I feel like I can't put up with her in a sexual sense.

    A shadow that comes creeping in when you see it in the middle of the night.

    The temptation that is whispered in the ear...

    [Cliff is sleeping in the other room.]

    [No, it is not okay.]

    I also understand that.

    It's not good.

    I made an announcement at the end of the second floor, from just outside the bedroom.

    "I will wait here tonight. You may not show up during the day, but for the time being I'm sleeping here tonight."

    "Hmm. Julie will be worried."

    "I'm also worried about Liese."

    The two people spoke their worries about the woman whom they each left.

    Julie's a smart child.

    However I understand that she's considered a slave as well.

    In the corners of the male dormitory, many of the nobles like to prowl indiscriminately.

    But Zanoba doesn't need to worry.

    Elinalise is a woman who is lascivious.

    I also know that she is popular.

    She may have an affair by taking advantage of when Cliff isn't there tonight.

    It will be a worry for him.

    In contrast, how about my Sylphy?

    She will escort the princess today.

    It's as usual, nothing to worry about.

    No, I said I would go out today, but I didn't say that I was going to stay out.

    Possibly, she may plan to come to my room and talk a little bit before going to bed.

    However, I am not there.

    Sylphy might be left waiting in a cold corridor.

    A voice echoes out [Rudi's late...] all alone.

    I'm worried about it.

    "The night will fall soon."

    At Zanoba's words, I look out and see the sunset's reflection in the window.

    I can't tell her before tonight.

    Sylphy would have already returned to the girl's dormitory.

    No, even without saying it directly, if I write something in front of the door saying I'm out tonight...

    All right, let's do it, let's do it now.

    Oh wait.

    What will these two do while I'm out.

    It is regrettable.

    For the time being, I'm the leader of this party.

    Well it's a little thing.

    Even Sylphy will understand it, if I explain it properly later.

    No, but I heard somewhere a long time ago.

    The accumulation of little things will produce a big crack later on.

    Damn, I have a bad feeling about this.

    During such a time I'm wearing a death flag on purpose, I must dispel this bad feeling.


    "What's the matter?"

    "...When this request is over, I'll get married."

    "Yes. It is something that should be done quickly if you want to celebrate grandly in this mansion."

    Zanoba nodded while looking puzzled.

    My bad.

    I had a bad feeling I wouldn't make it out the front door.

    I felt that it would be impossible to succeed if I said something like [Please give us your blessing.] while riding the mood here.

    That... For the time being, I'll put some hard thing in my breast pocket.

    And, although I thought that, I have no breast pocket.

    It is not possible to suddenly stop a flying .357 magnum bullet like this.

    Cliff interrupted my line of thought.

    "Invite Liese and me to the celebration."

    "Isn't that natural?"

    "It's okay if you take me for granted, but I would feel sorry for Liese to be left out."

    Because Cliff is a guy who cannot read the mood, I wonder if he's always this glum.

    Pitiful guy.

    I'll invite him properly.

    Of course, Elinalise also.


    Nevertheless, I am a man.

    I want to end this quickly and rub Sylphy's breasts.

    No, I will strongly endure for now.

    Because I will have many troubles later.

    While I considered this, it became nighttime.

    On the other hand, Sylphy heard the information that Rudeus had prepared a house for them, so at that time she was lying around and hugging a pillow while remembering her delusion.

    We will take turns keeping watch at night.

    Two people sleep while the other is the lookout.

    If there is an abnormality, we wake up the two remaining people immediately.

    It's such an arrangement.

    That said, I'll wake them up by all means if there's a particular "Kirikiri" sound.

    The room we are sleeping in is the same one in which the previous resident was cruelly murdered.

    It's a room at the end of the hall on the upper floor.

    It may be related to the place that a demon appears.

    I can't really think of this kind of thing being caused by some sort of homeless thief, but if it is then it would ease my mind.

    If the opponent is a human, dealing with them is easy.

    There might even be a reward for catching them, which will help the wedding fund.

    If the opponent is a demon, it's simpler.

    Search and destroy.

    It is really simple.

    "Wake up Rudeus! There's a sound!"

    It was Cliff who woke me up.

    I sprang up immediately.

    Zanoba is still sleeping.

    We had rotating guard shifts for about two hours to allow each other to get a shallow sleep.

    Since we don't know the exact time, we used an hourglass.

    It is the second shift now.

    In the middle of the night.

    It's just the right time for a demon to come out.

    "Please wake up Zanoba."

    I briefly told Cliff and moved to the door.

    And I listen carefully.

    Kiri ...... Kiri .......

    ...... Kata ...... Kata .......

    ............ Kyi ....... Kyi ......

    Hm, this is dangerous.

    It sounds real.

    It's very clear.

    The sound is like a chair creaking.


    I was able to see with foresight eyes.

    "Afu ~a ......"

    Zanoba while rubbing his eyes, yawned greatly.

    I confirm it and put my hand on the doorknob.

    Then, I open the door slowly, so as not to make a noise.

    I look at the hallway.


    Just in case, I also look at the other side.


    The top, the bottom. Nothing.

    I listen carefully.

    I hear nothing.

    The sound has already stopped.

    Zanoba got up.

    "What's up?"

    "There's nothing there."

    We can either search inside the house or wait until there is a change in this room.

    The former resident thought that he misheard the sound, left it unattended, and died.

    The thing is, if we wait here... and there is some kind of threat...

    No, even the previous resident, if he heard a sound that clear he would have gone to investigate.

    Do I imitate him?

    "I will search for the enemy."

    "All right. Is the formation the same as before?"

    "Oh, be careful."

    "If Shishō protects the back, it would be a relief."

    Zanoba has a stone club.

    Cliff filled with tension, followed.

    "Cliff-sempai, do you remember what to do?"

    "I'll cast Exorcism magic."

    "That's right. Thank you"

    So it's okay.

    Zanoba is the tank while Cliff uses Exorcism magic, and if that doesn't work I'll use a rock bullet.

    All right.

    "Zanoba, go."

    A night search began.

    I know where the rooms are since we examined the house once already during the day.

    The search operation went smoothly.

    First, I examine all the rooms upstairs.

    Nothing unusual.

    Then, we carefully went down to the ground floor.

    We check out the rooms one by one, such as the stove or fireplace, and other places something might be hidden.

    Nothing unusual.

    The rooms are all beautiful.

    "Shishō, only the basement is left."


    We move to the basement.

    The door behind the stairs.

    The stairs to the basement.

    It's dark.

    There seems to be some strange sense from the basement.

    It seems I'm also tense.

    I could hear my heart thumping.

    A single deep breath.

    While paying attention at the back, we descended the stairs.

    I feel like I'm descending into hell.

    We arrived at the basement.

    "What's up?"

    "There is nothing."

    Zanoba answered so.

    I also tried to light up the surroundings with a lamp.

    I try to look carefully at the corner.

    But, there's nothing there.

    However, the former resident would have examined the basement too.

    It's the most suspicious place.

    However, there was nothing to be found even if you look at a glance.

    "For the time being, let's prepare for a surprise attack once we return to the room."

    I heard the sound.

    Then the enemy will come.

    Alternatively, it may wait to attack until after we fall fast asleep...

    Well, we can also try to pretend to be asleep until tomorrow.

    We carefully leave the basement.

    And go up to the second floor.

    We walked to the hallway and came back to the room we waited in.

    "Zanoba, please be careful when opening the door, It is also possible that it is lurking in the room where we slept."

    "I understand."

    Zanoba slowly reached the doorknob while grasping his stone club.

    It opened.

    Nothing happens.


    "...seems to be all right."


    No attack.

    "Fu ~u......"

    A sigh.

    Let's see if it attacks the place again while we are sleeping

    Or, for example, if it attacks while using the toilet.

    That reminds me, I didn't examine the garden.

    When tomorrow comes, I guess I should also investigate the garden.


    Then, suddenly.

    I looked back.

    There it is.

    Down the hall.

    Lowering its posture as if to crawl.

    The upper body part peeped out from the stairs.

    It tilts his head looking at me.

    I wonder if it's human.

    There was an eye. There was a nose. There was a mouth.

    There was no hair. There were no ears.

    And I didn't feel its life either.


    In the dark, while the pale silhouette rose, the guy was looking at me.

    For several seconds, we stared at each other.


    The moment I was about to say something.

    That fellow moved.

    It raised its upper body as if about to leap, then jumped to the second floor.

    There were four hands.

    There were also four feet.

    In the dark, that person while brandishing a kind of stake in his hand, while moving four feet, without a sound, ran over here with tremendous speed.


    I lost my balance.

    I shot a Rock Bullet at once while falling on my backside.

    It crosses my mind, my concern is that it might break the house.

    Hesitation weakened the power of Rock Bullet.

    The Rock Bullet crushed the shoulder of the guy and it staggered.

    However, the guy doesn't stop.

    He raises a stake toward me.

    Then I try to avoid it with foresight eye.


    Zanoba jumped in front of me.

    A stake was swung down swiftly into Zanoba.

    The stake struck an inch from his heart.


    It didn't stick.

    Zanoba's Touki stopped the stake.

    Is, it's Zanoba indeed!

    Nothing serious!

    Zanoba grabbed the guy's face with one hand.

    It thrashed its 8 limbs in a frenzy, pounding on Zanoba.

    "Then our God gives grace to the Mother Earth!

    I do it against the law of nature, and give the foolish person Heaven's vengeance!

    [Exorcist Rate] !"

    Cliff started chanting while half of his body was still inside the room.

    White light shot out from his staff and hit the guy.

    However that guy's movements don't stop.

    It isn't a ghost?

    I aimed my hand at the guy.

    Rock Bullet.

    Next I'll hit him in the face.

    But in this position, I'll hit Zanoba.

    "Zanoba, step aside, I'll use a Rock Bullet!"

    "Shishō, please wait!"

    Zanoba didn't move.

    Even though his clothes were tattered from being continuously struck with the stake, he didn't flinch.


    "It's fine, move! I'll do it!"

    "Please wait! Shishō! Thank you!"

    Zanoba hugged him.

    As if to protect it from me.

    It continued to struggle in a frenzy.

    Zanoba's clothes were shredded.

    Despite his superhuman strength, he revealed an uncharacteristically slender back.

    For several seconds, for several minutes, as time passed.

    The guy moved intensely, but gradually his movement dulls.

    Eventually, it stopped moving.

    "Fu ~u......"

    Zanoba confirmed it, stripped off his torn clothes and tied up that guy's hands and feet.

    "Shishō, first to the room."


    I was prompted by Zanoba, and we returned to the room.

    In the room, Cliff was trembling and shaking.

    "I, I, wasn't running away you know. I thought the narrow hallway was becoming a hindrance."

    "Well... It was a wise decision."


    It wasn't convincing.

    Well, I was also abruptly scared by it, and I won't say anything.


    "Zanoba, you survived. But it was dangerous. Because even you aren't an immortal like a Demon King..."

    "Shishō its amazing, look here, please look at this."

    Zanoba was very excited.

    While completely ignoring my words, he had sat on the ground.

    I hear a light sound unexpectedly clang-clang.

    Zanoba lights it up with a lamp.

    "This, this is a... doll?"

    There a pale colored, wooden doll was laid out.

    Four hands and four feet.

    It is a strange figure, but it is a doll.

    The feet were bound with cloth, when I thought that I didn't hear its footsteps. It is a black cloth.

    I thought that it was a stake, but it is a broken hand.

    Among the four hands, two of them were broken.

    On it's face was a nose and a mouth made with minimal effort.

    Something like a glass ball is fitted for the eyes.

    It is inorganic too.

    I met eyes with the damn thing.

    To be honest. I don't want to look at it too much, it's too creepy.

    Also... at some point it starts to move.

    If you look at Cliff, he also seems to agree with me.

    Holding his staff, he was staring at the doll vigilantly.

    "Shishō, this is amazing."

    Only Zanoba was different.

    He seems to not be able to hide his excitement.

    If it comes with a rare doll, this is it immediately.

    "Zanoba, no matter how much you like a doll-"

    "Shishō! This doll is moving! A doll moving!"

    And, that said, I also noticed.

    It is.

    This doll attacked us.

    "A doll that moves..."

    A doll that moves.



    Maid Robo. Wa wa wa.

    Such words crossed my mind.

    The fear had faded in an instant.

    "It certainly is amazing."

    "Shishō, did you realize it at last?"

    I listened to Zanoba whose tone seemed to imply "There's no way Shishō wouldn't realize it".

    It was a tone that stimulated pride.

    "Ah. It was nice of you to not break it. Zanoba, there's no doubt in your judgment."

    "Fu fu, I noticed that this was a doll at first glance."

    "Indeed, your eye for dolls has already surpassed me."

    I properly praised Zanoba who had a satisfied look.

    However, it is a moving doll.

    If you think about it, there are moving minerals like a golem or something like that in this world.

    This doll is a wood carving, but maybe its possible to move a stone figure.

    Being able to move the figure itself.

    Using a man-made material such as silicon, creating a doll with the skin of a person is possible.

    And if it moves...

    The dream spreads.

    "Zanoba, what should we do. My heart is racing."

    "Shishō, me too. I can barely contain tears of joy!"

    First of all, let's take this doll back home.

    Then examine how it moves.

    Since it can't normally move, it might be like a magic tool with a magic circle carved in it.

    "Hey, you guys, give me a break!"

    And, he was angry suddenly.

    Cliff still remains clenching his staff, while glaring.

    "This isn't the time or place to talk about such a thing!"

    "What do you mean [such a thing]!"

    Zanoba grabbed Cliff's face, and lifted him into the air.


    Cliff grabbed Zanoba's arm while remaining suspended, but it won't budge.

    It's been a while since I last saw this spectacle.

    "A doll moved! Why don't you understand its importance!"

    "Owowow! There are demons that create moving armors too you know!"

    A demon.

    Hearing that term, I remembered our objective.

    We did not come here to catch a moving doll.

    I came to obtain this house.

    However, securing the house, and clearing up the mystery of the moving doll...

    It's not like I can't do both.

    "Zanoba, please release your hand."

    "Mu, but shishō."

    "Cliff-senpai's words are reasonable."

    Zanoba released his grip.

    Cliff is let down instantly, I cast healing magic immediately.

    What a crybaby.

    "Perhaps, this doll is the identity of the demon."


    "There may not be just one. Lets find and capture the rest. Maybe we'll find blueprints for the doll."

    "Oh, I see, for sure!"

    Zanoba with a face convinced nodded and said.

    "We won't sleep tonight.

    Let's thoroughly search for where this doll was hiding."

    Thus, the third house search began.

    There is nowhere to hide such a large doll.

    The consensus was, after looking around the house twice, there wasn't such a place.

    I thought there might be something in the garden we haven't accounted for, but there was nothing.

    There were the doll's footprints in the snow, but that was it.

    Therefore, an idea comes to mind, that there is a room hidden somewhere.

    The house was made to be symmetrical.

    If we go looking for a part that's not symmetrical, we might find something.

    I thought so, and tried looking for a dubious place while checking the floor plan on both floors, but I couldn't find anything.

    I mean, the inside of the house is too dark.

    Even if there was something unusual, it may go unnoticed.

    "It might be better to reexamine it at noon tomorrow."

    We agree with Cliff's idea and decided to search again the next day.

    Before the search, I brought the doll back to the Magic University.

    If you look at the bright side, the doll that has been found is quite old.

    What looked pale is originally a white paint that had started to peel off due to mold.

    "Are you master's new doll?"

    I thought Julie would be frightened, but there was nothing to worry about.

    She is looking at it curiously.

    "Do you want me to clean it?"

    I heard that.

    It seems she was sometimes tasked with cleaning Zanoba's newly purchased dolls.

    Zanoba says [It's to deepen the appreciation of dolls] it seems the best way to clean and polish a doll is by wiping it down with compassion.

    She received a good education.

    "How can we get it to move again?"

    "After searching the mansion, we'll examine it."

    It looked like Zanoba couldn't wait to start researching this doll.

    I understand that feeling.

    I understand it, but I want you to calm down.

    For now, the doll had been sealed in a box which I made with earth magic.

    It would be bad if Julie got attacked while we are not here.

    I came back to the house.

    I purchased a large number of lamps to light all of the rooms.

    I crushed all the possibilities that I hadn't considered when I first came.

    I also examined the fireplace.

    I stuck my head inside to have a thorough look.

    "Hmm, did it change..."

    I finished searching the fireplace while knocking down some soot and spiders' webs.

    Then, I noticed the cause of my discomfort yesterday.

    The floor wasn't stained with soot.

    As if something had done the cleaning, everything was neatly wiped clean.

    When I think back, the cloth that had been sown to the doll's feet was black.

    Each and every night it might have been cleaning the house with that cloth.

    No, the house would be stained by using such cloth. Black is rather...

    Oh, by any chance, that cloth, was it a magic tool?

    No, let's put that on hold.

    Now then, upper floor, ground floor, basement.

    ...The basement is still suspicious.

    I brought a few lamps into the basement.

    Since they could use up the oxygen, I left the door open.

    I considered the possibility of something being hidden in the middle of the stairs, so I examined that as well.

    In the deserted space of the basement, I arranged the lamps.

    [Look! It's amazing, it's bright like the afternoon] is what a person from a fairy-tale might say.

    "When it's this bright, I can tell just by looking."

    The edge of the basement.

    The wall which was made with a wooden board.

    I didn't see it clearly when we were using only one or two lamps in the dark, but with this much light I could see clearly.

    The corner of the wall, it had a dark square.

    It is a hidden door.

    I'm sure you wouldn't be able to tell it was there in just a bit of light when it was first made, but thanks to the passage of time, the part which opens and closes got dirty, and it rose to the surface.

    On the ground as well, the portion where it opens and shuts is clearly carved out.

    "All right, let's enter at once!"

    Cliff was excitedly moving to open the door.

    In preparation for an attack, I looked ahead to the door with foresight eye.

    But, Cliff stopped moving immediately.

    "What is it?"

    "I don't know how to open it."

    Since he said so, I also took a look.

    There isn't a dent that is common among things such as sliding doors, nor is there a doorknob.

    Even though that's the case, it's not like we can push it open either.

    "Shishō, shall I break it?"

    Zanoba's proposal, but I shake my head.

    Although I could repair it, I don't really want to break it.

    "Hmm ......"

    I look at the ground.

    The trace of the door opening and closing is left there.

    It is certain that it opens. The door opens on this side.


    And, I noticed that one trace was slightly different.

    The trace which opened the door begins with the third piece of board of the left.

    A piece of the dark wood door slips off.

    And there a little storage drawer opened.

    The ninja village that I visited on a field trip during my elementary school days.

    There was a hidden door there.

    I remember the feeling and try to push the left edge.

    A [Giii], sound let out.

    However, it does not open. Heavy.

    "Zanoba, try pressing here."


    I let Zanoba push it.

    And then, the door made a [kiririkiki] sort of creaking sound as it rose and opened.

    The sound in the middle of the night, was this sound?

