Mushoku Tensei (WN)

Volume 17


    [To Rudeus Greyrat. Ever since then, how is your physical condition? Has your magic recovered? I wish to talk about the future. I will wait inside the hut located in Sharia city's suburb. Due to our circumstances, I wish for you to come alone. Orsted.]

    After I read that letter, I asked Aisha to prepare some food.

    After getting the food, I went back to my room and changed clothes.

    Choosing the best clothes possible, I showed them to Aisha and asked her to confirm whether there were any weird spots.

    Then I left the house, taking with me Aqua Hartia and the diary from the future. [1]

    On the way I called out to the baby treant Beet and the playing Zenith.[2]

    "Mother, I'm off."

    Zenith was waving her hand as if saying [Take care].

    Next to her, Beet was also shaking his leaves and branches.

    I did not call out to Sylphy and the others.

    If I did, they would probably insist on coming along.

    The letter said to come alone.

    Thus I would go alone.

    This time was not to go to fight.

    I had no intention to destroy the hut Orsted was in with magic, because if it came down to a fight, I would definitely lose my life.

    If I was asked whether I trusted Orsted, it would be a difficult question.

    But from the letter I could somehow feel his consideration.

    Even Nanahoshi emotionally felt that it was better for me to avoid fighting Orsted, and personally I also think that he is someone who can be trusted more than the Human God.

    "But, after all I'm nervous."

    While talking to myself, I took the path to Sharia.

    On the way I found a pool of water and confirmed multiple times whether there were any weird spots on my face.

    I decided to work under Orsted.[3]

    In other words Orsted is my boss.

    It was unpleasant to appear before the boss in a weird fashion.

    "I wonder if it would be better to apply perfume or not?"

    Perhaps I should have cleaned myself with hot water, since there might be Eris's lingering scent from last night.

    I wonder what the president would think if an employee was called to his office with an erotic smell?

    While I might not suddenly be fired, his view would definitely not be favorable. [4]

    I wish to give Orsted a favorable impression.


    Someone capable of fighting and winning against Human God.

    Apparently with the help of my descendants he will kill Human God.

    While I feel sorry for the Human God...

    But I was the one who was first betrayed.

    He's somebody who laid his hands on Roxy and Sylphy.

    Sympathy cannot be shown.

    I will wag my tail at Orsted.

    Wagging my tail like an electric fan while bearing fangs towards the Human God.

    Doing what will definitely protect my family.

    "All right."

    Renewing my determination, I head towards the suburb.

    While being careful not to get splashed by the carriage with dirty water.

    A weird atmosphere was drifting around the hut in the suburb.

    Somehow it was different.

    It could not be expressed in words, but something was different.

    Surely something like sound effects and other effects seen in manga will come out from the hut.

    Ah, with one glance I understood that Orsted was in there.

    "Haa~, fuu~..."[5]

    I took a deep breath.

    And knocked at the door.

    "Rudeus Greyrat! Entering!"

    "Ah...quite early."

    Even though I knew he was here, I shivered when I received a reply.

    As expected, it seems my fear towards Orsted still remained inside.

    "May I please come in?"

    "Why do you ask for permission. Isn't this the hut you have prepared?"

    "Yes! Please excuse me!"

    When I opened the door and entered, Orsted was inside.

    Sitting on one of the chairs inside, he was glaring at me.

    No, he wasn't glaring at me.

    He was just looking. It was quite the scary face.

    I closed the door and moved towards Orsted as briskly as possible.

    Standing right in front of the chair and taking an attentive pose.

    Orsted was making a suspicious face towards me.

    "I thought you would come with a large number of comrades...two people, huh."

    "Yes, I came, two people?"

    Hearing those unexpected words, I doubted my hearing.

    Unless Orsted had presbyopia and was seeing me doubled, I should have been only one person.

    "Eris Greyrat! Come in if you want!"

    As Orsted shouted, she vigorously blew open the door.

    It was Eris.

    She had drawn the sword that she was carrying.

    And released blood thirst.

    "Orsted! If you lay a hand on Rudeus, I will kill you!"

    She declared while pointing her sword at Orsted.

    With tremendous determination enough to cause you to wet yourself.

    Orsted was composed before her.

    "I do not have such an intention."

    "You can't be trusted!"

    "I suppose so."

    Being told that, Eris positioned herself in a corner of the hut and crossed her arms.

    While I became stiff with Eris's appearance, I compared Eris with Orsted.

    I guess I should give an explanation.

    That I did not bring Eris with me. That I came alone.

    That I'm not an enemy.

    But, how should I explain Eris, who appeared with a sword?

    What should I do, how can I do it?

    "What are you doing, Rudeus Greyrat. Sit down. Let us talk."

    While I was thinking, I was rushed by Orsted.

    "Ah, yes. Please excuse me."

    Even if I sat down on the chair, I was still concerned about Eris.

    Eris who was holding a drawn weapon.

    "Eris is..."

    "I can tell from your behavior. It seems like you have been tailed."

    "Ah, yes. It's that kind of, before the talk, can I have a quick word with Eris?"

    "I don't mind."

    He didn't seem angry.

    While being seated, I turned towards Eris and beckoned her.


    "Eris, why did you come here?"

    "Because Rudeus dressed up, I was just wondering where you were going."

    Dressed up.

    Indeed, I was choosing clothes and was carefully doing my hair.

    From another perspective, it might have looked like nothing else.

    "You understand that I came to work under Orsted, right?"

    "...I understand, but with that kind of guy, who knows what he's planning. It's possible that he might deceive Rudeus."

    "Maybe. But it's still too early to judge that. If possible, it would be good if you're quiet and don't disturb us."


    "If we're deceived, let's fight together, Eris. I'm relying on you."

    "Tsk! Understood!"

    After coming to an understanding, Eris sheathed her sword and sat down next to me.

    Quite simple.


    "I am very sorry."

    "I don't mind."

    "Anyway, Eris still doesn't seem to be able to trust Orsted-sama...but it can't be helped because of the curse."

    Having said so, it felt like Orsted-sama's eyes flashed.

    "Where did you hear about my curse?"

    "...From the Human God. About how at some point Orsted-sama's body received the curse."

    I answered honestly.

    What I was told and informed by the Human God.

    It would be better if I let out everything I was told.

    "Is that so..."

    Orsted rested his chin in his hand and looked in the direction slightly above.

    There was nothing above his line of sight.

    ...Is that his thinking pose?

    "Anyway, let's do as promised."


    "Why are you making such a surprised face. I am different from the Human God. I keep my promises."

    "That's not it, what kind of promise did we make?"

    "The way to protect your family from the Human God."

    Ah, I see.

    That's right, how could I forget that.

    No, I only forgot what kind of promise we made.

    Rather, it felt more like a contract.

    A contract with the devil.

    I see, a contract-like promise.

    "I still haven't done anything, is that fine?"

    "Are you not also anxious if your family was exposed to danger?"

    "Well, that's true."

    It somehow felt like receiving a favor.

    Or rather, it was a far kinder feeling than I thought.

    I thought it would be more like being ordered around.

    Though his face may be scary, unexpectedly he might be someone who takes his subordinates' feelings into consideration.

    To the point where the edgy Eris couldn't believe it.

    "It is not that difficult. Summoning a guardian magical beast possessing a strong fate and letting it protect them."

    "Summon, is it? However, right now I still cannot use summoning magic."

    "Then I will write the magic circle. Put your own magic into it."

    "Ah, yes, I will be troubling you."

    A guardian magical beast possessing a strong fate, huh.

    Fate, I think it was about the law of causation.

    "Are you sure just this is enough for protection?"

    "The Human God cannot manipulate inhuman beings. Further, he cannot manipulate a great number of people at the same time. As long as we move, he will have his hands full with our interference. Based on his personality, that will be more than enough prevention."

    Talking about personality...

    Still, not being able to manipulate a great number of people means in the worst case at the very least he can manipulate two people.

    While I was being manipulated, I wonder if he was manipulating someone else.

    "But do not let your guard down. We do not know what the Human God is doing. Instead of just leaving it to the magical beast, checking up on them frequently is better."

    When Orsted said to [Check up on them frequently], something felt wrong.

    It seemed his talk was literal.

    I knew that you shouldn't judge based on appearance.


    Being told that he will prepare it, for now let's continue.

    Then, to the main topic.

    "Then, what should I do from now on?"

    There were many things I wanted to know, but it was only polite to answer questions regarding myself.

    It was showing your character.

    "...Do you not have more things that you want to know?"

    Or so I thought, but I was questioned in return.

    "There is a lot."

    "Why do you not ask?"

    "I thought that asking without answering any questions would not be good..."

    Having said so, Orsted let out a sigh.

    "You have become my comrade, thus――"

    "Subordinate. Let us keep the hierarchical relationship in mind."

    Beating me to a pulp, giving me a method to protect my family.

    Then being told that we are equals, I am not insensitive.[6]

    "It is fine if you want to think that way...regardless, you and I will work together for the sake of overthrowing Human God. You must know what you want to know."

    "Despite saying all this, what will you do if I am a double agent for Human God? I might be telling Human God every night information about Orsted-san."

    "I trust you."

    With a strong glance I was told so.

    "Your stance is that of someone desperately trying to protect his family."

    I was a little embarrassed being told that.

    I was indeed very desperate that time.

    But, well, saying so means he takes me at my word.

    The things that I wanted to know.

    There are several.

    Regarding the discord between Orsted and Human God.

    Regarding the Laplace Factor.

    Regarding the mana calamity.

    Regarding what's with fate.

    For now it's such things.

    "Then, please tell me one by one."

    • Regarding the discord between Orsted and Human God

    The relationship between Orsted and Human God.

    I decided to hear about that first.

    I also wanted to know.

    "About myself?"

    "That's right. Please."

    "Didn't you hear it from Human God? Though it seems you have heard about the curse?"


    What was it, it was five years ago.

    Recall, recall.

    What Human God said at that time.

    "You have four curses."


    "First, the curse of being hated and feared by all living creatures in this world. Second, the curse of being invisible from Human God's view. Third, the curse of being unable to go all-out. About the last one, he said something about not being quite clear."[7]

    "I see."

    Having said that, Orsted was quietly nodding his head.

    "About the first one, ever since I was born, I was indeed shunned by all living creatures."

    "But I don't seem to hate you that much..."

    "That being said, there seem to exist some like that, for example Nanahoshi."

    "I see."

    Apparently there are exceptions.

    It may be related to the fact that Nanahoshi and I were not originally humans from this world.

    Should I mention this or should I remain silent.

    Because Eris was sitting next to me, I hesitated a little...

    But it would not be wise to keep it a secret.

    "Orsted-san. I did not intend to hide it but... originally I am a human from the same world as Nanahoshi. It's possible that they are related."

    "...Then is Rudeus Greyrat an alias?"

    "That story will take very long to tell, but I am different from Nanahoshi, that is...before I knew it, I was reborn as Rudeus Greyrat in this world...and ehm, I wonder how to talk about it."

    "Reincarnation, huh."

    I was surprised.

    For reincarnation to come out of Orsted's mouth.

    No, it was written in the diary, something about the dragon-tribe knowing the method of reincarnation.[8]

    Even if they die, they will come back to life in a few decades.

    To them, reincarnation would be something major.

    "It is probably related to your reincarnated body as for why you do not fear me."

    "Are there any other people who do not fear you?"

    "Except for special exceptions, only those who have the blood of the ancient dragon-tribe."[9]

    So such as Perugius.

    No, I remember that even Perugius was quite scared.

    ...Or is it not related to the curse.

    Apart from the curse, there are also other reasons to fear other people.

    "The second curse, regarding the curse of being invisible from Human God's is not a curse."

    "Then that is?"

    When asked, Orsted was thinking a little bit.

    While thinking, he looked into my eyes and said.

    "It is a secret technique the first generation Dragon God came up with a long time ago while fighting Human is a technique allowing one to see fate and at the same time allows one to deviate from the law of the world."


    "Human God also can see into the future and possesses the power of foresight. However, it can not see the ones who have deviated from the law of the world."[10]

    I see.

    I didn't know what it means to have deviated from the law of the world, but being able to escape from Human God's sight is phenomenal.

    "What is it, the power to see fate?"

    "Let's see..."

    Orsted was making a pose as he was thinking.

    It couldn't be that he's thinking about it right now.

    "It is to know the rough history of the path an individual should have taken."

    The rough history.

    "That means Orsted-sama can see the future."

    "No...what I can see is the past, not the future. The one pre-ordained by fate."


    Somehow it was quite philosophical.

    It was quite hard to tell it apart from seeing the future.

    For now I will think of it as being one rank lower than Human God's future sight.

    "Are you going to teach me that technique?"

    "No, it is better not to."

    "...That is to say?"

    To become invisible to Human God is a very attractive advantage.

    I wanted to hear the reason for not teaching it.

    "When receiving the secret technique, there are side effects...that is the speed at which magic recovers becomes tremendously slow."

    "When saying tremendously slow, exactly how much?"

    "You have recovered from your drained state in about 10 days, you can think of it as becoming 1000 times slower."

    1000 times.

    That is about 10000 days.

    Roughly 30 years.

    "Thus I cannot freely use magic. [Being rarely able to go all-out] means that."

    I see, if you cannot recover magic, then you would not be able to go all-out.

    While I didn't know what magic quantity Orsted has, if magic hadn't recovered in a few years time, he couldn't go all-out.

    He must conserve power.

    "Although I cannot teach you the secret technique, if you work under me, a similar effect can be granted."

    I took a look at the bracelet worn on my left hand.

    Apparently it had a jamming-like effect.

    "Is there no side effect to this? If you mass produced it..."

    "It would have already been done if it was possible. Together with breaking my body's curse."

    Was that so.

    "Rather, I have used up a considerable amount of magic in our fight. For a while I will not be able to seriously fight."

    "Eh, seriously. But wasn't it more like instant kill?"

    "I resisted your magic three times head-on and even drew the God sword. A reasonable amount of magic was used up."[11]

    Orsted bitterly said.

    From my perspective I felt that I was beaten around without being able to do much, but surprisingly it was quite a balanced fight.

    So it can be said that I have given my best. Ufufu.

    "Not much of my magic is remaining. Thus you will move, becoming my hands and feet."

    "...Yes. I will do my best."

    Working for the amount I have deducted.

    It is appropriate.

    "Then, for what reason is Orsted-sama fighting against Human God?"

    "That is...ah..."

    As Orsted hesitantly said so, he faced towards the day after tomorrow.

    Since earlier, he was thinking about what to say and was often in a thinking pose.

    I was wondering whether he was spewing out lies.

    No, that couldn't be.

    It may be that while I may be trusted, I have yet to prove worthy of his trust.[12]

    For now I will move based on his partial truth while also investigating tendencies...such a possibility also exists.

    "Human God is... my father's ruin."


    Father's ruin.

    The future me was burning for vengeance as a result of Roxy and Sylphy.

    While the me in the present, who has not lost anyone, can say that vengeance will not give birth to anything...

    In fact, it is clear from the diary, that being consumed with feelings for vengeance I changed into a demon.

    "And, overthrowing Human God is the ancient dragon-tribe's dearest wish. Our, the Dragon God's sole reason for existence is to defeat Human God."

    This was what you would call, for a great cause.[13]

    Wait, we?

    "How many Dragon Gods were there?"

    "I am the 100th generation. A hundred Dragon Gods have studied on how to overthrow Human God."

    "I see."

    "However, Human God has defeated Dragon Gods with weaker blood."

    Orsted looked at me with glinting eyes.

    "Thus my father, the first generation Dragon God, has sent me to the future using the method of reincarnation."

    Orsted off-handedly said so.

    Let us reorganize a bit.

    First, Orsted.

    He is from the ancient dragon-tribe, who came from an immemorial past to the present by using the method of reincarnation.

    His body was harboring a curse and an ancient technique.

    The curse was to be shunned by all living creatures in this world.

    The ancient technique caused magic to recover at a slow rate, but in return it is possible to escape from Human God's sight as well as obtaining the ability to roughly see the future.

    Why was such a curse brought to the present.

    Because it was caused by the death of the first generation Dragon God at the hands of Human God.

    Starting from the second generation, the reason for existence for all subsequent Dragon Gods is to defeat Human God, which was also the ancient dragon-tribe's dearest wish.

    Thus the son of the first generation Dragon God, Orsted, was trying to defeat Human God.

    "Is every thing until now correct?"

    "Ah, exactly. It is a great help that you quickly understand it."

    "Exactly how many years ago were you reincarnated?"

    "Let's see...about 2000 years ago."

    2000 years...he seems to have lived for quite a long time.

    Although everything seemed to be consistent, somehow there is a feeling of something being out of place.

    Hm, I wonder what it is.

    Like the point about magic recovery.

    Orsted seemed to be using something similar to Perugius, that summoning magic that absorbs magic.

    If he absorbs magic with it, would that not solve the magic, if he could, he would have done so already.

    It may not be possible to stock up on the absorbed magic in his body with that summoning magic.


    Then the abnormal hostility Orsted holds towards Human God?

    Although having killed his father was reason enough, there was still the feeling that the hostility was too great.

    Orsted's attachment for his father also seemed weak.

    "From my view point, you seem to hold a great grudge towards Human God, what is the reason?"

    "Is there someone who does not hold a grudge against that piece of trash?"[14]

    "...That's true."

    Ah well, Orsted seems to have lived for a long time, surely there must have been bad blood between them.

    Although he cannot be seen, messages can still be delivered.

    Ah, although Orsted became like this, it may not be related to the discord between the first generation Dragon God and Human God.

    There are still many things I didn't know, but the person Orsted is probably like that.

    Regardless of the specifics, he had a reason to fight against Human God.

    The enemy's enemy is an ally.

    Also, there are still many things to be heard about other matters.

    • Regarding the Laplace Factor

    "In our previous battle there was some talk about me possessing the Laplace Factor, what does it mean?"

    "How much do you know about Laplace?"

    "The one who was responsible for the war 400 years ago and who pushed the human race into the corner. Also that he had a tremendous amount of magic and was unable to use Fighting Spirit. He was also extremely strong, but was ultimately sealed by Perugius-sama and two others. ...And that he caused the downfall of the Supard-tribe.[15]

    I have heard various other things, but these were the main points I guess.

    "So about that much?"

    "Also that he will soon revive."

    "Have you heard that the method he uses to revive is the method of reincarnation by the dragon-tribe?"

    "Ehm. No, I do not think I have heard this...ah no, it feels like Human God mentioned something like that...or was it something different."

    The memory is somewhat murky.

    But still, the method of reincarnation again.

    " later I will hear the details about what you and Human God talked about and what he revealed."


    "But now it is about Laplace."

    Eris's atmosphere became tense when talk about Laplace arrived.

    Both Eris and I are Ruijerd's friends. [16]

    Laplace was Ruijerd's enemy.

    His enemy was also our enemy.

    Thus I could understand the tenseness regarding the existence of Laplace.

    But I will calmly approach this.

    It's Eris's role to get angry, mine is to remain calm.

    "[Demon God Laplace]'s identity is... the shadow of what was once [Demon Dragon King Laplace]."

    Orsted revealed this without being pretentious.

    "Demon Dragon King?"

    "Yes, in the past he was part of the dragon-tribe."

    Laplace was the Demon Dragon King.

    Part of the dragon-tribe.

    But he's the Demon God?

    "The Demon Dragon King Laplace is the only one left of the first generation 5 Dragon Warriors."[17]

    5 Dragon Warriors.

    If I remember right, they were the five subordinates of the Dragon God, who in the end all rebelled against him.

    "That guy escaped the collapsing Dragon World and drifted to this world, to carry out a certain mission. He became the second generation Dragon God."

    From Dragon King to Dragon God to Demon God.

    Wait a minute, it's all confusing.

    It feels like my head is splitting. [18]

    "He researched about methods and techniques to overthrow Human God. He taught to those who called themselves Dragon God techniques he had developed over a long time. All for the sake of passing down the power to me who came to the future, me who possessed the greatest strength among the dragon-tribe."

    Calling yourself the strongest.

    "However, Laplace started the Human-Demon race world war and fought against Fighting God, who was Human God's apostle, and had his soul split into two halves."

    It felt like I have heard this story somewhere.

    The story about how the Golden Knight Aldebran fought against the Great Demon Empress.

    According to Kishirika, there was a story about how Dragon God and Fighting God fought against each other.

    So the Dragon God was Laplace and the Fighting God was Aldebran.

    So Laplace was fighting on the demon side.

    "Laplace, who was split in two, lost his memory and became two, the human-hating [Demon God] and [Technique God], whose aim was to overthrow god."[19]

    That was how the Demon God came forth.

    And also Technique God.

    Though the Technique God was indeed ranked first among the Seven Great Major Powers...

    "Eh? That means Technique God was also Laplace?"


    Somehow I felt I just heard an unbelievable story.

    I wonder if it was good for me to have heard this story.

    There was too much information, it became confusing.

    Orsted was the son of the first generation Dragon God, and Laplace was the second generation.


    In other words it's like this.

    First, the first generation Dragon God sent Orsted to the future in order to overthrow Human God.

    Laplace was one of the Five Dragon Warriors and fought against the first generation Dragon God, and perhaps realized that Human God manipulated him, then became his subordinate again.[20]

    The first generation Dragon God died, while Laplace survived.

    To teach Orsted techniques, Laplace traveled around the world to study them while also teaching them to previous Dragon Gods.

    Human God used Fighting God to interfere.

    Laplace was unluckily...split into two and lost his memory, though I didn't know whether that was on purpose to survive.

    Something like this?

    There is no confidence whether it is correct.

    I wonder if my head was always that bad...


    While looking to the side at Eris, her mouth made a 'へ' and made a frustrated face.

    She didn't seem to understand anything.

    Great, there was some comfort.

    Orsted's explanation continued.

    "[Demon God] Laplace lost the power of dragons. He only remembered the enormous amount of magic knowledge and that he must definitely kill 'human'. For that purpose, he rallied the demon race to exterminate the 'human race'.[21]

    [Technique God] Laplace who lost the power of magic. He only remembered the enormous amount of techniques and that he must definitely teach and pass them down to someone. Thus Technique God created the Seven Great Major Powers ranking and devoted himself in studying those techniques."

    The Technique God created the Seven Great Major Powers ranking.

    I felt I have heard this before.

    After all he is ranked first.

    Ah, but the Human-Demon race world war was 2000 years ago.

    "...How did Orsted-sama know about these facts? If you came 2000 years ago, the Human-Demon race world war should have already ended. By then Laplace has already lost his memory...If so, there should be no one who should know this?"

    "I have read about Laplace in the ruins of the ancient dragon-tribe."

    "Ah, I understand."

    So before he lost his memory, he had already left a record of them.

    Quite ironic that Laplace, who lost his memory, could not find those.

    "Now, let's trace the conversation back a bit. About why you possess magic."


    "The first generation Dragon God invented the method of reincarnation. Sending oneself's soul into the future, taking over another being's body and ultimately reviving."


    The method of reincarnation.

    Taking over another being's body...

    Wait, don't be deceived.

    "However, originally body and soul are as one. You attach yourself to a foreign body, but if there are signs of rejection, the revival will fail."[22]


    "Thus the first generation Dragon God came up with the idea to plant his factor into multiple people, and when they make children, their bodies will have been slightly changed.[23]


    "He tried creating a vessel that matched my soul by adapting the whole body of the people over hundred, thousands of generations."[24]


    "The reincarnation will occur when an adapted body possessing the factor perfectly matches with the soul. Taking over the body of the soul it was originally supposed to be in and be born while pretending to be it. Many from the ancient dragon-tribe have been reincarnated into the present by using this method of reincarnation. Perugius is one of them. Furthermore, he does not remember about his previous life because he reincarnated with his vague childhood memories."[25]

    Taking over the body of the soul it was originally supposed to be in, and becoming that person.

    Hearing these words, I looked at my own hands.

    I'm also a reincarnated person.

    I wonder if I robbed the person known as Rudeus Greyrat his life.

    "Hey, are you listening?"

    "Eh? Ah yes. I am."

    Before I noticed, I was looking into Orsted's face.

    For a while he looked into my face and then let out a breath.

    "Returning to the topic. Although Demon God Laplace had already lost his mind, he seemed to remember about the method of reincarnation, or there may be some remaining records of it. Being defeated by Perugius, he distributed his factor before his body was sealed and sent his own soul to the future.


    "Currently, those who have characteristics similar to his and possess the Laplace factor, have slowly started to appear. Having an aptitude towards magic and possessing a great amount of magic, green hair and being born with demon eyes."

    Aptitude towards magic and possessing a great amount of magic.

    Green hair.

    With the exception of demon eye, a certain person comes to mind.

    "Perhaps, Sylphy is?"

    "Ah, Sylphiette is one of them. Though for some reason her hair turned white."

    "But she is not Laplace himself, right?"

    "Of course, he can't become a woman."

    I felt a little relieved.

    However, thinking about it, the most suspicious person is not Sylphy.

    "Then, me?"

    "You are likely the same. A body that can harbor such a great amount of magic is usually not born."

    "...I thought I managed to expand my amount of magic with my own efforts."

    "Of course. It is only because your body has the characteristic to harbor such a great quantity of magic. If you did not train your magic since childhood, you would only have a little more than an ordinary person. Maybe about the same as Sylphiette. That tremendous quantity of magic is the crystallization of your effort. You can be proud of yourself."

    Somehow I was praised.

    I wonder if it was fine to be proud.

    "Ehm, so I am not Laplace himself, right?"

    "No. The time until Laplace will be reborn is a little farther ahead in the future."

    I see.

    I was a little bit relieved when I heard that I was not Laplace himself.

    I'm also glad to know of the origin of my magic.

    Though I did feel a little bad for Ruijerd because it was Laplace's power.

    However, power is power.

    It is up to oneself how to use the power.

    But that is not what I was worried about.


    Orsted was looking at me for a while, but let out a sigh and said.

    "You can relax. Although you are also a reincarnated person...according to my memory the person known as Rudeus Greyrat does not exist."

    "...That is?"

    "The fact that you have the Laplace factor, means that before you were born you possessed an aptitude towards magic and a big magic quantity. It would not be strange if the soul could not handle harboring all that amount of magic in your body."

    "Not being able to handle it means?"

    "It means originally it was probably stillborn. Then you entered inside."


    I see.

    Then it's good.

    The fact that I did not kill Mr. Rudeus is good.[26]

    I did not want to think that I robbed him of such a great, happy life.

    It was good that it did not become a sad history, with Paul and Zenith's first child being dead.

    Hence it's good.

    All right.

    Let's change it.

    I am Paul's and Zenith's child, Rudeus.

    The one and only Rudeus Greyrat.

    With that mindset, let's move on to the next question.

    • Regarding the mana calamity

    "I heard that the mana calamity was the result of summoning Nanahoshi, but can I hear the specific details?"

    "...There are still many things that are unknown regarding the incident. It was the first time something like this happened."

    "As a reincarnated person, I was at that place. Thus I think there exists the possibility that I caused that incident..."

    "You were...?"

    While saying so, Eris touched the area around my thigh.

    When I looked at her, she was weakly shaking her head.

    To reassure myself, I moved my hand――and touched Eris's buttocks.

    The soft yet well-built buttocks was very attractive and ah, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!

    "The possibility cannot be ruled out. Nanahoshi, you, that incident, they were all unprecedented incidents."

    I thought the flesh around the thigh would be ripped off.

    Eris glared at me with a serious face, saying [Wasn't this supposed to be a serious topic!?].

    I was happy that she became a child that could read the atmosphere.

    Anyway, it seemed like he did not have information regarding the mana calamity.

    Even though Nanahoshi made a weird hypothesis...well, I guess it's fine.

    • Regarding things from now on

    For the time being, these questions were enough.

    If I heard too much, I feel like my head would split.