    On the interior side of the hidden door there was a doorknob. Probably to make closing it from the inside easy.

    "I do not think there's a trap.... but there might be something, so please be careful."

    I went inside while saying so and lighted up the inside with a lamp.

    The possibility of a trap or a surprise attack ended as imaginary fears.

    There was a small room.

    One desk, a single wooden pedestal.

    That's all.

    On the desk, several books and ink pots were placed.

    As for the pot, the cover is broken, and the contents have evaporated.

    On the pedestal side I'm not sure what words would be good to describe it.

    It might be similar to a coffin.

    It's like a lump of wood the size of that.

    I have the feeling that the surface is dented in the form of the doll.

    After looking closely, in the place where the head goes... in the part where the eyes would set there are transparent stones embedded.

    I felt intuitively that the doll in question had slept here.Most likely, that doll lays down here and recharges... no, it probably supplies magic power. [11]

    "Cliff, do you know what this pedestal is?"

    "No, this is the first time I've seen it."

    Cliff shook his head.

    I touch the pedestal timidly.

    I don't think it will suddenly shut on me but...

    I stretch out a hand to a certain book disregarded on a desk.

    I understood that it was left unattended for a considerably long time, but, fortunately, there was no trace of being worm-eaten.

    Would the doll in question do the insect extermination?

    The cover had a title and a crest.

    The title isn't readable.

    When I open it, the text is also not readable.

    If it's in letters that I can't read then that means it's either Heavenly God language, or Sea God language.

    Or else it might be written in some other minor language.

    But I have a feeling that I have read both the crest and the letter somewhere.

    Where was it?

    Was it at the Magic University Library?

    I turn the page.

    Then there were some figures.

    The figure of a human body, it's a figure of the magic formation.

    Furthermore, the human figure where there are four hands and feet appeared when I turned up a page.



    Zanoba who was waiting at the entrance, came towards me.

    "I think, this is what was written in the doll, but what do you think?"

    "I can't read it. However, perhaps this is it without doubt."

    "How, show me."

    After hearing such an exchange, Cliff had also stuck his head in.

    While turning the pages lightly we looked through the book as a group.

    The string binding together the pages is considerably old and, despite the paper, seemed like it would come loose at any moment.

    A figure, an arrow, and a letter.

    Even if a commentary or an explanatory note is written, I wouldn't understand it at all.

    Illustrations of the parts of the arms, magic circles, indicators, and some kind of notes.

    These sorts of notes are written in the margins in various ways.

    "If you're simply looking at the figure, it resembles the magic formation of a magic tool."

    Cliff said it alone.

    "Is that so?"

    "Oh, I understand it because I studied it recently, I have seen similar magic formations. Perhaps, that doll would be a magic tool."

    "I see."

    I try to hypothesize.

    The previous former resident.

    No, perhaps the first resident here, had probably studied the doll.

    This magic circle might have touched upon some sort of taboo, so it was done secretly.

    I think the doll was trying to protect this house, like the role of a security guard.

    And the first resident half-completed it.

    Going off the looks of that doll, it seems there were still a number of problems remaining, but they succeeded up to the point of making it able to move around inside of the estate and fight.

    However, the first resident disappeared.

    Whether he moved away with things left half finished or it was exposed and he was caught, I don't know.

    It is very likely that he died of an unexpected accident, and the result of the research remains.

    Probably... the doll at first might have been sleeping on this pedestal all the time.

    However, it started up for some reason.

    It moved around while cleaning in the house, and started to act to fight off the intruder.

    Perhaps, it was programmed that if it finished cleaning, to return to this pedestal and charge.

    Unfortunately I think the person who was murdered was recognized to be [an intruder] by the doll.

    However, if it goes out to the garden then, it wouldn't have been surprising if someone had witnessed it, but...

    No, the door of the entrance was broken like that wasn't it.

    Come to think of it, in the building, only that door was broken.

    The former resident might have changed it. For security or something.

    Since the shape of the door is changed, it wasn't able to open it.

    Originally it was programmed to patrol the garden, but it gave up because the door couldn't be opened.

    However, the door was broken open when we entered.

    Therefore, according to the program, it went around the garden.

    And we passed each other.

    After we returned to the upper floor, it caught up.

    It doesn't seem strange to think that.

    "Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any more dolls."

    I mean that, this case is closed.

    As a precaution, I further search the house carefully,

    and checked on its state for a few more days.

    I also don't hear the sound in the middle of the night.

    It is safe.

    I went to the real estate agent and finished the formal agreement to buy the property.

    As for the identity of the evil spirit, we said it was an evil demon that was hiding in the basement.

    A supplier becomes available from the next day and will do the repair work and cleaning.

    I was asked if I wanted to buy everything including furniture from them, but I decided to go with just the bare minimum of things.

    As such, it would be better to look around together with Sylphy.

    That is to say, is it a Japanese-like sense?

    Since there were a few parts where I wanted to help out on myself, the time when we would actually be able to move in would be about half a month later.

    From now on, the smiling face of Sylphy floats on my eyes.

    ["You see, this is our home!"

    "Kyaa, Rudi it's lovely."

    "There's a large number of rooms after all, no matter how many children we have it'll be alright!"

    "Thinking about the future as well, amazing, embrace me!"

    "Of course honey, the bed is already prepared."

    "Rudi turn me into a mess!"]

    But my face shouldn't be effeminate.

    ...It's not a suitable face.

    [Huh, Rudi were you only able to prepare a house of this level?]

    Sylphy wouldn't say that. Yup, she is not that kind of selfish person.

    Still, it was the product of hard work.

    The house was cleared and bought in just a few days, I also got to keep the doll that was haunting it.

    That doll, it's definitely a magic tool.

    Normally, it might not be good if you don't submit those kinds of things to the Magic Guild.

    Oh well, I don't yet belong to the magic guild, so it doesn't matter.

    Since it was a part of the house I bought I'll just take ownership of it, like that.

    Around the time day ended, I decided to carry out the research materials that were in the basement.

    Zanoba carries the pedestal, and I carry the books.

    We'll use it for the study of the moving doll in question.


    On the way back to the magic university.

    Zanoba addressed me with a serious look.

    He carried the huge pedestal over his shoulder.

    It clearly wasn't made with the consideration that it would ever be carried around given its weight, it's only possible because it's Zanoba.

    For the time being, it was wrapped in cloth, but when viewed from a distance, he may appear to be carrying a coffin.

    "What is it?"

    "The study of this moving doll. Will you entrust it to me?"

    I noticed his eyes unintentionally.

    Unprecedented determination was seen through the depths of his round glasses.

    Zanoba said。

    "My total amount of magic is small, and my hands are also clumsy.Even the red dragon figure that I'm trying to do just hinders Shisho and nothing is proceeding at all."

    That's not it.

    He said it easily, but I felt the weight of his troubles on his mind.

    It was not something he said lightly.

    "But with something like this in front of me, I think maybe I can do something. After looking at the book, I think I can understand what the writer wanted to do."


    Is that so?

    As both of them love dolls there may be something only they can understand. Even if they can't understand the language, maybe they can feel something.

    "It will take me some time to understand the research. Although if Shisho does it, it will proceed more quickly."

    I can't afford to spend all my time researching this doll.

    It might work if I allow Zanoba.


    "What would you do if the doll acts violently again?"

    "Even if the doll runs away temporarily, if it's me, I will be able to apprehend it without injury.

    Shishō also should have seen it?"

    Well, there is no problem in that respect.

    And it would be a bit frightening if it began to move in the middle of the night, but perhaps if you don't charge it in this pedestal, it will not be able to move.

    As expected, it's unsuitable to store it in Zanoba's room, we better borrow a research room from the Magic University.

    A room with a firm door.

    No, since it might have used some kind of taboo technique, it would probably be better to keep the research in a different place...?

    Nanahoshi and I might also be borderline because of our study of teleportation magic, although I think that's all right.

    Just in case I will ask for Nanahoshi's opinion on it, I think she's a member of A class guild.

    "Please Shisho, when Shisho's plan is fulfilled, I don't want it to end with me just paying money."


    However, Zanoba also has various considerations.

    Although I am a little worried since he becomes singleminded when it comes to dolls.

    Said the person who allowed it being the case.

    "Please! Leave this study to me!"

    When I fell silent, Zanoba seems to have misunderstood it.

    He knelt on the spot.

    He placed the pedestal down there and with both hands spread out fell to the ground on the spot.

    What other choice do I possibly have with you prostrating yourself on the ground, in the snow.

    "I understand. Zanoba, stand! I will leave it to you."


    When I said so, Zanoba stood up with haste.

    His expression beaming with joy.

    As for this fellow, the change is quick.

    "But, if by some chance there is a possibility that involves in the domain of a forbidden technique..."

    "Is it a forbidden technique?"

    "Well, for the time being, since I will borrow a laboratory from the Magic University, please study it there."

    "...Thank you!"

    Zanoba lowered his head greatly again.

    In that motion a part of the pedestal swept past my face, barely missing the tip of my nose.

    That's dangerous.

    What are you going to do if you hit my head.

    "You guys, try not to standout so much while you're outside."

    Finally, Cliff muttered alone.

    Thus, Zanoba began research on the autonomous doll, and I obtained a house.

    The next step is a renovation.

    The Kingdom of Ranoa, Magic City Sharia.

    It's a city with many students, and in one of its corners was a house that has a certain problem. Built 100 years ago, the Rudeus Mansion. The problem that it had was that it was...

    『A haunted mansion』

    Though its appearance was simply that of an aged Western-styled mansion[12], it was overrun with moss and withered vines, and to describe it in one word, it was 'unsettling'.

    The one who thought to live in this house was a client by the name of Rudeus Greyrat. He was a former A ranked adventurer, and is now a student at the Magic University. Although he bought the house because he was getting married, he was dissatisfied with the appearance.

    What kind of problems did this house have?

    The moment you took a step into the premises, you'd see a garden that lacked maintenance. An entrance that was broken. A ceiling and walls with various stains left about. A leaking roof. A fireplace whose functionality was questionable... It was something that brought to mind the word 'abandoned'.

    "Because of some magical components it's been aging well, but as expected there's still a feeling of aging to it. As a home for newlyweds, the atmosphere is a bit much, huh?"

    He wanted a nice clean home[13] suitable for a pair of newlyweds. A single man accepted this client's request.

    He was a craftsman who did renovations, 『Balda of the Great Cave』. A first class architect belonging to the Basherant Dukedom's Magic Guild. He could take care of things from the planning, all the way to the construction and was a veteran of 30 years.

    With the construction techniques he learned in the Holy Kingdom of Milis as a base, he had many accomplishments, such as the Magic University's school buildings.

    Though he had a few stubborn parts, he was an agreeable person and his skill was assured. He always had a hammer hanging at his waist, and if strangers had something they didn't like about their houses, he'd fix it for them; he held the spirit of a true artisan. Whether it was his disciples or buildings, he'd fix it with a strike of his hammer. Because of this, he was called 『Balda of the Hammer』.

    "Yo, you've come. So you're 『Quagmire』, huh, boy?[14] I heard you were getting married!"

    The person who had come to meet the craftsman was the client this time. He was known as 『Rudeus of the Quagmire』 on the streets, and was received sociably by the craftsman.

    "Yes. I'll be in your care, Balda-san."

    Balda knew of the name 'Rudeus'. He had an old friend named Talhand. He had heard about Rudeus from Talhand's companion, Elinalise.

    "I was fine with buying a house for marriage, but the state of it is as you see."

    "For now, can I have a look around the house and inside it?"

    "Please go ahead."

    When he made to enter the house, the craftsman immediately frowned.

    "Oi, the hell happened? The door is in horrible shape. It looks like you tried to bloody tear it off."

    "Because the door didn't fit well, there was no choice but to break it."

    "Honestly, kids these days freaking breaking things without a thought, don't have enough respect for items."

    "Yeah, they're horrible, huh?"

    The client warded off the indignant craftsman's complaints in an unaffected attitude. His attitude was almost like he wasn't the one who had broken it.

    The craftsman couldn't accept this attitude. However, he endured it. After all, he had heard that 『Rudeus of the Quagmire』 was a frightening person when angered.

    "What are you gonna do about the door?"

    "Um, what do you mean?"

    "Like the materials, or the design. If you don't give me any specifics, I'll be going with what I judge best."

    "Though I don't really mind about the materials, I'd like for you to make it firm. Also, please leave a doorknocker on it as well."

    "Since it's the entrance, that much is obvious."

    When the craftsman entered the house, he concealed a difficult expression.

    "It's pretty worn out, huh."

    "I-, is that so?"

    "Though the floors were done very well, at least compared to the walls and ceiling. It's almost as if the basement was the most important part, and everything else was just made as a bonus."

    "Can you tell such a thing?"


    The craftsman's eyes could immediately tell what parts were good, and what parts were bad. The floor, the stairs, upstairs, the dining room, the kitchen, the fireplace. These places were extremely well done. You could tell that a genius craftsman had spent 100 years using construction and magical techniques to create them. However, the walls and the roof were done by hand, which was strange.

    "Still, I'll fix something like this in no time."

    The craftsman spoke reassuring words. Having been reassured, the client entered the large dining room.

    "It's a large room, huh? The lighting isn't bad either, huh."

    "How is the fireplace?"

    "Show me."

    It was a fireplace with questionable functionality. The craftsman's eyes lit up.

    "This is a good fireplace. It's a tad old, but it'd be better not to mess around with it."

    "Is that okay?"

    "Look, there's a signature carved here."

    The craftsman's finger was pointed towards a crest that seemed familiar.

    "This is the signature of a genius Magic Director[15] that was here until 100 years ago. His name wasn't left behind though. In the Kingdom of Asla, magic tools with this signature fetch a really high price. Even if I say that, they're all just small items. To think that he had created a fireplace like this in this house..."


    What came to the client's mind was a design drawn in the diary that he'd found the other day in this house. It was very similar to the design of this fireplace. It seemed that somehow or other, the first owner of this house had created it.

    "So, what are you gonna do about this big room?"

    "Let's see. What do people usually do?"

    "Since it's a large room, they'd put a large table in it for use during parties. They'd also prepare another one too. That way if for some reason that room couldn't be used, they'd use this one instead."

    "In other words, this wouldn't normally be used?"

    "Normally, that is. But for people with lifestyles like us, one room is plenty."

    "Right? ...In that case, I'll leave the other room as a leisure room."


    A leisure room. Since that was requested, the craftsman and client moved to the next room.

    "There are two kitchens, huh. But the other one has no stove."

    "If there isn't a stove, then you can't use it, huh."

    "If there's drainage, then you can probably use it for laundry or a bath, you know."

    "...Oh, a bath!?"

    The craftsman went to look at the kitchen and laundry. He checked for clogging in the drainage pipes or any other such flaws, then nodded.

    "There's nothing in particular to fix."

    "Mister,[16] there's one thing I'd like to discuss with you."

    The client suggested something, and then the craftsman's eyes lit up.

    "You've come up with something pretty interesting, haven't you? But we don't have the materials, so it might be expensive you know."

    "I'll create the materials with magic."

    "So you'll manage it somehow, huh? ...That's pretty good. Alright, I'll make it work somehow."

    The client's idea was entrusted to the craftsman.


    The next day. 10 of Balda's subordinates gathered and began the renovations.


    First Part - 『The Door』

    Early in the morning, a large door was brought there. It was a door cut from high grade timber. It was a solid door with a lion-styled knocker attached to it, and there was a small magic circle on the side that functions as a burglar alarm.

    "The magic square isn't anything great. If you force the door open, it makes a huge sound ring throughout the house."

    "Alarm clocks are the same, aren't they?"

    At the craftsman's idea, the client laughed boldly.


    Second Part - 『The Laundry』

    This room underwent a huge renovation at the hands of the craftsman. The room was split into two sections.

    The section further from the door had tiles laid over its stone floor, and in the corner of the room a slanted ditch was dug.

    Then in the corner of the room there was a stone box. It was large enough that three people could lay down in it. There was a slight indent left at the bottom of it.

    Moreover, a small window was created near the ceiling. Just what was this supposed to be?


    Third Part - 『The Basement』

    The craftsman and the client were standing in a dark basement.

    "It's a good basement, huh. Like this, there basically won't be mice."

    "Yes. So, it's about this concealed door but... inside this room, I want you to make something like this."

    "Why something like... Ah, no, I won't say anything. Though I'm of the Milis Faith, you were different huh, Quagmire."

    At the request of the client, equipment was brought into the room, and the stain on the corner of the concealed door was cleaned off.


    Two weeks later, the renovations were finished, and it was time to show it off.

    The client had brought his bride with him.

    "I wonder what it is that you wanted to show me~ I'm really looking forward to it~"

    "You're speaking in monotone, Sylphy. Could it be that you've secretly gathered information and already knew in advance?"

    "Ehhhh? What are you talking about? I have no idea."

    While flirting with the girl who was speaking in extreme monotone, the client walked through the snow.

    "While we were separated, that meek and obedient Sylphy had turned into a liar. Thinking about it, it might be something to be happy about. But if you can tell such a huge lie like this, I'm worried that you'll lie again in the future."

    "Uuu... But it's your fault, Rudi. You used Ariel-sama's name, and even until the end you didn't say anything about it to me."

    "Sorry about that."

    It seemed that their flirting wasn't going to stop.

    "Since you didn't say anything, I got worried you know. I mean, since you're cool, Rudi..."

    "You thought I was cheating? I'm surprised."

    "No, I mean, look, I'm, you know, I'm not really, look, I'm small so..."

    The moment he saw his bride's anxious expression, the client made a weird face and clung to her.

    "Whaat, you're worried about your chest? Don't worry, you know, uncle(I) is someone who believes in equality, and I'm different from bastards who discriminate. Uhehe."

    "By uncle, you mean... Ah-, wa-, don't suddenly rub me, I said no.... We're in front of people!"

    "You're right. I'm sorry."

    By the time he arrived in front of the house, the client was downtrodden like a dog who had been scolded until his tail drooped. The bride fixed the position of her sunglasses while saying "Geez." a little angrily.

    "You need to pay attention to the time and place. That kind of thing is for nighttime, when we're in bed! Okay?"

    "Okay, Sylphiette-san. It won't happen again."

    "Ah, b-, but if it gets to the point that you can't hold back anymore... ummm, -mumble mumble-"

    "Whaat? I can't hear you... Uncle's ears are pretty bad, you see."[17]

    That pair went to look at the house.

    --Before-- The rocks had moss growing on them and the walls had ivy. Here and there the windows would be broken and a broken door was set against the wall near the entrance. The Rudeus Mansion had an atmosphere that seemed like a witch lived there.---

    --After-- The mossy rocks were cleaned up nicely, and the walls had fresh white paint applied to them. The darkened roof whose original colour was unrecognizable was coated with a bright green, and at the entrance were double doors that were a dignified dark brown. The shining and golden lion at the door was like a guard dog.---

    Seeing this, the bride brought a hand to her mouth.

    "How is it?"

    "Uhm, umm."

    "I made the colour of the roof similar to the colour your hair used to be. Though it's something you might hate, it was something I quite liked after all."

    "Eh? Ah, okay. Haa~..."

    It was probably closer to her ideal than she had imagined. With her hand still at her mouth, the bride let out a voice of wonder and looked at the house.

    "Come now, please have a look inside."

    At the client's suggestion, the two of them entered. A mat for drying feet was left at the entrance.[18] You could tell from it the client's worry and regret over this world's shoe-wearing culture.

    "The right is the dining room, and the left is the living room. Which should we look at first?"

    "Umm, then, the dining room?"

    "The dining room then! Very well. I'm sure you'll be quite pleased with it. Please go ahead and have a look."

    It was said in a tone like a certain[19] country's car salesman, the client exuded nervousness. They entered the room.

    The large room had undergone a complete makeover. First of all, there was a large, long table in there. Though there weren't any ornaments, it was a table large enough to seat 10 people. There was white wallpaper plastered to the walls, and in the corner of the room were flowers growing in a flower vase. The large fireplace was repaired, and the new red bricks were accented.

    "Wahhh, it's amazing."

    "We can have our meals here, or otherwise in the living room."

    "What's such a long table used for?"

    "You can probably use it for when you invite people over."

    "Ah, I see. That's right. We'll also have guests, huh."

    The bride took off her sunglasses and scratched behind her ear. With a loving expression, the client rubbed her head.

    "Well then, the next room is this way. It's the living room."

    At the client's suggestion, the two of them moved to the living room. It was a large, warm, and family-oriented room.

    There was a sofa that was placed around the fireplace. Near the sofa, on a small table, a water jug and cup were left there. The craftsman understood the client's wish for a 'relaxing home', and you could see glimpses of his artisan's spirit in this room.

    "This room is kind of, wonderful, isn't it? Can I try sitting down?"

    "Of course! Mnn ahh, don't say it, the seat is a little tough. However, it seems that it'll become softer with use."

    "I haven't sat down yet, you know... Or more like, Rudi, your tone has been weird for a while now."

    "I'm a little nervous, you see."

    The bride meekly sat on the sofa.

    "It's not really that hard, is it?"

    "Really? Thank goodness."

    The client sat down near the bride. Like that, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Their faces were turned to each other. Their gazes overlapped. The bride gently closed her eyes...

    The client stood the bride up.

    "S-, shall we head to the next room? The next one is the kitchen. Let us have a look at this Rudeus Mansion's prided cooking facilities."

    "Mm-, mmm!"

    The kitchen. In addition to the furnace that was already there, a set of the newest cooking equipment were sitting in the room. The table was large enough that even if you killed a huge boar and brought it home, you could prepare it on the table. On the furnace was a commonplace, and large pot. There were also commonplace earthenware barrels and jars, for storing things.

    "This place is normal."

    "It's pretty normal, huh."

    The client had suddenly made a serious face, and the bride nodded with a serious face. After this was the laundry. They went down the hallway and entered it. When they did, the bride tilted her head.

    "Huh? It's small, huh."

    There was a large bucket, and a washboard. There was also a few baskets left there. Though there would be no problems doing laundry with just this much, they were a bit bothered by it. In particular, the door that was further into the room.

    "Please have a look."

    The client opened that door. When he did, it was shocking. There was a large bath in there. A large bath had been created.

    --Before-- An empty room without even a furnace. A room a little wide for laundry, and a spartan secondary kitchen.---

    --After-- The floor was covered in tiles, and a large bathtub that was filled with a lot of warm water. Water flowed along the inclined grooves. A plain, stone-built room was transformed into a tasteful bath.---

    "Umm... Could it be, that this is a bath?"

    "As expected of Sylphy. So you knew about baths?"

    "Ah, mmn. While I was in the royal palace, you know...? But this is the first time seeing such a big one. Is this what they call a hot spring?"[20]

    "Spas are a little different."

    The bride couldn't contain her surprise. The client looked at her expression affectionately. From his expression, you could hear the voice of his pitch black heart; "I'm looking forward to baths -disgusting laugh-".

    "It's been filled up so that I can show you, but I plan on draining it normally."

    "Mn. Umm... Later on, show me how to get in, okay? Wah!"

    The client embraced his bride. It seems that somehow or other, at his bride's sudden words he was overcome with emotion.

    "Geez, what is it...?"

    "No, I was worrying about how to get permission to bathe with you, so I unconsciously..."

    "'How'? A bath is something you don't get in alone, right? Ariel-sama would always get in with an attendant, after all. That's why I have bathing experience as well. I washed Ariel-sama after all."

    "...According to a certain culture, the husband and wife wash each other's bodies, you know. Did you know this?"[21]

    "So that's how it is... It's a bit embarrassing, huh? But, I'll try my best."

    After having that conversation, they walked up the stairs to the second floor. The roof that seemed like it would leak had been restored and now displayed its bright wooden surface. The client immediately headed to the door further in.

    "For now the only room I've prepared on the second floor is this one."

    "...Ah, amazing."

    After taking a step into the room, the bride widened her eyes in wonder. What her eyes flew to were the bed that was large enough to hold three people. The only thing on it was the client's favourite pillow.

    "Why such a huge bed?"

    "Well that's so I can eat you right up, Sylphy."

    "...Ah, I see. That's right, huh? Ehehe."

    Shy smiles blossomed on their faces.

    And so ends the documentary-like introduction of the house to Sylphy. She's sitting on the bed, and nestled[22] against me. She was grinning and in a good mood. I'm glad above anything that she likes it. I want to push her down, and continue doing what husbands and wives do. However, before that, there's a little something I need to discuss with her.

    "Sylphy, it's been about three weeks since we decided we'd get married. Though it was short, some time has already passed."[23]

    "Ye-, yes."

    Using keigo basically meant that it was an important discussion. Noticing this, Sylphy fixed her posture.

    "Though we're getting married, honestly speaking, I have no idea what to do. Frankly speaking, though I bought a house, I can't help but feel that doing so was too forward."

    "I-, I don't think so. I'm really happy after all. This is such a wonderful place that on the contrary, I'm wondering if someone like me is fine..."

    "Is that so? It's alright as long as there are no problems then, but what I wanted to talk about was basically what we'd be doing after this."

    What we'd be doing after this. When I said that, Sylphy's face turned red and for some reason started to fidget.

    "Umm, how many do you want, Rudi? But my elf blood runs strong, so it might be difficult to conceive but..."

    "Y-, yeah."

    Those were some really arousing words. Since this isn't modern Japan, there's no aversion to having children due to economic[24] reasons.

    Mmn. I'm someone who follows his instincts. The instinct of living beings is, in other words, to reproduce. Reproducing is, in other words, making babies.

    "But what are you going to do about your job as Ariel-sama's guard?"

    However, the issue of Sylphy's job should've been easy to understand. Though I don't know what Ariel-sama is thinking, if Sylphy becomes pregnant she won't be able to continue as a guard. Well, if it was just that, me or someone else could replace her. My battle ability is pretty high after all. However, being a guard isn't just about battles.

    "What do you mean by 'what'...?"

    "Wouldn't it be difficult to do both?"

    "Regarding that, I've discussed it with Ariel-sama."

    It seems they've discussed it. I guess it's natural.

    "We'll be in this country for another 2 years, and it's not like she'll be returning to the Kingdom of Asura the moment she graduated. She'll probably be here for another 5 years. That's why, umm..."

    Sylphy doesn't seem to be planning on quitting her job as a guard. From the fact that she won't simply quit, you can feel the strength of her bonds with Ariel-sama and Luke.

    If it were the old Sylphy who just depended on me, what would she have said? Would she have thrown everything else away and remained with me for the rest of her life? That would be nice in it's own way, but...

    "Sorry... Thinking about it, I'm being rude to you, aren't I...? Even though you've bought us such a wonderful house, I won't really settle down because I'll be serving as Ariel-sama's guard... I'm not really qualified to be a bride like this, am I?"

    With a melancholy expression, Sylphy lowered her gaze.

    'The man goes to work, and the woman looks after the home.'

    That kind of idea isn't really strong here. It might be because the men and women in this world don't have a large difference in strength. Even saying that, you could say that it's still an ideal here that the men work and the women stay at home.

    "I might, really be no good, huh?"

    Said Sylphy, with tears in her eyes. She seemed apologetic for some reason.

    2 years of abstinence. Having regained my sexual desires, two, no, three years worth of white stuff erupted from me.[25] It's been inputted into my mind that Sylphy = person that allowed me to do erotic stuff.

    You could say that most of my good will towards Sylphy is sexual. This is already basically carved into me.

    However, I don't think that this is bad in itself. To me, sexual desire is something important. Sylphy was the one who brought this important thing back to me, using her own body.

    I'm such a massive sex beast that the Beast Race will draw away from me. If you feed someone like me an aphrodisiac, you'll be attacked. It was Sylphy's first time. Because I was so rough, I'm sure that she was scared. Even though that was the case, she completely hid it. When I woke up in the morning, she even looked at me with a smile.

    Because of that, I was able to regain my confidence. If Sylphy is no good, then who on earth would be? If right now for some reason I didn't marry Sylphy, and then Sylphy was taken by some other guy... I'd probably regret it for the rest of my life. If she were taken from me... Right, Sylphy is already my belonging.

    "You're mine, Sylphy."

    "Fue!? Ah, yes. I'm yours, Rudi."

    "So please marry me."

    Thinking about it, this is the first time I've said it directly to Sylphy.


    While her cheeks turned red, Sylphy nodded. I let out a sigh of relief.

    "I'll try my best with the house, so please don't worry about your job as a guard. It's fine just to do as you like, Sylphy."


    "Well, if possible, I'd like to sleep with you once every few days though~ That's about all I want."


    My desires leaked out.

    "...By sleeping, you mean 'that kind of sleeping, right?"

    "No, no, of course I won't force you. When you don't want to, I'll be happy just being allowed to rub your tiny chest."[26]

    "Umm... I'll try my best? I don't plan on making you endure, you know?"

    "It's not good to force yourself. You have to properly rest up after a tired day at work. I'll take care of things myself as long as you let me touch you a little before bed for example, or in the morning."

    My desires are completely overflowing. No, even if I try and put on an act, it's meaningless in front of Sylphy. I was this sort of person from the beginning.

    "Do you really like my boobs that much?"

    "I love them."[27]

    "But Luke said that my chest has no charm at all..."

    "The words of a whippersnapper like him have zero credibility."

    The younger you are, the more you fuss over whether they're large or small. However, what's truly important isn't that. It's heart. Right, Oppai-sennin?

    "But you know, it's not really that different to yours, Rudi?"

    "No, these huge, iron-forged pecs[28] of mine are different from that beautiful flatchest of yours. If you want, how about having a touch?"

    "Ah, mn."

    Saying that, I push my chest forward and Sylphy softly touches me.

    "It really is completely different, huh... It's hard..."



    When I got carried away and flexed, Sylphy moved her hand away in a panic.

    "Since these pecs belong to you, feel free to touch them whenever you want, okay?"

    "...A-, although I'm yours, Rudi, keep in mind the time and location, okay?"

    "How about now?"

    "R-, right now is, um, we're in the middle of an important discussion aren't we?"

    Oop, that's right. We got off topic.

    "In other words I should get to the point, huh. So that our married life goes smoothly from now on, we should properly discuss what expectations we have of each other, what we're dissatisfied about, and things like that. That's basically what I want to say."

    After I tried my best to summarise what I wanted to say, Sylphy nodded.

    "Mn, that's right."

    "For now, is there anything that you think you should say to me?"

    After thinking for a while, Sylphy looks downwards. Then in a melancholy smile, she spoke.

    "Don't suddenly disappear, okay?"


    That's right, huh. It'd be rough if I suddenly went away somewhere.

    "I've got it. I won't suddenly disappear."

    We made a promise. I think I understand the pain of having someone you love disappear on you.



    It seems that the important stuff is over with. There are a number of other things that we have to discuss but, we'll get through those one by one.

    "...So then, can I?"

    "G-, go ahead."

    With a nervous expression, Sylphy pushed out her thin chest. I immediately made to rub them but... I endured it.

    The same as last time, I was about to turn into a beast. This time let's prioritise treating her gently over lust.

    I gently embraced Sylphy. Like that, I slowly pushed her down onto the bed.

    "...A-, aren't you going to rub them?"

    "That's for morning and night."

    "M-, mn."

    We look at each other up close. My face is reflected in Sylphy's moist eyes. She gently closed them. While caressing her head, we clumsily kissed.

    That night. I raised my sluggish body and descended to the basement.

    Since I had just moved in, right now there was nothing in the underground cellar. There were just a small number of shelves left around, and it was a pretty sorry state.

    I walked towards the back of the room, and reached out my hand towards the concealed door that the craftsman had fixed.

    --Before-- A door that would creak 'kii kii' when opened. Though it was meant to be a concealed door, there were stains around it, and its existence became obvious once there was some light.---

    --After-- The metal parts responsible for opening and closing were new and properly oiled, so the door opened without a single sound. The cellar walls were also of new material, and noone would be able to tell that there was a door there.---

    The door quietly opened to reveal a space. Quietly sitting inside was a household shrine. It was a small shrine made of unpainted wood. The altar was made of lustrous, black stone, and a holy relic was enshrined there.

    That filthy workshop had been cleaned up, and transformed into a sublime, and divine space.

    In the night when everything else had fallen asleep, in this newly consecrated holy ground, I offered my prayers to god.

    It's been a week since the house renovations were complete. Sylphy was given 7 days off by Ariel. So that Sylphy would have a good married life, Ariel gave her some consideration. Me making use of that, and for 7 days and 7 nights, being spoiled by Sylphy, spoiling Sylphy, and passing through many sweet and sordid nights...

    Is not what happened.[29]

    Since I've become the head of a household as well, there are things that I have to do.

    According to the common sense of this world, after getting married and buying a house, you host a feast and invite over people you're close to. Though I don't know which countries have this as their common sense, I do know that Shirone and Milis at least have this custom. If you just buy a new house, then it's fine not to hold one, but if you're getting married and buying a house, then you must host a feast. It's what people would call a wedding reception, huh?

    "For now, let's invite our acquaintances and hold a party."


    In the living room, we're sitting on the sofa and facing each other, and our foreheads are close together. We're looking downwards at a list of the people we're going to invite to the party. There's also a piece of paper for arranging the seating arrangements.

    "Still, we sure have a range of acquaintances."

    For me, it's:

    Elinalise, Zanoba, Julie, Cliff, Rinia, Pursena, Badigadi. Also I'm wondering what I should do about Jinas and Soldat.

    For Sylphy, it's:

    Ariel, Luke, and two others.

    Altogether we have eleven people, give or take. If possible I would've liked to have invited Paul and the others, but there's no helping it since they aren't here. I'd sent a letter about our marriage, but who knows when it'll arrive.

    "Royalty, Beast Race, Demon Race, Slave, Adventurer... There are some pretty foul-mouthed ones among them, so let's assume that problems will arise."

    Since Rinia and Pursena still don't see Ariel in a very good light, we can expect that if they're face to face a dangerous situation will arise. Were this a wedding in my previous life then we could separate them and make sure they didn't meet, but no matter how big our house may be, in the end it's still just a normal house. There's not even enough room to dance.

    "You think so? Ariel-sama isn't a person who would cause problems in such a situation but..."

    "Be that as it may, I don't want the atmosphere to go bad and having people want to go home. If it comes down to it, should we split them into two groups...? We could isolate the problematic ones..."

    "Mmmn, but since a lot of your acquaintances seem like they'll be important people in the future, Ariel-sama would be pretty happy to meet them, right?"

    In my mind floats the image of a motivated Ariel wearing makeup.

    'Wedding receptions are a great opportunity because normally lots of handsome guys will appear!' she says.

    Nah, I know that's not how she is though.

    In short, she wants to form connections with the Special Students. Ariel is also a calculating person.

    "Then with Ariel-sama taking responsibility herself, the problem now is the seating order, huh?"

    It seems that they can't just sit wherever. Having said that though, it's pretty hard to rank them in social importance, huh? At least Badigadi is the most important as a Demon King incumbent, but below him are Ariel, Zanoba, Rinia and Pursena. As they're all royalty, they'll all fuss over their appropriate seating.

    Cliff also seems like he'll complain if he gets too low a seat but... He has undergone this kind of education. It might unexpectedly be fine. Moreover, as long as he's sitting next to Elinalise, he probably won't have any problems.

    Since Julie is a slave she'd be at the end of the table, but she'd be pitiful if we separated her from Zanoba. She's still a child who isn't good with talking after all. Since she's my direct disciple, I wonder, if I can make it work somehow.

    "How high, socially, are Ariel-sama's attendants?"

    "Umm, they're middle-ranking nobles."

    According to what Sylphy has said, they're women, but deciding where to put women and men is also difficult. Luke is the same, but it'd be better not to separate him from Ariel too much. Though I can't imagine that one of my acquaintances would be one, it'd be terrible if Ariel got assassinated after all.

    "Huh? Haven't we forgotten someone?"

    While Sylphy was looking at her list, she suddenly said that. Being told that, I look at my list. A person I've forgotten. Who is it, I wonder. I don't think I've forgotten anyone but... Goriade-san?

    "Ah, I got it! It's Nanahoshi-san! We have to invite her too!"

    Being told this, I looked down at my list. Silent Sevenstar's name really wasn't written there. Ahh, I naturally forgot. Having said that though...

    "Would she... come, do you think?"

    "She'll definitely come."

    "Should we invite her for now?"

    Though I had no intention of leaving anyone out, she seemed like she wanted to completely shut out this world after all. No, that and not inviting her are different matters. I'd better add her name to the list.

    "Having only arranged it like this, what are we going to do if no one comes...?"

    What came to mind was Christmas in a certain anime. Though they had happily prepared a huge cake, no one came and they went crazy.[30] It was that kind of painful image.

    "At the very least, Ariel-sama and Zanoba-kun will definitely come, you know."

    Sylphy's one line completely cast aside my anxiety. Ariel's party of four, and my two disciples, Zanoba and Julie. I think that these six people would definitely come. In Zanoba's case, even if I didn't invite him, he'd probably show up on the day prostrating with limbs and forehead on the ground, congratulating me.

    "After all, I think that Ariel-sama would like to deepen her bonds with you, Rudi. Also, Zanoba-kun probably understands that if he didn't come, your trust in him would collapse so... Rudi, you're pretty mindful of these kind of things, huh?"

    A-A-A-As if I am. I'm the type of guy that don't give no shits 'bout the small things.

    "I wonder if Rinia and Pursena would really miss it? After all, those of the Beast Race will never refuse an invitation from a superior."

    "Is that how it is?"

    "Mn, if for some reason they didn't come, it's fine just to teach the two of them a lesson again."