    In fact, my head was already at the brink of splitting.

    "...First, I managed to obtain information about the future."

    "Is that so?"

    "Ehm, please have a look."

    Having said so, I handed over the future diary to Orsted.

    Orsted opened the diary and read a few pages.

    And, making a frown looked up.

    "It will take some time. The characters are too messy."

    "I do not mind..."

    I wonder if my writing really was that messy.

    I was also told that by Nanahoshi.

    Well, it's a diary, even if it's messy, it can't be helped.

    But...let's just be careful showing others my writing.

    "Ah, right, before we continue, may I first confirm something?"

    "What is it?"

    I wonder if it was fine to ask about it.

    I felt like because Orsted was much more benevolent than I expected, I was pushing the line.

    "I, no, I――"[27]

    "You do not need to be so formal."

    "I, from now on will become Orsted-san's...-sama's subordinate. Having said so, is that acceptable?"

    "...Ah. But only as long as you intend to."

    "So, it is a rather difficult topic to talk about."

    Taking a look at Eris, I said.

    "It is regarding the terms of employment?"

    "Terms, of...employment...?"

    "Yes. I do have wives and children, I would like to regularly have rest days, time to see my family, if they are possible, I believe, I would feel very grateful. Yes."[28]

    Rest is very important.

    It is necessary for any human to rest.

    I am of course someone who will put forth all my efforts into working, when I have decided to work.

    But still.

    Exactly for what reason I work, isn't it necessary to regularly remind yourself?

    To see the growth of Lucy.

    To tell Aisha and Norn to study.

    To savour Lilia's dishes.

    To bask in the sun with mother.

    To do erotic things with Sylphy.

    To do erotic things with Roxy.

    To do erotic things with Eris.


    "That is up to you. Rudeus Greyrat."

    "Ah, is that so."

    As expected it was no good, huh.

    I'm sorry Lucy, daddy will be working away from home.

    Until I defeat Human God, save the world, and return, grow up healthy and be a good kid.

    "But I am different from Atofe. I do not think I could separate you, who risked his life trying to protect his family, from them. To take you away for so many the very least, right now I do not have such intentions."

    "Ah, is that so? Hearing that I can feel relieved."

    It seems I will receive rest.


    I'm glad.

    It would be hard to be separated from everyone.

    Even saying that I absolutely must protect them, I want to be together with them.

    "Is there anything else you require?"

    Orsted's eyes were glaring.

    I wonder if it would be fine to ask.

    I hope he won't be angry.

    No no, it is not good to ask for such a thing afterwards.

    Don't we have a contract, we have to be firm and decide this first.

    "...Is it really all right for me to make a demand?"

    "I plan to make it as convenient as possible."

    Are you serious.

    Then is it fine to push the line and demand salary?

    It should not be a bad thing.

    Money was in other words responsibility.

    Paying money means to give responsibility.

    Receiving money means to take responsibility.

    A work that doesn't involve money will become an irresponsible work.

    Or so I have read in a manga.

    From now on I will receive responsibility from Orsted.

    It could be said that getting money from Orsted was a form of proof.

    "Ehm, that is.... If I am not at home, there will be one less person, working to support the family. Although it cannot be said that I earn much...previously to fight Orsted-sama, a lot, that is, has been used up. Even the reserves...though there was still some left, it can be said that the bottom can be seen. Thus, if I do not work, the dinner will have one less dish. And, we still have young ones in the middle of their growth spurt."

    "...In other words, it is about money."

    "To put it in simple terms, that is it, hehe."

    While I made an embarrassed, vulgar laugh, Orsted took something out of his pocket.

    It was a dagger in its splendidly ornamented sheath.

    No, a short sword.

    It was put on top of the table.

    "This is one of 48 demon swords, crafted from the bones of King Ryuuou by the demon realm's craftsman Yulian Jalisco. It is the demon sword Yubi Ori[Prominent]. If you sell it, you would probably receive about 100,000 Asura gold coins. It will be your current budget."[29]

    "Oh, yes..."

    100,000 Asura gold coins.

    In this currency, one Asura gold coin is worth about 100,000 yen...ehm, ehm.

    So it's equivalent to 10 bi, billion yen!?

    Is this not an amount that allows you to play around your whole life.

    It may be enough to build a castle.

    "So it is not enough?"

    "N, no, how is that possible."

    This is bad.

    That guy, he gave me such an expensive item, exactly what is he going to make me do.

    Ah, to fight against Human God.

    ...But, it became a little more scary.

    But, even if he says it is my current budget, exactly who would pay so much money to buy one sword.

    Asura's royal family?

    Am I going to squeeze one of Ariel's brothers dry?

    "B, but, it would be extremely hard to turn this into money, I think."

    "Hm...I see. That is true. Then, is something like this better?"

    Saying so, Orsted took out a leather bag.

    It was casually put on the table and made a sound like stones were rubbing against each other.

    I stretched out my hands towards the leather bag to see what was inside.

    Colorful and transparent stones were inside.

    They were blue, red, green, yellow, black and white.

    "These are gems...?"

    "They are magic stones. They may be small, but I have chosen ones dyed in a color. If you sell them at the magic guild, they will become a large sum of money."

    Colored magic stones.

    And so many of them...

    Unlike the demon sword, you wouldn't be able to build a castle, but it would be enough to play around for 10 years.

    I wonder if it's all right to receive something like this.

    While I was thinking, I took a glance at Orsted's face.

    "Do you still need more."

    Is more coming?

    No, but.

    Receiving any more.

    Would be somewhat scary.

    "No...for the time being, this is enough."

    The magic stones and the short sword were placed in the pocket while answering.

    Somehow it felt like receiving dangerous items, it was itching.

    I think I will have Eris take the short sword...

    "Then, I will read this diary, but what will you do?"

    "Let's see. I will wait."

    "It will take a day."

    "Ah...then, what to do. Today is still it better to continue the story?"

    "No, if you believe that this diary is important, it would be better to read it first."

    Though whether it was important or not was difficult to say.

    Just, I felt that it was better to read it at least once.

    Orsted can roughly see the future.

    Thus if he took a look at my diary, he may come to some kind of realization.

    "Then, I will come again tomorrow to this place."


    "...Do you intend to sleep here?"


    "I understand."

    Saying my farewell, I left the hut and returned to the house.

    On the way home.

    In the evening, Eris was walking one step ahead.

    Somehow I ended up hearing about many difficult to understand topics.

    My head felt heavy.

    My tired head was only looking at the incredible buttocks before me.

    Eris's butt was amazing.

    There was a perfect harmony between muscle and fat.

    It gave off an incredible feeling.

    What can come out will come out.

    It would be what was known as sex appeal.

    Eris was perfectly wearing her bottoms where the buttocks line appeared.

    It was a very impressive line.

    You could understand that it was just about to burst out.

    Whether it was spats or leggings.

    Hm, exactly what leather was the material made off, I don't think I have seen such an odd animal.

    No, that elasticity may come from the cloth.

    I felt that if I touched it, I would understand.

    That's right, I should just touch it.

    If I touch it, I would unravel one of the mysteries in the world in exchange for momentary pain.

    All right.

    Eris could use the [Sword of Light], I will also show that I can use the [Touch of Light]. [30]


    Suddenly Eris turned around.

    I hurriedly raise up my face.

    "...Rudeus is Rudeus, right?"

    As usual, Eris's face was shaped like the character へ.

    She somehow understood all the talk regarding reincarnation.

    "Ah. I am me. I seem to have the Laplace Factor, but I'm not someone entirely different."

    "Then, nothing will change from now on?"

    "That's the intention. Only something that was not known became clear, nothing will change."

    I declared without making excuses or apologizing.

    Eris seems to have kept up with the topics from before.

    I wonder if she understood it.

    To Orsted, reincarnation seemed to be like a daily occurrence, while I, who read Sci-Fi in my previous life, was somehow able to understand it.

    But I wonder if someone without any prior knowledge would be able to keep up with the topics just now.

    No, even Eris is supposed to be around 20 years old.

    It's not an age where you never need to think.

    It's my own selfish wish for Eris to forever remain an idiot.


    In the situation where I didn't know whether Eris understood it or not, she said.

    "You want to keep it a secret from Sylphy and Roxy?"

    "If possible, but if you want to reveal it, I will say it."

    As I answered, Eris was running two, three steps and stopped.

    The sunset was right behind her.

    Her beautiful proportions were cast in shadow by the light behind her.

    As her red hair was basking in the sunset, it shone like rubies.

    Even with back-light, her well-defined facial features and the sharp glint in her eyes gave off a strong sense of presence.

    How beautiful.

    "Then, let's walk while holding hands."

    Eris held out her hand.

    I silently took her hand.

    Contrary to her beautiful appearance there were sword calluses, and it was slightly rougher, which was a big difference compared to Sylphy and Roxy.

    The hand that wrapped around mine was warm and strong.

    I grasped it tightly in return and began walking.

    To walk side by side with Eris after such a long time, made me happy for some reason.

    The next day.

    For the second time, I proceeded towards Orsted's place.

    Today, I went alone.

    I asked Eris to guard the house.

    Right now she is the watchdog.

    If a suspicious guy comes, she is to help Aisha send them away.

    With this, the security of my home is perfect.

    I had her protect the house, at least until the guardian magical beast is summoned.

    Since Eris came along, it should be fine to take Sylphy and Roxy along as well...

    But due to Orsted's curse, they will most likely become hostile towards him.

    In the end, going alone was better.

    Outside the hut, Zanoba was dead.

    Leaning against the almost 3 meter tall metal mass, he was lying on his face.[31]

    "No way...!"

    I rushed towards him in a hurry, put my hand on his shoulder and shook it.

    "Are you serious, hey, Zanoba...hey!"

    Pulse――was beating.

    Pupil――was moving.

    Breath――was there.

    Body temperature――was warm.

    Looks like he was still alive...!

    I was too hasty. He was not dead.

    He was just sleeping.

    "Haa...I was perplexed..."

    Jesus, I almost cried.

    Why was this guy sleeping in a place like this.

    He should just sleep like royalty on a soft bed...He is already at an advanced age.[32]

    While I was relieved, Orsted came out from inside the hut.

    "You came, Rudeus."

    "Ah, yes, I have arrived."

    He moved his eyes and stared at Zanoba and me.

    "Last night, Zanoba Shirone suddenly came and brought that along."


    "The armor that you used."

    Ah, when taking a closer look, wasn't this wreck the magic armor.[33]

    It couldn't be recognized with one glance, because it was divided into parts.

    Come to think of it, when I gave back the report saying they should just leave it alone because it was broken, I also said that I would come back for it soon.

    "So did you fight when you encountered each other?"


    Surely Zanoba never imagined to run into Orsted in this place.

    Maybe it would have been better to tell him about this yesterday...

    Ah well, no external wounds can be seen, it seems Orsted went easy on him.

    "In the end he could not take it because of the curse, so he said he will leave it to you and crawled over to there. You sure are highly cherished."


    Without thinking, I rushed towards Zanoba and started using healing magic.

    Because there wasn't an external injury, there was most likely no meaning in using it, but at the very least I wanted him to have a peaceful sleep.

    Or rather, when he fell down here, did he land on his head.

    Orsted has no mercy.

    "Then, he will open his eyes again, right?"

    "I put him to sleep with hypnosis magic that is passed down in the Nuka-tribe. He will wake up in a few hours."[34]

    I see.

    With hypnosis magic.

    I wonder what kind of magic it is.

    Could you freely manipulate your opponent with it.

    For example, if I gave Sylphy the order [Roll up your skirt], would she do exactly as told.

    No, even if hypnosis wasn't used, she would do so.

    Then again, to make that order Sylphy has to first wear a skirt.

    A miniskirt would be great.

    A miniskirt like those fairies wear would surely suit Sylphy.

    Though in this country they do not sell something like a miniskirt.

    But well, if you could freely manipulate others, Orsted would use it more often.

    It looks like the best it could do was to make others fall asleep.

    "Let us go inside and continue yesterday's conversation."

    Orsted immediately went inside after saying that.

    After putting a jacket over Zanoba and creating a roof with magic, I went inside.

    On the way back, I will bring him to Ginger's place.

    "Then, it may be sudden, but let us move to the main topic."

    Hearing Orsted's words, I sat at the table.

    Orsted took out the diary from his breast pocket and put it on the table.

    "It was a rather interesting diary...while I have some interest in the time travel magic, but since we cannot replicate it, let us leave it alone for the time being."


    "Although there are still some things to be worried about... Before we start talking about the contents of the diary, first tell me about the conversations until now between you and Human God. I will have you spit out everything."

    "With pleasure."

    I then recalled and recited everything, from when I first met Human God and everything afterwards.

    Until now, I have met with Human God...

    Directly after the teleportation.

    In the town of Rikaris.

    In Wind port.

    In East port.

    Directly after almost getting killed by Orsted.

    Before enrolling into the magic university.

    Right before I went to Begaritt continent.

    Just before the me came from the future.

    Right after the me came from the future.

    During the preparation to fight against Orsted.

    These ten times.

    I went into detail in every one of them.

    As well as the outcome, exactly what and how it happened.

    Just after the teleportation. Being told to rely on Ruijerd.

    As a result, we become adventurers.

    In the town of Rikaris. Being told to accept the request to look for the pet.

    As a result, we met with Jaril and Veskel, but were eventually forced out of town.

    In Wind port. To go into a back alley while holding food.

    As a result, I met the Great Demon Empress and gained a demon eye.

    In East Port. Being shown a prediction and being told to go to Shirone.

    As a result, I became acquainted with Zanoba and rescued Lilia and Aisha.

    Directly after almost getting killed by Orsted. I did not receive advice.

    Before enrolling into the magic university. Being told to go to the magic university and research about the mana calamity.

    As a result, I reunited with Sylphy and married her.

    Right before I went to Begaritto continent. Being told to not go to Begaritto continent.

    As a result of going against his advice, Paul died, Zenith became disabled and I married Roxy. Human God said that if I hadn't gone, Paul would have survived.

    Just before the me came from the future. Being told to go to the basement.

    The moment I tried to go, the me from the future came and told me what would have happened. The rat was definitely inside.

    Right after the me came from the future. He appeared with a displeased face and told me to kill Orsted.

    I accordingly did so and started the preparations to kill Orsted.

    During the preparation. He was talking freely about the armor. As a result, the completion was hurried.

    Orsted was quietly listening to the story.

    While neither adding to the conversation or asking questions.

    He was just quietly listening.

    "――That is all. Did you understand something?"

    Orsted nodded when being asked.

    "Ah, I understood exactly how he used you."

    Oh. So it was a fact.

    As expected it was Orsted's area of expertise.[35]

    "He has used you to change the history."

    "Hm, the history."

    "Originally the history preordained by strong fate was not supposed to change."

    "...Is that because my fate is strong?"


    It seems my destiny power could change the history.[36]

    "But, if Orsted-sama intended to change it, it would change, right?"


    As he nodded, he tapped on the diary lying on top of the table.

    "But I do not grasp the reason why Human God has changed history to this degree."

    "Is the reason not to prevent his own death?"

    "Do not just blindly believe in his words."

    "Ah, yes."

    Well, there was the possibility of being lied to.

    "Anyway, I understood one thing."

    "What would that be."

    "The fact that after changing history this way, in the end a favorable future for him awaits."

    "I see."

    In one beat, Orsted said.

    "Thus I will make you change history, to a future that will be favorable for me."

    So it's not to return it to its original path.

    It makes sense.

    What has not happened is not part of history.

    History is what you make.

    "It is a rather tedious way."[37]

    "I am already preparing and moving while thinking about what will happen in a 100 years time. What has happened and what will happen, everything is strategic preparation. Because of Nanahoshi and you, things have become distorted..."

    In a 100 years time.

    It appears he has started preparing a long time ago, to now change his strategy seemed no longer viable.

    "...Just for confirmation, it appears we cannot go to the place where Human God is and beat him up together, right?"

    "Until we have collected hidden treasures, we cannot reach Human God."[38]

    "And we cannot collect them right now?"

    "It is possible to collect 4, but the last one is in Laplace's possession. Laplace's revival is about 80 years from now. ...I will retrieve the hidden treasure. Be sure not to act in a selfish manner?"

    Selfish or not.

    It was not like I knew where those hidden treasures were located.

    Though it was written in the diary that they were in the possession of the five dragon leaders.

    But the only place I knew was Perugius's place.

    Hm? But isn't the plan compromised by the fact that the Mad Dragon King Chaos has died?[39]

    "I have heard that the Mad Dragon King Chaos has passed away, is it still all right?"

    "Chaos's part has already been collected."

    I see, so the preparations have already been done.

    "But, the plan to have me change the future may have already been predicted by Human God."


    "Is there not also the possibility that by moving this way, we will dig our own grave?"

    "None. The possibility is high that he possesses the characteristic to be unconditionally trusted by the living beings in this world in addition to his strong future sight...on the other hand, he is not good dealing with irregulars."[40]

    Is that so.

    I wonder whether Human God also possesses a curse...[41]

    But no, there would be no trust.

    After all I did not trust him.

    Then again Orsted's curse does not work on me.

    Thus Human God's curse would also not work on me.

    There was a feeling that Human God was struggling in his conversations with me.

    But thinking back, in the beginning I did seem to trust his words a lot.

    So it can be said that the curse was not completely working?

    So there was also the possibility that one day I will become fearful towards Orsted?

    No, Orsted's information may be not completely true.

    The fact that he is unconditionally trusted by all living beings, there is the possibility that it can be ruled out.

    In the end, I had no clue what was correct or not.

    Unexpectedly, that [Curses do not affect me] may only be half-true.

    At first I was quite scared regarding Orsted.

    On the other hand, on the way I began trusting Human God more and more.

    Ah well, I didn't know about this. Let's put it aside.

    "Even if you look may not win."

    "I can."[42]

    Orsted declared so.

    "He is not omnipotent, it is just one more step."

    Those words were not directed towards me.

    It was as if Orsted was persuading himself.

    Orsted intended to win.

    Even if I was inferior midway, I will be the one to win in the end, such mettle could be felt.

    How dependable.

    "For the time being, we will change the most recent history."[43]

    "The most recent?"

    "That is right."

    Continuing, Orsted said this.

    "To turn Asura Kingdom's second princess, Ariel Anemoi Asura, into the Asura Kingdom's queen."


    "If it is necessary, we will manipulate her like a puppet."


    Like a puppet.

    How to say, they were words that caused a bad feeling.

    "I wonder if that Ariel-sama can be so easily manipulated."

    "Even though I said like a puppet, it is not such an exaggerated thing. It is enough if there are ties to the Asura Kingdom in the future."

    "I see."

    When saying ties in the future, it is in anticipation for the next 100 years.

    If we started something now, the results will show themselves in a 100 years time.

    For example, to help regarding the study of magic.

    For example, to strengthen the armaments.

    For example, to extinguish the spark that will lead to the collapse of the kingdom.

    "I wonder if doing something like that will be all right."

    "There is no problem. In the first place, in the history that I know of, Ariel was supposed to become queen."

    "Ho, is it possible to hear details regarding that history?"

    "All right."

    Orsted nodded and began to narrate.

    "According to the original history, Ariel Anemoi Asura should have become queen. This was protected by a considerably powerful was a settled matter."

    "One would not think so if one saw the current Ariel-sama."

    "I suppose."

    The fortune of Ariel as of late has started to wane.

    Even I could see and understand that, she was getting nowhere when speaking with Perugius.

    It may be because of that, that Sylphy seemed to be busy going here and there.

    Though they gave their best, it felt tough.

    "To make Ariel queen, the power of three people are required. The first one is the guardian magician Derrick Redbat."[44]

    Guardian magician Derrick.

    He was the magician that acted as Ariel's escort before Sylphy.

    He seemed to have died because of the mana calamity.

    "He was a shrewd man, possessing a strong ambition. If the mana calamity had not happened, Ariel was fated to encounter Perugius. And the one who at that time would have persuaded Perugius was Derrick."

    That is to say that if that Derrick fellow was alive right now, the situation right now would not be like this.

    "Even after this, Derrick would have remained as Ariel's advisor and would eventually become the prime minister."

    Prime minister.

    No wonder he was such an important person.

    "Such a person disappeared due to the mana calamity?"

    "That is right. Though he was supposed to have been protected by a strong fate...he died."

    Even with fate, it didn't seem to be infallible.

    It would be better to not think that because I possess a strong fate, I could not die.

    "In other words, it would be fine to find another person."

    "No, if we are to manipulate, a prime minister would become a hindrance instead. He is not needed."

    "Without a prime minister, will Ariel be able to do it?"

    "With Ariel coming to the magic city Sharia, there has been a change in talented personnel. There is no problem."

    Then it's fine.

    If we tried to follow that path, it seems it will backfire.

    Well, that being said, it's better if I didn't become the prime minister.

    I was not particularly smart.

    "The second one was Eris Boreas Greyrat."


    I wonder how she was related to this.

    Apart from being nobility from Asura, they don't have anything else in common.

    "Originally, after training her sword arm, Eris was supposed to enter the Asura's chivalric order. There she would meet Luke and they were fated to marry."


    There was a tingling sensation in my chest.

    "Wait a minute, the image of Eris and Luke marrying does not seem possible."

    "For Luke it was love at first sight."

    "You serious."

    So Luke was that, huh.

    The descendant of a hero or something?

    No, it wouldn't be weird for him to fall for Eris at first sight.

    She was incredibly beautiful.

    Her chest was huge.

    Her body was quite erotic.

    It wouldn't be weird for someone to be suddenly deceived by her appearance.

    "No matter how many times he was hit, against Luke Notus Greyrat's relentless attacks, Eris Boreas Greyrat eventually gave in. But after marriage, they were a rather happily married couple."[45]


    A happily married couple.

    Hee~, haa~...if you properly looked deep enough, even Eris has some cute spots.

    ...But there was a feeling of being NTR'd.

    Right, once I'm back, let's rub Eris's breasts from behind.

    I will most likely be hit, but everything, everything has its price.

    To touch those breasts, even becoming punch-drunk would be fine.[46]

    "To you it would be an unpleasant topic."

    "Ehm, to be honest."

    "I see. Then let me summarize it."

    I do not know about any other history.

    The history where Eris and Luke stuck together did not exist.

    In the current history, the one receiving Eris's love is only me.[47]

    Eris is mine only.

    "Unlike now, the Eris Boreas Greyrat I knew was a swordswoman, whose sword arm had the potential to become Saint-ranked. Because she was from a good family, had beautiful looks and coupled with her harsh personality, she was called the Red Lion."[48]

    The Red Lion.

    If I remember right, since young Eris was called wild monkey or something like that.

    If I compare them, she seemed to have risen up.

    Though she was known as Mad Sword King right now...wait, in the end she was still a beast.

    "Together with Luke, Eris protected Ariel from assassins countless times, and helped pave Ariel's road to become queen."

    "So it is the position Sylphy is in right now."

    "That's right."

    "...And in that history, what was supposed to happen to Sylphy?"

    Though it wasn't related, let's hear it.

    "Sylphiette became Roxy Migurdia's disciple and became an adventurer. Due to her green hair, she seems to have been disliked, but she eventually managed to conquer several dungeons and became world-famous as a Dungeon Traveler[Dungeon Explorer]."


    Incredible, Sylphy.

    As expected from my Sylphy.

    When I return, let me lick your ears.

    "And, who did Sylphy marry with?"

    "The reason I talk is not to satisfy your intellectual curiosity."

    So I was told directly.

    I'm sorry.

    But when I became dejected, Orsted let out a sigh and continued.

    "To my knowledge, Sylphiette and Roxy Migurdia did not marry anyone and lived their lives as singles."

    Is that so, thank you very much.

    I see, I see.

    So Sylphy and Roxy were singles.

    Ah~, so those two only belong to me.

    I was somehow happy.

    Especially after being told that Eris and Luke were supposed to be married.

    So this is what's known as possessiveness, huh.

    Those two belonged to this one.[49]

    I will definitely not hand them over to anyone.

    "Is there anyone else from your family that you want to know the history of?"

    "No, let us continue with the story."

    Though I want to hear...

    A story about a world where I didn't exist, even if I heard it, nothing could be done about it.

    Then, hearing only the necessary parts was fine.[50]

    Let that be enough to satisfy my curiosity.

    "Instead of Eris, Sylphy took on that duty, that should be fine, right."

    "Ah. The fact that Ariel is alive is proof of that. Furthermore, because Eris was accompanying Ariel, Philip Boreas Greyrat and Sauros Boreas Greyrat joined the faction of the second princess."

    Hm, more people who passed away.

    Both Philip and Sauros have already died.

    To think that those two should have become Ariel's comrades...

    Wasn't the current situation rather severe.

    "Then the third person?"

    "Tristina Purplehorse."

    Tristina Purplehorse?

    ...Someone I didn't know, huh.

    "Tristina was a child from Asura's upper aristocracy's family Purplehorse, but was abducted when she was 8 years old and became a sex slave to senior minister Darius Silver Ganius."


    Wasn't he the minister holding the most power in the Asura kingdom right now.

    He was in the first prince's faction.

    To make an 8 year old child his sex slave, he sure has an interesting taste.

    Then again, the first prince...what was his name again?

    "Tristina was supposed to be disposed of in secret, but was fortunately helped by Ariel. Though he was a senior minister, he could not escape the charges after imprisoning a child from the Purplehorse family for so many years. As a result, the senior minister lost his position and the first prince Gravel lost influence."[51]

    The first prince's name was Gravel.

    Right, remember it.

    "Understood, then where is Tristina in the current history?"

    "Her position is unknown."

    "She was not dead?"

    "Because a big incident happened, Darius had to immediately reorganize his surroundings. To dispose of his sex slaves, the possibility that they died is high."

    So it's a problem of possibility.

    It seemed the probability of her being dead was higher.

    "Darius sold the sex slaves, who should have been disposed, at the slave market to raise money. Thus the women who became slaves were most of the time bought by someone else and continued as a slave, or were taught techniques, if they were not adults yet, and became thieves."

    At that moment, Orsted tapped at my diary.

    "I am intrigued about the woman called Tris, who is mentioned in the diary."


    If I remember right, she was the thief woman the me in the diary met when infiltrating the Asura Kingdom.

    Though the diary wasn't written any further.

    "But the name Tris is not an uncommon name in Asura."

    This and that.

    That was because there were all kinds of -ris in Asura.[52]

    "True, but as far as I know, a thief woman called Tris does not exist in that region. Also, the characteristics of Tristina and the thief woman mentioned in the diary seem to match."

    Ah, I see.

    A person, whose history wasn't known by Orsted, suddenly appeared in the diary.

    So because the names are similar, there's a chance that they are the same person.

    Even so, Tristina and Tris.

    If they were the same person, I wonder if she named herself Tris because it was easier to call.

    It was a feeling as if the rest was spirited away.[53]

    "So by obtaining that person, it is possible to ruin the senior minister."

    "It's because she is a live witness."

    Then for Ariel to become queen, she was someone we had to get in contact with.

    "I wonder why she did not return to her parent's house."

    "Officially it was a kidnapping, but she was sold by Purplehorse behind the scenes."

    "If it was revealed that she was sold away as a sex slave by her parent's house, they would lose their power?"

    "Because the supposed kidnapping was revealed. As long as a reason exists to attack others, anything would have been fine."

    I see.

    Since Darius had many enemies, who and where had what circumstances, anything would have been fine.

    For a girl from upper aristocracy to be abducted and violated against her will, if that was the truth, it wouldn't be difficult to ruin Darius.

    "It is a rather disturbing country."

    "True. But because it was full of such people, they hold the most power in this world. Disregarding the fact that they live on rich lands."

    Well, there were likely many good diplomats or so.

    Though it may be bias, even if internally they pull each other's legs, their connection with other countries seemed to be good.

    "Regardless, as long as Tristina exists, we can force senior minister Darius's downfall. Once he is gone, the rest will somehow fall in place."

    "Is senior minister Darius such a powerful person?"

    "Ah, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the current king only became king because of Darius."

    Is that so.

    I wonder if he was the kind that was good at collecting money and laying the groundwork like ***sawa.

    "If we fail to cause his will kill him."

    "Eh, I am to kill him?"

    "Yes. With your powerful fate, killing him should be easy."

    It seemed that whether or not you are able to kill your opponent was decided by the strength of your fate.

    Ah right, wasn't this also Human God's argument on whether or not I could kill Orsted?


    Though there was some resistance towards killing people.

    But if it was related to protecting my family, I will try my best.

    The opponent was an evil minister.

    Then it was fine.

    If the opponent was scum, he couldn't be regarded as a human.

    "But if I followed the story correctly, wasn't there also the faction of the second prince? Is it fine to leave him alone?"

    "The second prince Halfaus. A path that would lead him to become king does not exist. If he was not a possible candidate to become king, there were few who truly thought of him becoming king."

    "However nothing is certain this time, even if the chance was low, he may become king."

    The second prince. Halfaus was the name.

    I neither knew his face or personality, but if he was considered as a candidate, he should be excellent.

    We don't know what could happen.

    "There is no problem. If we happen to fail, we will succeed next time."

    "Next time? Is it about the next move?"

    "A-...Ah, that is right."

    "What will become of Ariel?"

    "She will die."

    Having been alive for 2000[54] years, I wonder if one or two failures are tolerable.

    After all in a long, thought-out plan, not everything can be successful.

    So for a strategic move in a 100 years' time, it would be fine even if one or two things were missing.

    But still.

    "Let us stop here, saying such momentary things will only make Human God snicker."

    Being told so, Orsted had a furious look.

    It was a scary face.

    But I still continued.

    "It is possible that afterwards the failures will continue. As a result, the final conflict might be influenced."

    While I agreed that it was fine as long as you win in the end one way or another, if Ariel were to die, there existed the possibility that Sylphy will be involved.

    I also promised Ghyslaine to introduce her to Ariel.

    The followers' misfortune was my misfortune.

    I did not wish for misfortune.

    "Let us take care of each and every one. To win every single challenge with the utmost caution."

    "...That goes without saying."

    Orsted firmly nodded.

    "Anyway, the first objective is to make Ariel queen. Orsted-sama will give instruction and I will be the one to say."

    "That is right."

    So this was the feeling of being backed by someone.

    The feeling of being backed by Orsted's Dragon God association.

    But revealing this was a little troublesome.

    "Let us also make plans on how to deal with the second Prince Halfaus."

    "Very well. Regarding him, leave it to me. I will cause the downfall of the major nobles that follow him. Although he did not have the desire to become king, that will be enough to weaken his will to fight."

    From his tone, I noticed something.

    It may not matter who became king from Orsted's view.

    Even if Ariel died and Halfaus became king.

    In that case, it would be fine to insinuate myself into his faction.

    "The start of the operation will surely be soon."

    "In January, the information that the king fell ill will arrive."

    "Until then?"

    "Until then, complete your preparations."

    With Orsted's words, the objective for the time being was decided.

    Well, then, preparations.

    Even if he said preparations, exactly what should I prepare.

    While establishing contact with Ariel and Luke was obvious, there were also other preparations to be made.

    "Exactly what should I prepare."

    "First it will be your equipment. Most likely you will have to fight against Human God's apostles. Although just your body should be enough, it would be better to have protective equipment."

    Orsted looked outside the hut when saying so.

    There was the magic armor, the parts of which were in pieces, and Zanoba, who was sleeping peacefully.

    When looking closely, even the right hand's gatling was brought along.

    "Although it was far from the Fighting God's armor, it is a terrific armor. It must have been hard work to build something like that."

    "Well...I did receive a lot of advice from Human God."

    "Is that he also dug his own grave. So, what is the epitaph?"

    "Epitaph, you say?"

    "The name of that armor."

    "Magic Armor[Magic-driven Armor]."

    "I see...a rather boring name. Should I give it a new one? Let's see..."

    "No thank you."

    Orsted squinted his eyes and laughed.

    Even this guy's smile was eccentric.

    Leaving the name aside, I wonder what Cliff and Zanoba would think about receiving praise from Dragon Orsted regarding the performance.[55]

    "If you plan to keep continuing it in the future, it would be good to improve it a little more. With that, you will use up all your magic with only one use."

    "Even so, if we miniaturize it, it will not be ready in a month's time."

    "Then we will leave it out this time..."

    After saying that, Orsted put his hand on his chin and nodded.

    I wondered if he planned to help with the production.

    Is he going to give our armor the mark of the Dragon God?

    "But it's a problem that you can not wear fighting spirit. For now, wear this robe."

    "Ah, yes. Thank you very much."

    That robe was surely very valuable.

    "Let us also prepare magic items that you seem to be able to use."


    The best environment, pay and equipment.

    Did Orsted plan to prepare all of them.

    There was a big difference compared to Human God's lousy pitches.[56]

    "Come to think of it, I have heard that the Fighting God's armor was the most powerful, exactly what was it?"

    "It was Demon Dragon King Laplace's greatest masterpiece, as well as his greatest failure."

    Laplace's greatest masterpiece.

    So it was Laplace that created it.

    "On the surface the magic released will have a golden shine and the person equipped to it will gain the strongest power. However, because of the massive magic it is self-conscious and will take over the mind of the one equipped to it, it is a cursed armor."

    A cursed armor...

    Ah, was that what the dragon-tribe was good at making.

    It felt like all Laplace was making were cursed items.

    Supard tribe's spears, the armor...he didn't seem to have made any useful things.

    "Furthermore, right now it was sleeping in the middle of ocean rings, deep underneath."[57]


    Orsted seemed to know just about everything.

    There was nothing he didn't know.[58]

    "And, let me give you this."

    While saying so, Orsted took out something like a scroll from his pocket.

    Receiving and opening it, a magic circle was inscribed on it.

    "This is?"

    "What was mentioned yesterday, a magic circle to summon a guardian magical beast."


    "Imagine a being to protect your family while pouring magic into it. Even words are fine. Then something corresponding to it should be summoned."

    "Is an image good enough?"

    "Your magic is vast. Even without going into full details, you should be able to summon someone good."

    Even if I was told that someone good will be found.

    But well, if it was like that, I will give it a try.

    "I hope something weird will not be summoned. Like a little girl, starting with demon and ending with emperor."

    "It is up to you exactly what will be summoned...but Kishirika Kishirisu possesses vast magic. Such a small magic circle could not summon someone like her."

    So the problem is size.

    Oh well.

    "Anyway, regarding the guardian magical beast, I will summon it tomorrow."


    "First I should deepen friendly relations with Luke and Ariel and prepare for battle."

    "That is right."


    For now, this should be it to the discussion.

    Ah, right.

    I forgot to ask one more important matter.

    "...Come to think of it, it seems my descendants will be helping Orsted-san. It should be better to create many of them, right? And, if I have [too many] children, will Laplace be among them?"

    "...Laplace will not be born amongst your children. Do as you like."

    "Understood. I will do as I like."

    Then let's give birth and increase our forces a little bit.[59]

    Even Orsted would be happier to be surrounded by a great number of comrades.

    "Then, please excuse me for today. Unless this summoning magic circle is used, we will not know whether it works."


    "Then, until another day. If something occurs, please contact my house again."

    While standing up.

    I remembered one more thing that needed to be asked.

    "Come to think of it, Orsted-sama. Have you visited Nanahoshi yet?"

    "...No I have not."

    "Although it is not something I should say, but if you are anxious to be called by her, it would make me happy if you could forgive her. It was me who grabbed hold of her weakness and forced her to become my comrade."


    Orsted did not say a thing.

    Even I did not want others to be in discord because of me.

    "Nanahoshi was against me fighting you. It was because she was indebted to me."


    "She still seems to regret manipulating you, if Orsted-san still has room in your heart to forgive Nanahoshi, could you agree with meeting with her once more, even if only to hear her apology?"[60]

    "I know. I will do so. Only because Nanahoshi was...was a useful woman."

    That's true.

    She was very useful.


    "Ah, right. I remembered because of the topic right now. Ignoring my side for now, it would be inconvenient if it was not possible for you to contact me. Take this with you."

    Orsted took out from his breast pocket a single ring and put it on the table.

    I have seen it somewhere.

    It was very recent.

    Or rather, wasn't this what Nanahoshi had and I used for the trap.

    "If some emergency comes up, use it to call me."

    When you used this ring, for a short time magic will be released.

    While it released magic, it will become a compass, with the other pair pointing towards the direction of the other.

    If this was a magic tool, it seemed like it would be possible to create a radar...

    Unfortunately it seemed reproducing the effects of magic items was very difficult.

    Even so, for him to give me this...

    He was confident in repelling another one of my surprise attacks, so to say.

    Or alternatively, he had enough trust in me that I will not attempt another surprise attack.

    ...Let's assume the latter.

    Even Orsted would not want to go all-out a second or third time and use his sumptuous magic.

    If he places his trust in me, then I have a duty to respond to it.

    "I have received it. Then, until another day."

    Taking the ring, I left the hut.

    Afterwards I carried Zanoba and took him to Ginger's room.

    I left a message saying [The request to repair the magic armor will be at a later date].

    When I returned home, Sylphy was sullenly waiting.

    I explained to Sylphy, who was angry that I left the second time without telling where I went, about meeting Orsted.

    While hiding the future course of action, I told her that I will be moving here and there for the next month.

    Then I carried out my duty to increase Orsted's future allies by inviting her to the bed gradually.[61]

    The one thing necessary for this duty was love.

    While making some excuse, that day I slept soundly.

    A postponement of one month was granted.

    During this time I had things that had to be done.

    Even so, the time of one month was short, there were few things that could be done.

    I could not get carried away just because I had Orsted's backing.

    Though it may have been said in the heat of the moment, he seemed to think that even if we failed this time, there will be a next time.

    Maybe he was even thinking of developing a magic to return to the past after reading my diary.

    ...Alternatively he may have already experienced a time slip himself.

    In hindsight, when Orsted used the word [next time], he made a face as if saying [damn it].

    Not just once or twice, the possibility existed that he repeatedly time slip'd.

    If that was true, why didn't he reveal it to me.

    Even so, the me, who has kept various things hidden from my family, could somehow understand.

    Things that were hard to explain would be hidden underneath lies and deception.

    ...In fact, he may be hiding unfavorable things from me because he still doubted me, so even if he was betrayed, I could not do anything about it in the current situation.

    For now I wished to conduct myself in a way to not be hated by him.

    Thus let's first forget his secrets.

    Even if Orsted had a next time, I did not have that.

    You only get one life.

    Though I said that, it wasn't very convincing.

    I have listened to the story of the me who came from the future and in the end read the diary.

    I could feel with my skin that it was a life filled with regret.

    I did not have the feeling that as long as I could redo, it was fine.

    ...Or rather.

    If I thought that way, I felt like I would betray everything I have done so far.

    So let's put forth as much effort as possible.

    Exactly what to do in specific terms.

    Strengthening the body.

    Training your magic.

    After that, continuing with what I have always done.

    It was not as if by increasing the amount of training, I would suddenly get stronger.

    Continuing would become strength.

    Let's do what I have always done.

    Apart from that, it was agreed to have mock battles.

    Until now I have thought that something was missing.

    Although practice and training were important, to learn how to effectively use the trained techniques, mock battles were necessary after all.

    In sports it would be called sparring.

    An outdoor match called a fighting game.

    Although it was only a simulation, such a thing will become combat experience.

    The opponent was Eris.

    Eris was a Sword King and in close combat she was already overwhelmingly stronger than me, there was nothing to complain about.

    Well, there may be some dissatisfaction with me being Eris's opponent.

    By having Eris frequently fight against tricks like quagmire and dense fog, I thought I would give my best to have them become her experience.[62]

    She seemed to be somewhat weak against tricks.

    By the way, she had almost forgotten everything that she was taught a long time ago.

    Though she was still able to use simple beginner magic and could also speak Demon God language.

    But language, mathematics, science and etiquette in society did not remain in her head.

    In the end there were only things she liked to learn, so to say.

    Though I thought it was enough to have at least one Merit[Sword Technique].

    Anyway, training proceeded in that way.

    It would be terrible to be attacked when taking a bath in the bathroom, because holding mock battles with Eris was very tiring, but for now there was no problem.[63]

    But still, Eris was a mysterious woman.

    Even though she herself would excessively touch me, when I was touching her, I would get hit for some reason.

    It was illogical.

    Regarding equipment, I asked Zanoba and Cliff to repair and improve the magic armor.[64]

    Like miniaturizing and making it more efficient.

    Performance-wise it would be detuned. [65]

    Although it would not be completed within a month, I will look at it in the long-term.

    There was also some talk about Orsted providing some technology, they will somehow manage it within a few years.

    For this job in Asura Kingdom I will wear the equipment Orsted had prepared and given to me.

    Surely I will be wearing equipment that was enough to cause the downfall of a country.

    It was not as if I disliked the robe Sylphy selected, but I was a boy after all.

    My heart was dancing at the thought of new equipment.

    Well then, training and equipment were continuously reinforced...

    Regarding the other matter.

    To do things that needed to be done in a short amount of time, a schedule was needed.

    For that, this month's schedule was put up.

    On the first day I was thinking of calling the guardian magical beast.

    And then to see for a week whether the guardian magical beast was useful or not.

    If it was all right, then I would contact Cliff next.

    In addition to improving the equipment, there was one more thing I wanted to ask him.

    It was mainly about curses...something like experiments.

    While that was being prepared, I'd use Sylphy's connection to introduce Ghyslaine and Ariel.

    During that time, use some excuse and then lead the topic into helping Ariel.

    Then take one or two weeks to persuade Perugius.

    It would be good to run that parallel with the request to Cliff.

    For now I planned to move according to this schedule.

    Although the main event, Ariel's matter, turned out to be the last...since both the guardian beast and Cliff seemed to be all right, if I go in a winding way it should be fine.

    Thus the first matter was the summoning of the guardian magical beast.

    The next day after I was called by Orsted to hear the future plan of action.

    The entire family was brought together in the garden.

    The ones who were usually in the house, Aisha, Lilia, Zenith and Eris, who recently became family.

    Roxy and Norn went without saying, but even Jirou and Beat were there.

    Lucy, who recently became able to walk, was in Sylphy's arm.

    "I will now begin the summoning of our house's guardian magical beast. Applause please."


    Thunderous applause from everyone assembled.

    Tonight it will become a legendary live event.

    Oh my, why are Jirou-kun and Beat-kun not applauding.

    That is not good.

    We are going to summon a fellow comrade of yours?

    "Regarding this time's summon, it is unknown exactly what will be called forth. But there is no doubt that we are going to summon something powerful. That being will then protect the safety of the family."

    "Hey, since Orsted made it, will it be all right? It won't devour everyone in the family when Rudi goes out?"

    Sylphy's anxious voice.

    What a scary imagination.

    But wait, wasn't such a thing written in a book I once read.

    Summoning an uncontrollable magical beast and being devoured, something like that.

    "No, but. The magic circle itself is guaranteed by Dragon God."[66]

    "That's why I'm worried."

    Is that so.

    However, I did not think that Orsted would use such indirect methods.

    A strategic move for a later betrayal...?

    But I thought that there was a rather low chance.

    "Understood. For now I will call it. If it is dangerous, everyone will help defeat it and then we'll make an objection to Orsted."


    The one who replied cheerfully was Eris.

    She spiritedly drew out her sword, making a sound.[67]

    By the way, the demon sword I received the other day, Yubi Ori[Prominent], was at Eris' hip.

    Two she originally possessed were at her left, one was at her right hip.

    I wondered if it was heavy.

    "In that case, let us fight against Orsted together this time!"

    We're not going to fight.

    Only to complain.

    If we fight, we may be wiped out this time.

    Or rather, Eris seemed to be quite happy.

    Was she looking for an excuse to fight against Orsted?

    "Though we are no longer fighting against Orsted, there are opportunities to fight together with him from now on. Until then, please keep storing your energy."

    Being told so, Eris was making a face as if saying [How boring].

    It was fine if you wanted to fight anyone else, but Orsted was off-limits.

    I never want to fight such a hopeless battle a second time.

    At that time I may piss myself.[68]

    "Regardless, will that magic circle really be all right? Wouldn't it be better to show it to Perugius-sama and get confirmation first?"

    Roxy's words.

    She was probably wary because Orsted was the one who made it.

    The curse Orsted was under was truly powerful.

    I could easily conclude that the curse was authentic, judging from the too sensitive reaction of the surroundings.

    Let's take another look at it.


    From the looks of it, it was a normal summoning magic circle.

    The summoning conditions were written using a technique that I didn't know of.

    But I didn't feel anything strange about those.

    It would be good to show them to Nanahoshi.

    No, in the first place Orsted drew this summoning magic circle up because I couldn't.

    What will I do if I doubt it.

    "It's all right."

    "If Rudi says so, I will believe it...but just a minute, I will be taking out my staff."

    Roxy seemed to be doubtful.

    Though she said she will believe me, she went back to the house and took out her favorite staff.

    "While I don't know why the sisters are so cautious...Nii-san, is it really not something dangerous?" [69]

    Norn was a little bit anxious.

    The one who tapped her on the shoulder was Aisha.

    "You're a fool, Norn-ane. Onii-chan wouldn't use something truly dangerous so close to us."[70]

    Aisha's trust struck me in the chest a little.

    When I truly, truly thought about it, I did not know about the safety check in this magic circle.

    Was it really a good idea to use it.

    Even now, asking Perugius [Is this magic circle really safe] would have been better.

    In such a case, Aisha would look at me with sad eyes and I would be suspicious about Orsted.

    No, no.

    I believed in Orsted.

    He said that he trusted me.

    "When it comes down to it, I will become your shield. You can do it without reserve."

    Lilia said some dangerous words.

    Although I thought you shouldn't be doing such things.

    With the surroundings saying such gloomy words, it truly seemed like it was something dangerous.

    Is this really a good idea?

    But all right.

    "Then, I will be using the magic circle."

    At those words, everyone nodded.

    I put the said magic circle on a table that I created with magic.


    Gathering my spirit, I put my hand on the magic circle.

    Concentrating my mind, with a feeling like letting magic into my blood stream, I sent out magic from my fingertips.

    Thus I sent magic from my hand into the magic circle.

    I was not stingy with the quantity of magic used.

    After all its existence was to protect my family.

    Even if too much, I was pouring all my magic into it.

    Incidentally I also wanted Orsted to pour all his magic into it as well.

    But even so, pouring all that magic into it didn't guarantee that a strong magical beast will be summoned.

    Anyway, I will pour as much as I can.

    Orsted also said that imagination was important.

    An image to protect the family.

    Even having said so, it was rather vague.

    Hm, first and foremost it should be strong.

    Strong enough to protect others even if someone comes.

    It should also have strong feelings of loyalty.

    Someone not defiant.

    Also not someone vulgar since he was to protect the family.

    It would be bad for my sisters' and Lucy's education if some Roper covered in viscous liquid appeared. [71]

    Ah right, someone noble to become Lucy's knight.

    Someone noble, with high loyalty and strong.

    That's good.

    Come forth~~.

    "Come forth, guardian magical beast!"

    The magic circle unleashed dazzling light.

    Colorful lights were overflowing, not only white, but also green, red, blue and yellow lights.

    Then suddenly there was a feeling as if the hand caught something.

    What was it.

    Anyway, I put in magic.


    A grumble could be heard somewhere.

    Was this the voice of the guardian magical beast that will protect my family.

    A bizarre voice like it was resisting something.

    However, I put in more magic to drag it out from the magic circle.


    His voice could now be clearly heard and at the same time the supply of magic stopped.

    The light was also dying out slowly.

    What appeared from the dazzling light was...


    A yellow mask.

    A familiar uniform, white clothes.

    At his waist was a somewhat large dagger.

    He was on his knees on top of the earth table, in a pose as if both his arms were hugging his own shoulders.

    "Impossible...for me severed from Perugius-sama..."

    In that pose, he looked at this surroundings.

    His eyes focused on me, even though his line of sight should not be known because of the mask he wore.

    "What is your intention..."

    He was whispering.

    I couldn't tell him.

    The splendorous Arumanfi.[72]

    Perugius's first servant was summoned.

    A pose as if he was a fallen angel.

    It could be described as having fallen from nobility.

    Only splendor.

    Or so~...ha.

    "I asked what your intention is, Rudeus Greyrat!"

    He jumped off from the table and tried grabbing my collar, but in the middle of it his body trembled and he suddenly stopped.

    Seeing this, Eris prepared her sword.

    For now she controlled her hand.

    House, Eris. [73]

    But still, are you serious.

    Possessing both splendor and nobility, that Arumanfi was summoned.

    But this person was a spirit possessing a human form, so those could be summoned as well?

    I couldn't understand that.

    Or was I double-crossed by Orsted?

    Like in fact Orsted wanted me to kill Perugius?

    Do it yourself.

    "...Well, no, even I don't know. The current situation was because the magic circle I got from Orsted-sama was used."

    "Orsted's magic circle, was it...what is it used to summon?"

    "My house's guardian magical beast."

    Arumanfi picked up the magic circle on the table.

    And raised a shocked voice when seeing its content.

    "What a complex technique..."

    "Ehm, what kind of techniques are they."

    "It says to have absolute obedience towards you and to continue fending off disaster targeting your family."

    It looked like it was like a slave contract magic circle.

    But Orsted did not tell any lies after all!

    "Anything else?"

    "The summoning target was decided by the summoner."

    Then it was me who summoned you.

    All right.

    "A change then."


    "Arumanfi-san, I messed up a bit, I will call someone else."

    "Then quickly annul this contract. This Arumanfi is Perugius-sama's proud servant."

    "Ah. Yes."

    But it wouldn't be bad to be protected by Arumanfi.

    It was somewhat staggering.

    He would be incredibly useful as a communication link if something happened.

    ...No, he was also useful to Perugius, it would quickly become a fight.

    " do you absolve it?"

    "...Order me right now to go to Perugius-sama. Dotverse of Destruction will destroy the contract."[74]

    "I see."

    "You must order it."

    Because of absolute obedience, could he not move if I didn't give him the order to.

    "Then...please take the magic circle and go to Perugius-sama's place, relaying that I would like to receive advice on how to summon a guardian magical beast."

    Having been ordered, Arumanfi picked up the magic circle on the table, turned into light and disappeared.

    "Sorry, I made a little blunder."

    Looking back, the family was dumbfounded.

    After a while, Arumanfi returned.

    He conveyed Perugius's message as well as in the end added in a resentful voice [Next time will not be forgiven].

    To him, being Perugius's servant was a status to be proud of.

    To take that from him was something inexcusable.

    The magic circle seemed to have lost its ability after annulling the contract, so Perugius appeared to have drawn up a new one.

    Such a service after that treatment.

    Perugius-sama was truly such a lenient person.

    But still, the quality of this magic circle from the Dragon God was truly horrifying, making such a thing possible.

    Or rather my magic, I guess.

    Or it could have been both.

    Both may only be small embers, but combining both together create a fire.

    Anyway, I pulled myself together and tried once more.

    According to Perugius's advice, rather than using ambiguous images like splendor, omniscience or omnipotent, it would be better to use images of animals.

    That Orsted, I wish you had said something like this from the start.

    Surprisingly he may say something like having Arumanfi was fine.

    "Then, once more."

    I looked at the surroundings and put my hand on the magic circle.

    Let's go with a clear image this time.

    A strong, proud animal.

    A lion.

    While I didn't know whether lions existed in this world, but I heard the word lion, it was surely somewhere.

    The king of beasts.

    Imagining the strongest animal amongst beasts.

    Ah, but when considering loyalty, rather than a cat, a dog would be better.

    No, it already had absolute obedience, let's focus more on its strength.

    The greatest animal in this world.

    I gathered all my body's magic in my right hand.

    I opened my eyes and poured magic into the magic circle as if I was slamming it in.



    The magic circle released dazzling lights.

    Just as the last time, colorful lights were overflowing.

    This time there was no feeling that something was out of place.

    Something has responded to my call from the smooth flow of magic.

    A feeling like a hand was reaching out and I grabbed and pulled it.

    I was certain that it succeeded.

    "All right, come forth!"


    When I unintentionally called out, something let out a howl.

    The howl gradually became stronger, resounding in my earlobe.

    At the time as the summoning took place, a question emerged whether some voice must always be raised.

    Ah well, either way was fine.

    While I was thinking about that, the light subsided.

    A white lion was there.

    The size was about 2 metres.

    Because there was no mane, it was likely female.

    Incidentally its lips were long and when comparing both, it resembled a dog more than a cat.

    Or rather, this wasn't a lion.

    It was a dog.

    And from the short limbs, it was a puppy.

    Finally its fur wasn't white, but silver.

    It was like a large-sized Mame Shiba.[75]


    Guess another failure.

    "Wa~, so cute!"

    "But isn't it a little unreliable as a guardian magical beast?"

    Aisha and Norn let out a shrill and a discontented voice respectively.

    "But for a puppy it has a pretty good look to it?"

    "At the very least a pure presence can be felt you wouldn't expect from a magical beast."

    Sylphy's and Roxy's reaction were fairly well.

    Lilia wore a poker face so I couldn't tell, but she wasn't frowning.

    Zenith was as usual.

    I couldn't very well tell Beat's, but Jirou was already showing his belly and making a pose of obedience.

    The first impression of the family wasn't bad.

    But still, haven't I seen this puppy somewhere.

    "Hey, wasn't this the one who took a liking to Rudeus in the Dorudia village?"


    Being told by Eris, I remembered.

    How did Beast God language go again.

    Ehm, like this.

    "Are you by chance Holy Beast-sama?"


    Being asked, the brutish dog seemed to nod and licked my face.

    This damn beast~.

    Shit, I was being made a fool...

    But I got it now.

    "I see."

    It was Holy Beast-sama.

    The one in the innermost part of the Dorudia village and was taken very, very good care of, that Holy Beast-sama.

    E~...what should I do.

    If I said that he was summoned and put to work, wouldn't everyone in the beast-tribe be extremely angry?

    Wouldn't it be dangerous to become a wanted criminal of the beast-tribe.

    Can I also change this...

    But if this contract was also annulled, wouldn't it be another annoyance to Perugius or Orsted.

    In addition, even if it was changed, there wasn't a guarantee that a better guy will come.


    "Holy Beast-sama, do you possess the strength to protect this family from disasters?"


    A reply like [Leave it to me].

    It was full of motivation.

    But wasn't this guy also kidnapped.

    I wonder if it will be all right.

    There was also a feeling that Orsted said that Human God wouldn't be able to meddle that much with my family.


    While I was indecisive, Holy Beast-sama jumped off from the small table, rubbed my body and licked my face.

    Ah, so soft.

    Fur conditioner was definitely used.

    If he became our guardian magical beast, I would be able to enjoy this coat of fur every day.

    (No, we're mistaken. He wasn't Holy Beast-sama.)


    This wasn't a Holy Beast.

    It was definitely not the guardian deity of the Dorudia-tribe.

    There was no way Holy Beast-sama would come to a place like this.

    It was a similar looking dog.

    Yes, this was a lion.

    It was a lion cub I called forth from one of the countless worlds.

    Yes, it was decided.

    It had now become so.

    Or rather, they were going to become angry after today's summon.

    If it couldn't be done no matter what, I will ask Perugius-sama for help and change it.

    Until then, he was employed for now.

    "Good, your name from now on will be Leo."

    When I held out my hand, Holy Beast-sama was licking and let out a snort from his nose.