    It seems that the Beast Race don't think that much is excessive. Thinking back to the time in the Great Forest as well when Gyes was performing his dogeza, it might have been that from the perspective of the Beast Race, it was a situation where it wouldn't have been odd for Ruijerd to go on a huge rampage. Even when hit by Eris, they didn't say anything back, huh. On the contrary, after I was quickly released, they still made light of me. Does that mean that at some point I was being treated as someone lower ranked? Well, I don't know how it really was, though.

    "Well, since Cliff did tell me to call him as well, I wonder if he'll come."

    "I kind of want Elinalise-san to come as well..." muttered Sylphy.

    Elinalise. I wonder if something happened. I've never really seen the two speaking though.

    "There's just something I'd like to ask her. It's nothing important though."

    I wonder what it is. Could it be that she wants to ask if we've had sexual relations? With Elinalise at the very least, she won't hear anything even if she asks.[31]

    We've sort of got an idea on what to do now.

    Since there'll be more than 10 people coming, suitable ingredients are required. For that reason, first of all I'll need to go shopping. Sylphy and I head to the Commerce District, side by side.

    "But before that, I was thinking of getting new clothes for you, Rudi."

    So suggested Sylphy, When I hear 'clothes', I look down at what I'm wearing. It's the usual grey coloured robe. Since it's daytime, there's no need for thicker clothing.

    "Ummm, you see, I like it when you wear robes, but as I thought, when you wear tattered robes like that, umm, people are watching, right? Ah, or could it be that, you like those robes?"

    I don't really pay attention to how I dress, and amongst adventurers there are those who are in even crappier looking getups. That's why I never really worried about it but... If I'm dressed too shabbily, Sylphy's dignity will be at risk. It wouldn't be as bad when I'm alone, but I can't embarrass Sylphy.

    "Hmmm, as the first robe I bought on the Demon Continent I am sort of attached to it, but it really is a bit mangy, huh?"

    As for other clothes I have, it's basically just the fur vest. Because it doesn't look like something a magician would wear, I haven't worn it in a while. It's a little lacking in dignity to be worn next to Sylphy; after all, it looks just like something a mountain bandit would wear.

    "Shall we go have a look at some clothing shops? I'll leave it up to your tastes, Sylphy."

    "Mn, leave it to me."

    Where we arrived was an expensive looking shop. It's a place I'd never go near were I alone. It's not a place I should be visiting wearing this robe. Sylphy had already donned her glasses and become 『Fitts』.

    "My, my, if it isn't Fitts. I've always been in your care."

    Because Sylphy often comes here, the shop owner gives a deep bow. In other words, Ariel-sama in Fitts' appearance often comes here. He's a purveyor of the Asura royal family. I wonder if I have enough money. How scary.[32]

    "Could you please show us your robes for magicians?"

    "Yes. It's this way."

    Though it's a high-class store like this, it seems that they have robes for magicians. Well, I guess that's natural. You can find magicians everywhere, to say nothing of the fact that this is the Magic City Sharia as well. It's a city where even the children of nobles are becoming magicians.

    The place I was guided to was a place with flashy looking robes, made of good materials...

    At least that's what I thought would be the case. It wasn't anything that different. It seems that no matter the shop, robes aren't all that different from each other. These ones do have some fine embroidery though.

    "Though it may be rude of me, would it be fine if I asked about what you specialize in, Sir?"

    "Ah, yes. I guess water and earth then."

    "In that case, what do you think of this one? It's made from the skin of the Rainforce Lizard that lives in the Great Forest. It possesses extremely high resistance to water. The design is by Fogren.[33] They're in charge of the designs for the Ranoa royal family's magicians."

    I was suddenly recommended a reptile coat[34]... Oh, I mean a robe. Rainforce Lizards shouldn't be particularly resistant to water. I easily froze them after all.

    "If it's earth, then I think this would be good. It's made from the hide of the Begaritto Continent's Big Worm(big earthworm) and even in a sandstorm you won't be hurt at all. The design is by the up-and-coming Flone. Flone is known for using their colours creatively, and though it looks like this, it's good for avoiding detection from monsters so has a lot of practical use."

    The design does look like a camouflage robe. I wonder if it's just normal for high end shops to mention the name of the design as well.

    I don't dislike camouflage, but this is a little off. If I was going to pick something like this, it'd be nicer to have a winter-camouflage version, huh.

    "Sy-... Fitts-senpai, which do you think would be good?"

    "Let's see... Isn't this one kind of nice? It's similar to the clothes you're wearing now, Rudi."

    What she was holding in her hands was a robe that was a darker grey than my current one. What is this colour called? Charcoal Grey?

    There are more parts to it than my current robe. There are pockets, and buttons for doing up the sleeves. Instead of a belt, there's a cord for doing it up.[35]

    "That one is produced from the hide of the Demon Continent's Lucky Rat. The design is by Kazura. They're known for having subdued designs, and are preferred by those who are a bit older."

    "Mickey Mouse?"

    "Lucky Rat, Sir. The Lucky Rat is a stronger variant of the Mackey Rat, and is a D-ranked monster. It's very good as clothing material and boasts strong resistance to poison and acid."

    What floated through my mind was a black guy wearing red-shorts. I quickly shake my head. At this rate I'll get visitors in the night.[36]

    By the way, during my time traveling on the Demon Continent I'd seen Mackey Rats; they were huge rats of about half a meter. Since it'd a stronger variant, the Lucky Rat would probably be even bigger. When I had first seen the Mackey Rats during a request, I really shuddered. At any rate, these huge rats were running about inside a warehouse after all. There was a single Lucky Rat amongst them. I drew away from them, and Ruijerd and Eris sent me a weird look, whilst kicking them about.[37]

    "Since people do say 'Names and natures often agree.', I wonder if I should go with this one."

    Putting my memories of the rats aside, I do like this robe. My bride has good taste. But hm, what worries me is the cost. Or so I was thinking as I checked it, and yep, it was a price that wasn't something you'd pay for clothing. Wow, it really is expensive. Though they may be small fry, the materials on the Demon Continent are high quality. On the Demon Continent you'd even build houses with them.

    "'Names and natures'...? Though it may be rude, may I ask for your name, Sir?"

    "Ah, yes. I'm Rudeus Greyrat."

    "Goodness, you were a member of the Greyrat family? I do apologize. We've really been in Luke-sama's favor, so this time we'll give you a discount."

    Is this way of saying 'Send Luke our regards'? No, it's a bit different huh. Is it more like 'We'll be in your care next time as well'? At any rate, getting a discount is a good thing.

    "Does Luke often come here?"

    "You should know as well, right, Fitts-sama?"

    "Ah, mn. Umm, I meant besides the times he comes with me."

    "Yes, he'll always come here with a different woman."

    While Sylphy was speaking with the shopkeeper, I was led away by a shop assistant and had my measurements taken. The one in the shop was just a sample in the end, and the size of the one I bought would be tailored to me. Using a measuring tape, I had my size checked by a female shop assistant. I wonder if I can get measuring tapes in curio shops. I want to try the type of play where I take Sylphy's measurements.

    "Since we have the materials, it'll be ready in approximately three days. If you leave us your address, we can deliver it to you."

    While both embarrassed and happy, we give them the address of our new home.

    After that we go shopping for ingredients. First of all we buy spices. After that we buy things for preserving food. Thanks to the trade routes that Nanahoshi had established, oil is cheap to obtain so we buy some. Vegetables that keep well, and frozen fish. We had left an order for meat, and would come pick it up the day before.

    "Sylphy, can you cook?"

    "Mn. Okaa-san and Lilia-san taught me so I can do it just fine. Ah, but I wonder if it'll be to your tastes, Rudi."

    "Even if it's ashes I'll say that it's delicious."

    "'Ashes'... Geez, just who do you think I tried so hard to learn it for?"

    She has good taste in clothing, and she completely learned how to cook as well. Speaking of which, she said she could do the laundry and cleaning as well, didn't she? Unlike her appearance, her women-powers are surprisingly high, huh, this wife of mine?

    "Because Sylphiette-san is too ideal as a bride, I have become worried about whether or not I am suitable as a man."

    "Rudi, umm, you're my ideal groom as well, you know?"

    "I-, if there's something that is different to your ideals, please tell me. I'll try my best to become closer to your ideal."

    "In that case, be more confident and act more dignified. Rudi, you're a bit too servile, you know."

    'Dignified'? If I do something like that, what am I going to do if the gods become angry at me? In this world there are guys who'll beat other people to death just for doing something that they didn't like, you know. ...No, but if your husband was the type of guy who had no self-confidence and hid away all the time in the living room reading newspapers... you'd hate it, right? Alright, shall I act with more self-confidence then? From today onward, I'm the ore-sama type.[38]

    "Hmph. Oi Sylphy. Ya better not slack off on loving me, ya hear? Oi."

    "Umm, that's a bit off but... Mn, okay. I'll give it my best."

    Saying that, she clenched her fists. Geeeeez, Sylphy is so cute~ I wanna kiss her~ But I'll endure it. Sylphy doesn't like getting all lovey-dovey out in the open. If I touch or rub her here, I'll really be scolded. She might forgive me the first or second time, but if I keep doing it then that small irritation will turn into hate. I'll endure it for now. But putting my arms around her shoulder should be fine, right? No, for now I should start with her holding her hand.

    Or so I was thinking, but right now I've got both my arms full with the shopping. Grrr...

    "We'd better buy some platters huh?[39] Ah, but it'd be fine if you just made them yourself, right Rudi?"

    "Is it okay for the plates to be made of stone?"

    "If you're the one making them, then they won't look like stone so it's fine."

    So it's a problem of appearances? Well, if it's fine as long as they look good, then I'll make them so that they're shiny like mirrors. If they end up looking like Japanese earthenware or something, then they'll look shabby after all.[40] Should I just give it my all and make them like porcelain? The colour will end up being grey or brown though.

    "Is there anything else we need?"

    "Umm, perhaps tea for receiving guests."

    Black tea and teacups, huh? Alright then. I wonder if we should go buy a rug or something while we're at it. Perhaps we should also buy things for a guest bedroom or something.

    "Should we also buy a few beds or closets for guest rooms?"

    "Ah, you're right."

    Because our house is large, there are a lot of things to prepare, huh? Our funds are steadily decreasing. Geez, I'm glad that I didn't blow my money on magic tools or whatever.

    Financially I do have some room to breathe since the house was cheap, but if I keep spending it on this or that, one after another, I'll go broke eventually.

    If I go hunting monsters for a bit I'd be able to earn money but... No, no, if I go on a subjugation request with such a casual attitude what on earth would happen if I got killed? ...I feel a bit like I understand how Paul felt when he had to return to being a knight.

    "Umm, don't worry, Rudi. I'm getting income from Ariel-sama after all."

    "Uuu, sorry for being so useless..."

    If it comes down to it, shall I ask Soldat to let me into his party...? No, considering the number of days I'll have to be absent adventuring, the amount of money I gain isn't that much. But I might really have no choice but to find some work.

    Marriage sure is tough...

    That night, I lure Sylphy into the bath. On the surface, it's for the purpose of giving Sylphy a lecture about how to bathe properly. Under the surface, it's so that I can rub and wash Sylphy as much as I want. My true purpose is to flirt and mess about with Sylphy in the bath. If I was to say it like a narrator or something, it'd be

    'Right now, a lovely girl is about to be ensnared by the poisonous fangs of a pervert'

    or something like that. Tonight we're gonna do it! I'm gonna do it! Watch me, old man. Ah, but 'old man' would be Paul, huh? Okay, don't watch me then.

    "Now then, my family's bathing rules are a bit different to those of the Asura royal family's."

    First we head to the laundry/bathroom. There I give a lecture about how the clothes you change out of should go into the basket. I strip Sylphy as if natural, and then drop her folded clothes into the basket.

    Sylphy's body is slim, she lacks excess fat and she's just of small build in general. Having said that though, she doesn't look malnourished. That's probably because although she's slim, she has muscle. Her waist is slim and firm, and though she's slim and small, her figure is womanly. Because of that, though she has no breasts, you can clearly tell her body belongs to a woman. Just seeing her makes my breathing go wild.

    "Ahm, umm, was it necessary for you to strip me, Rudi?"

    "It wasn't necessary."

    "Why is your breathing getting heavier?"

    "Because I'm aroused."

    "I-, is it necessary for you to get aroused when you get into the bath?"

    "It's not necessary."

    While answering each of Sylphy's questions promptly, I quickly strip as well and enter the bathroom. There's no shower nor mirror, but there was a bucket and stool. As a joke, I left the characters ケ□リン on the bucket.[41]

    "Before getting into the bath, pour warm water onto your shoulders, sit on this chair and then clean your body with this soap."

    "Hey, Rudi, why does this chair have a groove in the middle of it?"

    "Of course it's to make washing your body easier."[42]

    While saying this, I wet a cloth with warm water and foaming it with soap, I clean Sylphy's body. Behind her ears, the notch near her clavicle, her back, and anywhere else that's easy to get dirty. However, occasionally there are tender places that I can't use a cloth on, there's a need to use my hand to clean her instead. It's for this reason that the stool has a groove in it.

    "Umm, Rudi, you're kind of, for a while now you haven't been using the cloth, and also, only perverted places, and also you're kind of touching me 'there' but..."

    "Oops, excuse me."

    I was accidentally being too forward in my feelings. No good, no good, We don't have that kind of custom in our family.

    "R-, Rudi, if you can't hold on then... that is... it's okay, you know?"

    "That's for after we finish bathing."

    Right now the bath takes precedence. We're washing ourselves. Washing.

    "After you've thoroughly washed your body, afterwards is your head. Close your eyes for me."

    "M-, mn."

    Sylphy squeezed her eyes shut. How cute. Though I want to kiss her and push her down, I don't do so. It's fatal to even let my guard down for a moment. Phew, bathing is seriously hell.[43]

    "After wetting your hair with the warm water, apply some soap and lather. Rather than your hair, focus on cleaning your scalp where the hair grows. It's probably fine just to clean your head occasionally. Washing with soap will harm your hair after all."

    So I say whilst cleaning her head. Sylphy's hair is short so it's easy to wash.

    "After you're done, rinse carefully with hot water."

    I create hot water with magic and wash Sylphy's hair. When I do, she starts to giggle.

    "For some reason this reminded me of when we first met."

    Speaking of which, I had also washed her with hot water, huh. Man, how nostalgic. To think that the boy from that time would become my bride... Life sure is full of surprises. No, by the time I had known she was a girl for a year, I'd basically decided to make her mine, huh. In that case I guess it might be called having my wish granted.

    "Now then, after having finished washing your body, next is the bath. It's easy to slip so take care when entering."

    Sylphy did as I said and sank into the bath. Because we had taken our time enjoying mixed bathing, the water had become lukewarm but...

    "Ah, it's kind of like my arms and legs are melting. It feels so good..."[44]

    The temperature is just right. Good, good. Now that I know the temperature is fine, I wash my body. I would've actually preferred to ask Sylphy to wash it for me, but I'll endure for today. There's no need to do everything as well.

    Or more like, if she did that, I'd definitely lose control. I'm going to treat her as gently as possible. I still remember that the first time I had taken an aphrodisiac and ended up like a sex beast. I won't do that kind of rape-like stuff again.


    I suddenly noticed that Sylphy was staring at me. Though it seemed like she was watching to see how we were supposed to wash ourselves, it was somehow a little different. She seems to be interested in the parts she doesn't have. It's probably curiosity.


    After I finish washing, I soak myself in the bath. I don't forget to leave the cloth on my head. Now that I'm soaking in here, I start to feel blood rushing towards my cold limbs. Baths are nice. It's the pinnacle of culture.

    "By the way, it's no good to bring the washcloth from before into the bath."


    "It'll get the bath dirty."

    It's just for use in our house, and there are no bathhouses in this world so it's fine even if you don't follow this rule, but... Well, may as well. While I was thinking these things, Sylphy quietly came over and nestled against me. Grasping my hands, she placed her moist head against my shoulder.

    "How long should we stay in here?"

    "Until it feels like you're warmed to the core..."

    I put my arm around her shoulder and embrace her. When I did, Sylphy turned around and moved her body as though she were getting on top of me. Like that, we ended up touching each other face to face. Sylphy's cherries are pressed up against my chest. No good, it seems like I won't be able to endure it.

    Men endure, and women love. It wouldn't be good to apply 'juice' or 'fluid' behind her.★

    "Mnhuhu, this is pretty nice for some reason, huh?"

    Looking down at Sylphy I can see her slim body, her small butt, and her slender legs kicking at the surface of the water with a splash. My chest, and my shoulders can feel her splashing. Sylphy is embracing me around the neck like she's burying herself into me. Like that, she's patting and caressing me. Huhu, stroke me as much as you want. That's what I have this muscle for.

    Still, though I had thought back in the day that Sylphy would become a handsome man in the future, she's really outdone my expectations by growing into a lovely, and beautiful girl. I wonder if this is the result of some kind of surefire bride-enhancing item.[45]

    It's a situation where that beautiful girl is embracing me in the nude. It seems like we'll lead to a conclusion that'll end up blocking the drain.

    I reach out with my hand and caress Sylphy's back with a splash. I continue and caress her armpits and side. Mmn, she's slim.

    "Rudi, that tickles."

    Saying that, Sylphy begins to writhe about a little. The symbol of my lust has been pressing against her for a while now, but she hasn't voiced any complaints.

    Though she gets angry when we do stuff in the open, in these kinds of settings,[46] as though giving up her body to me, her limbs don't carry much power. She entrusts herself to me.

    She looks at my eyes. I look into hers as well. Naturally, our gazes meet. With embarrassment, 'ehehe', she laughs.

    "Rudi... I really love you."

    Saying this, she kissed me on the cheek.

    No good.


    I pick up Sylphy like a princess[47] and abruptly get out of the bath. Though we're in the middle of bathing lessons, it's fine to end it here and teach her another time.

    While still soaking wet, I run up the stairs and head straight to our bedroom.

    Several days later.

    Rudeus Estate. Appointed day of the Wedding Reception.

    It was scheduled on a monthly holiday, the time was noon.

    Jinas was showing restraint and Soldat was busy with a meeting so he refused.

    It seems both were quite busy.

    I thought Badigadi would be busy and not come as well, but his majesty unexpectedly had spare time and declared his participation.

    Beyond that 11 more people accepted the invitations.

    Right, even Nanahoshi accepted the invitation.

    Sylphy was in high spirits since early morning.

    "This sort of thing is the role of the wife after all, leave it to me!"

    And since early morning she's been going around preparing this and that.

    It seems when I wasn't looking Sylphy learned cooking as well.

    It seems that she was taught generally everything that a wife needs to do.

    The spare rooms on the second floor as well, were prepared for the sake of this day.

    Though I say that, we just brought in a simple bed, closet, table, chairs, and some water jugs.

    For the sake of the worst case where anyone feels bad.

    While the preparations were steadily being made, the first ones to appear were Rinia and Pursena.

    It was about two hours before the appointed time.

    I wondered if these fellows mistook the time.