    And raised his face as if he suddenly noticed something.

    In his line of sight was Roxy.

    Leo trotted towards her...and dived inside her skirt.

    "Wa! Wait! What are you doing."

    Roxy was lightly hitting Holy Beast-sama with her staff, the ero dog let out a sigh from his nose and licked Roxy's feet.

    Then he lay down his massive body as if to embrace Roxy's feet.

    "Ehm, Rudi...what to do."

    A flustered Roxy.

    I didn't quite understand what was going on, but it would be right to say it took a liking towards Roxy.

    Oh well.

    "Leo. Since you have been summoned this way, you are now my servant and your duty is to protect my family here. Understood?"


    Asking him, Holy Beast Leo replied energetically.

    I don't know how helpful this damn dog would be.

    But now that he has been summoned, he is the guardian magical beast.

    Surely it would be useful.

    "Leo, I will explain the employment details mentioned earlier. You may have lived a carefree lifestyle previously, but such selfishness will not be allowed here. You will be attached to a collar and live in the dog house. If suspicious persons come bark, bite and take their ability to resist. In the case the opponent was strong, I don't mind if you kill him. You will have three meals a day. You can freely take naps. If you desire it, you will also be taken for a walk. If those sound fine with you, bark wan."


    Great, a good reply.

    The message certainly came through.

    The talk was in Beast God language, right?

    "Needless to say, in the case you yourself harm the family...


    Leo let out an offended sound from his throat.

    "Good. The contract is complete then. Paw."

    I held out my hand with the palm facing upwards.

    When doing so, Leo put his front paw on top of it.

    Thus the pets in our house increased by one.

    One week has passed since the guardian magical beast has been summoned.

    The big dog was given the name Leo, a genuine leather collar with his name on it and a big dog house.

    The role of Leo in our house was that of a guard.

    In the morning he was waiting in front of the entrance and met Eris and me, who were training.

    Then for a while he waits in front of the entrance on guard duty and later on goes for a walk.

    After coming back from the walk, he watches my family, who were inside the house.

    He then patrols inside the house, checking whether there were any problems and if there were, he was told to resolve it.

    If Lucy cried, he would calm her, if Aisha went out shopping, he would tag along as an escort.

    He would travel to the magic university, seeing and picking up Norn if asked.

    He was like a home guard.

    Leo was extremely smart, he was properly following the instructions of the family.

    He went to the toilet at the designated place.

    The orders were wait, down, shake, beg, repeated until he barks three times.[77]

    He was very obedient towards the family, when Aisha and Norn were timidly patting his head, his tail was waving like an electric fan.

    Especially towards Roxy he behaved like an extremely loyal knight.

    Holy Beast Leo's favorite person seemed to be Roxy.

    The attitude Leo showed towards Roxy was clearly different compared to others.

    When Roxy woke up, his tail was wagging around in a circle and his face dived between her legs.

    Although he fell silent and stopped when I became angry and said [The only one allowed to lick that place is me], he was doing it again the next day.

    Furthermore, even though Roxy went to school on top of the armadillo Jirou, a scene could be seen that looked like Leo was telling something to Jirou while barking.

    Not only was it unknown what he was telling Jirou, but also whether or not Jirou was carrying that out.

    There were also the times when Roxy was going up and down the stairs, he was worriedly looking up the stairs to make sure she didn't lose her footings.

    This overprotection was enough to make me, the husband, feel it was excessive.

    Why did he go so far for Roxy...but I concluded it was because he was a dog.

    His nose picked up who was the greatest person in this house.

    Leo was showing subservient behavior towards Roxy, but his affinity with Eris was bad.

    Though saying their affinity was bad, Leo gave off a feeling like he was aware that the other side, Eris, was difficult to deal with.[78]

    Eris was fond of dogs and cats.

    She liked to bury her face into their soft fur with all her strength.

    That was why maybe Eris has enjoyed Leo's fur to her heart's content when I wasn't looking.

    The Mad Sword King's strength was extremely intense.

    I also had experienced that, to be hugged by Eris with all her strength reminded me of feeling hugged by a bear.

    I could feel the danger to my life.

    Though I didn't hate to be hugged like that by Eris, it wasn't like I couldn't understand the reason Leo avoids Eris.

    The only time Leo drew closer to Eris was during the time of the walk.

    It was only during this time he wasn't keeping clear from Eris and went out together, confirming their territory.

    The reason was likely physically related.

    Leo's walking range was wide.

    Its range was so wide that one might question whether the distance was one trip around the city.[79]

    Considering emergencies, to finish this in a short amount of time requires a fast pace, and the only ones having enough physical strength to run at that pace in our house are only Eris and me.

    It was at a pace where Sylphy could also barely make it.

    Anyway, Leo often chose Eris as the walk's partner.

    Otherwise, to Leo, Eris may also belong in the same category, being in charge of security.

    By the way, it appeared that everything in a 1 kilometre radius around our house became Leo's territory, stray cats no longer were around.

    It seemed that Leo was serious in protecting the family.

    Somehow a guardian magical beast allowed others to feel secure.

    As expected, a dog was good.

    The problem was that this dog was the guardian deity of the beast-tribe.

    The one who said something like this was Ghyslaine who came to see Eris, but was surprised to see Leo.

    "Though I can't understand Holy Beast-sama's words, it seems that Holy Beast-sama is here of his own will. Thus the Dorudia tribe can't complain either."

    So it seemed it will be fine.

    I thought it was about time to move to the next stage of the schedule.

    On the day I thought so.

    Cliff made a visit.

    "Hey Rudeus, if you are free tonight, want to have dinner outside? Me, you and Zanoba, the three of us."

    An invitation to dinner.

    The three of us, me, Cliff and Zanoba.

    It may have been the first time with only men.

    Usually Sylphy, Elinalize and others tag along.

    Or rather, this time we might even go to a slightly pink shop.

    Or it could be that it was a difficult topic to talk about when having women around.


    Regardless of which, I agreed without a second thought.

    There was no reason to refuse and I also wanted to ask Cliff for a favor, it was a godsend.

    At the time when the sun began to set down.

    I went to the earlier appointed location and met up with Cliff and Zanoba.

    The store we went to was more classy than usual.

    When entering, I glanced at the store's signboard to confirm the name, apparently it was called [The Red Steller's Sea Eagle's Arbor].[80]

    In the Three Great Magic Nations, shops that used eagle in their name were restaurants, shops that used falcon in their name were liquor shops, shops that used bats in their name had girls, shop that used horses in their name were inns, and there were many shops that provided those.[81]

    However, saying that there were many did not always guarantee it to be so.

    There were also patterns like a shop that originally provided good alcohol and before one knows the shopkeeper became better at cooking.

    It was only a rule of thumb.

    The [The Red Steller's Sea Eagle's Arbor] Cliff chose was a refined restaurant.

    Customers seemed to be mainly lower class nobles and wealthy merchants.

    When we continued, there was a high-class private room.

    According to the waiter's explanation, it seemed to be the restaurant's third best room.

    He apologized that if they had known that Rudeus-sama was visiting the store, they could have prepared an even better room.

    This was almost like a traditional Japanese restaurant.

    When I was told we were going out for dinner, I thought it would be like the usual dinner, but it seemed to be a dinner to the letter.

    Each of us sat down at one end of the square table and were facing towards each other.

    "Now then, Rudeus. Do you understand why such a place was prepared?"

    Cliff said so with a very serious face.

    Somehow I felt that you were angry.

    Though I did have an idea.

    "Today was Cliff-senpai's――birthday, right?"[82]

    "My birthday already passed by."

    Cliff said so in an unamused manner.

    Was Cliff now 20 or 21 years old.

    In this world he was already a splendid adult.

    It wouldn't be strange for people to have 2 or 3 children.

    Though due to his baby face, Cliff looked like a 15 year old.

    "That's not it."


    I straightened myself.

    It seemed like a serious talk.


    Cliff's talk.

    It was probably about Orsted.

    When I reported back, I told them that we will talk about the details later and left it as it was.

    It wouldn't be strange if they ran out of patience.

    "For the time being, we think the name of Elinalize's child should be Clive if it was a boy, and Eleaclarice if it was a girl, what do you think?"[83]


    Hm, are we having such a talk today?

    Did I misunderstand?

    "In other words, if it was a boy it will be in Milis style, if it was a girl it will be according to the long ear tribe's style. What does Rudeus think about this?"

    "Ehm...Clive sounds very smart and it looks like he will become a good politician, but seems to give off a somewhat difficult impression. I don't think Eleaclarice is bad. It is pleasant to the ear and a good name. But it sounds like a master thief would steal something very important away..."[84]

    Giving my honest thoughts, Cliff looked up at the ceiling saying [As I thought].

    Then he faced towards me and said with a straight face.

    "...Well, it was a joke. The name was already decided. It was good to hear your opinion, but today's talk isn't about that."

    Ah, a joke.

    It was incomprehensible.

    If it was a joke, laugh more.

    No one laughed earlier.

    "Surely you know by now, Rudeus. It's about your recent course of actions."

    Zanoba nodded when Cliff pointed at me.

    It felt like he was also a little angry.

    "Shishō. Whatever Shishō intends to do, I intend to follow you. However, has the recent Shishō not been keeping too many secrets?"

    "Is that so?"

    "Suddenly, just when we were constructing that dreadful armor, in the middle of it you revealed especially detailed techniques and on top of all that, you kept it a secret who you were going to fight until the end, to think it was that Seven Great--"

    Just before Zanoba could finish, the private room's door opened and drinks were brought in.

    Zanoba shut his mouth and waited until the table was set.

    When the waiter left, Zanoba opened his mouth once again.

    I wondered if the private room was chosen because it was a secret talk.

    "The opponent was the Dragon God Orsted of the Seven Great Major Powers. Furthermore, wasn't that forest wiped out because Shishō was fighting seriously!"

    "No, it's still there. About half of it."

    "In the end the white flag was raised..."

    "There was no other choice but to do that."

    "He can't be thought of anything other than a monster, not killing but incapacitating Shishō, who wore that armor and went all out."

    Well, Orsted could be considered as a monster.

    Magic used from a great distance was nullified, in close combat neither hand nor feet were of use.

    I did not think of myself as strong, but even so I had the intention to do it.

    "Because Shishō did not make a tragic face, I thought he was unexpectedly a nice guy...but that guy was..."

    Zanoba looked down, his body trembling.

    Then suddenly raised his face and cried out.

    "Wasn't that guy...wasn't he just like the devil himself? Just the other day, seeing his figure with those eyes was enough to confirm that he was an enemy!"

    Just last week Zanoba met Orsted and was put to sleep.

    At the time he met Orsted, he was under the influence of his curse...


    But until now he wasn't thinking that he was a bad person?

    In other words, unless they actually meet in person, the curse won't activate.

    Thinking back, I remember that neither Aisha nor Norn were harboring ill feelings towards Orsted.

    I wonder if the curse was harmless as long as it wasn't direct.

    "To work under someone like that, I couldn't think this as anything but insane..."

    Zanoba was shaking his head because he couldn't understand the reason.

    To say such things about someone you just met, the curse's effect was incredible.

    "I don't know because I haven't seen Orsted in person."

    Then Cliff opened his mouth and followed up.

    "But Zanoba, Sylphy, Roxy, everyone views Orsted as dangerous. Since their views of him are all consistent, he is surely an evil person."

    It was a declaration you would have never thought to come from Cliff, who doesn't listen to other people.

    Comparing this however, means that after all Cliff was outside of the curse's effect.

    "To work under someone like that, it isn't an action you'd expect from the intelligent Rudeus."

    Though I wasn't particularly intelligent.

    However, I have been had.

    Receiving objections from all kinds of people about working under Orsted, it looks like moving in the future will become hard.

    "But...when I heard to repair that magic armor, it came to me."

    Cliff said in a tone as if he got it.

    Then looked at me with challenging eyes.

    "You're going to fight once more, right? Against that Dragon God Orsted..."


    "First pretending to work under him, then defeat him when you see an opening. Wasn't it that kind of strategy?"

    "No, Orsted-sama was――"

    "It's fine if you don't reveal it to everyone."

    Cliff pushed his palm towards me.[85]

    "Asking to improve by controlling the amount of magic consumed...that means that we would also be able to use it? In other words, you intended to ask us to fight together with you some day..."

    At this revelation Cliff was grinning and laughing. [86]

    "Am I right?"

    No, you weren't.

    Though I wanted to say so, I had a feeling that this was somehow good enough.

    Leaving aside [We will someday fight~] and [This is preparation for that reason~], I had a feeling that they will gradually understand that in fact Orsted wasn't a bad person.


    But it wasn't good to shower someone who looked after you with care with convenient lies.

    While he may not believe me, I should tell him the truth at least once.

    "What is it?"

    "Will you believe me if I said that Orsted was actually under the influence of a curse, and is thus hated by everyone?"

    "Eh? Is that so?"

    "Will you believe me if I said that I was deceived by a certain Evil God and that I had to fight against Orsted?"[87]

    "Evil God? Then, is it that guy that is deified through some blood-stained panties or clothes?"

    "I'll slaughter you."

    "Ah, eh? So, sorry. That was different, yes, I got it. Please continue."

    Not good, I got fundamentally angry.[88]

    But it's not good to belittle someone's beliefs.

    Leaving that aside.

    "The result of having met Orsted. For some reason that curse doesn't affect me and after talking to Orsted, we settled our differences. In return for being forgiven, I am to fight against that Evil God together with Orsted. If I said this, would you believe me?"


    "I myself will not believe this."

    Zanoba declared so with his seemingly shining glasses.

    "It was absolutely impossible to believe, that THAT Orsted was someone who asked others to fight together with him."

    "Hm, now that Zanoba said so."

    Because Zanoba stuck to his beliefs, Cliff was also confused.

    He crossed his arms and was pondering.

    "Think of it from another view. The Zanoba who doesn't show interest in anything but dolls, that Zanoba was so adamant about someone else. Don't you think this as strange? This is the effect of the curse."

    "Ha. now that you mention it...But no, Zanoba does think properly when it's about you and of course he will worry if there was someone too strange."

    Was it like that.

    Was he that worried.

    While I was thankful...on this particular occasion I couldn't be candidly happy.

    Orsted was definitely still hiding something from me, so he may not be someone you could completely trust.

    Even so I wanted to avoid making both of them my enemies by moving between Orsted and Human God like a bat.[89]

    No other choice.

    Let's tell a lie.

    "All right...let's stick with Cliff-senpai's theory."

    "My theory, what do you mean by that?"

    I cleared my throat once.

    "It is exactly as Cliff-senpai has said. Before long I plan to defeat Orsted. However, the time is not ripe yet. Thus now is the time to endure and I will do as he tells me to."

    "...Eh? Is this fine? What happened to the talk earlier?"

    "The talk earlier, my wish was that it would be nice if it were so."

    If Cliff saw Orsted, he would become like Zanoba.

    Then I will leave it like that.

    "With that course of action, from now on I wish to ask for Cliff-senpai's and Zanoba's assistance."

    "...Leave it to us, Shishō. Until the next time, let us create a armor that even Julie could equip."

    "Oh, I leave it to you."

    Though I wouldn't allow Julie to fight, it is better to show at least that amount of spirit.

    "And, I have a favor to ask of Cliff-senpai in particular."

    "What was it?"

    I put what I was going to ask him today into words.

    Let's change the way of asking a bit.

    Ehm, how to say it.

    "Actually Orsted is being protected by a certain barrier."

    "Barrier? As in a magical-based barrier?"

    "No, as in curse-based."

    Hearing the word curse, Cliff frowned.

    "When seeing Orsted's figure, anyone's body will be inhibited and thus will be unable to bring out his usual strength."

    "Was that so."

    "Yes. I lost because of that. Even Zanoba, right."

    "It felt like I myself was defeated by something I didn't know, but now that you mention it, there was definitely a feeling when my body couldn't move."

    That was definitely his imagination, though I won't say it.[90]

    "I see, that curse seems to be difficult to deal with..."

    "Eh. It already is difficult to deal with. Thus I want Cliff-senpai to do something against Orsted's curse."

    "But my research is exclusively aimed at Elinalize. Whether that will lead to Orsted..."

    "Well, if it doesn't lead to him, let us search for a different method. Since Elinalize-san is pregnant, research isn't possible. During this time, at least please give it a try whether the effect can be weakened or not."

    Cliff was an expert regarding curses.

    It wasn't perfect yet, but he succeeded in weakening Elinalize's curse.

    If he was doing research in weakening Orsted's curse, it could be that the curse's fear might be mitigated.

    Or so was the plan.

    "But will Orsted agree to this research? How will we deceive him?"

    "Orsted is a man who fights like he is a bloodthirsty wolf. In fact, he also laments about that curse a little bit."

    "Are you sure? Doesn't that allow his fight to proceed in an advantageous manner?"

    "He used to say this. For once he wishes to fight against someone at their full strength, not someone being inhibited by the curse."

    It was a downright lie.

    But sooner or later I would surely ask this of Cliff.

    I'll tell him the real reason later.

    The round wind is a yaku.[91]

    "Are you sure...?"

    "Eh, I'm sure. That's why Cliff-senpai can research about Orsted without worries."

    "Hm...all right. Although I feel ashamed to deceive people, if you insist on it, I will give it a try."


    Cliff-senpai is fabulous.

    Elinalize-san, please embrace him!

    All right, let's convince Sylphy and the others using this way as well.

    After all, making the dispelling of the curse come true was like this.[92]


    Somehow the sense of guilt was incredible...

    I wonder why I was telling such a lie.

    I wasn't trying to say that telling lies was bad.

    In some cases, sometimes telling lies was better.

    But Cliff, Zanoba, Sylphy, Roxy and Eris.

    Everyone was seriously worried about me.

    I feel like I was betraying them by telling them lies.

    I didn't have any intention to hurt or trick anyone...

    If one day Orsted's curse was solved, would I be able to turn this lie into a funny story...

    "That's how it is. Zanoba, Cliff-senpai...I'll rely on you."

    "Hm. I feel relieved that Shishō has a definite plan."

    "Understood. It is an important task. Leave it to me."

    When the two nodded, the meal arrived.

    The preparations for the dinner were complete, splendid dishes were lined on the table and the alcohol cups were distributed.

    I raised the alcohol-filled cup.

    "Right. The important talk was over! Make a toast, then let's eat."

    "That's true."

    Zanoba held a cup.

    "What are we making a toast on?"

    Cliff was also holding a cup and asked a question.

    "Today there were no women around, to the friendship of what I was thinking, how about it?"

    Was it too nauseating?[93]

    Oh well.

    I knew about it.

    Both Cliff and Zanoba would not betray me in times of emergency.

    Even if it would turn him into an enemy of his home country, Cliff would help me.

    Even if I turned into scum, Zanoba would not abandon me.

    They were irreplaceable companions.

    Though I lied this time, I thought that I wanted to be their ally until the the day I died.

    While thinking this way, just for a little bit it felt like tears were coming out.

    It was fine even if it was nauseating.

    It wouldn't be weird for my body to already let out the distinctive body odour of the middle-aged and the elderly based on age.

    Let's go with something appropriate for my age.

    "Then to our friendship."

    "To friendship."


    When they clinked their cups, a little alcohol was spilled.

    "But friendship of men...what are you supposed to talk about in such a time."

    "Shall we talk about erotic stories?"

    "Erotic huh, ah, speaking of which, Rudeus. You went and welcomed a new wife, haven't you."

    "Yeah, for the time being that would make Eris my childhood friend."

    "Eris-dono huh, how nostalgic, I wonder exactly how she became known as Mad Dog...when I greet her this time I will ask her."

    Zanoba narrowed his eyes in nostalgia.

    In Shirone Kingdom Zanoba didn't converse much with Eris.

    But well, he still remembered that time.

    It wasn't possible to forget about Eris's existence.

    "...Hm? Thinking about it, Cliff-senpai knew of Eris, right? You were mentioned in the past."

    "I, I just met her for a little while in the past. I don't have any lingering feelings left."

    I see, a little, in the past.

    ...It was possible that Eris has forgotten about Cliff.

    It was Eris, it couldn't be helped.

    "Rather about that, it's about you, Rudeus. I said it before, but women aren't a collection. TO be waited upon by so many――――"

    After this, Cliff-senpai's sermon continued.

    When the three people were in a good drunken state, Zanoba began telling the erotic talk.

    Initially it was about Zanoba's first marriage and his partner, but from the middle onward it became a horror story and in the end it became the kind of complaint about how women didn't understand dolls.

    After that Cliff and I were talking.

    How Eris and Elinalize were like beasts on the bed, we found a kindred spirit in each other.

    But with us two talking, Zanoba was bored and changed the flow of the conversation to the magic armor.

    Their eyes were shining when I talked about fighting Orsted while wearing the magic armor.

    Giant Robots vs Large Monsters fights seemed to be interesting after all.

    That night three men until they were dead drunk, and after the closing time of the shop, we purchased only alcohol, rented a room in the neighborhood and continued drinking.

    Somehow it felt good to only have a drinking party with three men.

    If there was another chance, I wanted to go drinking with three men again.

    At the time when Rudeus was drinking alcohol together with other men and, while intoxicated, cried out [How many has it been].[94]

    Inside the bedroom on the second floor of Rudeus's house.

    On top of the big bed, three women were sitting face-to-face to another, having nothing on other than the nightgowns they were wearing.

    "Then, we will begin the Greyrat house's 26th regular meeting. Applause."

    In response to the white short haired girl's words, the blue haired girl was clapping her hands. [95]

    The red haired girl followed the applause with a serious face while sitting in seiza.[96]

    Although the age of one of them has already quite exceeded the realm of girl, caution must be paid however, because saying this would make the master of Rudeus's house as angry as a great demon god.

    As long as the appearance is about that of a middle school student, isn't it fine, was the master's sentiment.

    If this wasn't an alternate world, that manner of speaking would be retorted with [That's exactly the problem!]

    Well then, the red haired woman - Eris made a blank face and took a look at the faces of the remaining two women.

    This woman was pulled over by Sylphy when she was doing training at night in the garden, and was brought to this bedroom.

    Without receiving a single explanation, she was slightly confused.

    The white haired woman - Sylphiette cleared her throat with a cough.

    She was wearing a night gown that was to Rudeus's liking as always, the top and bottom were made with soft fabric.

    "Then, we will give an explanation for Eris's sake, who joined our group a few days ago."

    "The explanation will be from me."

    Then, the blue haired woman - Roxy came forward without hesitation.

    She was wearing a one-piece night gown and to people who didn't know it would only look like a charming design for children.

    "This meeting was planned by Sylphy to allow us to easily be in a position to break up discord, allowing us to get on good terms with another. Respectively, there will surely be feelings of speculation, envy and the desire to monopolize, however Rudi does not want us to quarrel over such things. As wives, let us put great effort into making this house especially comfortable to live in for Rudi."

    Eris looked down at her own garments.

    It has a plain, rough appearance.

    Eris decided in her mind to buy night gowns tomorrow.

    "Eris, are you listening?"

    "N, No problem!"

    Eris steadily nodded.

    It has been approximately 20 days since she came to Rudeus's house.

    Recently, Eris has been feeling a sense of defeat.

    Primarily against the height of Sylphy's femininity.[97]

    Starting from cooking, to laundry cleaning, to Rudeus's clothes and finally to the furniture in the house, everything was chosen accordingly to Sylphy's sense.

    Gallantly looking after Rudeus, helping him out with the practical side of life.

    On top of that, she helps Rudeus out financially by working as the princess's escort.

    For the short time Eris and Rudeus were together, she could not help with either.[98]

    For her to be Rudeus's wife, as expected even Eris could not throw in an objection.

    On the contrary, [For her and me to be treated equally] was an uneasy sense of feeling.

    "Anyway, if you have anything to say, please say so in this place. Let's not bring forth our quarrel before Rudi. Lately, Rudi seems to be busy. Let's not bother him with our matters as much as possible."

    "I understand."

    Eris earnestly nodded.

    Do not fight inside the house.

    Do not trouble Rudeus.

    Recently, Eris has only thought about being together with Rudeus.

    She blindly believed that by doing so, she'd obtain happiness.

    Come to think of it, she has only sparsely thought about matters after that and while reminiscing so, Eris felt like hitting her own head.

    "That is why today's topic of discussion is about each other. We do not know very much about Eris and Eris doesn't know very much about us. Then, let us deepen our friendship by learning more about each other."

    Saying so, Sylphy took out a bottle of strong alcohol from underneath the bed, it is a typical drink around here.

    Roxy took out cups and a tray prepared in advanced from the shelf and put them in the middle of the bed.

    Sylphy placed the alcohol bottle on top of the bed and said.

    "For the time being, let's talk frankly. About how respectively each one met Rudi until now. About how much we love Rudi, let's let it all out."

    "Just as I wanted!"

    Eris stuck out her chest with confidence.

    She believed that she wouldn't lose to anyone regarding how much she loves Rudeus.

    "Then, I will start. It was still in Buina village when I first met Rudi. If I remember right, I was about 5 years old――"

    Thus is how the women's meeting in Rudeus's house was opened.

    The women's meeting in Rudeus's house continued until late-night.

    As Roxy was pregnant, she refrained from the alcohol, whereas Eris was at a level where she was slightly tipsy.

    The only one who was drunk was Sylphy.

    "You know. That was when Rudi and I first became friends. Since then, I have a~always liked him. So nostalgic. You see, Rudi was hugging me so~ close. He didn't say anything, but he just, just hugged me...Uhehe."[99]

    With her breath smelling of alcohol, such a Sylphy was clinging and hugging Eris.

    "So what. Even I have been hugged by Rudeus."

    "I heard it just now. Eris sure has it nice. You were together with Rudi at the best period~. You even received his first time~. How was Rudi's first time? My first time was somehow amazing."

    "N, Nothing particular, it was normal? But, S, Sylphy gave birth to Rudeus's first child, even married him...Your situation is much more enviable."

    When the conversation proceeded in a worrying direction, the one who forced her way into the conversation was Roxy.

    "Well, even if it wasn't his first time, isn't it fine. Even though I have not received any one of Rudi's first times, I'm happy."

    "Pfffft! Roxy's out! Because, Roxy's first. Are you not the number one person Rudi respects?"

    "Respect...I wonder why Rudi respects me so much."

    "Rudi said so [Roxy taught me the number one most important thing]! Surely you have told him something amazing! Something to Rudi's liking, something ecchi!"[100]

    "Rudi was already ecchi even without being taught. He was peeping when I was taking a bath...or rather, I only taught him"

    Roxy went into deep thought when saying so.

    Seriously, exactly what part of me did Rudeus like so much.

    Somehow, I had the feeling that our first meeting was quite awful...

    I wonder what I might have taught him.

    I really have no idea.

    "We~ell, even if Roxy is special, Eris is also a bit different~. I have somehow lost confidence..."

    "What do you mean, slightly different...?"

    "I mean, Eris and Rudi have...about the same strength? To be able to stand and fight next to each other is enviable. I meant to try hard and become strong, but I am not even close to Rudi. I feel that Rudi tries to protect me. That I am happy about..."

    Due to the alcohol, the troubled Sylphy has become hopelessly drunk.

    However, when seeing this, Eris did not feel a sense of superiority.

    Eris went to the Holy Land of the Sword with the purpose to match up with Rudeus.

    In fact, she has successfully managed to achieve skills rivaling his.[101]

    Even in a mock battle allowing magic, she could win against Rudeus.

    That was her aim, and she has finally managed to reach this. This is something she feels proud about.

    But, after all she felt a little jealous regarding Rudeus and Sylphy's relationship.

    All the more because she knew that she could never become like that.

    Sylphy in distress, Roxy tilting her head, Eris crossing her arms.

    The bedroom's door was opened.

    "Excuse me. Madams."

    "Ah, Lilia-san."

    The one who entered from the door was a middle-aged woman wearing maid clothes ―― Lilia.

    With steam rising up, what was on the tray she was holding was something like potato hodgepodge.

    "I have brought you a late night snack."

    "This, sorry to have troubled you, Lilia-san."

    "No, Roxy-sama. Naturally, it is a maid's duty to be of assistance to the Madams."

    To the bowing Roxy, Lilia returns the bow.

    "S, so, t, thank you very much."

    "No, Eris-sama. There is no need for gratitude. Since you have become Rudeus-sama's wife, you have also become my master."

    For Eris, she is a little bit uncertain regarding exactly how to treat Lilia.

    There were many maids in Fedoa region's mansion.

    However, Eris was somehow able to guess that she couldn't treat Lilia the same as those maids.

    She is the mother of Rudeus's sister. [102]

    It seems she was a wet nurse, or something like a second mother.

    In Eris's mind, she was resolved to work hard to not be hated by Rudeus's mother.

    "And, it is fine to not be so formal. I have heard many things regarding Eris-sama since the time in Buina village..."

    "A, About what?"


    Lilia hesitated.

    The news regarding Eris that could be heard in Buina village were quite awful.

    "About how you were quickly becoming violent with your hands, about how it was deemed impossible for you to live as a noblewoman.........and how you were like a wild monkey."


    Eris pouted.

    To be honest, nothing has changed much since those days aside from her sword arm.

    There was a time when she did try her best, but in the end was left abandoned.

    "But, you have become a fine person. A Sword King-sama...if Fedoa region's feudal lord-sama saw the current Eris-sama, they would have surely been proud."

    "Is that so...but Otou-sama and Ojii-sama are no longer..."[103]

    "Ah, I beg your pardon."

    Lilia bowed while making a sad face.

    "It's fine. It was that kind of incident. No matter where you go, the unfortunate have been ruined. Even Rudeus's Otou-san and Okaa-san..."


    In an instant the atmosphere inside turned sad, only the steam from the mother's warm dish was rising.

    The one who felt the uncomfortable atmosphere was Sylphy.

    "C, come to think of it, Lilia also knows about the time when Rudi was born."

    "...Yes. Originally I was hired to be Rudeus-sama's wet nurse."

    "How was Rudi before he met Roxy and me?"

    "About Rudeus-sama when he was just born?"

    Having said so, Lilia remembers things about the past.

    "Let's see, at first I thought Rudeus-sama was eerie."

    "Eh? Why?"

    "Well, why...I guess because there were many times when Rudeus-sama was in unexpected places and when you thought he was finally found, he would make a creepy laugh."[104]

    Lilia laughed when she recalled those times.

    Even though Rudeus-sama was such a cute child, I wonder why I avoided him.

    At that time there were indeed bad feelings, but they were forgotten with time, leaving only the good feelings behind.

    "Ah, but he hasn't changed much even now?"

    "That's true. But for the most part in those days, he made an expression with an unpleasant smile when he was rubbing your chest when being held...."

    "...but he hasn't changed much even now?"

    "......When being told so, it seems true."

    Since long ago Rudeus was an ecchi kid.

    After hearing this story, only one person was laughing through her nose in the atmosphere that has become slightly complicated.

    "If he liked Lilia's chest, then he won't have any problem with mine."

    That was the statement of a red haired woman who possessed an extremely voluptuous bust.

    "I was a little worried about it. Sylphy and Roxy are quite small, I wondered whether mine would be fine."

    "R, Rudi doesn't care about such a thing."

    Though Sylphy said so, her voice was slightly trembling.

    "Come to think of it, he was always staring at a woman's chest in the middle of our journey."

    "Eh, even during the journey? Ah, speaking of which, immediately after our wedding, whenever there was a chance he was rubbing my chest. During rest day, he was touching them all day long."

    "Mine weren't rubbed that much...I wonder if he doesn't like them..."

    Roxy rubbed her own chest while being slightly dejected.

    However, unfortunately, they were not in the right size to properly rub them.

    It was a sad matter.

    "With this, I will..."

    "Lilia-san, let us drink together. Occasionally."

    Sylphy stopped Lilia who tried to leave the room.

    Roxy was also in agreement.

    "Come to think of it, during the time in Buina village, I do not remember seeing Lilia-san drinking alcohol...I'm unable to drink on this occasion, but after going through all the trouble, how about it?"

    "However, there is a need to take care of Madam Zenith."

    "Then, together with Zenith-san."

    "That's right. If you're an adult, at the very least drink alcohol."

    Sylphy and Eris made flattering remarks.

    Drunkards are life forms with vigor.

    In an instant Sylphy coaxed Lilia and involved even Zenith to serve the drunk party.

    Elinalize felt lonely the night Cliff was not there.

    Today, Cliff went out.

    In a manly way, he declared that he will have a man to man talk with Rudeus and went out.

    Without trampling on his male pride, Elinalize raised her voice and said [Have a nice trip].

    She was immersed in thinking to herself that she was such a chaste woman.

    However, she immediately became bored.

    Even for Elinalize, who embraced Cliff despite being pregnant, with him not being here, she could not satisfy her sexual desire.

    In the first place, during pregnancy her sexual desire does not grow that much.

    Even if she did not do it for a day, she would be fine.

    To see the appearances of Sylphy and Roxy, Elinalize started walking towards the Greyrat house.

    What she saw was a happy drinking bout between the 5 women of the Greyrat house.

    "My my, it looks like an interesting event is occurring.

    "Ah, it's grandma. Lize grandma, your stomach sure has grown big~, is it a brother, is it a sister? Hm? But Cliff being the father, Rudi is...ehm ehm."

    By the time Elinalize arrived, Sylphy was already near Eris and massaged her chest from behind.

    Eris didn't react to that, only silently sitting, eating food and drinking alcohol.

    Zenith continuously pouring alcohol into her cup, as if it was a dinner's drink.

    At her side was Lilia, also drinking.

    While having Roxy serving her sake, Lilia was picking a quarrel.

    "Roxy-san, why does my daughter not receive Rudeus-sama's affection!?"

    "I do believe she receives his affection."

    Roxy replied earnestly to Lilia's words while thinking that not getting drunk was quite a shame as she had a child in her stomach.

    "It's just that she is his sister..."

    "Isn't a woman's happiness to receive a man's love!?"

    "It's indeed my happiness, but I do not think it's necessary to receive Rudi's love...Aisha is excellent, I'm sure one day she will find a good partner."

    "Someone better than Rudeus-sama!?"

    "There are not many men better than Rudeus...thinking that way, it's not like I have made a mistake. Although it is true that it feels like it was a bit premature.[105]

    The moment Elinalize saw this, she immediately recalled the meeting of women in the adventure guild, who could not marry.

    Despite that in this case everyone here was married, she remembered such a meeting.

    The ones who caused this, Paul and Rudeus.

    She realized the depth of the parent-child karma, but leaving it aside for the moment.

    "Seriously, even Rudeus would cry when seeing this. A woman should only show her drunken state when she and a man are alone."

    Elinalize happily entered the meeting.

    There was nothing for her to fear.

    "Oh grandma, saying such a thing~. Ah, right. Isn't grandma a~always teaching Roxy some ecchi techniques. Why do you not teach me such techniques? He~ey, why?"

    "Ah, for Sylphy to have already drunk so much...the reason why I do not teach you techniques is because making Rudeus believe that you are a naive young girl who doesn't know anything excites him more..."

    "The~en it's already fine, because I want to know various things. Because I'm already sick to let Rudeus do as he please on the bed! It's about time to make Rudeus gasp!"

    Seeing this disastrous scene, Elinalize abandoned any rational thoughts for a few seconds.

    Her brain made the decision to drink and join them.

    "For now, give me a cup."

    Elinalize took an empty cup with one hand and rushed it down with one gulp.

    Seeing this, Sylphy held up one finger.

    "Ah! That's a no go. You can't drink alcohol that way because of the big one in your stomach~!

    "Leave such matters for Roxy to say."

    "No proble~em, because Roxy isn't drinking, there's no proble~em. Even if you drink, there's detoxification magic, there's no proble~em."

    It was something that the sober Sylphy would not say, but today she's drunk.

    Elinalize joined the conversation and sat on an empty chair somewhere.

    "Even I have learned about detoxification in school."

    "I can do it without chanting~."

    "Ah, yes yes, very impressive, as expected of my grandchild."

    Elinalize easily dodged Sylphy's boastful speech and began opening her mouth.

    "Rather than being grandma's grandchild, it's thanks to Rudi's education. Whether it's magic or on the bed, I'm below Rudi by a considerable margin."

    "But men are also aroused by such women?"

    "Right~? It will be a different time for me to show Rudi my other side. Uhehe."

    It took approximately one hour for Elinalize to completely catch up to the amount Sylphy has drunk.

    That day, five women were intensely drinking.

    Drinking, drinking and keep drinking and threw out the matters in their mind.

    The anxiety they felt because recently Rudeus was moving behind the scenes.

    Suspicion towards Orsted and the Human God.

    The optimism that they'll somehow deal with it.

    With the addition of alcohol, while talking about such things, it gave them a momentary feeling of joy.

    With everyone else falling asleep after getting tired from drinking, only Roxy was left sober and while grumbling, applied detoxification magic to everyone in the end.

    She then returned to her own room and went to bed, to be ready for school tomorrow.

    She still had work tomorrow.

    Not until the following morning did Roxy remember the one girl who was not able to take part in this meeting and went to bed while sulking.

    When I woke up, I was hugging Zanoba.

    Though I obviously wasn't homo.[106]

    It was the result of having drunk too much last night.

    Yesterday's alcohol was good.

    I honestly thought in my previous life [What would I gain by drinking with guys?]

    But I was wrong.

    There was nothing more delicious and enjoyable than to drink alcohol with male friends.

    Anyway, we parted ways after we cleared our headaches with detoxification magic and sluggishly ate breakfast in the inn.

    The season now was summer.

    There was already no more snow.

    Very soon the beast-tribe's mating season will come.

    Since my Beast[animal]'s oestrus was all year round, the season didn't matter much. [107]

    But as expected the surroundings were restless, I became restless as well.

    Roxy's stomach has already become big, so it was about time she took a break from school.

    Though deciding on the name of the child yet to be born was fun, in one month's time I would have to follow Ariel to the Asura Kingdom.

    By using the teleport magic circles I could probably return immediately, but it wasn't known exactly how many months we will spend there.

    I definitely didn't want to absent during the birth.

    Because in order to give birth to my child, she had to put up with 10 months of discomfort.

    Halfway through there was little I could do, feelings of gratitude and the like had to be expressed by actions.

    A child with Roxy.

    Was it a boy or a girl.

    Lucy was a girl, I wonder if a boy would be better this time.

    No, a boy or a girl, either was fine.

    Come to think of it, Eris said that she wanted a boy.

    In the previous world, how exactly was the gender determined again?

    If I remember right, I heard that doing something made it easier for boys or girls to be born.

    Using vinegar or something like that...

    I wonder if it was possible to control it with magic in this world.

    Whatever, either was fine.

    Whether it was a boy or a girl, it was fine to give it love in earnest when growing up.

    In the near future surely even Eris's one will be made.

    Rather the problem was whether Eris was going to behave herself during pregnancy.

    But even so, Eris has after all become a little impatient.

    During the middle of it, she confirmed it so many times, [This will have done it, right?] or [There was no mistake, right?].

    Though Eris's own sexual desires could be said to be strong, when seeing Lucy or the pregnant Roxy, she might be thinking that she got a late start.

    In the Asura Kingdom, to no small extent the perception was that to properly call yourself a wife, you had to give birth to children.

    I didn't know what Eris thought of that, but if bringing forth a child will make her relieved, then I wanted to allow her to feel relieved soon.

    While I was thinking about such things, I was now near the house.

    I didn't say yesterday that I was spending the night away from home, I guess they were going to be angry.

    No, it wasn't that strict of a home.

    But spending the night away or curfew, it was better to properly clarify such rules once again.

    In this world there's a kidnapping boom going on and I didn't know what Human God may do.

    Even Lucy was gradually becoming bigger recently, and also for the sake of the coming children.

    Yes, rules for the sake of children.[108]


    Then I noticed that someone was in front of the house.

    The man was talking to someone in a somewhat loud voice.

    The voice of the other person couldn't be heard.

    When taking a long, hard look I understood who the man was.

    Possessing silky brown hair, looking like an ikemen.[109]

    Rumored to be the most popular in the magic city Sharia.

    Luke Notus Greyrat.


    I remembered Orsted's words and the diary.

    Orsted said that Human God could manipulate people.

    The diary had something like, Luke was manipulated by Human God and implicated Sylphy, written in it.

    The me in the diary possessed quite a strong persecution complex.

    But to implicate Ariel and Sylphy, it would be effective to manipulate Luke.

    Somehow, even Sylphy seems to trust Luke's words.

    In the fight against Human God, it was without a doubt very important to discover Human God's apostles and to ascertain their objectives.

    Thinking like that, I decided to wait and see for a little while.

    I lowered my waist, moved from shadow to shadow and continued shifting positions until I could hear his voice clearly.

    "Ah, to think such a wonderful person has come to this city! You are magnificently cute. These determined, beautiful eyes, the seemingly flowing hair. Truly an, it is as if a goddess of beauty has descended! I have fallen for thee when I first laid my eyes upon thee![110]

    I heard a voice that seemed to hurt my head.

    My head ached.

    Even I did not say such shabby things.

    But in this world such words were fine.

    When told such things, Sylphy would blush and laugh bashfully while saying [Even without such ardent seduction, I was already Rudi's, ehehe].

    "Ahem, I beg your pardon. I am very sorry for my delay. I am Luke Notus Greyrat. I am the second son of Notus Greyrat, of the Asura Kingdom's four feudal lords."

    ...Assuming Luke was an apostle of Human God.

    The possibility was high that his enthusiasm regarding courting women was Human God's advice.

    After all Luke was not someone who never got the women.

    Sylphy seemed to have recognized Luke as someone who regarded women as the same as facial tissues.[111]

    Or rather, who was he wooing.

    From the gate's shadow, the other person could not be seen.

    Of the ones inside who fitted the adjectival equivalent of angel best was Sylphy, but Luke would not woo Sylphy.

    The one who fitted the expression of goddess precisely was Roxy, but this also didn't match.

    Thus it was...Aisha?

    "If possible, would you not grant me your name please? Ah, of course it is not a problem if you do not wish to give your family name. But please, I wish to hear and engrave your beautiful name into my heart, at the very least as a comfort."

    While I didn't know who he was trying to coax, I needed to know the name of the other person.

    Exactly who was Luke trying to make his own.

    If that person was known, Human God's objective may be understood.

    ...Well, that was only assuming that Luke was indeed Human God's apostle.

    The possibility that the simple-minded Luke fell in love at first sight and was just courting was not impossible.

    "Ah, thou will not tell me thy name. Then at the very least, please grant me the honor of giving a kiss to this beautiful hand. With only that, I..."

    Luke then lowered his waist and extended his hand towards the other person.

    In an instant Luke's head shook.

    He stopped moving.

    Something happened.

    But I didn't know what happened.

    Hitogami attack...?

    Maybe, right now, in this moment, he received a revelation from Human God.


    But while I was thinking that, Luke went down to his knees and suddenly fell down with a thud.

    He was not even twitching.

    He has lost consciousness.

    What had happened.

    I felt like I knew this kind of scene.

    Shaking, falling down and losing consciousness...ugh, my head...


    Looking down at the fallen Luke, one woman came out of the entrance.

    She glanced at the fallen Luke and kicked the head of the fainted person with her tiptoes.

    It was Eris.

    Eris was the one who beat down Luke.

    "What's with him, suddenly appearing and talking about nonsense..."

    With a displeased face, Eris kicked and rolled Luke over to a place where he didn't get in the way of accessing the house.

    And then went back inside the house as if nothing has happened.

    I left the shadows and drew closer to Luke.

    He fell down and the white of his eyes could be seen.

    To hit on the wife of another person, I wonder if this guy had no morals.

    Ah no, come to think of it, I did report back to Ariel and Luke, but I didn't think I mentioned that I got married.

    It was the first meeting with Eris.

    But still, to think Luke would hit on Eris...

    So this guy was Human God's apostle after all.

    Or was this the influence of the original history.

    I couldn't come to a conclusion.


    Regardless, it was bad to let him keep lying here, let's leave him inside the house.

    I will question him when he wakes up.

    "I'm back."


    While carrying Luke, I entered the house and Eris came to welcome me.

    Though she made a happy face once she saw my face, but when seeing Luke her eyebrows frowned and she crossed her arms.

    "...That guy, was he an acquaintance?"

    "Ah, rather than mine, he was more like Sylphy's colleague."

    "I, I see...sorry, I hit him."

    Oho, somehow Eris was quite meek.

    "It's fine. Surely this guy must have said something strange."

    "He did."

    "Then this guy was the bad one."

    He laid his hand on my Eris, this guy did.

    But even if he was bad, for now I will lay him down.

    Hm, he'd be a hindrance in the living room...,let's throw him into an empty room on the first floor for now.

    "Hey, Rudeus."

    But I was stopped by Eris.

    "What is it, Eris?"

    "Does Rudeus also think about kissing my hand?"

    I looked at Eris's hand.

    It was a rough hand, full of sword calluses.

    It was a good hand that suited Eris.

    "Rather than that, I want to eat it up."

    Saying that, my stomach got hit by Eris.

    There was not much power in it, but it was a precise liver blow.

    "That sort of thing, is only at night."

    With a flushed face, Eris went back to the living room.

    I see, I see, so today was Eris's day.

    I'm looking forward to it.

    "Ah right, where are the others? Did everyone go out?"

    "They are still asleep, because we stayed up late yesterday!"

    What's this, stayed up late.

    A party without me?

    So one worth to leave someone out?[112]

    ...So during the time I was walking the flowery path of man to man, a meeting of woman to woman was held.

    I hope they didn't badmouth each other so...

    "Ah, Onii-chan, welcome backー"

    Then Aisha came out of the kitchen.

    "Who is's Luke-sama. What happened?"

    "Aisha. It's fine to not use -sama for Luke."

    "But Norn-ane said that if you didn't call Luke as Luke-sama, the female senpais would get angry."

    "You serious."[113]

    So there were such agreements.

    But to think they made such strange rules in the school.

    And then they'd bully the ones who didn't uphold that.

    Norn was giving it her all to not get bullied.

    ...It couldn't be that the person Norn liked was Luke, right.

    Onii-chan won't allow that, you know?

    "Ah right, hear me out Onii-chan. Everyone is terrible. After I went to bed, everyone was drinking alcohol and being noisy."

    "Ah, so you didn't participate in that."

    "I was sleeping together with Leo...ah, and also listen to this, Onii-chan. While I was sleeping with Leo and when morning came I thought it was somewhat chilly, Leo wet the bed. When I scolded him, he was whimpering, whimpering you know. Even though Leo looks grown up, he's still a child."

    Aisha seemed to enjoy every day.

    As I carried Luke to an empty room, I decided to listen to Aisha's story.

    I felt like I didn't hold that many conversations with her.

    No, that couldn't have been.

    "Then, what happened next? Did you wash it?"

    "Of course. Ah, then Eris-ane helped me out. Because I had that experience myself, she would keep silent. She didn't believe me when I tried explaining that I didn't do it. Onii-chan should also explain it. In addition, I have never wet the bed in my whole life..."

    "I see, I see."

    While talking with Aisha, we moved to the living room.

    There was nothing better than Eris getting familiar with us.

    Before Luke woke up, I went to take a look at the condition of Sylphy and the others.

    Leo was sitting at the stairs of the second floor in a good manner.

    He was making a well-defined face, good enough that you wouldn't think he had wet the bed.

    I took a look at the rooms.

    With the clothes scattered all over the place, Roxy's room was empty.

    When I saw that Jirou was also gone, she must have already gone to school.

    Come to think of it, was Roxy also drinking alcohol?

    Although in this world there was detoxification magic, I wondered about pregnant women drinking alcohol.

    I was a little worried.

    Sylphy was sleeping in her own room.

    For some reason together with Elinalize.

    It seemed that last night Elinalize came to our house.

    She probably had time to spare because Cliff wasn't at home.

    Anyway, waking them up would be bad, I quietly closed the door.

    Lilia and Zenith were also sleeping.

    Zenith was sleeping like a child, rolled up like a ball, and Lilia was sleeping right next to her.

    Because there was still the smell of alcohol lingering a little bit, it seemed both of them were also drinking yesterday.

    Normally these two wouldn't drink alcohol, I wonder if the drinking bout was that pleasant.

    For a moment I felt the urge to crawl into that bed, but I went back downstairs for now.

    When taking a peek into the living room, Eris was dandling Lucy.

    Lucy was standing on the sofa and tried to catch Eris's hand, while Eris was supporting her with a nervous look.

    After witnessing such a heart-warming scene, I returned to the empty room.

    Luke had already opened his eyes.

    "I saw a dream. A dream about an angel with red hair. A beautiful angel, and although she was lovely, you could also feel her strength. She was indeed my ideal angel and when I tried giving her hand a kiss, I woke up."

    Luke's upper body revitalized, and he was repeatedly mumbling something I didn't understand.

    Surely some brain damage must be still remaining when he was hit by Eris.

    No, he said something about an angel from before he was hit.

    "Please calm down, Luke-senpai. There was no angel with red hair."


    Luke looked at me with an absent-minded face.

    "Why was Rudeus here. Hm, here was...inside Rudeus' house? Just now, at the entrance, an angel, was?"

    Memory disorder.

    While he lost his memories, the feeling that he met Human God was...not there.


    Luke cried out when he looked behind me.

    Looking back, Eris was there.

    She was taking a peek inside from the door, that was left open.


    When taking a glance at Luke, she made one snort and returned to the living room.

    I wonder if she was worried for the time being.

    It couldn't be that Eris became interested in Luke, right...?

    The alarm bells of my inner maiden Deus sounded, but it was all right, right?

    "Ah, please wait, your name, please let me hear your name! While at it, also your address and what flower you like! And the type of men you like!"

    "Please calm down, Luke-senpai. Her address is here."

    I held back Luke, who tried to jump out of the bed.

    Luke grasped my shoulders, got closer and said with a desperate face.

    "Rudeus, the fact that she was in your house means that she was your acquaintance, right!? Tell me, exactly who was she?"

    "She is Eris Greyrat. She is the woman, who became my wife just the other day."

    "Wha...a wife..."

    Luke froze.

    "Then she is your...woman?"

    "Eh, that could be said so."

    It might have been more accurate to say that I was her man.

    "Is that so..."

    "I'm sorry."

    When I apologized on reflex, Luke was puzzled.

    "Why are you apologizing? This would be [First-come, first-serve]."

    "Well, that may be true."

    This may be because I heard Orsted's story, but somehow there was a sense of guilt.

    The history, where Luke and Eris should have been together.

    There was a feeling like I received home deliveries that I shouldn't have gotten, but still arrived at my place.

    No, even so it doesn't change the fact that I became Eris's home tutor, traveled through the magic continent together and had our first times together.

    As I worried, Luke let out a sigh.

    "It was often the case that multiple men fall in love with one good woman. It was also often the case that multiple women fall in love with one good man."

    He suddenly began talking.

    "Men would keep as many women as they could handle. But there was no reverse. God didn't create humans that way. After all, a man could teach multiple women at the same time, but women could only make a child with one man at a time. Among some demon races, there seemed to be women who could make children with multiple men at the same time, but human race wasn't like that."

    Well, it was a rather man-orientated way of thinking.

    Though I thought that the opposite could also exist.

    A single woman with multiple men, it was a reverse harem.

    "And then good women go to the sides of men who possess the most capabilities. You possess strength, money, position and honor. I can completely relate why Eris-san, who is like an angel, would go to your side. That's why..."[114]

    Luke, who was talking up until now, shook his head.

    "No, that's not it. I didn't come here to talk about something like that."

    And he let out a big sigh.

    "Today I came to ask you for one favor."


    I sat straight up on the chair.

    Contact at this time, this timing.

    Human God's apostle.

    A change in history.

    There was no way this wasn't related.

    Now, what kind of favor will you ask for.

    Something that will lead to my downfall.

    Otherwise, to now allow Ariel to become queen, Human God's first strike.

    "With us...will you not consider working together with princess Ariel?"

    Hearing those words, I couldn't help but be confused.

    What do you mean.

    You will let me cooperate?

    Not the opposite?

    "Your magic skill and your conversation ability, allowing you to deepen friendship with people that are hard to deal with. Surviving a fight with the Dragon God, as well as enough combat ability to be welcomed as a subordinate. They are something frightening."

    I felt a little itchy from being praised that much.

    "But if we involve you, Sylphy's happiness will be destroyed."

    Luke hesitated, then looked up.

    "That's why, it can't be said now that you haven't actively cooperated with us that much. I, and also Ariel-sama, don't wish to involve Sylphy any further in the dispute of the Asura Kingdom."

    I believe that was said before.

    It was during the time I dueled Luke.


    Luke looked down.

    The pose of an ikemen's shadow.

    It seemed that somehow women would suddenly be deceived by it.

    "Ariel-sama has given up on persuading Perugius-sama."

    "Well, given the situation, I suppose so."

    "Over these 6 years, by promoting ourselves in the Three Great Magic Nations, we have managed to win over many nobles and technicians. Among them are nobles from the Asura Kingdom and those who possess great political power in the country,'s not enough for a decisive blow. After all, they are people who are outside of the Asura Kingdom."


    "But, Perugius-sama is a person, who could become that decisive blow. He possesses overwhelming political power, forcefulness of speech and combat ability in the Asura Kingdom. If that patch existed, Ariel's path to become queen would make a great leap forward. Of course, it could still not be said with certainty..."

    Luke was serious.

    At the least I could not feel that he was deceiving or telling lies.

    A necessary person that was needed in order to make Ariel queen, Perugius was thought of highly.

    "However, originally it was a plan that came down. Even without Perugius-sama, we believe that we can manage one way or the other. The time of preparation would take a few years more...But even so, I believe that the chance of victory was still there."

    I wasn't so sure about those words.

    According to Orsted's story, the news that the king fell ill should still take 20 days.

    If you had heard Human God's advice beforehand, I think the words [Just a few more years] wouldn't have been said.

    "And then...I want you to lend me your strength, in order to become the decisive strength to ensure our chance to win."

    "...I have absolutely no understanding of politics? There's also the possibility that I won't be useful for anything."

    "You are a man of a much larger caliber than we thought. I'm sure that just by being yourself, you will become an appropriate strength."

    "I'm not that great of a person in particular."

    "Even without being someone great, your military power is dependable and you have personal connections. Perugius-sama, Dragon God, Demon Lord, a foreign prince, the grandson of Holy Milis Pope, Dorudia tribe, Silent Seven Star. Just your personal connections as an individual is quite something. I won't ask to allow us to use those personal connections. But, a person with those personal connections possesses 'something'. I want that 'something', no matter how small, to turn towards Ariel-sama."


    Thinking that there was something lying underneath all those words of praise, was probably because my association with Luke was rather shallow.

    But still, which way was it.

    Was Luke an apostle of Human God or not.

    There were also Orsted's instructions, so even without Luke asking for a favor, I intended to support Ariel.

    But was it within Human God's expectation or not...

    ...For now, should I see how he reacted?[115]

    "Was that...on whose instructions?"

    "Instructions...? No, it is not Ariel-sama's will."

    "...Were you given advice by someone else?"

    "It was on my own judgement."

    "Does the name Human God sound familiar?

    "Human God...I heard it at Perugius-sama's place, what is that?"[116]

    Well, supposing he was Human God's apostle, he wouldn't honestly answer me.

    During my time I didn't say a word to anyone...

    I wrote it down in the back of my head that Luke had a mysterious face.