    "In our common sense, the fastest one to the celebration place gets the prey nya."

    "Right-nano, we came to be number one. It's proof of our devotion to boss-nano."

    They came along carrying a large wild boar with them.

    In the case of the Beast Race, at times when they plan to attend a marriage, it seems common for them to get up early in the morning and then bring the ingredients they capture then.

    The earlier they get up and return to the place itself shows the scale of respect for the other side it seems.

    When I asked what they do if they can't capture anything and it seems in that case they intended to buy something in the market.

    I guess it's that kind of thing.

    Their attire is the Magic University uniform.

    I was the one that decided on this.

    There's an intense difference in wealth between the invitees, if any of them puts too much fighting spirit into their appearance, the others might feel left out.

    Luckily as it is, all of those attending have a uniform.

    Ah, No, since only Julie doesn't have one, a new one was bought for her though.

    For the period before dining starts the two were relaxing in the living room.

    Entertainment is the job of the husband.

    The two were outside since morning so it seems their bodies were chilly.

    On the warmest sofa in front of the fireplace, Rinia and Pursena were clinging in a ball.

    "Nevertheless, I couldn't have possibly imagined boss and Fitts would be getting married nya..."

    "As I thought Fitts was a woman-nano. I thought that might be the case by the smell."

    "Right nya. But with this I can understand it nya."

    While the two were saying things like that, they were warming each other up. [48]

    Incidentally, the matter of Sylphy=Fitts, has already been informed to the invitees.

    For the time being, we did say that they shouldn't reveal it too much, but it can't be helped if it's already known to some degree.

    "What have you come to understand?"

    While serving warm tea, I asked the two.

    "That the boss's preference is for small ones."

    "Even though you were scattering that much of the scent of sexual desire, the reason you never came to attack us as well, was because of a problem with preference nya."

    How rude these fellows can be.

    That almost makes it sound like I'm a hentai that goes around indiscriminately attacking women.

    Really what rude fellows, how about I grope you.

    While thinking as such not even a burp will come out.

    Just yesterday, I completely left Sylphy drenched.

    I left all of my desire inside of Sylphy.

    Today I am a sage.

    The second ones who came along, unexpectedly were Zanoba and Julie.

    One hour before the start.

    "Excuse me. We found a good doll on the way, unintentionally it ended up taking my attention. If Julie hadn't been here it might have been dangerous."

    Zanoba saying that.

    Julie was wearing the Magic University uniform.

    The hobbit size.

    It fits snugly, almost like a doll.

    "Grand Master, for the invite today, thank you very much."

    While saying that Julie lifted the hem of her skirt and politely greeted me.

    How cute.

    After glancing at Zanoba and he was lowering his head as well.

    Just like that, with a humble tone he said it.

    "Teacher Rudeus Greyrat. I'm grateful for the invitation to the celebration."


    Zanoba is being normal.

    That's right. This guy, it's not like he can't particularly greet properly right.

    Alright, here I'll learn from it and do it seriously as well.

    "Your highness Zanoba, for today..."

    "Ah, shisho. There's no need to humble yourself for me. It's just a matter of formality. Shisho the same as always, I'd prefer if you treat me carelessly."

    "...I see, then rest in the room over there."

    "Wawawa, Understood. Now, Julie, let's go."

    What's with that, I feel lost for deciding to take it seriously.

    And while I was thinking that as well, I prepared some tea.

    Even if the treatment is careless, I'm the husband, they're the guests after all.

    While I was thinking such I heard Rinia and Pursena's boasting voice come from the living room.

    Somehow it seems, they're boasting about how they were the first here.

    I could hear Zanoba's moritifed voice from being slightly late.

    I'm glad it's fun more than anything.

    The third one to arrive was the Ariel party.

    They arrived around 30 minutes before it starts.

    Ariel and Luke, as well as two female students that I feel like I've seen somewhere.

    They're Princess Ariel's attendants.

    Sylphy's comrades. I'll treat them equally.

    "Thank you very much for the invitation this day. Since the etiquette of the common folk are somewhat distant, please forgive us for the rudeness."

    The one who lowered her head while saying that was Ariel.

    I certainly thought the one to lower their head would be Luke or one of the attendants, but they might have been matching up to this side.

    "Since there are many races in attendance, please don't bother about matters of etiquette. Rather, I'm uneasy about this side being impolite..."

    "I'm grateful. You all."

    After Ariel exchanged looks and the two attendants stepped forward.

    "I'm Ariel-sama's attendant, my name is Elmore Bluewolf."

    "Similarly, my name is Kurine Elrond."

    Putting aside their names at least their family names are easy to remember.

    Blue wolf and a legendary knight huh.

    My name is a grey rat.

    Among the nobles of Asura Kingdom, many of their names have a combination of colors and animals I'm sure.

    Since that's the case, white female deer should be the same.

    In that case would it be White...deer or how did it go again? [49]

    Uma is horse and baka is fool.

    In other words taking a room would be to take a hall. [50]

    A white tomorrow is waiting for me.

    "Please accept these gifts."

    The two handed the object in their hands to me.

    A box wrapped in an expensive looking cloth.

    "It's a congratulatory gift for your marriage."

    "This is, thank you for your courtesy. Thank you very much."

    "We chose something that would be useful in your marriage life after this. Please check inside."

    Since I was prompted, I looked inside, and was lost for words.

    A small bottle packed with a pink colored fluid and a wooden rod.

    If I were to put it directly, it's an aphrodisiac and a large dildo.[51]

    What is this...

    "I can't imagine that a man from the Greyrat's would be unable to satisfy a woman, but if there's a necessity for it, please use it."

    "Wa, yes."

    Ariel was composed.

    I wonder if this is normal.

    Luke as well, the other two were composed as well.

    The culture is different...

    I lead the four into the living room.

    And then, Rinia and Pursena started to release a tense atmosphere.


    They better not be intending to get into a fight.

    No matter how much they are of the Beast Race, they shouldn't do anything to destroy the atmosphere of a celebratory gathering.

    After sending such a gaze and it seems the two guessed it.

    "It's been a long time, Rinia-san, Pursena-san. That time I've troubled you quite a bit."

    "It's been a long time nya."

    "The trouble was mutual-nano."

    Ariel sat down nearby those two while letting out an airily voice.

    The remaining three were all still standing.

    For the time being, I sent Zanoba a wink to stop them if anything happens.

    Zanoba nodded with an Humu, and it seems he somewhat misunderstood, because he stood up and lowered his head towards Ariel.

    "I'm grateful to make your acquaintance Princess Ariel. The third prince of Shirone Kingdom, favorite disciple of Rudeus Greyrat, I am known as Zanoba Shirone."

    "Oh my if it's Prince Zanoba. Above all it's great you're in good health. We did greet soon after you entered school, but have you forgotten?"

    "Hm. Please excuse me for this. After all, I'm a miko of superhuman strength, I'm all strength so my intelligence isn't making the rounds..."

    "Oh my, I've heard that you've been leaving high results in your earth magic classes lately."

    "All of it is the result of my master's teachings..."

    I was a bit surprised by Zanoba's high social skills as I prepared the tea.

    The ones who appeared to the utmost limit 15 minutes before the start were Cliff and Elinalise.

    And then Nanahoshi.

    What an unusual assortment.

    I thought Nanahoshi would come alone.

    "We found her confused in front of the gate. She's an acquaintance right?"

    "Yeah, of course. She's Silent Seven Star-san."

    After saying that, Cliff looked at her with a startled face.

    Somehow it seems that Cliff has never seen her.

    "I...I see, you're that Silent. Hnn, I'm Cliff. I'm sure you've at least heard the name before?"

    "...Yeah, I've heard the name. Just the name that is. They say you're a genius. I'm Silent."

    A forced monotone exchange.

    An intense sensation of pretending to know.

    Probably, she doesn't know a single thing about Cliff.

    Cliff seems to be in good humor though so I'm not going to say anything.

    "It's good to make your acquaintance. I'm Elinalise Dragonroad. That's a lovely mask isn't it."

    "Thank you. Your hairstyle is lovely as well."

    Nanahoshi replied in a monotone voice.

    Watching her exchanges gives me the chills.

    Even though I say that, Nanahoshi doesn't want to get involved in anything troublesome as well, I'm sure she won't swallow any poison.

    Honestly, I never thought Nanahoshi would come.

    Just in case I passed her an invitation and she accepted that.

    However, at that point in time she never said she would go.

    "Getting married...? You really intend to live on this side, don't you." she just said that with an emotionless voice.

    For the time being, I'll try talking to her with a whisper.

    "How unusual, for you to leave that room."

    "...You invited me right?"

    "I guess so. Well... take it easy for today. We've prepared something like potato chips after all."

    "Potato chips? You've made potato chips?"

    "Thanks to you, cooking oil for food purposes was easy to get our hands on after all."

    "That's amazing."

    "It's not amazing right."

    They're just potatoes that have been cut thinly, fried in oil, and salted.

    Since the oil, salt, and potatoes are all different, the flavor is also a bit different from our previous world.

    "In that case, please excuse me."

    Elinalise took along Cliff and Nanahoshi and broke into the living room.

    There was no hesitation in those footsteps.

    Her social status being an adventurer would be the second from the bottom only above Julie.

    But, it seems she's not the type to be bothered over that.

    If the race is different then social status is something that doesn't really matter I guess.

    The two who entered the living room were the same as always.

    Cliff started with a loud voice and made the atmosphere worse and Elinalise followed through with that.

    It's not like Cliff had any ill intent, but he always does a good job at saying things to throw water on the situation.

    Nanahoshi was fundamentally remaining silent, but if someone went to talk to her she would reply.

    She would converse as well.

    I thought she was a communication impaired hikikomori, but it seems that's not the case.

    After a short while, Sylphy came to report that the preparations were complete.

    Now then, all that's left is just Badigadi.

    If he comes too late the cooking will get cold.

    And just as I was starting to worry over it Elinalise opened her mouth.

    "There's no way Badigadi will come on time. For people who live in denominations of thousands of years, time is loose. It's better to think he'll end up showing a month late."

    With those words, we decided to start the dinner as scheduled.

    Sorry about that Badi.

    The meal we had assembled in the dining room was using a buffet method.

    After worrying about the seating order, in the end we just completely brushed aside the seats.

    Luckily, even including the table, it's a wide room with enough space to walk around.

    In case someone gets tired as well, there are chairs left prepared at the end of the room as well.

    The cooking is intended as easy to eat things for a buffet.

    For the time being, I distribute alcohol cups to everyone.

    Since Nanahoshi declined the alcohol, I gave her fruit juice.

    It seems to have become that I would make the toast.

    Lined up with Sylphy I stepped forward.

    The gazes were gathering.

    Eleven peoples gazes.

    They're by no means unpleasant looks.

    But somehow it makes me a bit tense.

    I had prepared a sort of cue card though.

    And Sylphy was tightly holding my hand.

    After looking at her face, she was smiling at me with a shy face.

    She was saying in a whisper to give it my best.

    I want to pull her into the bedroom right now.

    "Oh my, Rudeus-you, your face is bright red. [Giggle]."

    "Lize, be quiet."

    Elinalise was laughing and unusually Cliff was reading the mood.



    Thank you everyone for gathering together today even though I'm sure everyone is quite busy. I declare it once more formally, I Rudeus and this--"

    "Fuhahahahaha! There I enter with a bang!"

    I felt like my heart jumped out of my mouth.

    After turning around that guy was there.

    A black body and tall height.

    With six arms tightly packed into his uniform.

    The Immortal Demon King Badigadi has come out with a bang.

    He came in from the door connected to the kitchen.


    Everyone was lost for words.

    That imposing and majestic attitude.

    Even Cliff swallowed his words.

    I didn't know what would be good to say as well.

    With that timing, isn't it almost like Badigadi and I are getting married.

    Your wife is that right, that one stupid girl with the name like a tooth paste right?

    "Badigadi, you're late."

    The one entered the tsukkomi was Elinalise.

    However Badigadi goes where the wind blows.

    "Humu. Certainly I'm late. However, in regards to my race, on the occasion of a meeting between royalty, it's already decided that you enter with a timing to pull a nerve and stir things up."

    "That's a lie right."

    "It's not a lie. Since it's something that Kishirika decided on a whim, I think it's foolish as well though!"

    Even though you think it's foolish you still do it huh.

    What a random guy.

    That's why you've been defeated by the human race over and over.

    "For your sake I especially went out of the way to pitch in and help, I circled around to the rear entrance, I took the time to enter from the back. It's fine for you to feel grateful! Fuhahahaha!"

    So he especially went out of his way to circle around.

    You...curse you... [52]

    No, calm down, Badigadi is this sort of guy. You already knew that right?

    "Hahahaha, I see now, thank you very much."

    "Thanks are unnecessary. Now, it would be good for you to get married as much as you please before myself. Having a marriage ceremony with a Demon King in attendance, it's something that seldom happens. I've never done this sort of service after all!"

    While Badigadi was saying that he sat down on the ground with a plunk.

    For the time being I thought it might be good to prepare a chair or something though.

    Since Magic Races often seem to sit on the floor, I guess there's no problem.

    "Then, I'll restart..."

    [Cough] and clearing my throat.

    "Thank you very much for gathering together on this busy day. Once again I'll formally declare, I Rudeus Greyrat, and this Sylphiette are getting married. Since we're both still inexperienced, I think there are some points we could be lacking, but I'd like for us to help each other and lend a hand in our lives there. Yeah, the twelve of you gathered here, in these past few years, are people who especially helped us out personally. The days we met and the superficial points are there, but strangely I feel that you all match well with us, and I feel you are all friends. During times of trouble I will become the strength of my friends. If there's a time when you're mutually in dispute, please remember our faces, I'd like for you to let things be water under the bridge for us to save face...umm."

    No good, this is a bit too stiff isn't it.

    Everyone is making complicated faces.

    I wonder if I made a mistake with my words.

    And [pon] Badigadi hit me on the shoulder.

    "It would be good to stop with words of reserved manners. You love each each other and you want all of those here to acknowledge that right?"


    That's right, that's right, just like that.


    "Well, what the. Sylphy and I can manage things as we go along. If anything happens please lend us your power. Please treat us well."

    "Alright, cheers to the future of the young two!"


    Before one knows, Badigadi is holding up a sake cup.

    Matching up together with that, everyone raised their cups.

    The meal started with a bit of alcohol being spilled.

    Pursena went straight to stretching her hand towards the meat.

    It's the boar meat that's been giving off steam since a while ago.

    I wonder if it's a custom of the Beast race to be the first to eat the prey you caught yourself.

    No that's wrong.

    Rinia has taken up position in front of the fireplace, while eating the karaage[53] look alike, the Fried Chicken.

    Nanahoshi took the entire plate of potato chips and withdrew to the edge of the room to start crunching away at them.

    Julie suddenly sat down next to her.

    Nanahoshi was startled. Julie started eating the potato chips with an attitude of, "Please don't mind me."

    The other day we had Julie taste test the potato chips.

    I'm sure she's been aiming for them since that time.

    Nanahoshi and Julie.

    An amusing atmosphere is floating around.

    Being called by that atmosphere, Badigadi dropped by.

    In a panic Nanahoshi got the rings out of her pocket.

    Nanahoshi you idiot.

    Even though you say you don't want to get involved with anyone, you try to start with the gluttony.

    Julie is fine, though Zanoba is occasionally flashing glances towards her.

    I wonder what he's hesitating over and just as I was thinking that, somehow it seems he was waiting for Ariel to move.

    Leading the other three, Ariel came over to Sylphy and I.

    "Sylphy, Congratulations!"

    "Ariel-sama...thank you very much."

    Sylphy lowered her head towards Ariel with her usual shy smile.

    "How does he and this house compare to Sylphy's dreams?"

    "Somehow, it's more amazing than my dreams. This house, has a bath as well."

    "Oh? Having a bath on the individual level isn't common even in Asura, how enviable. Sylphy, since that's the case, it would be fine to take a break from guarding for about a year or so?"

    "Th...that is, umm, at the time when a child is made."

    Ariel was giggling with a smile.

    After that, Luke and the two attendants as well were talking about this and that with Sylphy.

    I only just found out the names of the attendants, but it seems they have a deep bond with Sylphy.

    So intimate that the Bluewolf girl was brought to tears.

    How do I put it, it's almost like a separation party for a high school track & field club, that kind of image.

    And, Luke came over to my place.

    "Well, I think there's still various things lurking in the back, but please take good care of me right?"

    While saying that he held out his hand towards me.

    Even if you say there's still things lurking around, I have no interest in such things though.

    Well, since the other side is saying I'm in your care, then I'm not reluctant.

    "Yeah, I'm in your care, Luke...senpai."

    "I entrust Sylphy to you."

    Luke shortly said that and released his hand.

    Rather, it feels more like there's things lurking around behind on Luke's side.

    I wonder what it is, I have the feeling it's somewhat different from jealousy.

    After Ariel moved away, Zanoba came up.

    For the time being, it seems he's bothered over something like the hierarchy.

    They are both royalty after all, I guess he feels things in that area need to be done properly.

    "I'm here to say it once again, Shisho. Congratulations on your marriage!"

    "Thank you Zanoba."

    Zanoba faced Sylphy.

    And then lowered his head.

    "Madam. Honestly, I thought you were a man. To do something like mistake Shisho's partner as a man...please forgive my rudeness."

    Sylphy shook her hands in a panic.

    "Ah, No, please raise your head. Royalty shouldn't do that. Towards someone like me."

    "Someone you say, you're the madam of my respected Shisho. If I were to say, the next person down below God."

    "Since even Rudi made the mistake after all, it can't be helped?"

    Right and suddenly it was waved towards me.

    As shameful as it is, even I mistook Sylphy for a man.

    It's without a doubt because I had no sexual desire.

    For the time being, I nodded that was true and left it.

    After Zanoba moved away, Rinia and Pursena came up.

    "Is it human race manners to do greetings when people are in the middle of a meal nya?"

    "It's bad manners nano."

    And it was just that.

    There wasn't any particular congratulations.

    During the time of their fellows wedding, I'll make sure to properly ask about the way of doing it for the Beast race.

    "But, if Fitts and boss are getting married, then I agree nya. It's a good thing when strong people stick together nya."

    "Right-nano. If you give birth to strong children your family will be secure-nano."

    I feel that it's bad manners to have such a frank conversation in the middle of a meal.

    The next one after the two was Nanahoshi.

    Somehow, it seems she came here running away from Badigadi.

    I wonder what was done, her hair is disheveled.

    And after looking at Badigadi, he's making a racket with Julie riding on his shoulders.


    "Thank you."

    Nanahoshi just said that shortly and started to leave.

    And then that was called to a halt by Sylphy.

    "Umm, Nanahoshi-san, is it alright to ask one thing?"

    "What is it?"

    "Previously, Nanahoshi-san you said you were from the same place as Rudi right, that was with, what kind of meaning? Umm, Nanahoshi-san came here from another world...right?"