    "Indeed, it may sound contradicting. We also want Sylphy to be happy. If we involve her in the dispute of the Asura Kingdom, that happiness will be destroyed. If treated as a insurgent by the Asura Kingdom, even the Three Great Magic Nations will probably not offer protection."

    That was also scary for me.

    In the diary, Zanoba was killed by the Holy Milis country.

    To make an enemy out of a country means you didn't know what they might do.

    I was certain that I would be able to fight all right.

    If I hit them seriously with magic, I could annihilate a rather great number of enemies at once.

    If the magic armor's repairs are finished, to a certain degree I would be able to overwhelm them in close combat.

    Even Orsted said that he didn't intend to go all-out.

    On the other hand.

    It would be all right to be hostile if you can win in a head-on fight, that was the logic of children.

    There were idiots, who would challenge a wrestler to a fight with empty hands.

    Being stabbed in the back with a knife, being poisoned or otherwise use money to apply pressure.

    If you couldn't defeat someone by using force, it was fine to win by ways other than force.

    The me in the diary was strongly linked with the country and had self-protection.[117]

    Fortunately I wasn't chased by the Asura Kingdom, but when asked by Milis to hand me over, they were told [No], because to an extent I was useful to the country.

    I wonder how it will turn out this time.

    Because Leo was here, I wonder if they will refrain from laying their hands on us, because other countries feared their relationship with the Beast race would deteriorate.

    I wonder to what extent Leo will protect my family.

    Orsted said that it would be fine if I had a guardian magical beast.

    He said something along the lines of letting a guardian magical beast with a strong fate try to protect them, my family would be protected.

    But I still wonder if just one dog would really be all right...

    "...But if it's you. I think that even if we involve you, who has the backing of the Dragon God, wouldn't you be able to keep Sylphy happy."

    I wonder about that.

    Orsted had weak influence in various places.

    Even though all people living in this world knew of the existence of the Seven Great Major Powers, they didn't seem to completely understand exactly how strong or amazing they were.

    "Even if I have the backing of the Dragon God, there still exists personal danger to my life."

    "...Well, that's true."

    Luke said in a single breath.

    He looked straight into my eyes.

    "That's why, right now, this is nothing but an appearance for appearance's sake. I want to make Ariel-sama queen, even if Sylphy's happiness will be destroyed."

    Luke was staring at me with glaring eyes.

    I received his gazes without averting my eyes.

    Strangely enough, I didn't think of it as unpleasant that Sylphy was slighted.

    Luke's eyes might have been unexpectedly strong.

    From the strength of his glinting eyes, that was enough to make you think that to achieve his objective he would throw everything away, I could feel a sense of ghastliness that reminded me of Ruijerd.

    "I ask of you, will you not lend Ariel-sama your strength?"

    Since there wasn't a talk about what would be awarded if Ariel became the queen of the Asura Kingdom, it was probably because this talk was not through Ariel, but based on his own judgement.

    That's why it was [Ask of you].


    Thinking back.

    For example, even when I was manipulated by Human God, I was still myself.

    On top of receiving advice, I also desperately thought to go towards a better direction.

    Luke might be the same.

    In his own way, Luke might be frantically giving his all.

    Thinking about it, I do want to lend them my strength by all means...

    But what I'm fighting against is neither the Asura Kingdom nor Ariel.

    It was Human God.

    If I went to Ariel's side, there was the possibility that it was according to the expectations of Human God, and in that case, I must definitely consult with Orsted.

    "Let me consult with my surroundings for a bit."

    Having said so, Luke made an expression as if he wanted to cry and laugh for an instant.

    He must have thought he would be refused.

    And then he slowly stood up.

    "....Understood. I'm sorry about it, saying something impossible."

    "No, the official answer will be at a later date. I will definitely give a reply."

    With his shoulders dropping, Luke left the room.

    I followed him to send him off.

    From the small room, passing through the corridor to the entrance.

    On the way I looked up the stairs to see Leo, whose position hadn't really changed much since earlier.

    Sitting at the stairs of the second floor and making a small growl, as if saying you wouldn't be allowed to pass here.

    As expected, Luke was black.

    Though I didn't know if Leo's sense of smell could discern whether or not someone was Human God's apostle.


    Probably because she heard the growl, Eris's face appeared from the living room.

    When Luke saw her, he promptly placed his hand on his chest and made an elegant bow.

    "Madam, even if I didn't know, please forgive me for earlier. May the day come when we meet again."


    Eris grasped the end of her skirt and intended to lift them, but noticed she wore trousers, made an awkward face and crossed her arms.

    "Next time, I will properly provide hospitality for a guest!"

    "Thank you very much, now then, please excuse me."

    But at that moment.

    "Fuah...Eris, everyone is still sleeping, don't let out such a loud voice."

    Just then Sylphy came down from the second floor.

    Looking sleepy, she stopped moving when she saw the figures of Luke and me.

    "Ah, welcome back Rudi...ah? Luke has come. What's wrong? Did something happen to Ariel-sama?"

    "...I just dropped by, because of some small matter."

    "Hm...Well, take your time. Do you want to have some tea?"[118]

    "No thanks, I was just about to return."

    "I see. I will also go back in a short while, until then please take care of Ariel-sama."


    Luke made a lonely laugh, then left my house.

    Sylphy and I were seeing him off until he left the entrance.

    Luke's back gave off a sorrowful feeling, like a tired salary man.


    Something has started to move.

    My heart felt such a premonition.

    Preparation time was already over.

    Speaking of what was done, the guardian magical beast Leo was summoned and I asked Cliff to solve Orsted's curse.

    What was done was little, the feeling that there was a lack of preparation couldn't be denied...At the very least, let's say that I will go with fighting spirit.[120]

    While thinking like that, I decided to call forth Orsted.

    Using the said ring to call Orsted, a letter came telling me to come to the hut in the suburbs.

    Surprisingly, he seemed to be nearby.

    In that case, it would have been fine to call me directly...

    Regardless, I went to the hut in the suburbs as I was told to.

    Orsted was waiting, with his arms crossed, his pose was as if he were asleep.

    His waiting pose was as if it embodied the word waiting.

    Somehow I had the feeling of being sorry to have made him wait.

    "I'm late."

    "No, I've just come."

    Our greeting was like a couple, who have just started going out with each other.

    After I greeted him, I told him everything about what happened this one week.

    First was about Leo, who became a guardian magical beast.

    It looked like there were no problems with this.

    Rather, he was surprised that such a big shot came out.

    Because the Holy Beast was summoned, the safety of my family was guaranteed, it was a sealed deal.[121]

    The Holy Beast seems to have been such a significant existence.

    Impressed, he whispered in a small voice [As I thought, Roxy's child was special].

    After being told that your own child was something special, I smiled a bit.

    I also told him about asking Cliff to solve his curse.

    Orsted also gave me his approval regarding this.

    Every once in a while, Cliff will come to this hut to develop a magic tool for Orsted's curse.

    While I didn't know whether results would come out, with the curse still remaining, I told him about the pose I will assume, [I'm forced to follow Orsted, because he took my family as hostages].

    While Orsted's expression did not change, he let out [I see] and gave me his approval.

    I received quite a scolding, because I had no contact with Ariel over these last ten days.

    That I was worried about Eris and Leo, as well as that I intended to wait for the right timing to introduce Ghyslaine, using that as an excuse to get in contact, sounded like nothing but excuses.

    Because there was a one month postponement, I seemed to have taken it too lightly.

    I will admit that I was careless.

    During the time I had been careless, Orsted seems to have visited Perugius in person one time.

    Though he asked him for cooperation to make Ariel queen, it looked like he was refused.

    In a stubborn attitude, Perugius said that until he ascertained that Ariel was worthy of becoming queen, he himself won't move.

    Amazing, Perugius-sama.

    Although he should have been quite scared of Orsted, to think he would clearly refuse him.

    I admired him a little bit.

    But, leaving that aside.

    I also talked about, how during the time, Luke came to my house to make contact with me.

    That Luke came to ask for support.

    The possibility that Luke was Human God's apostle.

    About how he uneasily asked for me to support Ariel.

    Considering these three matters, when I asked whether there were any changes regarding our future actions, Orsted replied decisively.

    "There are no changes regarding our objective to make Ariel queen."

    The theory that making Ariel queen was within Human God's expectation was denied.

    It looked like it was very important to Orsted for Ariel to become queen.

    But Orsted was in thoughts regarding how to deal with Luke.

    When he was thinking for a few minutes, he suddenly said.

    "I guess, kill Luke..."

    I was astonished.

    Suddenly very dangerous words were muttered.

    "Are we going to kill him?"


    Orsted was making a scary face.

    No, it wasn't scary.

    It was his default one.

    With that face, he pulled in his chin while thinking and was glaring at one point on the table.


    "I do not know what Human God's apostles will do."

    "...Is, that so."

    Kill Luke.

    Regarding those words, even though I should have been prepared, I felt a little uneasy.

    Killing Luke, who so desperately thought about Ariel.

    One way or another, I have not killed people from this world.

    While there may be some who I have indirectly killed, but I have not laid my hands on anyone.

    And the first one is going to be Luke.

    The first murder is going to be an acquaintance.

    Thinking that way, it became a feeling beyond description.

    But at the same time there was a feeling like [Well, it couldn't be helped].

    Becoming my enemy, and if you were going to become a danger, then it would be better to kill him.

    I could not allow losing myself in momentary feelings and then be caught in a predicament.

    It was that kind of feeling.

    But still, I wonder if it was acceptable to kill people, just because it couldn't be helped.

    I did not intend to worry about morals regarding murder.

    But regardless, there was still some reluctance.

    About murdering people, I was much more evasive in that regard than I thought.

    "But still, it was not decided yet that he is Human God's apostle, right?"

    Though they were words filled with hope, Orsted shook his head.

    "No, if he called you out with such a timing, it is certain."

    "Timing, that is to say?"

    Hearing that, Orsted nodded deeply.

    "Neither have the negotiations with Perugius completely broken down, nor has the information regarding the King's illness arrived yet. In that situation, he called out to you. I can completely see through Human God's intentions."

    The tone of the last words Orsted uttered, were indeed filled with hate.

    As expected, Orsted held animosity towards Human God.

    "...If so, why did he say to cooperate with Ariel. Shouldn't it be the other way around? If he didn't wish for Ariel to become queen, it would have been better to keep me away."

    "The objective is to control someone in the Asura Kingdom and make you fall in a trap. Human God right now cannot see your figure. Thus he is using Luke. He intends to observe your actions similar to listening to sounds through a wall."

    "So Luke is a spy."[122]

    "A miserable spy is a possibility. When thinking about the risk of something happening while traveling, it would be better to leave out Luke."

    The possibility that my actions and conduct will give away Orsted's objective.

    Taking these into consideration, it was indeed better if there was no spy.

    It would be difficult to guide Ariel and the others, while hiding important matters only from Luke.

    "But, killing Luke...wouldn't that for example have some influence on Ariel-sama or other people?

    "...What do you mean?"

    I took the talk from a few days ago into consideration.

    It was about the issues that would follow after killing Luke.

    "Derrick Redbat, was it? The one who should have become the prime minister in the original history. Right now, he no longer exists. Thus the possibility exists that Ariel emotionally relied on Luke."

    If Luke was killed, Ariel would be alone.

    Well, there were still her servants and Sylphy...

    It indeed felt like Luke's portion was the biggest one.

    It wasn't love or was rather close to the feeling between Zanoba, Cliff and me. [123]

    They were guys, who no matter what happened, would never betray me.

    "When making Luke into his apostle, Human God may have already taken into consideration that it would be found out, and is either daring Orsted-sama or me to try and kill Luke."

    If Luke died, there was no knowing what would become of Ariel.

    People are weak.

    They may look strong, but there were also times when they suddenly turn useless.

    I knew many cases, who became like that.

    If she was manipulated as a puppet, that was still fine...

    As I thought so, I read Orsted's facial expression.

    "...That possibility also exists. To the Ariel I knew, Luke was also a useful person. If he wasn't there, Ariel may not have managed to become queen."

    It seemed that Orsted was troubled if Ariel became a good-for-nothing puppet.

    "Perhaps, for now, it would be better to let Luke go free."

    Of course there was also a feeling of not wanting to kill.

    Luke was also Sylphy's close friend.

    And he was also my cousin for the time being.

    The relation may be weak, but he wasn't someone I wished to see dead.

    But at best they were just words, regarding my own feelings, the part where I shirked from killing people was strong.

    Maybe taking that into consideration, Orsted quietly replied.

    "That's true, let us do it this way."


    When it comes down to it, there may be a need to kill Luke in the end.

    If I killed him, I wonder if Sylphy will resent me.

    I wonder if she force a divorce.

    Just thinking about it, my stomach hurt.

    But if it came down to killing him no matter what...I will be prepared for it.

    For now, this was enough regarding the matter about Luke.

    "You have told me before that Human God cannot manipulate a great number of people, right?"

    I dug deeper into the matters I wanted to hear.

    "That is, exactly up to how many people can he manipulate?"

    Previously, Orsted once said that Human God [Could not manipulate a great number of people at the same time].

    In other words, doesn't it mean that he could manipulate more than one person at the same time.

    "It is not certain, but in the past I once fought against three apostles at the same time. Thus, it is probably up to three people."

    Three people.

    It was surprisingly few.

    "The possibility that the number of people he was manipulating beyond that?"

    "Only three people were prepared to kill me and there were no direct attacks afterwards. Thus, it was fine to think up to three people."

    "Who were you fighting against?"

    "They were the Sword God, North God and a Demon Lord."

    Orsted has killed them in return.

    Two in the Seven Great Major Power class, and a Demon Lord.

    Even after he amassed such war potential, they were unable to eliminate him, Human God could only give up.

    Honestly, if something like that was sent I would stand no chance...well, I intended to do what I could.

    Just like in my case, he would have to spend a long time to change fate.

    Human God seemed to like PythagoraSwitch.[124]

    "I just wonder why it is up to three people..."

    "That is because that was the limit of that guy's future sight ability."

    "So although he can see the future of three people at the same time, any more was impossible?"

    "That is right."

    So in other words, if he didn't use his future sight, it was possible that he could manipulate four people.

    No, it was unlikely for him to gamble on humans without using cheatfuture sight.

    Basically, it was fine to think that they could not increase to more than three people.

    Based on that assumption, let's confirm regarding this time's case.

    "Assuming Luke is one, so there are two more."

    "Though it is not certain that there are three people manipulated at the same time."

    "That is true. But I think the possibility that there is going to be at least one in the Asura kingdom is high, how about it."

    "Why do you think so?"

    "If Human God doesn't want Ariel to become queen, wouldn't it be a good plan to manipulate the people hostile towards Ariel as well as the ones near her, doing something like selling information?"

    "Even without doing something like that, Human God, there is meaning in telling the others about your actions."

    Orsted nodded, convinced.

    Well, when thinking it through, Human God could read people's minds, so there was no need to do something like selling information.

    Enough was already told from Ariel's progress, who became unsteady because of me.

    "There is also the possibility that in some completely different place, he is doing something. For example, like attacking my family while I am away.

    "Since the Holy Beast became the guardian magical beast, even Human God cannot lay his hand on them that easily. That beast holds that much power."

    "More than Arumanfi?"

    "It cannot be compared to Perugius's created spirits."

    Just by looking at the dog, who wet the bed, those words were hard to believe...

    However, since it was Orsted who said it, it will surely be all right.

    Regardless, there was no way to confirm it.

    "Anyway, just like how you expected it, Human God has one apostle in the Asura kingdom."

    "Uncovering that person will be the key in the fight against Human God, right."

    "That will be so. I do not know the last person. Though it is possible that he is moving on a completely different matter than not loosen your guard."

    In order to achieve our objective, in the fight against Human God we had to ascertain the three apostles and defeat them.

    I guess it will become something like a repetition.

    On this occasion, it was to make Ariel queen.

    Luke was one apostle (high possibility).

    The second and third person were unknown.

    "Is there a person, who can be said to not be an apostle with certainty?"

    Even if it was useless, I still asked.

    Regardless of who becomes an apostle, there was no change in what had to be done.

    But still, if Zanoba or Cliff became apostles and it becomes where there was no choice but to kill them...

    I will most likely become lost in what I have to do.

    "Your family is safe. In addition to the bracelet, there is also the guardian magical beast's influence."

    "Cliff and Zanoba are...?"

    "...There is a possibility for them, be careful."

    You serious.

    I don't want that...

    "By any means, isn't there a method for them to not be manipulated?"

    "There is no such thing. If necessary, you can warn them about following the advice of whoever calls himself Human God. Though I think it would be useless..."

    Useless. Is that so.

    This is unfortunate.

    Well, it is a question of possibility.

    Even Human God wasn't manipulating just about anyone.

    Zanoba and Cliff were not targets...let's pray so. Any god apart from Human God.

    "In the meantime, for Ariel to become queen, I will request Perugius's cooperation. This course is fine?"

    "Aah. Do not be neglectful of Human God's apostles."


    For now, the course of action remains unchanged.

    Let's put effort into contacting Ariel this time.

    In the end, magic items were lent out by Orsted.

    They were a loan.

    Though Orsted said that he would give them to me, I decided that it would be advisable to treat the equipment as a loan.

    What was lent out was the promised robe.

    The color was of the robe was grey even though I didn't ask for it.[125]

    It was close to the grey color similar to what I used to dress in until now.

    "This robe is something that the Great Sage Titiana wore 1000 years ago. The material makes use of the Death Adder Rat's skin and was sewn together using a thread imbued with magic. It has considerable magic resistance and is highly blade proof. This is also a magic item that has been in a labyrinth for a long time and when wearing it, the weight of the wearer is reduced by half and it is possible to move like the wind. For you who cannot wear fighting spirit, it suits you well."[126]

    So was Orsted's explanation.

    When listening to the story, it sounded like it was amazing.

    "Are you interested in how much it is worth?"

    "Over these few days I have brought them over from the dragon tribe's vault. If sold, it would be worthless in its own way...this is to protect yourself. Use it by wearing it."[127]

    These words stabbed me like a nail.[128]

    What was the dragon tribe's vault like.

    Was it overflowing with items like this...

    Surely it was.

    Like boots when opening a treasure chest or like a wrapper found in a hidden door.[129]

    For now, with this robe the fighting power would rise.

    There was a big difference when comparing it with the magic armor...

    Let's make up the difference with courage and wisdom...

    Though I had neither...

    Hm, let's give it my all.

    On that night.

    I called Sylphy to the bedroom.

    If I were to support Ariel, then I had to first talk it through with her.

    As if she had guessed from my serious expression, she didn't change into nightwear but entered the room wearing day clothes.

    If we were having a serious talk, it would be fine with those.

    "Then, Rudi. Wanting to talk, what is it about?"

    I heard that while Sylphy was making a strongly alerted expression.

    "Sylphy. I will be straightforward."


    "It was decided that I will provide help to make Ariel-sama queen."

    Hearing those words, for a moment Sylphy made a puzzled expression.

    She then laughed happily, but made a puzzled expression again.



    "In other words, it isn't Rudi's will?"

    "It was Orsted's order."

    After saying that, Sylphy's complexion clearly changed.

    As I thought, it would have been better to not have mentioned Orsted. [130]

    No, the other way, maybe I should tell everything.

    That depending on the situation, there was the possibility of killing Luke.

    But should that be said?

    The possibility is at an early stage.

    When hearing that, what would Sylphy think?

    Wouldn't she recognize Orsted as an enemy after all?

    While I was hesitating, Sylphy said.

    "What do you think is the objective of Orsted by making Ariel-sama queen? Doing something like that, is there some benefit for Orsted?"

    "Through me, he can make a connection to the Asura Kingdom. It looks like there was nothing in particular he wanted to receive right now, but there seems to be something he wants help with."

    "But it's the Dragon God? He is someone who can beat up Rudi when equipped with the magic armor? Even if Asura Kingdom was the world's strongest country, would he want to enter a partnership with it?"

    "Authority is something that can resolve things that brute force cannot. Even Orsted would want that. To use it someday."

    This time's case was a strategic move.

    Making Ariel into queen would pay off in the future 100 years from now.[131]

    Though I said that, it was difficult to explain.

    Orsted knew the rough history.

    Following that history, I didn't know how Orsted would use Ariel's existence, or whether he would use her at all.

    From what I understood from the diary, at the very least it was unfavorable for Human God to have Ariel become Queen.

    He wanted to prevent that.

    When the harassing side was strong, not allowing what your opponent wanted to do was one way of fighting.

    For Orsted, it had a great meaning.

    But there wasn't much of a meaning for me.

    By helping Ariel become queen, there was no doubt that I will be affiliated with Ariel's faction.

    And then I will be dragged into the muddle amongst nobles.

    There was demerit. [132]

    To be honest, I didn't think there was much to gain from balancing [Asura Kingdom's connection] with that demerit.[133]

    According to my own feelings, I didn't want to help Ariel.

    But let's be positive this time.[134]

    Ariel becomes queen, Ariel banzai.[135]

    When her best friend achieves her objective, Sylphy banzai.

    Hampering Human God's purpose, Orsted banzai.

    Sylphy will fall in love with me again, Orsted will make sure that I am a useful guy.

    All right, it was full of merit.

    "Well, even if Orsted is plotting something, it shouldn't be a bad subject for Ariel."

    "Hm...well, that's true. There were many bad people in the Asura Kingdom, when thinking about having bad people clash with bad people, it may be a good idea."

    Sylphy was bitter.

    I wonder how Orsted is reflected in her eyes.

    In my eyes he looked like quite a bad person, but I wonder if it looked like it was even worse.[136]

    I wonder if he looked like someone who would kill the other person who bumped into him.

    Well, I couldn't refute that.

    "It is up to Ariel-sama to decide whether or not to accept Orsted's assistance..."

    Sylphy narrowed her eyes when saying so.

    "As for me, I want a guarantee that Orsted will not betray us."

    "A guarantee."

    "That's right. Why is Rudi thinking that Orsted won't betray us?"

    It wasn't like I was thinking he isn't going to betray us.

    In fact, it looked like he was still hiding something.

    But when compared to Human God, I believe him.

    When calling him, he will come immediately.

    "I don't think he won't betray us. But Orsted's correspondence was sincere. He will not turn into an enemy if I continue showing him no hostility and prove that I am useful."

    "Is that so..."

    Sylphy was still making a slightly incomprehensible face.

    "Understood. Whether Orsted could be trusted or not will be seen on this occasion."

    "Is that fine?"

    "Because even if we argue now, there is no point to it. It looks like Rudi decided to trust him."

    "Well, true."

    "Then it will just become repeated arguments."

    Sylphy took one deep breath when saying so.

    She straightened her back and looked into my eyes.

    "Rather than that, it would be good to talk about the future from now on., how does Orsted intend to make Ariel-sama queen?"

    She said that with a sharp expression.[137]

    This was usually a face she didn't show before me, it was the face of Ariel's escort.

    Making such a face, her boyish look was fully brought forward and became very dignified.

    "First, he intends to convince Perugius-sama."

    "Dragon God and Dragon King, in that case Dragon God, in other words I think Orsted's position is higher, but he intends to convince Perugius-sama?"

    "Perugius-sama's influence in the Asura Kingdom is great and he also has political influence. In comparison, Orsted doesn't have influence in Asura Kingdom."

    Rather, I was echoing Orsted's words.

    "But Perugius-sama will not give in that easily. He doesn't listen to anything Ariel-sama says and it was also useless for Luke and me to convince him."

    "So it seems."

    Even though Orsted made a request, Perugius didn't seem to honestly do as he said.

    Because he is rather scary, I thought Orsted's words would be expected, there was something he was thinking about.

    "But Zanoba seems to have successfully gained Perugius-sama's favour. Rudi also seems to be well-liked...what's the difference."

    "Regarding differences, maybe it is that neither Zanoba nor I aim to become king."

    "Aiming to become king, did that offend Perugius-sama?"

    This way of thinking was probably too narrow.

    But it felt like Perugius had his own opinion regarding the existence of a king.

    "I wonder if from the beginning, Perugius-sama never had the intention to support Ariel-sama?"

    "No, if he never had the intention from the beginning to support her, he would have firmly refused her. He is testing Ariel-sama about something."

    "Is that"

    Sylphy folded her arms and tilted her head.

    "Anyway, over the next days, I would like the opportunity to talk with Ariel-sama. Would that be fine?"

    "Understood, then I will arrange the setting. I'll also tell Luke...I will share a table with Luke, is that okay?"

    "Ah, no problem. Just, can we keep quiet regarding Orsted as well as make it appear as if Luke and Sylphy persuaded me into supporting her?"

    "Why hide the matters related to Orsted? Rudi became Orsted's subordinate, and if you say that you are following orders from above, Ariel-sama might feel relieved?"

    The Dragon God's backing.

    ...But I didn't want to give Luke, Human God's apostle more information than necessary.

    Though it wasn't confirmed yet that Luke was Human God's apostle.

    "Because it isn't known where Human God's men could be listening from, I want to keep Orsted's instruction and objective hidden as much as possible."

    "...Orsted is fighting Human God, right? Is Human God such a bad guy?"

    "Leaving aside whether he was bad or not, he attempted to kill Roxy as well as targeting Sylphy, and tried to kill me by making me clash with Orsted. He is an enemy."

    "Eh, I was also targeted..."

    Saying that, Sylphy looked at the surroundings.

    "Even now?"

    "I wonder, but I don't think he has given up..."

    "Then, it's best to watch your back."

    "Also on the road at night."

    Being told that, Sylphy laughed out.

    "In this city, the only one who would attack me at night is Rudi."

    Haha, she took an ippon.[138]

    Then, let's attack her tonight without reserve.

    Thus I managed to meet with Ariel together with Sylphy.

    "...and so."

    However, the talk didn't end yet.

    "When saying you would help Ariel-sama, Rudi will also be going to the Asura Kingdom, right."

    "Well, that will be so. It's not like I can say [Right, goodbye] just after the persuasion."[139]

    Surely there will be some in the Asura Kingdom, defeating Human God's apostles must be done.

    Finding the woman called Tristina must also be done.

    And this didn't need to be said, I will have to go to the Asura Kingdom.

    "I also wish to be taken along."


    "I know that Rudi wants me to look after Lucy. I also know that both Ariel-sama and Luke want me to live happily in Sharia. But still, after all I want to help. Because until now, I have always been together with Ariel-sama."

    As Sylphy said that, she held my hand.

    Her soft hand was grasping my hand.

    It was a strong grip.

    "Please, Rudi. Please take me along as well."

    I returned the grip on Sylphy's hand.

    To be honest, I wanted Sylphy to stay at home.

    It was my ego, but I wanted Sylphy to look after Lucy in a safe place.

    A wife should walk three steps behind the husband, I wasn't thinking about something like that.

    But still, Sylphy was...I couldn't put it in words, but I felt that I didn't want to expose her to danger.

    But Sylphy has been together with Ariel and Luke for years.

    They have been like this, ever since the mana calamity.

    To me, that would be Eris and Ruijerd.

    Eris...leaving her aside for the moment.

    If Ruijerd was in a pinch, I intend to run to him no matter what.

    There was such an obligation for Ruijerd.

    Though I would hesitate when weighing the lives of my family.

    But even so, helping Ruijerd occupied a high rank in my order of priorities.

    Surely Sylphy also felt that way.

    Surely she was also thinking that family was of course important and that Lucy must be brought up.

    But if her close friends were in danger, it was natural to try hard to help them.

    "Understood. Sylphy will also help out."


    Sylphy smiled broadly and nodded happily.

    Seeing that, I suddenly recalled what Human God said.

    The talk about how Sylphy's fate was to die in the Asura Kingdom.

    Though I didn't believe it, if Sylphy was going to help out, wouldn't her life span be shortened.

    ...I wonder if I am thinking too much.

    History has changed.

    It will not necessarily unfold as the diary said.

    But after all, it would be better to say it.



    "Human God hides his appearance, he will manipulate someone to try and hinder Orsted and me."

    "...Like how Rudi and Orsted were made to fight each other?"


    "Then, we also have to be careful of the one being manipulated."

    "...Hm. Also, it seems that a familiar person is being manipulated."

    "A familiar person, such as?"

    "Luke or so."

    Being told that, Sylphy's face became stern.

    "...Rudi. That can't be. Orsted was moving to make Ariel-sama become the queen, while Human God was moving to prevent Ariel-sama from becoming the queen, right? In other words, Luke is taking actions to prevent Ariel-sama from becoming queen. Something like that is impossible. It was impossible for Luke to turn around and become Ariel-sama's enemy."

    "But, it was possible that he was taken in by Human God's honeyed words. Like that, he ensnares people."


    I was glared at by Sylphy.

    It wasn't to the extent where it was tinged with blood thirst.

    It may be the first time being glared by Sylphy like this.

    "If Luke loses himself and harms Ariel-sama...I will kill Luke."

    Sylphy said so with a strong tone.

    She said she would kill.

    It was the first time I thought Sylphy was scary.

    "Neither me nor Luke are thinking of betraying Ariel-sama. If someone is deceived and betrays would be better to be dead."

    However, I could understand Sylphy's feelings.

    If I seriously tried to injure Ruijerd, it was possible that even Eris would become my enemy.

    It was the same thing.

    "I see...sorry. Saying something strange."

    "Hm. There's no need for Rudi to apologize. Rudi was properly on guard and gave me advice..."

    Sylphy said so while laughing quietly.

    Seeing that smile, for some reason inside me, my stomach tightened.[140]

    If the time comes when there is no choice but to kill Luke...

    At that time, I couldn't let Sylphy do it.

    I will do it.

    When I arrived at the Sky Castle, Ariel was having a tea party in the gardens.

    Sylvaril was hosting, but Perugius was nowhere in sight.

    Instead, Nanahoshi was sitting across from Ariel.

    Ariel was having the tea party in a composed manner.

    That was my initial impression, but that wasn't the case.

    Ariel was wearing the look of an exhausted salaryman.

    She looked weary from top to bottom.

    On the surface she may appear as graceful as always, however the faint signs of bags under her eyes could clearly be seen.

    She really looks cornered.

    In that condition, she was sending an aura saying [Won't you ask me? Ask me what's wrong?] to Nanahoshi.

    As for Nanahoshi, she was ignoring Ariel.

    She just looks very uncomfortable.

    Most likely, she didn't refuse the invitation to drink tea together, but she didn't want to have to deal with the complicated sentiments between Ariel and Perugius.

    She's like an apathetic-type protagonist.

    Yet she stayed, maybe because Ariel also lent her a hand during her illness?

    Ariel only lent some magic tools, but the intentions were there.

    "Ah, Rudeus!"

    Perhaps because of the awkwardness, she looked relieved when she finally saw me.

    "Come sit with us for a while?"

    I followed Nanahoshi's instructions and sat down between Nanahoshi and Ariel.

    Sylvaril poured me tea while I found my seat.

    She placed my cup down rather roughly, quite out of character for the usually graceful Sylvaril. I could feel her cold gaze even behind that mask.

    Is she mad about when I summoned Arumanfi?


    "... Well, Rudi. I'm counting on you."

    Sylphy, who came along as well, quietly whispered to me before taking her position behind Ariel.

    Ariel looks relieved to have Sylphy here.

    Taking a sneak peek, I also spot Luke here.

    I sent Luke a message before coming here.

    He flashed a bright smile when I told him that [I'll help Ariel.]

    "It has been a while, Rudeus-sama. Becoming subordinate of Dragon God Orsted, should I offer you my congratulations... or?"

    No confidence in Ariel's voice.

    Minced words.

    Perhaps Sylphy had been talking to Ariel about Orsted behind his back.

    "Thank you. No matter what, it's reassuring to have the backing of someone that powerful."

    "Rudeus-sama is very powerful as well... might just be that birds of a feather flock together... Maybe it's impossible for me."

    What? Ariel is deprecating herself?

    She really is in a bad place right now.


    Nanahoshi said that and poked my side.

    "Orsted came by yesterday."

    "Ah, how was it?"

    "After I apologized, he forgave me. He said [I'm counting on you from now on too.]"

    "Good to hear."

    A simple conversation, but it looks like a weight came off her shoulders for Nanahoshi.

    If everything could be resolved with an apology, we wouldn't need police in the world.

    If I was deceived and a victim of attempted murder, an apology won't be enough.

    From this I can conclude that Orsted is truly magnanimous.

    "I also had the privilege of seeing Orsted-sama."

    A tinkle in Ariel's voice.

    It's really soothing to listen to.

    A charismatic voice that you want to follow.

    She's also beautiful.

    The most beautiful blond hair I ever seen.

    She is the embodiment of beauty.

    Although I am surrounded by pretty girls and ladies, but from an objective perspective, Ariel is probably number one.

    Beyond natural beauty, rather an artistic beauty.

    But, because she lost her confidence, right now she gives off the charms of a weary widow.

    ... This charisma may also be a curse.

    "Orsted-sama is a scary person. So much that even though I just saw him from afar, I felt a sense that I was in danger."

    "He's not a bloodthirsty enough person that he'd suddenly attack someone, so it's fine."

    I see.

    Ariel also saw Orsted.

    So it would be better not to say that I'm operating based on instructions from Orsted.

    But she already knows that I have become Orsted's subordinate...

    "I suppose so. He came yesterday and had tea with Nanahoshi-sama and then returned, but even though he seemed to be in a bad mood the entire time, he didn't even get angry when Sylvaril-sama spilled tea."

    Sylvaril spilled tea on Orsted?

    Well, it wasn't on purpose.

    Sylvaril must be terribly frightened.

    "I could feel the tension in the air, but Nanahoshi-sama was strangely open and cheerful and helped lighten the mood, so maybe he's a very tolerant gentleman in contrast to his appearance and atmosphere."

    ... Huh?

    She got that impression?

    The curse was not as effective on Ariel?

    Well that's convenient, but.

    Maybe this is Hitogami's doing?

    If I think about it, for Hitogami, wouldn't manipulating Ariel be the most convenient?

    Rather than using Luke to get to Ariel, going for Ariel directly seems more straightforward.

    But Orsted didn't warn me of this possibility...

    Maybe he has proof that Hitogami isn't controlling Ariel?

    "Regarding that, it seems that he's just hated because of a curse."

    "Really? If so, I should have called out to him at least once. He's terrifying just from afar, I might piss myself if I hear him nearby."

    Ariel said so and snickered.


    "Well, pissing in front of people is rather pleasant, but..."



    Sylphy coughs to air her grievance.

    I did hear something about pissing but...

    Maybe I should pretend I didn't hear it?

    Well, the nobility at Asura Kingdom are full of perverts.

    Even so, it feels particularly perverted to hear those words coming out of this art-like person.

    "Rudi! Don't grow your nose in front of Ariel-sama!" [141]

    "Yes, mom."

    I touch my nose to check involuntarily.

    Is it growing...

    I may be a pervert, but I know my limits.

    Like Sylphy, for example?

    But I shouldn't say that, obviously.


    Nanahoshi is creeped out, but for the time being I'll set her aside.

    "Regardless, I can understand why Orsted-sama took Rudeus-sama under his wings."

    "Eh, how so?"

    "Because I thought one capable of managing Rudeus would be an influential person of that level."

    I wonder about that. [142]

    I think that it's easy to manage me, though.

    If Sylphy crawled into bed at night and asked [Hey Rudi, I have a request...] I'd do everything that she asks.

    Of course, Ariel will never come begging that way.

    She only asks for minor things.

    I'm a man who acts for women and money.

    Anyways, back to the main topic.

    Give Ariel a hand.

    "When you say influential person... for example, someone like Ariel-sama?"

    After saying that indirectly, Ariel covers her mouth and squints.

    "Rudeus-sama sure knows how to flatter a girl..."

    It's not just flattery.

    She might be cornered, but Ariel is still a princess of the Asura Kingdom.

    Her stature can be compared to the Crown Prince of England in the past world.

    From her etiquette, language, or how we're seated together, she might not look it.

    Only because we know each other well.

    We're good acquaintances only by chance.

    Everywhere else, Ariel has been working hard in various ways.

    Right now, very few key positions in Magic City Sharia have not been touched by Ariel.

    Principal and Vice-Principal of the Magic University.

    Notables of the Magic Guild.

    Head of the Magic Tool Workshop.

    President of the Merchant Association.

    Branch Manager of the Adventurer's Guild.

    Everywhere I go, all I need to mention is Ariel's name and I'm set.

    Well, all I have been doing was taking discounts from Magic City Sharia businesses by name dropping Ariel.

    Basically, what I want to say is this.

    She is really capable when it comes to networking.

    Ariel truly is capable.

    "Once, I also considered asking Rudeus-sama to work for me, but..."


    "I gave up right away. There are plenty of reasons, but the greatest was..."

    Ariel looks straight ahead.

    Forward, across the cloud cover sky on the other side of the beautiful garden.

    Even further away, towards the edge of the blue sky.

    As she stares, she murmurs.

    "[You, who desire power beyond your means, shall face ruin.]"

    For an instant, I thought that was meant for me.

    But, no.

    Ariel follows up that line.

    "A line from my younger days, from a play I watched at Asura palace, Great Demon Empress Kishirika Kishirisu said that."

    That's definitely a lie.

    Who came up with this bullshit history.

    Kishirika could never come up with a line that cool.

    "It was the curse Kishirika placed on Golden Knight Aldebaran before her death."

    "... Oh."

    "Afterward, Aldebaran became the King. He was feared by all, and was ultimately rebelled against and killed."

    How dramatic.

    Wait, this sounds completely different from the history I knew.

    "That play was a required watch by Asura royalty for our coming of age." [143]

    Coming of age? So their 5th, 10th, and 15th birthdays.

    In Asura Kingdom, these must be major events.

    For royalties, plays are probably a must.

    "Of course the truth differs, but it was crammed with all the ideologies of the Asura line."

    So it was different to historical fact after all.

    I see.

    It's entirely different from what I knew as well.

    The Golden Knight Aldebaran and Kishirika Kishirisu fought to a stalemate.

    But wasn't it really the battle between Demon Dragon King Laplace and Fighting God?

    Well, it doesn't matter, but still.

    "All of the ideologies?"

    "Yes. Like war, victory, governance, and kingship."


    "Even so, why was Aldebaran betrayed and murdered? Did some king write this play to warn his descendants of our ruin? I wondered about that when I was young. I was 15 when I finally realized that, the line [You, who desires power beyond your means, shall face ruin] covers everything."

    With that said, Ariel looks toward the distant sky.

    "Power beyond one's means leads to destruction. Thus, only handle what you can control, what you can master. The power to manipulate all is the way of the king. Right now, I still think so."

    ... Ariel looks downcast.

    Her long eyelashes cast a shadow.

    "I understand. Perugius-sama and Rudeus-sama, both are more powerful than I."

    A gentle smile reappears on Ariel, her usual one.

    But she looks like she's about to cry.

    "One more time, and if Perugius-sama refuses, I'll give up."

    "Give up?"

    "Yes. Of course, I won't give up on becoming king even if I don't have Perugius-sama's backing. Because I still believe that Asura's throne is not too much for me, at the very least."


    I can feel it.

    The sigh.

    But it did not come.


    "Yes, Rudeus-sama?"

    "How am I powerful?"

    Powerful, being special.

    Indeed, I once dreamed of being such.

    In my past life, I thought so, and that's why I failed.

    That's why in this world, I try to avoid thinking that I'm special.

    I haven't forgotten that.

    "Rudeus-sama excels in many areas, but... more than anything else, your magic power."

    "Magic power."

    Indeed, in that area, I might be special.

    All thanks to my Laplace Factor, my magic potential are higher than most.

    It's at a level most people can't possibly reach, regardless of how much effort they put in.

    Of course, that's also because of what I had done with my life.

    But that alone can't solve everything.

    Whether it can solve my problems is a different story.

    "Indeed, if all my worries can be solved with magic power, I might have thought of myself as powerful as well."

    "Your worries?"

    "I worry daily. Particularly, there are so many thoughts of [How do I explain this to my family...] that it's suffocating."

    Fear of Hitogami.

    Used as Orsted's bait. [144]

    I tell my family nothing but lies and deceit.

    I'm powerful?

    Quit joking around.

    "Perugius-sama may be different but... at least, I am not powerful. Your best friend Sylphy's husband might have a bit more magic power than usual, a bit more esoteric knowledge than usual, but he's just another average magician with his own private worries."

    Even I feel embarrassed for saying this.

    But that was my honest thoughts.

    I grab Ariel's hand from the table.

    A soft hand.

    So small, her fingers feel like they would snap at any moment.

    From the corner of my eyes, I can see Sylphy burning up.

    "Ariel-sama, actually today, I came not to chit-chat."

    "Oh, have you come to court me?"

    Ariel's mood didn't change when I suddenly grabbed her.

    A gentle smile.

    A weary smile, but.

    This is her neutral face.

    "Court... it's an interesting proposition, but no. The ones who asked me were Sylphy and Luke."

    Ariel looks around behind her in rare panic.

    Sylphy looks calm, Luke slightly droops his head.

    "I want to help Ariel-sama."

    As I said that, I felt her grip suddenly tighten.[145]

    An unbelievable strength from those delicate fingers. It almost hurt.

    "How could you two, do such a thing...?"[146]

    "Asking help from this Rudeus Greyrat? I do not intend to look down on you. What I want to say is different."

    Suddenly grabbing her hand, talking about that.

    How would the normal Ariel react?

    "Can I be your support?"

    Honest tears flowed from Ariel's eyes when she heard those words, moved.

    A beautiful tear.

    This surprised me, that it would make Ariel cry.


    Ariel, with her free hand, wiped away her tears and forced a smile.

    "It's the first time in my life I was told a pick-up line that touched my heart this much." [147]

    She jokes, but her face is honest.

    She isn't blushing, nor crying.

    The face of a princess.

    "Indeed, that's an incredible proposition... but."

    Ariel did not agree right away.

    Holding her chin, looking towards me with slightly upturned eyes, her eyes narrow.

    As if to search my true feelings.

    "I heard that Rudeus-sama became Orsted-sama's subordinate, would he allow it?"

    "I already informed Orsted-sama of my intentions."

    "Perhaps Orsted-sama ordered Rudeus-sama to do this?"

    It's possible that Orsted's curse is less effective against Ariel, and she herself said that it doesn't bother her.

    But as planned, I lie about Orsted's motives.

    "That's not the case. He simply gave me free rein when I asked if I can help Ariel-sama."

    "Really... Well then, I understand. I offer Orsted-sama my gratitude."

    I can see Sylphy pouting from the corner of my eyes, but it can't be helped.

    "Well, I'm in your care, Rudeus-sama."


    I hold Ariel's hand once more, but different than before.

    A handshake.

    Well then.

    Now that we have agreed to cooperate, let's begin.

    "Getting Orsted-sama to help Ariel-sama win the throne is possible, but... he has little influence inside Asura Kingdom, so there's not much that he can do."

    After that brazen talk, I start off this time with a preface.

    "That's why, I think gaining Perugius-sama's support is still vital."


    Ariel with a serious expression, settles herself.

    Maybe it's just me, but Sylphy and Luke look more serious as well.

    Convince Perugius.

    Orsted also mentioned how important that was.

    Because Perugius wields enormous influence inside the Asura Kingdom.

    But, how?

    Probably it comes down to what Perugius said.

    Let me try bringing that topic up again.

    "[What is the most important factor of a king, Ariel-sama. If you know, you'll have my support.]"


    Ariel's eyes twitched.

    It's the question she worries over the most, but the answer won't come to her.

    "The most important factor for a king, what the hell is it?"

    I was asked as well, and my answer wasn't good enough.

    Anyways, I don't think I have the right answer either.

    If what Orsted said was to be believed, an individual named Derrick Redbat would have helped her find her answer.

    But history has changed, so the question might have been different.

    Asking about this Derrick person might be a good idea.

    But, how do I approach this?

    I am not supposed to know this Derrick person.

    "Ah, well, before we discuss this topic..."

    Ariel bends over and glances at Sylvaril.

    "Perugius-sama will hear everything, is that okay?"

    "... I'm sure he doesn't mind."

    "But that kingship question, is it alright to discuss it with others..."

    Ah, of course.

    Since it's about becoming king, maybe only that person can think it over?

    Then what?

    Taking a glance at Sylvaril, she gently shakes the wings at her back.

    "Perugius-sama has said to Ariel-sama that no matter how she works out her answer, if her answer is correct, he'll lend you his strength."

    Because he is generous.

    She said it in a matter-of-fact attitude. [148]

    "So I could have consulted others from the start?"

    "Rather, Perugius-sama has been wondering why you haven't."

    Ariel can only cast a wry smile to that response.

    "I was too narrow minded."

    Ariel murmurs, but she looks suddenly refreshed.

    With her hands she begins to comb her blond hair, after it's straightened, she stretches out her hand.

    She then turns her head left and right until it crackles and slaps her cheek.

    Behavior unbecoming of a princess.

    "Got it. Then, Sylphy, Luke, sit down."



    Happily those two sat down, but Nanahoshi's uncomfortableness doubles.

    "Well, let's begin the meeting."

    A voice of confidence from Ariel, like in our first meeting.

    Should I applaud?

    No, probably not.

    But I probably should raise my hand to speak.

    "Before we begin, let's reach a common understanding?"


    "What I mean is, I don't know anything about Ariel-sama."

    "Eh... What do you want to know?"

    Ariel blushes slightly, and I can feel Sylphy glaring.

    It's not like I'm asking for her three sizes.

    No, stick with serious talk.

    "First, I want to know why Ariel-sama wants to be king, if you please."

    Why Ariel wants to be king.

    I might have heard of that before.

    Something about those that died for her sake.

    Along the way, maybe the name Derrick will pop up.

    "Haven't I mentioned this to you before?"

    "Huh, did you?"

    "Yes, at Rudeus-sama's and Sylphy's wedding."

    "If possible, please tell me again."

    Hearing that, Ariel says nonchalantly.

    "If I failed to be king, I won't able to face those that died placing their trust in me."

    "So, trust, of those that died... Can you tell me the details about them?"

    Ariel smiles slightly hearing that, but I also feel some concern.

    "Does this have to do with our topic at hand?"

    Ah, that's a rejection.

    She doesn't want to talk about it?

    "I don't know if it will, but I think Perugius-sama is giving Ariel-sama a test. If we look into Ariel-sama's personal relationships, maybe we can find some clues."

    "I see."

    Good enough, actually, that actually sounds plausible.

    But, I was honest too.

    I really have no idea what a true king is about.

    I remember reading in a light novel from my past life,

    [King lives for his people, no, to lead his people] and junk like that before.

    But as much as I try, I can't find a serious answer.

    "Well. Those that died are many. Especially during my escape from Asura Kingdom, 13 died then... Four knights: Alistar, Callum, Dominic, Cedric. Three magicians: Calvin, Johann, Babette. Six attendants: Viktor, Marcelin, Bernadette, Edwina, Florence, Corinne. The names of these 13 people, I will never forget during this lifetime. The painful journey together, fought together, and overcame hardships together. In hopes of me becoming King, they died."


    One name did not come up, Derrick's.


    According to Orsted, he also died, but...

    Perhaps he wasn't anyone important to Ariel?

    There's a possibility I find a hint if Derrick survived from these thirteen.

    "Do you mind talking about each of them in detail?"

    "Understood. But it'll be a little long. Is that okay?"

    "That's fine, as there's not a single person who isn't important."

    With that said, somehow the mood became more relaxed.

    Ariel smiles, while Luke looks somewhat surprised.

    Sylphy glows with a sense of pride.

    Only Nanahoshi looks somewhat peeved.

    "Well then.."

    Ariel, slowly but surely, talks about those thirteen.

    Their origins, where they grew up, the circumstances of how Ariel met them.

    Their personalities, their likes, their dislikes.

    What they took pride in.

    The way they talk, what made them smile, what made them angry, what made them cry.

    Who got along with who, who liked who, who hated who.

    And how they met their ends.

    Each of their lives worthy of a drama.

    Ariel's narration alone was more than sufficient to convey their persons.

    Luke and Sylphy chip in here and there.

    Certainly, those thirteen live on within these three.

    Of course, if the other two came, Ariel's other followers, they would know as well...

    Sylphy in my future diary, because of my incompetence, left with Ariel.

    But maybe she would follow Ariel regardless?

    Thinking that, I realized how strong their bond is.

    But now is not the time to be jealous.

    They died for her sake.

    They died to protect her.

    That burden I can sympathize with.

    Sylphy knows the weight she carries.

    "That's about it."

    "I see..."

    But, unfortunately, I wasn't able to discern the most important factor of a king from those thirteen's stories.

    Maybe their bond in and of itself is proof of a king?

    Say, The Round Table in King Arthur has thirteen seats.

    Well, if you include those who survived, the numbers don't fit.

    "Rudeus-sama, did you figure out something?"

    "Well... Sorry."

    "Is that so..."

    Ariel sighs in response.

    Right away Sylvaril pours her another cup of tea.

    I too drank a cup during the conversation. It had a deep aroma and a bitter-sweet taste, resembling coffee.

    By the way, Nanahoshi excused herself for the toilet and ran away.

    Maybe talking about the dead was too much for her.

    "What should we talk about next?"


    I want to hear about Derrick Redbat.

    Very much.

    But that name never popped up, so I couldn't.

    Maybe I should just drop the name and pretend that Sylphy mentioned him before?

    I can just suck it up.

    During my hesitation, Ariel suddenly put a hand on her chin.

    "Ah, it's unrelated, but, I just remembered something."

    "... Oh?"

    "Luke, do you remember? Back when I was 10, in the palace gardens, I'd always have tea on days like this."

    Sylphy looks doubtful, but Luke narrows his eyes from nostalgia.

    "Ah, that's right. Not every day, but once every three days or so?"

    "That's right, back then, I was always rushed to this lesson or that. So during lunch breaks, I liked to have tea by the garden under the sun. It became a habit. Just me, Luke, and Derrick..."

    I can't let that keyword pass.

    "Derrick? Who is that?"

    "Ah yes, my guardian magician before Sylphy, from the Redbat house. An excellent magician, but he died protecting me during the Metastasis Event."

    "Ah... Can you tell me about him in detail?"

    Finally, this Derrick person appears.

    So he died during the Metastasis Event.

    Was he involved with the Fedoa Region?

    Maybe I can find the clue through his story.


    But Ariel remains silent, looking shocked.

    "Something wrong?"

    "... No, now I think about it, it was Derrick's death that caused me to want to be king."

    Ariel seems to realize something, placing a hand by her mouth.

    "Then, can you discuss that in details?"

    "Details, but it was almost 10 years ago. I might have forgotten a lot about Derrick..."

    "Please try."

    Ariel chugs down her tea, holds down her chin, closes her eyes.

    Searching her memories.

    Staying like that for some time, suddenly Ariel reopened her eyes.

    "Derrick Redbat was my Guardian Magician. He would always lecture me on the path to kingship."


    "Back then, I didn't care about fighting against my brothers for the throne, and to be honest, I hated Derrick's lectures."

    "So you didn't want to be king Back then."

    "Yes. Back then, I would rather have tea like right now, and scheming with Luke on how to bed the palace girls. That was enough."


    10 years ago, wasn't Ariel-sama only 10 then?

    Luke too?

    Are all Asura Kingdom nobles this... advanced?

    Well, that's fine. To each their own.

    "Right. There were others that offered plans to make me king, but they were all pushing me for their own interests."

    Yeah, I had friends like that too.

    "Back then, only Derrick was earnest about it. He believed that if I were to become king, the country would change for the better. Only now do I realize that..."


    Ariel talks about what happened.

    What happened in Asura Kingdom.

    Before Sylphy was teleported.

    Ariel was having tea in the garden when the Metastasis Event happened.

    Derrick went to the toilet, so only Luke was guarding her.

    Of course, they never expected a magic beast to appear.

    But a magic beast did appear.

    The first to notice was Derrick, who's returning from the toilet.

    He began an incantation as he rushed towards Ariel.

    He prepared a magic attack as soon as he saw it.

    But he stopped his incantation to yell and get Ariel's attention.

    That's how Ariel finally noticed the magic beast and managed to avoid a fatal blow.

    But it was too close.

    The magic beast pressed in.

    Luke made a move, but it was too late.

    It was Derrick that rushed in, squeezing himself between Ariel and the magic beast.

    Derrick died instantly due to the blow by the magic beast.

    Apparently, the transported Sylphy managed to subdue the magic beast, but... that's a different story.

    "If Derrick didn't stop his incantation, he might have subdued the magic beast, and wouldn't have died."

    "But if so, Ariel-sama might have died instead."

    "Indeed. Death, or at least a serious injury."

    Sounds like Derrick bet his life to protect Ariel.

    "Derrick's final words were, [No matter what, please be king.] I get the feeling that at that moment I finally realized that Derrick wanted me to be king out of sincere feelings."

    Ariel continues.

    "Not only that, at death's door because of the magic beast. It was my first time that I felt in the depth of my heart, that I must be king, I can't die here."

    Ariel clenches her fist over the table.

    Her pupils dilate, focused on that clenched fist.

    "How, why did I forget that... something that important."

    Ariel, her shoulders shaking, looks downcast.


    Regret for forgetting what set her on her path.

    I don't know how I should respond.

    Neither does Sylphy or Luke.

    But Ariel, saying nothing, raises her head.

    Like casting off a shadow.

    Has remembering her beginnings helped her recover what was lodged in her heart?

    That's a good thing.


    But right now, the most important factor of a king is still missing.

    We're back to where we're started.

    Maybe Sylphy and Luke have another idea?

    "That's great, but, we still don't have an answer for the king factor. What could it be..."

    "No, Rudeus-sama."

    To the troubled me, Ariel slowly shakes her head.

    An almost invisible smile shines through her radiant face.

    A face you can't help but lose yourself in..

    To the fascinated me, she says.

    "I know the answer."


    Audience Room of Sky Castle Chaos Breaker.

    12 Familiars standing in a row.

    Sylvaril of the Void.

    Arumanfi of the Bright.

    Yuruzu of Atonement.

    Karowante of Insight.

    Sukeakoto of Time.

    Clearnight of Thunder.

    Dotbath of Destruction.

    Trophimus of the Wave.

    Harkenmail of Life.

    Gall of Earthquake.

    Furiousful of Fury.

    Paramount of Darkness.


    And sitting before them, their king.

    Armored Dragon King Perugius Dola.

    Facing him, the Second Princess of Asura Kingdom.

    Ariel Anemoi Asura.


    After our meeting, via Sylvaril, Ariel requested an audience with Perugius.

    Sylvaril immediately went to work, and in the meantime Ariel changed outfits.

    Sylphy and Luke changed their outfits as well.

    They were good-looking, stylish outfits worthy of the titles of Second Princess of Asura Kingdom and her guards.

    As for me, I wore the robe Orsted lent me.

    Well, since it's Orsted's, it should be fine.

    Ariel walks up proudly between the twelve familiars.

    Unfettered despite being the center of attention, she offers an elegant curtsy towards Perugius.

    Sylphy and Luke both kneel.

    This time I kneel as well.

    "Thank you once again for making time for me."

    "Let's be clear. What shall we have today? From the looks of it, this isn't an invitation to a tea party..."

    Perugius pretends like he doesn't know.

    With Clearnight of Thunder's power, he should be able to hear everything in the castle.

    Just putting on airs.