    Sylphy said the latter part in a whisper.

    Nanahoshi looked at me.

    With eyes that were asking what she should do.

    I felt like anything is fine really.

    I don't have any intention of keeping secrets from Sylphy but...

    However, if she were to know and she might make a weird face.

    "...Since he was used to the language, I just misunderstood."

    Nanahoshi didn't say it.


    The last ones to come were Cliff and Elinalise.

    After lining us up Cliff held something like a cross with one hand and cut us off and stated something like a simple chant.

    "You two aren't Milis believers, so this is the only blessing I can do."

    I'll just go with accepting the sentiment.

    My God is tolerant so she shouldn't get angry.

    Although, I'm a Japanese, we celebrate Christmas, but it's an ordinary occurrence not to carry out mass.

    We're a race of people where the majority of people haven't even read the original text, even though we really like names like Michael and Gabriel.

    Now I have a God I believe in, but I have no intention of minding the blessings of other denominations.

    "Rudeus. It's great isn't it. That it's cured."

    Elinalise said that while making a bit of a pouting expression.

    That's right, even up until now I never actually informed her that I completely cured my ED.

    "If you had informed me about it a bit faster, it would have been very well you know?"

    "If I had told you I thought you might have said something like, 'I'll check to make sure if that's true or not' and then attacked me?"

    "Never. I said it before didn't I. I have absolutely no intention of becoming Paul's daughter."

    I see.

    Then, it might have been better if I had told her about it sooner.

    Among those here, I've spent the longest time associating with Elinalise after all.

    Though I say that, it's at most plus a half a year or so.

    "Well, but if Cliff and Sylphy hadn't been around, I might have thought of it about once."

    "I as well, if Sylphy wasn't around, I might have thought about it at one point."

    "Then we've done something wasteful haven't we. Well, now that it's become like this, I'll just have to think of it like there was no fate between us, and just normally associate as friends."

    "Yeah, please take good care of me after this as well."

    Elinalise faced Sylphy.

    She started talking to Sylphy with a gentle expression.

    "Sylphiette-san. Congratulations on your marriage. I wish for your happiness from the bottom of my heart...heart...congratul..congra..."

    Tears started to come spilling out from Elinalise's eyes.

    While she continued to overlook Sylphy she was sniffling deeply.

    I was startled.

    I didn't understand the reason she suddenly started crying.

    Elinalise's trembling hand touched Sylphy's cheek.

    Her legs were trembling so she crumbled down to her knees.

    Her face was becoming disheveled, only, looking at Sylphy's face.

    "I...I'm sorry about that. For me to do something like this..."

    I was sure Sylphy would be surprised as well.

    ...And that's what I was thinking, but it wasn't the case.

    She was confused, but it didn't give a feeling of surprise.

    "Umm, I've been wanting to ask about it for a long time, but... could it be possible that Elinalise-san is my baa-chan[54]?"


    The ones startled this time wasn't just me.

    Cliff as well and then Elinalise was surprised as well.

    "Oto-san said it. That my obaa-chan was a comrade of Rudi's oto-san."

    He said something like that.

    No, but, I really don't know if there was such a connection between Paul and Rawls.

    He did say he got along well together with Rawls in the middle of guarding the village though...

    While they were in the middle of talking it might have come out that they actually had a relation through Elinalise, such things happening are a possibility.

    The world is small.

    Come to think of it, the woodcraft pendant Sylphy made and gave to me and the pendant attached to the grip of Elinalise's sword are the same aren't they.

    After hearing it said, their looks are somewhat similar as well.

    "Elinalise-san, as I thought, that's true right?"

    "Th...that's wrong. Your obaa-sama can't be this..."

    "Oto-san said it. Because of Obaa-chan they were chased out of the Great Forest and they were against his marriage with oka-san as well."

    "?? !!"

    "That since she might be feeling down over something like that, if I were to ever meet her she might be trying to hide her identity."

    To think Elinalise and Rawls had such a past.

    No but, I feel like I understand the reason they were opposed.

    Even I hesitated considerably at the time when I introduced Cliff to Elinalise.

    If your own daughter were to with the son of such a woman, I'm sure there are parents who would oppose it.

    "That is...uu...u..."

    Elinalise raised the sobbing and cried.

    It seems she tried to say something, but it wouldn't turn into words.

    Sylphy as well, thought she said something wrong and started to get a bit nervous.


    I called out to Cliff.

    Cliff as well, his eyes had become black and white.

    "Wh...what is it?"

    "Please help Elinalise-san rest in a relevant room on the second floor."

    "That, that's right I guess. I, I understand."

    "Sylphy as well, we'll leave that conversation for later, for now it would be better to calm down?"

    "Wa, yes."

    Elinalise's hand was pulled by Cliff and looked at me with frightened eyes.

    "Ru, Rudeus, I... I am like this, but that is, Rawls was a normal child. Of course, his child Sylphy as well, that's why..."

    Therefore, what. Do you think I'm looking at you with eyes of prejudice now.

    She has no faith in me.

    Well, recently here I have been avoiding Elinalise after all.

    In that area, there might have been an accumulation of various misunderstandings.

    I brought my mouth close to Elinalise's ear.

    "Please don't worry. I won't separate from Sylphy because of Elinalise-san."


    "Rather than that, shouldn't you worry more about becoming relatives with Paul who you really hate?"

    "...Fu...Rudeus. You, at a time like this you sure say amusing things don't you."

    Elinalise laughed frailly.

    For the present time it's some relief.

    In any case, I'm sure it'll be better when we're a bit more calmed down.

    "In regards to that matter, afterwards please take your time talking together with Sylphy about it."

    "Yeah, I'm grateful for your care."

    Lead by Cliff, Elinalise withdrew.

    Cliff, please take care of it well...


    No congratulations came from Badigadi.

    He took up position at the edge of the room, turning the ambiance of the room bright while laughing with a Fuhahahahaha.

    He's an appreciated existence.

    The banquet proceeded without delay.

    We didn't do anything in particular like a kiss of oath in public or exchanging of the rings.

    From start to end eat, drink, talk, make some noise and then returning in groups of twos and threes that is a wedding reception around here.

    It's not bad to do it without formalities.

    The first ones to return home were Rinia and Pursena.

    Making sure not to stay too long as well, seems to be manners for the Beast Race.

    "Nnya. Boss, be happy."

    "With this boss is the boss of school in name and in reality-nano. I'm looking forward to the new school term-nano."

    While saying something like that the two left in the snow.

    Nanahoshi was randomly called out to by Luke.

    It was mostly hitting on her, but it seems Luke didn't openly try to lure in her as well, he started to progressively bring out topics Nanahoshi might have interest in like cooking and clothes.

    Talking about topics the partner likes with a tone of voice they like.

    Well, there was a bit of slippage though.

    However I can learn from this.

    I don't have any intention of using the things I learn though.

    In contrast Nanahoshi was openly fed up with it.

    She looked at Luke like he was extremely annoying and let out an extremely annoyed sigh.

    In the end she stood up to go to the toilet like she was escaping.

    And then soon after she came back from the toilet she came up to me.

    With just a bit of an agitated expression.

    "It's about time I take my leave. That guy is annoying as well."

    "I see. Good work. Thank you very much for today."

    "Again, I'll be depending on you starting tomorrow..and then."

    "And then?"

    "Next time, the bath here, is it fine if I come to use it?"

    Somehow, it seems while she was in the toilet, she took a look at our bath.

    If it's a Japanese, then they'll yearn for the bath as well.

    Her name is Shizuka-chan as well after all.

    "That's fine, just, Nobita-kun might peek in on yo.." [55]

    "As I thought it's fine."

    "No, it's a joke you know, a joke. Please come whenever you want."

    Nanahoshi nodded and was going to return.

    The sun still hasn't set, but I wonder if a single woman will be alright.

    I guess since she came this far alone, she also has magic items for self-defense purposes so it should be fine.

    "Kurine. Please see Silent-sama back."

    "Yes, hime-sama."

    And just as I was hesitating, Ariel called out to one of her attendants.

    As expected of charisma. Her attention to detail is well made.

    Just, Nanahoshi stubbornly refused that proposal and returned alone.

    Badigadi, Zanoba, and Ariel were mixing alcohol in as they had a fun conversation.

    Just in case, for the sake of the drinker Badi, I had intended to prepare a considerable amount of alcohol.

    I had bought three barrels of it and placed it in the basement.

    Those barrels ended up being barrels in the sky in no time at all.

    I thought there would be a necessity to buy more, but before that Zanoba passed out drunk.

    "Fuhahahaha! How weak for one known as a miko!" [56]

    " have no excuses. I seem to have taken the entertainment a bit too far."

    "Master, are you alright?"

    Julie supported the staggering Zanoba with her small body.

    "Fufufufu..wouldn't it be better for you to take a rest in one of the rooms?"

    It seems Ariel hasn't had all that much to drink.

    I wonder if it's a lady's prudence in order to not become too intoxicated as well.

    Nevertheless, all of Ariel's actions sure are refined.

    From the way she tilts her cup all the way to her laughing manner, it just looks like she's managing her nerves.

    I guess this is the complete form of Asura Kingdoms manners etiquette.

    "No, passing time in Shisho's house drunken sick would be a shame as both a disciple and also as Shirone royalty. It's regretful, but I'll take my leave here while I can still walk."

    While saying that Zanoba gave me the last of his salutations.

    Though I think it would be fine for him to stay over.

    Well, it's fine if he does as he pleases.

    "Then, I will return as well. Princess of Asura, stay in good health."

    "Yes. Your highness as well stay in good health."

    "Fuhahahaha! I cannot be stopped by injury or illness!"

    It seems Badigadi is returning as well.

    I thought he would stay until the end of the banquet though, it's unexpected.

    While I was thanking the two I saw them off to the entrance.

    The wedding reception is already nearing its finish.

    Ariel and the others as well started preparations to return.

    During those preparations, I decided to go check in on the situation with Elinalise.

    After going up to the second floor and peeking into the guest room.

    There Cliff was giving Elinalise a lap pillow.

    It seems consolation time has already ended and they've started flirting time.

    Somehow that's nice.

    Later I'll do a lap pillow with Sylphy as well.

    "Umm, Cliff-san. I'd like to talk with Obaa-chan..Elinalise-san but, is that okay?"

    I heard Sylphy ask that with a timid feeling from behind me.

    Cliff sent me a look with his face like he was seeking help.

    He raised up Elinalise's body and then made a small nod facing me.

    I nodded as well.

    After Cliff saw that he stood up and left the room.

    "Thank you, Rudi."

    Sylphy made a soft smile and entered inside the room.

    Together with Cliff, I proceeded downstairs.

    Cliff was making an uneasy face.

    "Those two..I wonder if it'll be alright?"

    "..If it's no good, then it's fine for us to follow through later."

    And while saying that we arrived downstairs.

    Ariel and the others' preparations for leaving were just ending as we got downstairs.

    The two attendants were putting a coat on Ariel.

    When Ariel realized I was there she drew back her chin a bit.

    "Rudeus-sama. Thank you very much for today."

    After hearing their masters words, the three subordinates deeply bowed.

    Just like a Japanese I was about to lower my head as well.

    But, in this case wouldn't it be better not to lower my head.

    "What is going on with Sylphy?"

    "Now she's talking with Elinalise."

    "Is that so...Nevertheless, for the Sylphy who was thought to have no more relatives to still have one sure is a surprise."

    "Right. Really, the world is small."

    It's Elinalise and Sylphy after all.

    It's like the distance between heaven and earth.

    Primarily concerning ideas of chastity.

    "Then, it's just right. Rudeus-sama, could I take up a bit of your time?"

    Ariel's words were ones with a hidden meaning.

    For the time being I nodded.

    "Then, over here."

    While saying that Ariel crossed the room into the corridor.

    And then moved from the corridor to the entrance way and just like that opened the door and went outside.

    Naturally as it is, the other three went along with her as well.

    Cliff and I followed along with that.

    Outside the sun was setting and it was starting to get dark.

    Ahead of the entrance way, on a road with snow piling up and few people, Ariel came to a stop.

    And then turned around and said it.

    "Rudeus-sama. I know this is rude, but..could I request a duel with Luke? Without magic, a match between swords."


    That's a sudden suggestion.

    Without replying I kept silent.

    After looking at Luke, he was putting his hand on the sword at his waist with a composed face.

    Somehow, it seems it's not something Ariel decided suddenly.

    "For the time being, would it be alright for me to ask the reason?"

    After asking, Ariel tenderly smiled.

    "Just, a bit of playing around."

    "Playing around is it."

    However, what Luke took out was a real sword.

    It was a double-edged sword, since it's playing around he's going to strike with the back of the sword, such reasons really can't pass.

    "At least, can't I prepare some wooden swords? I don't hold a real sword."

    "I don't mind if you prepare a weapon with magic."

    "Without magic?"

    "Something to that degree I don't mind."

    For the time being, I create a stone sword with earth magic.

    I created it somewhat sturdy, but that part makes it a bit heavy.

    Just in case, I swing the sword every day so it's not as if I can't swing it.

    However, even with this if it hits the wrong place you can die.

    At least, it's not something good for hitting your opponent with for play.

    "Please feel relieved. This is something Luke proposed. I don't mind if Rudeus-sama beats Luke down with all of his power."

    Without magic, I'm at an ordinary person's level.

    It isn't limited to just beating down Luke.

    "Just for reference. Luke has learned up to Intermediate level with the Sword God style and Elementary level with the Water God style. The sword is a magic item endowed with magic power that will lightly cut through an iron shield. The shoes are the same as the ones Sylphy wears, they increase the users speed. This mantle maintains the temperature within, the gloves boost strength, underneath his uniform a specific type of clothing that is strong against blades is being worn."

    "..That is amazing."

    Isn't it great he's in full sturdy ikemen equipment...

    In order to assemble all of the parts, even if I sold my reformed house it probably wouldn't be enough.

    "Since it comes down to that, I wonder if there's the possibility that I'll be beaten down by Luke.."

    "I can't say that possibility doesn't exist but... if you feel the danger of death, at that point it's fine if you use magic."

    "I'll be praying that using it just before I don't get cut in half though."

    However, I wonder why they're making this sort of proposal.

    If either of us dies in this sort of place, we have nothing to gain from it, right.

    "Before that, I'd like to hear the reason. Did I do something to bother you?"

    "No. It's just playing around. Of course, it's fine for you to reject it as well."

    "Whether I receive it or turn it down, if you don't properly explain the reason to me I'll be troubled. Even with this stone sword, if it hits the wrong spot a person can die you know?"

    "Luke has already made his resolve for that as well."

    I haven't made that resolve though.

    Ariel's voice has some kind of tragic sound mixed in with it.

    I wonder what will come out from this kind of match.

    I don't know.

    They won't give me an answer.

    I wonder if there were ceremonies like this in Asura Kingdom.

    Around Sauros then, I can somewhat see him saying if you want to take Eris as a wife, then you must first defeat me.

    No, old man Sauros is already gone.

    "Rudeus. I'm begging you. Accept it. If you're a man as well you understand right?"

    Luke's words.

    He came out if you're a man.

    What cowardly words.

    It seems I'm not a man if I don't know the reason.

    ..Is it fine.

    It's not like he's asking for a serious fight to the death after all.

    "I understand. Please take it easy on me."

    But, for the time being, I'll just use my demon eye.

    I don't want to die or kill someone on accident after all.

    "I'm grateful you're accepting our proposal."

    I can't see the intention, but with Ariel's voice, Luke prepared himself.

    Seeing that, I heard Cliff's confused voice call out from behind.

    "H..Hey, Rudeus, is it fine?"

    "Yeah, Cliff-senpai. If you think it seriously looks dangerous, I'll be depending on you to immediately use healing magic."

    "Ye..Yeah.. I get that, but."

    I slowly prepared myself with the stone sword as well.

    The distance is about three steps I'd say.

    Each step about one blade.

    It's close to the distance I often use as an assumption.

    "Then, is it fine?"


    With my words, Ariel let out a sharp voice.



    Luke's shout, he kicked off from the ground.

    <The snow scatters, Luke's body is accelerating straight towards me>


    No, I'm sure it's by no means slow.

    About the same level as Rinia.

    But, it's not up to the level I usually train based on.

    Orsted it goes without saying, it's still far from comparing to Rujierd and Eris.

    Only this much while using equipment, huh.


    <While Luke is closing in, he swings the sword diagonally downwards>

    His sword is slow.

    No, it's by no means slow I'm sure.

    It's not like he's depending too much on the equipment as well.

    However, it's still far from the speed I usually act within the assumption of.


    I aim at Luke's forearm.

    Sword God style. First move, [Arm Drop].

    It's a technique I learned far in the past, it's a formal movement that I've repeated any number of thousands, any number of tens of thousands of times.


    My stone sword heavily lands, it strikes Luke's arm on the first hit.

    His sword falls and stands thrust into the snow.

    "Not yet!"

    "No, it's over."

    Immediately Luke goes to pick up his sword with his left hand.

    I hinder that action by kicking away Luke's chest.

    Luke rolls on top of the snow.

    I thrust the stone sword at him as Luke attempts to get up.

    "That's enough!"

    With Ariel's voice the duel ends.

    "..Damn it!!"

    Luke was hitting the ground. With his broken arm.

    And then, "guoo" he let out a groaning voice and held his arm.

    "Erumina. Use healing magic."

    After hearing Ariel's voice one of the attendants rushes over to Luke.

    While wrapping up the broken arm with her voluptuous chest, she casts healing magic.


    I heard Cliff's admiration from behind.

    Cliff isn't all that good with close range matches, so I'm sure he wouldn't understand.

    Honestly, that fight just now was low level.

    Swordsmen and warriors above my level are all over the place.

    That Soldat and Elinalise are the same.

    I wouldn't be able to win against those guys without magic and my demon eye I'm sure.

    Luke is normal.

    He's a normal swordsman.

    If I hadn't used the demon eye it probably would have lasted a few attacks, but just as Ariel said, he's not an opponent I would lose against.

    "Luke-senpai, are you alright?"

    "..I'm alright." [57]

    After hearing Luke's calm reply, I threw away the stone sword.

    The stone sword sank into the snow.

    "I would be saved if you could explain the reason to me in a bit more detail."

    "It's nothing too important. Just, Luke had some feelings about it. The spirit of a man I guess."

    "A man's spirit..could it be, Luke liked Sylphy as well?"

    I didn't intend to poke fun at it, but Ariel lowered her eyebrows.

    This is bad, that might have been a slip up.

    "We all like Sylphy. Just, that isn't the relationship between man and woman. Precisely because we are allies who have gone through life and death together, we each have our own feelings about it."

    "Yes. I'm sorry about that. It was a verbal slip up."

    "It's fine as long as you have understood."

    Ariel returned to her composed face.

    And then she looked in the direction of the house.

    About this time, I wonder if Sylphy and Elinalise are having a conversation inside the house.

    Ariel started to talk about it.

    "..Eventually, I will be returning to the Asura Kingdom. If I return, I'll either become the Queen or I'll die. Two possibilities for one thing. The probability of it being the latter side are overwhelmingly high, the Asura Royal Palace might become a proper place to die in my regards."

    "..Can you not go about it without returning?"

    "If I were to run away, I wouldn't know for what sake I had lived up until now. If I don't at least fight until the end, I won't be able to face those who died believing in me."

    She says some pretty heroic things, but the princess has no color in her expression.

    It's a face that thinks the things she knows are natural and a face that doesn't doubt them at all.

    In my regards, I think there's an even more different way to live as well though.

    "Sylphy is not my retainer, she's my friend. I don't want to take her along to that sort of place to die."


    However, Sylphy has the mind to follow along with the princess.

    But, if it's a fight where she can't personally see any chance of winning, then that's a point to stop her.

    However, these past few years Sylphy has always gone along together with the princess.

    They've shared the joys and sorrows together.

    It's not as if I can't understand the feelings of wanting to go together until the end as well.

    For example if Rujierd intended to challenge Laplace to a fight, even while my legs are trembling I'd follow along with that I'm sure.

    No, that example is a bit different.

    But, the feelings of wanting to fight together for the sake of your friends are the same I'm sure.

    "It seems Sylphy still hasn't thought about it very deeply until now though. Getting married, making an effort, and eventually having a child. If that becomes the case, then I'm sure she won't think to try to accompany me unreasonably."


    "But, if she doesn't think like that, if she tries to overdo it and follow along, I'd like for you to please properly stop her."

    I wonder about that.

    At that time, I wonder if I'll be able to stop Sylphy.

    I have the feeling it's impossible.

    Rather, I feel like I'd end up following along together and helping out as well.

    Towards the princess, I do have a debt for the time being.

    "..Even though I say that, if you don't intend to treat Sylphy preciously and will let Sylphy experience painful things. If she's going to feel that it were better to have died together with us, then we will take back Sylphy. I'm sure we can't win against you in power, but there are any number of methods. Please earnestly prevent Sylphy from thinking it would be better to be together with us."

    "I'll keep that in mind." [58]

    That doesn't even need to be said.

    "Well then, Rudeus-sama. I leave things with Sylphy in your care."

    After the princess said that, she turned heel and left.

    The two attendants lowered their heads towards me and while Luke was going to pick up his sword he did salutations with his eyes.

    The four disappeared walking down the road of snow.

    Without waiting for Sylphy to come down.

    After returning back inside the house, it was just about the time Elinalise and Sylphy were coming down the stairs.

    The area around Elinalise's eyes had swelled up, but it was a somewhat refreshed expression.

    "Ah, Rudi. Ariel-sama is?"

    "Just now, she returned home."

    "I see..sorry, about leaving that to you. Did Ariel-sama say anything?"

    "That she would leave things about Sylphy in my care."

    I wonder how I can speak about the duel.

    And just as I was thinking about it Cliff blurted it out.

    "Luke suddenly challenged Rudeus to a duel. But, as expected of Rudeus. He finished the opponent off in a single hit with a counter. I wish I could have shown you two the appearance of that insufferable man holding his arm crouched on the ground."

    As expected of Cliff. [59]

    He can't read the mood.

    It doesn't really matter, but it seems that Cliff doesn't like Luke very much huh.

    No well, let's say that's fine.

    After hearing that Sylphy lowered her eyebrows.

    "Rudi, did you get into a fight with Luke?"

    "No, rather than a fight, it was more like being challenged to a duel in the presence of princess Ariel."

    "..I see. I'm sure Luke wanted to ascertain it as well."


    "Rudi's strength. Until now, the one who has put their body forth protecting Ariel-sama and I was Luke after all."

    If it's being said then it's not like I don't understand.

    However, I really wonder if Luke was thinking such things like a hot-blooded man.

    I guess I shouldn't really arbitrarily decide something about a person based on preconceived notions.

    I guess it would mean that guy is a man as well.

    They have backbone after all, boys do.

    Rather, even though my wife just heard that her husband was challenged to a duel, I wonder if she won't worry about me or something.

    For the time being, the opponent was using a real sword though.

    "But, thank you Rudi."

    "For what?"

    "Going easy on Luke as an opponent. Since Luke is weak, if Rudi got serious against him he'd die right?"

    Somehow it seems like she can't imagine me losing from the start.

    I'm not injured either, with Cliff's explanation it seems she has no reason to worry.

    With this fixed, Luke is pitiable as well.

    To think Sylphy would assert him being weak.

    "Well, this side went with that sort of feeling, did you finish talking on your side?"


    Sylphy nodded happily.

    Well then, it seems that after all Elinalise was Sylphy's grandmother.

    In other words, Rawls's mother.

    For she who was producing half-elves all over the place, with the combination of the curse and her original personality, the trouble never stopped.

    Elinalise's method of conducting herself seem to have only gotten skillful in these past few decades.

    She's passed time without getting into any great trouble after that.

    However, before that, the source of evil still remains now, it's firmly rooted.

    Particularly, it seems that her time with the elves was terrible.

    Elinalise's children, just by learning that they're her children, it's only natural to avoid them.

    They've been persecuted, without being treated like people.

    In the end they were finally chased out of the village.

    It seems that happened numerous times.

    It seems that Elinalise being abused by her children or grandchildren in passing has already happened more than a few times.

    Therefore, when Elinalise gives birth to children she never reveals her own name, she looks after them until they grow into adults that can look after themselves and then cuts off all ties, it seems such things have continued like that.

    It seems she realized at a glance that Sylphy was her own grandchild or great-grandchild.

    But it seems making contact as little as possible was what she was thinking.

    In the end, after seeing Sylphy so happy getting married, she ended up being overcome with emotion and crying though.

    It's a heavy story.

    It feels like tears will start flowing reflexively.

    However, since it was concluded in a way that she can be satisfied with, she finds it unnecessary to accept any lousy attempts to be consoled.[60]

    After hearing that story, I was called over to the corner of the room by Cliff.


    "What is it, Cliff-senpai?"

    "Senpai is already fine, honorifics are fine as well. Starting today please call me without honorifics as Cliff. No, do it."

    A senpai order huh.

    No, I'll stop with poking fun.

    "It's about Lize though..."


    "Honestly, Lize is different from the kind of person I was thinking."

    "..Oh, and?"

    As expected he's been disillusioned huh.

    It's not as if I don't understand.

    The partner who you've always liked and thought about, putting aside children, they even had grandchildren after all.

    Furthermore, according to the story we've heard, it seems there's a possibility she has great-grandchildren.

    If it were me then I'd receive some amount of shock.

    Even though I say that, after hearing that story just now, if he says, "help me separate from her", as expected even I will get angry.

    It's not like Elinalise has deceived Cliff.

    Cliff misunderstood at his own convenience and started to like her.

    Feeling disillusioned after knowing the truth, it's a common story, but I would be disgusted.

    Although, I won't try to stop him.

    I would completely cut off ties with such trash and tell Elinalise it's fine for her to start living in this house today.

    In that case, depending on Sylphy's approval it might end up with a pseudo parent and child bowl...No, I won't be with anyone except Sylphy... [61]

    No but, indirectly you could say it's for Sylphy's sake after all...

    "Lize is a more pitiful person than I imagined. I absolutely want to fix the curse for her. Since I'm a genius I think I'll eventually fix it but... In order to raise the certainty as well, will you please lend me your help?"


    Who is the trashy sleazebag.

    It's me.

    I'm sorry.

    "After hearing that story, you won't be disillusioned or anything will you."

    "Disillusioned? There's no way I could think that. What are you saying?"

    It was a single line without hesitation.

    "Bu..but the person you like has slept around with a variety of partners and putting aside children, she even has grandchildren you know?"

    "What about that. I'm a Milis believer. Regardless of my partners circumstances and how different it is from my ideal, I have a responsibility to make the lone woman who said she loved me happy."

    He said it.

    My body is trembling.


    I might have been looking down on Cliff a bit.

    After this, I wonder if it would be better to call him Cliff-san.

    "..I understand. If it's something that I can do, I'll help with anything."

    "Yeah, it's reliable knowing that I can borrow your power."

    I did a handshake with Cliff.

    Cliff's small hand shook it with a powerful grip.

    "Rather, stop it with the honorifics. You and I are friends right?"

    "No way."

    What was sprouting within my chest was respect towards Cliff.

    Even if it may be my poor ability, I'll become his power.

    Finally, Elinalise and Cliff left.

    It became just Sylphy and I alone.

    The two of us were putting in order the room left untidy by our guests.

    Even though I say it was left untidy, they are a group that fundamentally knows manners, it's at most to the degree of wiping something that spilled on the floor up.

    There was a bit of food left over, but it's better than not having enough right.

    Well, it's today's dinner.

    Around the time cleaning ended, the sun was setting and the surroundings became dark.

    I turned on the lights and returned to the living room.

    After sitting on the three person sofa, Sylphy quietly sat down next to me.

    "Various things happened, but isn't it great that it went well."

    While placing her head on my shoulder, Sylphy said that and laughed.

    With this single day today, I'm suddenly worn out.

    "That's right."

    After putting my arm around her shoulder, Sylphy was completely entrusting her body weight to me.

    After burying my face in her hair and smelling it.

    Hnn, it's a sweet scent.

    "Rudi, it tickles."

    While saying that Sylphy didn't seem to dislike it.

    Which is why, just like that, I continued to smell it.

    "Rudi..I you know. I think I'm going to grow out my hair."

    Suddenly, Sylphy said such things.

    Growing out her hair.

    In the past, it was something I suggested to her a number of times but she always rejected it.

    In the past I always though a twin tail or ponytail would suit Sylphy, but I never thought it would be realized.

    "..Is that fine I wonder."

    "Why does that become honorifics?"

    "Because it's a serious discussion."

    "Umm, it's not all that serious of a talk you know. I as well, look, my hair's color, it's not green anymore right? Ariel-sama told me to become feminine as well. But I still plan to wear pants at school, at least I thought it might be better to just grow out my hair."

    I see now.

    It means she's already not feeling a complex about it anymore I guess.

    "You won't wear a uniform for girls?"

    "Yeah, it won't suit me."

    I don't think that's the case though.

    Alright, next time I'll buy one...

    And that's fine just with that.

    "But well, I want to see a Sylphy with long hair as well. There's no doubt it's certainly cute. Though you're already cute now."

    "Eh~, thank you... Yeah. Then, I'll let it grow out."

    Now that it's come down to it, it will soon be time to say farewell to this short hair Sylphy as well huh.

    It won't be good if I don't firmly ingrain it in my memory while I can now.

    No, but if you cut the hair it can be seen again soon though.

    "In order to always be loved by Rudi, it won't be good if I don't give it my best."

    What's with that line.

    It will make me cry though.

    Why am I loved this much.

    ..It won't be good if I don't put in the effort to not be hated by her as well.

    Ore-sama type.. that's slightly different it seems so I'll forget it.

    I'll stop with the dense type and aim for being a sensitive man.

    I don't know if I can do it or not but...

    No, I'll give it my best.

    "Sylphy, thank you for today."

    "Yeah, Rudi as well thank you."

    But, as expected I'm tired for today, let's get into the bath and pass time comfortably.

    Just like this, Sylphy and I got married.

    Since Sylphy and I got married, two months have passed.

    The Magic University is starting a new school term, and I was promoted to a second year student.

    My lifestyle has changed greatly.

    First, since I've moved out of the dorm, it's become a lifestyle of commuting from home.

    I wake up in the morning in a large bed in my own room.

    During this time, if Sylphy is sleeping next to me I give her a good morning kiss.

    Sylphy starts her mornings early, and so she gets out of bed at the same time as me.

    After that, I perform my training that has become a daily routine.

    Running in a circle around the neighborhood and then swinging the stone sword I created for the duel with Luke the other day.

    The same as always I still can't wear Fighting Spirit.

    However, it's not like my training is pointless.

    During my training, for some reason Badigadi shows his face at times as well.

    If he were to laugh in his usual large voice it would be an annoyance for the neighborhood, but I can't really treat him cruelly.

    Badigadi occasionally acts as my opponent in training.

    If you were to speak of it in terms of skill he doesn't reach the level of Ruijerd or Ghyslaine.

    On the contrary, he'll probably fall behind even Paul and Eris.

    No, rather than saying it as falling behind, it's more a feeling of he can do it but he doesn't do it.

    He's blatantly cutting corners on the defense side.

    Because he possesses an immortal body, he must not feel the necessity.

    The advice he occasionally gives is unexpectedly accurate.

    If he were to fight seriously he might be considerably strong.

    After returning from training, Sylphy greets me after making breakfast.

    Badigadi eats meals with us and soon after disappears.

    Badigadi's conduct is always a mystery.

    I wonder what he's thinking about.

    ..It doesn't feel like he's thinking about much at all though.

    On the days when Badigadi doesn't come, the two of us eat while flirting.

    For example, "Ahn~".

    After breakfast ends we go to the Magic University.

    There's about 30 minutes of walking in distance to the school.

    Zanoba said, "it's a bit inconvenient", but it doesn't feel all that far.

    If you run it's right nearby.

    We usually arrive at somewhat of an early time for classes.

    I separate with Sylphy in front of the dorms.

    After that, I have a bit of time to kill so I go to see Cliff or Zanoba.

    Cliff spends the entire morning conducting research on the curse.

    After borrowing a research room, he spends the time disassembling magic items bestowed with magic power and looking through books investigating their magic circles.

    It seems eventually he intends to start producing an original magic tool.

    "Even though we say transfer the curse, I can't even aim a guess at the method after all. But, if my hypothesis is correct, it should be possible to make a magic tool that can negate the curse."

    That hypothesis is something along the lines of, "magic items imbued with magic power" and "curses" are the same type of thing.

    If an object has a curse, then it's a, "magic item imbued with magic power", if a person has a curse, then it's a "cursed child", is what it means.

    In other words, if something can be done about the effect of, "magic items imbued with magic power", it should be possible to do something about "curses" as well.

    Something or other are pretty vague words that continued to come out, but the research has only just started so it's just to point things out.

    "Up until now, I have nothing that I need to request of you. Since this is my research after all, please let me do it myself. Of course, I have no intention of slighting you, but I have my own pride as well."

    He said it with the tone of a child who thinks their toy is about to be taken away.

    Putting aside if it was Nanahoshi, but even if I help out I can't imagine it would provide all that much progress.

    Incidentally, if I visit in the afternoon there's a high probability that I'll run into Elinalise being all clingy, so I avoid that.

    It's often that Zanoba is spending all day everyday in the research room.

    Fundamentally he spends most of the time deciphering the notes found in the mansion or rubbing cheeks together with the automatic doll we found.

    He still hasn't shown any results yet, but it can't be helped.

    Zanoba's passion towards dolls is genuine.

    I'm sure he'll eventually solve the mysteries of the automatic doll.

    "Please take care of things on Julie's side shisho. I will somehow manage things on this side."

    I intend to believe in and leave it to Zanoba.

    However, it seems Zanoba is afraid I'll be unable to be patient and meddle with it.

    It seems he completely thinks that if I lend a hand the research will quickly be over.

    Each and every one of them is placing too much expectation on me.

    Even though I wouldn't know about things outside of my specialty.

    However, since I'm being left out, it's a bit lonely.

    Incidentally, the production of the Red Dragon figure is progressing slowly during the recreation time from the research.

    Julie is nearby making a doll.

    She was given a single desk for the purpose of working and she dedicates herself to nothing but practice.

    "Grand Master, today as well, please take care of me."

    Since it's become that I can't teach her magic at night, I teach Julie earth magic in the morning.

    It's almost been a year since we met her.

    Her growth is something remarkable, but in order to realize the mass production plan, it's still a ways in the future.

    For now there's no option other than to honestly continue repetitive practice.

    According to Sylphy, if you continue to use the same type of magic from the time when you're young, your precision will get higher as well.

    I haven't taught her a single bit of others, she's been learning nothing but earth magic.

    If Sylphy's theory is correct, with this she could become an expert of earth magic.

    I'm sure it would be fine to wait until she grows a bit more before moving onto the next stage.

    There's no need to hurry.

    At noon I go to the dining hall.

    There was the idea to make obento as well, but various things happened and it was abandoned.

    The edge of the first floor of the dining hall has become our exclusive seating.

    Even though I say us, fundamentally it's just Zanoba, Julie, and I, then occasionally Badigadi, Cliff, Elinalise, Rinia, and Purusena are added on.

    Also, everyday Luke or Sylphy show their faces.

    It's not like they eat together with us, but they exchange a couple of words with us and then return.

    It's supposedly a ploy intended to show that Ariel and I have this sort of connection.

    Luke doesn't particularly talk about anything, but recently I've somewhat started flirting with the "Fitts-senpai" who has become more woman-like with her hair growing out.

    Even though I say that, since it seems there're still plenty of people who think she's a man, when they see us, there are guys who look at us with weird expressions as well.

    During the time when Sylphy is "Fitts", it seems she doesn't want to be very clingy in public.

    Once I tried caressing her butt and she made this horribly saddened face towards me.

    She didn't get angry or glare at me, she just made a really sad face.

    It seems she really wants me to avoid doing perverted things at times when people are looking on.

    Naturally I guess.

    Even though Sylphy isn't the type to mind public notice very much, it would be unpleasant for your own husband to be thought of as a monkey that gets sexually excited everywhere.

    At least in front of her, I want to appear attractive.

    After lunch I proceed to classes.

    Same as always, it's Advanced healing magic and Intermediate detoxification magic classes.

    Purusena sitting in the seat next to me, continues to do nothing but memorize, mutually cast healing magic on each other, or eat meat.

    On the days without lessons, I teach Rinia attack magic.

    "Recently, boss's body touching has stopped nya."

    "Even though the scent of sexual excitement is amazing, since you never lay your hands on us, the sense of discomfort is strong nano."

    The two can't hide their surprise over how I can maintain my reason.

    Since I decided to protect Sylphy's honor, other women are no touch.

    Occasionally Purusena comes out with, "Uffun-nano", but I feel like she's making a fool of me, so I just ignore it.

    Since Rinia is indifferent about various things, occasionally her panties are completely visible, but I try not to look at that as much as possible as well.

    Just, the depth of my study since the time I was born continues to turn, today it was light blue. [62]

    In the early afternoon I show my face in Nanahoshi's place.

    She's the same as ever ツン ケン . [63]

    After looking at since I returned to my condition with sexual desire and that feeling of misfortune coming on more.

    Around here you don't see it very often, it's a figure and features that match up with a Japanese.

    Since I got into this body as well there was some changes to my preferred taste, so I won't say it's all that great though.

    However, certainly I can feel the nostalgia.

    "I'll just say this, but if you lay your hands on me, I'll go crying to Orsted."

    "Please pardon me from that."

    If I stare at her too much, she comes out saying things like that.

    She knows that I excessively fear Orsted.

    Of course, I don't have any intention of laying my hands on her either.

    Therefore, this exchange is for the sake of maintaining our distance, it's something like a confirmation.


    Nanahoshi is usually irritated, moreover, I feel a bit impatient as well.

    However, in this past half year, the large pile of failed magic circles she had been saving up have already run out.

    I feel like we're getting close to the time when we arrive at the next phase.

    After I finish things with Nanahoshi's experiments, I go to meet with Sylphy.

    Fundamentally, Sylphy has continued the same until now as the princess's escort.

    As expected, even princess Ariel would be considerate over newly-weds. After class, she ends her job of staying in the vicinity of the princess and returns home with me once.

    Even though I say that, since there's the guarding at night as well, after eating dinner together, cleaning the house a bit, and entering the bath, she soon returns back to the school.

    It feels like I've doubled her workload.

    We're causing her trouble.

    However, it seems like Sylphy doesn't feel that way herself.

    "Somehow, having a house makes me feel relieved."

    Were her thoughts on the matter.

    Guarding at night..I'll start referring to it as the night shift.

    Sylphy's night shift is two out of every three days.

    In other words, she has a day off once every three days.

    If I think about how she never had any days off until now, it's considerably insufficient.

    That's thanks to Elinalise.

    She bought into being the princess's escort.

    I've never actually seen Elinalise and Ariel talking, but it seems they get along considerably well.

    The raunchy Elinalise and the tidy Ariel. I thought they would be like water and oil, but it seems that's not the case.

    ...According to Sylphy, Ariel isn't all that tidy.

    Something about her putting on a good face in front of me.

    On the days with no night shift, we go shopping together in the market on the way home.

    We buy three days' worth of food.

    Although, around this area the focus is generally on beans, potatoes, and things such as dried meat that can be preserved well.

    It's about time now that I feel like eating rice.

    If we were to expand the trade routes that Nanahoshi pioneered, wouldn't we be able to import rice from the south I wonder...

    After returning home, we eat dinner.

    Different from her appearance as a track and field club girl, Sylphy is skilled at cooking.

    It seems her repertoire isn't all that large, though I'm treated to cooking with a nostalgic flavor.

    Her sense of seasoning is similar to the stuff I ate in Buina Village.

    I guess it's natural since she learned cooking from Lilia.

    After putting on an apron and energetically moving around in the kitchen, Sylphy is truly sweet, almost to the point that I want to embrace her from behind.

    Once, I offered to help her out with cooking as well, but I was gently refused.

    In regards to cooking food, it seems she has something she's not willing to turn over.

    Though it's not like she's a cook.

    Eventually, I'd like to try proposing something nude apron-like, but for some reason I can't shake the feeling that it would just be refused.

    When it comes time for dinner, occasionally visitors stop by.

    Even though I call them visitors, fundamentally they're a certain ten people who are invited to this house.

    Cliff and Elinalise visit frequently.

    I don't know if Zanoba is showing restraint, but he doesn't come very often.

    Nanahoshi comes at a rate of about once per month and uses the bath.

    It seems she really wants to come more often, but it seems she's showing restraint.

    I'll just say it to prevent misunderstandings, but I've never tried peeking in on Nanahoshi in the bath.

    I don't know if Nanahoshi is being cautious about that area as well, but she only ever seems to come by at the times when Sylphy is around.


    Dinner has ended and our visitors have left, the two of us are alone.

    It's the beginning of a sweet time.

    Sylphy in the daytime as "Fitts-senpai" is imposing.

    Looking from a distance and it's enough to turn tail and avoid getting near.

    But, she comes desiring attractiveness and integrity from me.

    In contrast the "Sylphy" at night is deredere moreover submissive.

    She'll listen to whatever I tell to her.

    Even if I carelessly desire something extraordinarily abnormal moreover perverse by the time I word that she's already willing to respond to it.

    Sylphy's opinion was that, "it's completely normal compared to the people in the Asura Royal Palace."

    Sylphy never makes any requests of me from her side.

    On the contrary,

    "All the things Rudi wants to do are things that I want to do."

    After she says such things my reason is beaten down.

    Honestly, I feel like my reason has been blown away numerous times and I've ended up doing everything I please.

    However, if I take advantage of that and do whatever I please, then I can't help the feeling that I'm treating Sylphy as an object.

    That is, I really like erotic things.

    This sort of situation is something I always dreamed of.

    But, however, Sylphy is my wife.

    She's a person who has her own individuality.

    There's no way it's good for me to do as I like.

    Dignity, right, I want to respect her dignity.

    And that's what I think, but I can't oppose the seduction.

    If she looks at me with those clouded eyes and says something like, "it's fine if you don't endure it?"

    I already feel that trying to be patient is absurd.

    I'm a weak person.

    The words I wanted to try saying once in my life, the words I wanted to be told once in my life.

    The things that I wanted to try doing once in my life, the things I wanted done to me once in my life.

    I have the feeling almost all of those in that area have been done in these past two and half months...

    I haven't been forcing her to overdo it.

    I haven't forced her to do things she doesn't want to.

    However I really want to do something for Sylphy from my side as well.

    Thinking that I tried to ask her.

    "Hey, Sylphy, don't you have anything you want me to do?"

    "Eh?..Then, the thing you promised before, do you remember?"

    The instant I heard that I immediately fixed my head to the floor.

    "I'm very sorry, I don't remember."

    I honestly apologized.

    Sylphy raised my head in a fluster and forgave me saying, "it was something from a year ago it can't be helped."

    I might be no good in places such at this.

    "Look, Rudi used it didn't you? 'Ran Ma Magic Disturber'. I want you to teach me that."

    "That's a simple order. I will teach you to the best of my ability." [64]

    Since that's the case.

    It became that after dinner we would teach each other magic.

    Particularly teaching each other.

    "For the time being, I have learned and can use up to Advanced healing magic. Rudi, you're taking healing magic lessons right. I'll teach you."

    I was teaching Sylphy Ran Ma, and Sylphy was teaching me chantless healing magic.

    It was that sort of schema.

    If it's this then there's no meaning to it.

    But, just teaching her, it seems she feels thankful.

    I wonder if Sylphy is the type to devote herself.

    I wonder if I'm the type who can't feel comfortable without doing something in return.

    I wonder if I'm the type who feels sorry towards the other side unless they let me do something for them.

    However, chantless healing magic is something that I wasn't able to do until now.

    I decided to gratefully accept her teaching me.

    Well, I'm sure it will be fine if I watch over Sylphy's situation again and then propose something.

    Well then.

    If you understand the theory, you can quickly use chantless healing magic.

    There was a period when I thought that as well.

    "Umm, I don't feel it's any different from other chantless magics though.."

    I couldn't use chantless healing magic.

    Even after I heard the theory from Sylphy and tried to put into practice as well, I still couldn't do it.

    "Rudi, could it be, when you're receiving the technique, you can't understand the sensation of it?"

    Now that it's come to it I finally hear it, it's something I realized after it was pointed out, but nothing can be done about the fact that I can't feel even a part of the flow of magic power in regards to healing magic.

    Healing magic is when you touch the other side's body and then send a flow of your own magic power inside.

    The magic power you send causes a change in the other side's magic power and fixes the wounds.

    In other words, it's a feeling of using your own magic power to intervene with a target's magic power to heal their wounds.

    I'm on the side that has no sense for intervening.

    If I were to say it, if you touch the palm of your left hand with the index finger on your hand, it's the same sensation that you can't feel things from the side of the index finger.

    I understand that attack magic has a flow similar to the feeling of flowing blood but.. it sure is mysterious.

    It's not limited to just healing magic, but all of the so-called support type, buff and debuff type magics, I can't use chantlessly.

    I wonder if this is the same as Fighting Spirit, something that all but reincarnated individuals can use.

    Although, it could simply be that my weak type is healing magic. We could just say that's the case.

    "Somehow, I'm a bit relieved. There are things Rudi can't do after all as well."

    While Sylphy's saying that, a shy smile floated to the surface.

    To be surpassed in a single field is a bit mortifying, but if there was nothing she could win in, thinking like that I feel sorry for Sylphy as well.

    This is fine.

    Despite my worthlessness, Sylphy somehow or other managed to understand Ran Ma Magic Disturber.

    It seems it will still take some time before she can use it, but I'm sure eventually she'll be able to use it in actual combat.

    Sylphy is excellent as a student.

    Eris, Ghyslaine, Zanoba, Julie, Rinia, and a variety of others I've taught magic to, but I feel that Sylphy's growth rate was the fastest of them all.

    She might be a variety of genius as well.

    "But, somehow this, it's unfair right... if you have this used on you, magicians won't be able to do anything."

    "Well, technically it is a technique one of the seven world powers used after all."

    "Eh? Is that how it is? Rudi, you have an acquaintance among the seven world powers?"

    "....No, they're not really mine, but Nanahoshi's acquaintance."

    If I were to tell her I was almost killed, as expected, she would worry.

    It's probably safer to not let out Orsted's name as well.

    After teaching her Ran Ma at my own convenience, it's not out of the question that he would come to attack me again.

    "It's better if you don't talk about this very much to other people. About Ran Ma as well. If there's a time when something happens and an opponent shows up from the seven world powers, I won't be able to do anything after all."

    "I understand. It's a secret."

    Sylphy seriously nodded while saying that.

    On the days when Sylphy doesn't come home, I work on cleaning and laundry.

    It's fundamentally come down to where it's my job to wash Sylphy's clothes as well.

    Sylphy's clothing, for example Sylph's panties and bras as well.

    Of course, as a husband, I refrain from perverted conduct.

    Putting them into my pocket and returning to my room, moreover things like making use of them don't happen.

    At most, it's to the degree of sniffing them once.

    The young libido that is acquired there is somehow received by Sylphy herself once every three days.

    The cleaning, for the time being it's somewhat done, but if Sylphy were to say then it seems it's "crude".

    During my adventurer days, whenever I would stay over in a new inn, I thought I was cleaning up properly, although leaving things scattered is still my forte after all.

    On the days Sylphy is off as well, she cleans up. We live in a somewhat spacious mansion for two people. Since there are many unused rooms, it's difficult.

    While I continue to think it's no good continuing like this as well, it is too spacious.

    I wonder if it would be better to hire a maid.

    Speaking of maids, it would be Lilia.

    I wonder if it's about time for Paul and the others to meet with Zenith.

    It was three years ago when Elinalise and the others found out Zenith's location.

    From there they cut across the Magic Continent, supposing it took them one or two years to arrive in Milishion.

    Begaritto Continent's...Labyrinth City Lapan was it again?

    I think it wouldn't even take a year to get from Milishion to there.

    The first time I sent a letter out was one and a half years ago.

    If it arrived then, then I feel it's about a good time for me to receive a letter in response though..

    Still too soon I guess.

    Elinalise said not to worry about it, but I'm a bit uneasy.

    I'm uneasy, but Roxy is moving as well.

    Rather than me going to search in a panic, I'm sure it's better to wait solidly for now.

    After giving it some thought, since Buina Village has disappeared, Paul and the others have lost their house as well.

    It's fine if they intend to live in Milishion as well, but if they intend to come over here, then it might be good to live together in this house as well.

    As an ex-NEET, thinking of supporting my parents...

    It's somehow emotionally moving.

    Though it would be hard to give up this love nest reserved just for Sylphy and myself.

    1. He's married, but his bride get her head rip off in wedding night, so he's properly a widower, not divorcee -ED Note laclongquan
    2. This refer to the fact that he ask his distant relative, cousin Philip, for a job in Buina and with that, a house. Paul is a wandering adventurer at the time, after all. -ED Note Laclongquan
    3. He is cheap and doesn't want to buy a high class home.
    4. herculean in one version but the western idiom does not fit a japanese NEET like Rudeus-ED Note laclongquan
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    9. Elinalise not attacking Cliff/not clinging to him on the other side of a large bed.
    10. I have no idea what this means.
    11. ED: takashi ma? 充魔

      Vanant: I didn't do this chapter but I've read the raws. At first he says 充電[recharges(electricity)] before correcting himself and saying 充魔[modification of 充電 so that it means 'recharges mana/magic/魔']

    12. Note: In case people didn't know, yes Japan has 'mansions'.
    13. Note: It'd usually be clean/neat here, but given that it's a wedding thing, it unexpectedly might mean 'beautiful'...
    14. Note: Not supposed to sound condescending, but more friendly. He actually uses 'omae-san' which comes with the connotations of 'omae', but is friendlier/more welcoming, in a sense.
    15. Note: As in, directs the production of things. That's just how it's read. The kanji say 'genius magic tool creation expert'.
    16. Note: uses oyakata, which like, shows respect. It's also the title used for various things, apparently also for craftsman (though I've never heard this myself).laclongquan: This sentence is Rudy speak toward the craftman. Oyakata is Family's Head, or Clan Head. And the man is certainly the head of his business.
    17. Note: For some reason when he speaks as 'uncle'/middle-aged-guy in these two lines, he does so in what I think is a Kansai dialect, but honestly speaking I'm only saying this because he uses 'hen' and 'ya'. Lot's of these random dialects have similarities, and honestly I can't even tell Hiroshima-ben and Kansai(specifically Osaka/Kyoto etc.)-ben apart.
    18. Note: No, they didn't just say doormat. I'd just like to let you all know that I know it's called a doormat.
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    21. Note: Genius strategist, Roux'Deus Glaylatt
    22. Note: I like this word. yorisou. I learned it for the first time when playing Kamidori (one of the tracks on the soundtrack was yorisoiatte and translated as nestled together).
    23. Note: Oh yeah. He uses keigo again.
    24. Note: I think this is economic in the sense of efficiency/household expenses. Not as in, 'oh fuark, GFC'.
    25. Note: Sorry. Didn't know how to word this well in English. It says 'I let out two, no, three years worth of 'white blood'.白い血潮 It's 'white' + 'blood (with the connotations of it being raging, or about to burst open, or spill forward). Gives the impression of intense passion or emotion, sometimes. Like 'hot blood of youth' uses this term. Decided to write 'erupt' but I wonder if that's the best way of putting it.
    26. Note: The reason it's easier to specify 'tiny chest' is because it's one word in the Japanese. 貧乳(hin'nyuu) It's like, poor + boobies. I guess the opposite of 巨乳(kyo'nyuu) 'huge tits'.
    27. Note: srs discussion
    28. Note: LOL. 'forge' is just how they say 'work out', but I think he sounds like a bigger faggot if I leave it like this. So yeah :D
    29. Note: 'made us of', 'spoiled', 'spoiled by' and 'sweet' all stem from the term 甘い (sweet/naive) and 甘える (being spoiled e.g. by parents and the like). Also, because of the way Japanese is structured, I had a hard time turning it around ( not what happened). It's much less awkwardly phrased in the JP.
    30. Appears to be a reference to Kyojin no Hoshi. The scene is depicted in this image and this Youtube video
    31. I interpreted this with the assumption that he was thinking of '痛くもない腹を探られる'.
    32. Note: For some reason these last two lines are said like a woman.
    33. Note: Fogren is a brand, shop, person etc.
    34. Note: If this was a reference, I didn't get it.
    35. Note: ベルト代わりの紐もセットらしい。 ? セットらしい? I don't really get what he means by 'set' here. Help?
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    37. Note: I guess they sort of gave a look like 'the heck is up with you?'. It's literally looking behind.
    38. Note: Ore-sama is an extremely self-important way of referring to yourself. I don't think anyone irl does it except as a joke. Incidentally, the Sword God speaks about himself this way.
    39. Note: What do you call those big plates? The ones you Americans serve thanksgiving turkeys on and shit. Platters? They're platters, right?
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    41. Note: In bathhouses across the country, the 'kerorin bucket' (ケロリン椅子) is used, apparently.

    42. Note: He's sort of lying but sort of not. Normally, Japanese bath stools don't have a groove. The groove ones were originally for nursing care, I think, and now generally appear in love hotels and soaplands and are popularly known as 'pervert chairs' (スケベ椅子).Like this: ← SFWIf you want to know what they're commonly used for, feel free to google image '風呂の椅子+エロ' ← Not so SFW
    43. Note: Lame pun/joke that didn't come through, lol. 'The battlefield is hell' is read as 'senjou wa jigoku da(戦場は地獄だ)' whereas this is 'senjou ga jigoku da(洗浄は地獄だ)'. My Japanese isn't good enough to be able to tell if the pitch on the words are different, but aside from pitch they sound exactly the same.
    44. Note: Best way I could put this figurative 'じんわりする'.
    45. Note: This may or may not be a reference to a vague Gundam SEED Japanese fandom word. Apparently the protagonist of Gund-afd.asdfasdfkm okay, cbb explaining. Basically taking it without considering any references, what the sentence says is "I wonder if this is the result of some kind of bride-correction item." Anyone wanna try their hand at this line? I had a brief google, couldn't find an explanation of this term that wasn't filled with jokes, so gave up.
    46. Note: As in, story scenes. Yes, he specifies. Could have written situation, but it's specifically those in stories/films etc.
    47. Note: ohimedakko. Surely you've heard of it?
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    49. Above he says it in Japanese, on the bottom the white part is in Engrish.
    50. It seems to be a play on words:
    51. Is this the same one Ariel-sama tried to get Sylphy with when they were still in Asura? You have inherited her will, Rudi!No, the one Ariel used was a Royal dildo.
    52. Onore is technically just 'you', but it's a frustrated/angry tone of it.
    53. Japanese fried chicken dish.
    54. Generally "baa-chan" is a very informal and direct way of calling one's grandmother. With "baa-", one may use any suffix (-chan/-san/-sama, etc.) to show the case-appropriate respect to the person mentioned, as well as adding the o- prefix to show respect to the person being spoken to (or something like that, correct me if I'm wrong). All these extend to "(o)tou-san" being "father/dad" in the same way. Those two will come up a lot in the following part, so if someone feels up to the task, please clean them up.
    55. no?ta kun assuming this is Doraemon reference
    56. tomo a rosha?
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    58. Why does guts not sound good here to me? "Engrave it in spirit/guts/mind/will" the usual "I'll take it to heart" line.
    59. Indeed.
    60. "However, since it ended with that conclusion because she liked it herself, so she refuses to accept lousy consolation as it's unnecessary." -- If someone can clarify this line, I can think of it in several ways, the result of her liking the way she is that resulted in this therefore consolations are unnecessary which makes sense. Or?-Everything happened as her will dictate, so she doesnt need lousy and unneccessary consolation.
    61. oyako-donburi (or oyakodon in short) look for it on this page just googling it will only bring up one of the tasty meanings
    62. umaremotta gyo no fuka sa wa ikan tomoshi gataku, no idea how to word that... mostly the last part tomoshi gataku? Clearly it means something along the lines of he's naturally inclined to staring at panties since he was born.
    63. tsun ken... ツン ケン there's too many potential meanings that I'm not sure what was intended... studious? cold shouldered?つんけん (adv,vs) crabbily, unsociably
    64. tedori koshi tori, not sure how to word that expression but it's basically a formal way of wording it.

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