    Well, the question might also be part of the act.

    "For becoming king of Asura Kingdom, I'm here to request Perugius-sama's support."

    Ariel, unshaken by Perugius's act, declares her purpose.

    "Well then.. let me ask again."

    Perugius places an elbow on the throne's armrest, a hand on his cheek, tilting his head he asks.

    "What is the most important factor of a king?"

    Ariel raises her chin up.

    "The most important factor..."

    I don't know her answer.

    So I don't know if it's right.

    Ariel said she knows, but there's no guarantee that it's right.

    Well, even if she told me, I still won't know if it's right...

    Maybe it would be better if I had checked.

    No, let's trust Ariel.

    Seeing how confident she is, the possibility does exist.

    "Is 'to inherit wills'."

    Her words echo.

    Only silence responds.

    A silence that seem impossible for this audience room with 17 in attendance.


    Perugius answers like he's just taking another breath.

    No way to tell from his expression whether the answer is correct.

    To inherit wills.

    I can understand why this was Ariel's answer.

    Death litters on Ariel's path to the throne.

    Since Derrick, 13 of her followers have died.

    Who were they? What sort of future did they wish for?

    In their death, they entrust their will with Ariel.

    That became the foundation of Ariel's will to be king.

    And Perugius's friend.

    Kaunis Freean Asura was a man at war.

    Rumors are he's easy to get along with despite being royalty.

    That person became king.

    So maybe, he also inherited the wills of those that died in battle?

    I sense a connection in this answer.

    So this must be the answer.

    But somehow.

    For me at least, it felt a little cheap...

    "... Hah. Inherit wills?"

    Perugius jeers at Ariel and laughs.

    "In other words, your intention to become king is just something you were influenced by other people to have. Can that person be called a true king?"

    Contempt in his voice.

    In other word, wrong answer?

    But Ariel looks unshaken.

    "Yes, that's right. Perugius-sama. The likes of my intentions are just something I was influenced by other people to have. I am far from what the public views a true king to be. However..."

    Ariel inhales, her voice remains resolute.

    "If I'm a king with regard to those who've entrusted their wills to me, then even if I'm not a true king, I don't care."


    Perugius looks disinterested.

    While resting his chin in his hands sullenly, he asks a new question.

    "So you're telling me, that I should lend my powers to a foolish king?"

    "Yes, because I'm a fool, that's why I request your assistance."


    Is this going well?

    I thought Ariel responded well.

    A true king isn't a concept you can grasp, nor an answer you can find.

    Just aim to be one as king.

    Govern them and become the king they desire.

    I don't know if it's right, but that sounds splendid.

    But maybe the answer Perugius seeks is different?

    "So you thought that with that answer, you'd really receive my assistance?"

    "No, Perugius-sama. But those are my true feelings. I have not lied. That is why Ariel Anemoi Asura seeks the throne."

    With a strong, unwavering gaze Ariel looks toward Perugius.

    "If that is no good, then Perugius-sama's power is unnecessary."

    Words of repudiation.

    Perugius's eyes widen, his twelve familiars visibly agitated.

    Sylphy and Luke too, look in shock.

    I'm also shocked.

    "So you don't need me to become king?"

    "If my ideals and Perugius-sama's ideal are too far apart, it would just become a hindrance."

    Perugius stops supporting his head and slowly stands up.

    That look, is it anger?

    His lips tight, eyes wide.

    His fists are unclenched, but he looks overbearing.

    Then he suddenly raises a hand.

    For a moment, I thought he was about to issue an attack order to his familiars.

    "Well said, Ariel Anemoi Asura! Your conviction, I have received it!"

    I was already pouring magic into my staff, but stopped... when I heard those words.

    "I, Armored Dragon King Perugius Dola, swear on my departed friend, Kaunis Freean Asura, to lend you my support!"

    Perugius roars.

    "Ready the magic teleportation circles! Return immediately to Asura palace. Prepare for my arrival, and call for me!"

    "Thank you very much."

    Ariel offers her gratitude to Perugius.

    Sylphy and Luke both bow their heads even lower.

    I grasp my staff still stiffly.

    Honestly, I didn't think it went well.

    The answer was wrong.

    Ariel picked one that Perugius didn't approve of.

    Yet, Perugius still lends Ariel his power.

    Did he realize something in his conversation with Ariel?

    Regardless, Perugius swears Ariel his support.

    Thus, Ariel gained Perugius's backing.

    Ariel takes her leave from the audience room.

    Ariel looks composed, but Luke and Sylphy look accomplished.


    I was leaving with them... when I suddenly turn around.

    Perugius and his twelve familiars remain behind.

    Perugius was watching us leave, and we inevitably exchanged a glance.

    "What is it, Rudeus Greyrat."


    I turn back and plan my retreat with Ariel.

    But it still bothers me.

    "So in the end, the most important factor of a king, was that the right answer?"

    Perugius answers with a snort,

    "That wasn't what I hoped for."

    "Then, why?"

    Perugius laughs happily when he heard my question.

    "Ariel Anemoi Asura does not at all resemble Kaunis. But the way she talks, how she stands up for herself reminds me of something. Wasn't Kaunis, the so called [Ideal King], also someone like her?"

    Kaunis, the Ideal King?

    "Everyone regards Kaunis as the ideal king, but even he thought that he was far from ideal. In his youth at the bar, in our war encampments, even after becoming king of Asura, he often talked about what it meant to be the ideal king."

    Perugius speaks with nostalgia.

    In the end, Ariel is far from Perugius's ideal.

    But maybe she's closer to the ideal for Kaunis, something like that?

    The ideal differs for everyone.

    "I see ... For Perugius-sama, then, what is the ideal king?"

    Perugius stares me down when I asked.

    "I have no reason to tell you."

    "Indeed. Apologies."

    I take a bow and decide to leave the scene.

    If he doesn't want to tell, I don't need to know.

    But suppose he did?

    Suppose I tell Ariel the answer later.

    Maybe Ariel will lose her hard-earned confidence again and become lost again.

    So if I don't need to know, he doesn't have to tell me.

    "Rudeus Greyrat."

    But Perugius stops me in my tracks once again.

    When I turn around again, Perugius is already up and heading towards the other exit.

    "Let me ask you a question."

    "What is it?"

    "Why did you not mention Orsted? I dislike him, but I cannot ignore his name. If you had mentioned him in that situation, wouldn't the conversation have gone more smoothly?"

    Orsted has asked Perugius himself and was refused.

    So I thought mentioning Orsted wouldn't do much good.

    Am I being tested?

    What did he want me to say?

    "Because the one who wants to be king wasn't Orsted-sama."

    "But he does want Ariel as king, correct? And you agree as well? If so, then why not bring that name out as much as possible?"

    "Even if we did that, Ariel-sama still needs Perugius-sama's support if she is to be king. Orsted-sama and I do want to help, but we're mere outsiders. I think it's counterproductive to bring him up to force the topic."

    I think it's a good idea.

    Ultimately, it's ideal to let the person in question be involved.

    I don't have anything in particular planned for after Ariel becomes king.

    I mean, I don't expect anything from her.

    I don't know what Orsted has planned though...

    Regardless, since this isn't my responsibility, I don't need to force anything.

    "Your way of thinking is too timid."

    Perugius acts like he spat out something and returns to his room.


    Unable to stand the gaze of the remaining twelve familiars, I take my leave.

    It's a little embarrassing.

    So in other words, he's saying that it's no good for me to say noncommittal and insincere things.

    I head towards Ariel's room after leaving the audience room.

    I apologize for my lateness as I enter.

    A snow white, almost transparent shoulder comes into view.

    Ariel is changing.

    Sylphy is stripping that gorgeous outfit off her body, showing a loosened corset underneath.

    "Ah! Hey! Rudi!"

    "It's fine. Rudeus-sama has done me a great service this time. No matter what time it is, he has no need for permission to enter the room."

    "Hold on, Ariel-sama..."

    "Ah.. Sorry, Sylphy. I wasn't considerate. Rudeus-sama, please, you'll do me a great favor if you just wait for a moment."

    Before that line was said, I have already left the room and shut the door.

    Ariel seems to have misunderstood my intentions. I was not shameless enough to spectate on a girl changing.

    But Ariel's figure sure is something.

    Eris has a nice figure too, but that's because she honed her body.

    Ariel's figure is a gift from god, I got the feeling that you can't train a body like that.

    Maybe it's in her DNA?

    But when it comes to proportions, Sylphy won't lose either.

    She has neither the boobs or butt.

    But her proportions are ideal.

    I love that about her.

    Of course, Roxy is a God, so no comparisons.

    "Next time, I'll learn to knock."

    When I don't, I get an eye full of a man doing dirty deeds with dolls.

    From those experiences, I should have known better.

    I'm too forgetful.


    Say, wasn't Luke in the room too?

    And that guy was okay?

    ... Probably.

    When it comes to who Ariel feels the most secure with, it has to be Luke.

    "Rudi, it's okay now."

    After a while, the door opens a crack and Sylphy appears behind it.

    Despite what she said, I can see the unhappiness on Sylphy's face.

    "Ariel's, did you see?"

    "Um. Her panties are white."

    Sylphy puffs her cheeks.

    By the way, her panties are also white.

    I confirmed this yesterday, so I'm confident.

    After poking her puffed cheek, I strut in the room.

    She pinches my butt on my way in.


    "What is it, Rudeus-san."

    "Let's leave the flirting for when we get home."

    "... Seriously!"

    Sylphy swats my butt, and still pouting, she trots across the room and violently sat down on a chair in the corner.

    Her rosy cheeks are also very lovely.

    Well, enough about that.

    Now changed, Ariel sits in the middle of the room.

    Even her everyday wear she looks of a princess, maybe that's the difference of a price tag?

    No, enough about that.

    First I'll apologize.

    "Earlier, when you're changing, sorry."

    "No... So how was it?"

    "How was what?"

    "My body."

    Eh, do I have to answer?

    Oh, this is also a test.

    Today is test day.

    I won't make a mistake this time.

    "Wonderful... I think, in various places, but I love Sylphy the most."

    "Really? Sorry to be an eyesore."

    Ariel giggles and Sylphy lets out [What are you saying...] with her face glowing red.

    Luke can only shrug.

    Is it because of the success in convincing Perugius? The mood is rather relaxed.

    "Please sit."

    She puts on a serious face and offers me a seat.

    I oblige.

    "It's all thanks to Rudeus-sama that we can move forward."

    "No, I didn't do much."

    "No need to be modest. Wasn't it just as Rudeus-sama said? The answer was within me."

    It ended well.

    This might also be fate, but...

    According to the diary, without Derrick here, Ariel would not be able to convince Perugius.

    With my help, Ariel found the answer with her own strength.

    I think so.

    I think it turned out well.

    "However, the next step. Perugius-sama said to head immediately back to the palace and prepare the venue. I plan to follow his instructions and head back to Asura palace."

    "Prepare the venue?"

    "In the literal sense."

    I don't understand it in the literal sense, though.

    Oh, let me think about this.

    If I read between the lines, this means Perugius does not plan to travel with us to Asura Kingdom.

    So, Ariel heads back first and prepares a place suitable for Perugius's arrival.

    For example, a party venue where many nobles will gather.

    Get that ready for him, and call for Perugius.

    And Perugius and the Twelve Familiars will arrive with much fanfare.

    All the nobles will scream [OMG, it's Perugius] and pant while prostrating themselves before him.

    Something like that?

    "... Well, what's the hurry? Shouldn't we take more time to get ready?"

    "That can't be done. I already received word of my father's illness."

    Ariel looks surprisingly composed while announcing such a serious news.

    Well, I expected the news to come later, but Ariel already received the news?

    If so, that reduces the chance that Luke is apostle of Hitogami.

    Because it's less likely that he heard it from Hitogami.

    Well, the possibility exists that Hitogami told Luke, and Luke in turn told Ariel?

    Hold on.

    Then it's also possible for Ariel to hear this directly from Hitogami?

    Ariel might be an apostle of Hitogami.

    It's checkmate for us if Ariel is an apostle.

    Maybe Orsted got the timing wrong.

    Regardless, I should consult Orsted about the possibility of Ariel as an apostle.

    "Looking at Rudeus-sama's reaction, you already knew."


    "Or maybe, now that you're an subordinate of the Dragon God, even the illness of Asura's King doesn't bother you."

    "That's because... after seeing Luke-senpai abruptly requesting my aid and Ariel-sama in such a hurry, I had a premonition about the situation."

    I tried saying that.

    Ariel looks convinced, nodding her head.

    Good enough.

    "Since Rudeus-sama probably also expected it... Then, will fourteen, fifteen days to get ready suffice?"

    Ariel only needs two weeks to get ready.

    Pretty rushed.

    Well, my diary doesn't have any exact dates recorded.

    Maybe this was the right timing.

    And Orsted got his timing wrong.

    "Luckily, we can request Perugius-sama to prepare a magic teleportation circle for us, so our travel time might not be long, and we might have time to spare. But with my father ill, if I don't hurry back we might miss our timing. By the time I arrive, my brothers might have already solidified their position."

    Sounds like the king will die from this illness.

    Then, the successor will be christened.

    If we drag our feet, Ariel might not get a chance to join the fight.

    Even so, I also worry.

    Orsted spoke of a troublesome character in Asura Kingdom.

    Senior Minister Darius Silva Ganius.

    According to Orsted, as long as he lives, Ariel's chances of victory remains slim.

    That's why we need Darius's Achilles Heel, by getting in touch with Tris.

    If Tris is here, we can take down Darius.

    A mere Senior Minister of a country should be nothing when we have Perugius's backing.

    That's what I think, but if that's the case, Orsted wouldn't need to point him out in particular.

    With Perugius's support, we're evenly matched against the First Prince.

    But if we get rid of Darius, we will have the advantage.

    Victory comes to those who make the first move.

    "Ariel-sama. About the magic teleport circles, how about we ask whether there's one by the borders of Asura Kingdom?"

    "Eh, why?"

    "As the princess of the kingdom, if you don't cross the border formally, wouldn't that raise a lot of questions? Moreover, teleportation magic is a forbidden technique. It would be obvious if we use it in the kingdom. I think, we are better off traveling by foot from the borders to the capital and showing your person to the public."

    "I see, that does make sense."


    Well, then all I need is an excuse to make contact with Tris's organization.

    I haven't thought about the details on how to make contact yet, but that shouldn't be hard.

    When it comes to those organizations, money talks.

    "I disagree."

    The person that interrupted the conversation is Luke.

    "His Highness is ill. We don't know what traps First and Second Prince will set for our route back. Magic teleportation circles may be forbidden. But as long as we're not seen, we can make up excuses."

    "Right... that also makes sense."

    "This wasn't like before. We'll have Rudeus-sama's support as well, so we're fine combat-wise. But according to rumors, the First Prince has hired North Emperor as mercenary. We should be safe once we reach the palace, but on the way we'll be in danger if attacked by North God Style assassins."

    I can sense the fear in Luke's words.

    "Being targeted... I'll pass..."

    From looking at their expressions, Ariel's and Sylphy's feelings lean toward Luke's argument.

    These three struggled in their escape from Asura Kingdom.

    They must be scared to be targeted again.

    In that case, what then?

    Can I find an excuse somewhere, as early as possible, and make contact with Tris?

    No, Ariel won't be pleased if I disappear anytime in the journey.

    I still have not determined whether Luke is Hitogami's apostle.

    His suggestion might also be under Hitogami's guidance.

    "Both Rudeus-sama and Luke make good arguments, so.. Sylphy, what do you think?"

    While Ariel was worrying, she drew Sylphy into the topic of conversation.

    "Well, for me, I think it's better if we teleport in the country. I don't know where we'll arrive at, but if by avoiding the border crossing we can avoid the First Prince, I think it's worth the risk."

    Yikes, Sylphy leans toward Luke too?

    "Besides, we didn't make a huge scene when we left either. So I think it's fine to return quietly. From the border to the capital will take at least a month... so there's travel fatigue to consider as well."

    "Is that so... Understood. Then, accordingly, let's teleport inside Asura Kingdom."

    Those are good reasons.

    Hard to disagree.

    Did I make a mistake by not sharing what I know with Sylphy?

    It can't be helped.

    I'll just have to figure out another way to make contact with Tris.

    Maybe I can ask someone else for help?

    Ghyslaine... will probably fail in negotiations.

    Speaking of which, I need to introduce Ghyslaine to Ariel before we head out.

    Elinalise... is pregnant.

    In that case, I can't ask Cliff either.

    Who else do I trust and can negotiate?

    Zanoba doesn't seem to have much negotiating skills.

    Maybe if he brought Ginger along...

    No, I shouldn't involve the prince of another country in this.

    While I was thinking.

    'Knock knock,' a rattle from the door.

    "Come in."

    "Please excuse me."

    The one that entered is Sylvaril.

    She examines the room and lightly fluffs her wings.

    Then, she says.

    "We have just confirmed that all the magic teleportation circles inside Asura Kingdom have been destroyed."


    That came out of nowhere.

    All the magic teleport circles, destroyed.

    "How did that happen?"

    Sylvaril explains plainly.

    After the audience with Perugius, she received immediate orders to activate magic teleportation circles.

    Inside the Sky Castle, there are many magic circles pointed inside Asura Kingdom.

    But when Sylvaril checked them, the magic teleportation circles were unpowered and unresponsive.

    Finding this strange, Sylvaril requested Arumanfi to investigate, and he discovered the magic circles there destroyed.

    Accordingly, Arumanfi investigated other locations and found all of the ones Perugius can access inside Asura Kingdom destroyed.

    Thus, Sylvaril says.

    "It is impossible to teleport into Asura Kingdom."

    The closest available magic circle is near the border of Asura Kingdom.

    From there we will have to travel by foot.

    Someone did this on purpose.

    But who could have done this?

    Is it Hitogami, or Orsted?

    Tomorrow I should check with Orsted about this.

    But right now, it's hard to clear my name on this.

    Luke looks at me suspiciously.

    This happened right after I made my proposal.

    As if to say, [Do you know about this already?]

    Sylphy too, looks nervously in my direction.

    Their distrust of Orsted grew.

    Only Ariel looks unwavered.

    "In that case, it can't be helped. Let's go with Rudeus-sama's proposal instead."

    "Yes, but Ariel-sama..."

    Luke has a voice of dismay.

    Ariel ignores him and continues plainly.

    "Luke, inform Elmore and Kleene and prepare for travel. Sylphy will come with me to make our rounds with the luminaries in Ranoa Kingdom. Rudeus-sama, I'm counting on you. Everyone, please make your goodbyes."

    "... Yes."

    Luke quietly nods.

    We disperse, each holding our own reservations.

    A cabin on the outskirts of Sharia.

    My third meeting with Orsted there.

    Ariel successfully persuaded Perugius.

    I report that to him, as well as the news that the magic circles to Asura Kingdom are broken.

    Orsted smiles when he heard the news.

    A wicked smile.

    Or maybe that's his normal one.

    "I see, well done."

    I was praised.

    But problems remain.

    "About the magic teleportation circles, what do you think?"

    About the magic teleport circles he seems to doubt me momentarily, but soon looks convinced of my innocence.

    It's expected that he would suspect [What's he hiding] from me.

    "It was probably Hitogami's doing. That idiot made a bad move for his opener. Let's hope that continues."

    Orsted seems to have realized something.

    Quite merry.

    Murmuring [With this, just one more] or something.

    What he means by that, I hope he will tell me.

    "If possible, can you explain the mistake?"

    "Mm, indeed."

    Orsted sits back down and stares at me.

    His glare is blinding.

    Any more and his eyes might start glowing.

    "Perugius confirmed that he can't use the magic teleportation circles?"

    "Aye, boss."

    "Boss... In Asura Kingdom, there are not many magic teleportation circles available. They're mostly emergency escapes for the nobility and royalties. Some of which are defunct, which Perugius takes advantage of."

    I see.

    Royalty's escape route.

    "And that's where the error is."

    I see, that's how it is.

    No, I don't.

    "What is? Explain a bit more! Please!"

    "... Basically, magic teleportation circles are not places regular people would have access to. They're protected by soldiers. To enter and hinder the magic circles, only royalty or upper nobles have the power to do so."

    "Oh, of course. And then?"

    "... Think a little on your own."


    The power of royalty.

    For them, stopping magic teleportation circles is equivalent to cutting their own life line.

    Because of the possibility of Perugius using them, the defunct magic circles were destroyed.

    The chances are high that this happened under instruction of Hitogami.

    Which means chances are an apostle exist among the royalty or someone who advises them.

    And he is?

    "So First Prince Grabell or Senior Minister Darius are likely Hitogami's apostle...?"

    "Indeed. Moreover, the manpower necessary to destroy all the magic circles within the entire Asura Kingdom, there isn't anyone but Senior Minister Darius who wields a private army of that size."


    So that's how it is.

    Him wielding a large private army is news to me.

    "Basically, [Senior Minister Darius is an apostle of Hitogami] has been confirmed?"

    "Yes. The possibility exists for the First Prince as well, but... that doesn't matter. He's a target to kill either way."

    The First Prince is an enemy to Ariel, so kill him.

    Part of me doesn't want to be involved with regicide, but...

    It can't be helped.

    If it ends up being something I have to do, I'll do it.

    "With this, there's one more person."

    "You mean... Luke is also a sure thing?"

    "No doubt about it."

    "What about Ariel?"


    Enough with that kind of joke. [150]

    "What do you base that on?"

    "There are people Hitogami can't manipulate."

    "Ariel is someone he cannot manipulate. You have a way to determine that?"

    "......My intuition after many years."


    But it seemed like he said it after thinking, so he might have some certain basis that he won't say to me.

    I won't ask for an explanation for now.

    There are more important things to talk about.

    "If we're wrong, and that Ariel is an apostle, then what?"

    "If that happens, I'll take responsibility and settle things."

    He'll settle things?

    Well, that's not necessarily killing.

    Anyways, for now I will ignore the possibility that Ariel is an apostle.

    In that case, maybe I should inform Ariel of Orsted's intel?

    Ariel seems to have some resistance to Orsted's curse.[151]

    If she isn't an apostle of Hitogami, wouldn't it be better if we gain her full cooperation by telling her everything?

    ...Oh, never mind.

    Sylphy as well, they both trust Luke.

    They believe Luke would never betray them.

    Luke, also, might think he's working in Ariel's best interest.


    Manipulated by Hitogami, that possibility exists.

    He may have convinced himself that, given the situation, he's making the best move, but only makes things worse.

    How troublesome.

    Orsted is thinking that Luke has the role of intermediary.

    Luke's role is to inform Hitogami of my movements.

    But there's a possibility that when push comes to shove, Hitogami will give him advice that appears to benefit Ariel and actually leads her to ruin.

    Very troublesome.

    I can understand why Orsted wants to kill him immediately.

    "... Orsted-sama."


    "I want to confirm our fight against Hitogami. Just to make sure I understand the situation. Is that okay?"


    I begin to recite.

    Summary of Hitogami's and Orsted's battle tactics.

    First, Hitogami can see the future.

    The future he sees is both extensive and detailed.

    And he has the power to change that future by manipulating someone.

    But he can't see futures that are influenced by Orsted.

    Compared to Hitogami's foresight, the Dragon God's secret art is stronger.

    When Orsted influences things, Hitogami ends up seeing an incorrect future.

    When he discovers something out of place in that future, or possibly when there's a clear change in the future, Hitogami knows Orsted is interfering.

    But he cannot see how Orsted changed that future.

    He can only estimate.

    So long as he does not know what Orsted is trying to arrange or what Orsted's objective is, Hitogami does not have a sure fire way to change the future as desired.

    Because of the curse of being hated, Orsted is able to take action with Hitogami not discerning most of his hand.

    But also because of the curse, Orsted has few help available to him, limiting his reach.

    But now with me in league with him, his reach increased.

    My existence could be called an invisible chess piece.

    But if this piece moves too brazenly, then Orsted's intentions would be exposed.

    So I should act prudently.

    And avoid leaking information to Hitogami's spy - Luke.

    And also those that trust Luke, that would confide to him, Sylphy and Ariel.

    You can't stop people from talking, so it would be better if I talked about this to others as little as possible.

    Do what I can to hide Orsted's intentions and actions.

    I might look suspicious again.

    But it's fine as long as we succeed.

    Our goals here are to not let Hitogami know our intentions and defeat Hitogami's apostles.

    I will work until I die and help bring Orsted victory in a hundred years.

    "Is that... right?"

    "Yes. It is."

    Orsted nods heavily.

    Got it... Now I know what I must do.

    Perugius may call me timid, but...

    No matter what, we'll move towards our objective.

    Likely candidates for Hitogami's apostles.

    Luke and Darius.

    That's two.

    "And the final one?"

    "Unsure. But, based on Hitogami's habits, likely someone with talent with the sword or magic."

    "Talented in sword or magic..."

    Well, they can't be someone from my family.

    So no Sylphy and Eris.

    So maybe like my diary said, North Emperor or Water God at Asura Kingdom?

    "How about the North Emperor and Water God?"

    "Auber and Reida... Indeed, very likely. On the way to Asura Kingdom, stay vigilant."

    "Orsted-sama is not coming along?"

    "Of course, I'll be tailing you. We won't be taking the same actions, though."

    Following behind us...

    That really sounds like I'm manipulated from the shadows.

    Well, since I can consult him as needed, that doesn't sound so bad.

    "Understood. Then... Luke, Darius, Reida, Auber. I'll pay attention to those four."

    "Right. Darius, Auber, Reida, are fine to kill... Observe Luke, if necessary, kill him."

    "It's okay to kill him based on my judgment?"

    "Yes, your judgement."

    He really trusts my judgement?

    He probably thinks I can kill easily.

    Since my fight with Orsted was a rare occasion when I was relatively serious...

    That's fine.

    I'm serious this time.

    Next day.

    Sylphy and I, after waiting for Norn to return home, held a family meeting.

    Feels like that's all we do together these days.

    The trip will take 3~4 months.

    The destination is Asura Kingdom.

    Because it's work related, Sylphy will go to help Ariel.

    The family reacts nonchalantly to the announcement.

    "Ah, do your best. Can you leave some soil for the garden?"

    That was Aisha's response.

    She's more worried about soil than me.

    "Ariel-sama is leaving school, so... should we have a farewell party...?"

    Norn is more concerned with school.


    The previous time was... gloomier.

    I want to have a wet farewell like that time.

    I thought Aisha would be in tears, and I'll hug Norn and say I'll be back. [152]

    "But Onii-chan, every single time you say something like, [I'm leaving and won't come back...] yet you always come back, don't you?"

    Ah, I see.

    Even at death's door I come back every time, so my sisters have faith in me now?

    Or maybe they are putting up a front to reassure me?

    Regardless, if Aisha and Norn feel safe when I try my best, that's fine too.

    "Also, you keep bringing back new women."

    "Hey, I'm worried too, but this time Eris-ane and Sylphy-ane are going too, so it should be safe."

    Eris-anesan too?

    Speaking of her, as soon as she heard Asura Kingdom she went back to her room to pack up.

    Unilaterally declaring [Oh, I'm going too!]

    Without any hesitation.

    "Who do you think she'll be this time, Norn-ane?"

    "I'm not sure. Maybe Ariel-sama's attendants? Kleene-senpai, also Elmore-senpai?"

    The impolite conversation continues, but... there won't be more.

    I want to loudly declare, but, my lower half no longer has any credibility.

    It's not my fault I'm so popular in this world.

    ... But I think it should be fine this time.

    Sylphy and Eris are coming.


    I can't go alone.

    Because I'll back up.

    So as protection against me backing up.

    I will ask Eris and Sylphy to be my reservoir.

    That way, I should be safe even against the flood.

    "May the fortune of war be with you."

    Lilia and mom are the same as always.

    Speaking of which, I forgot to consult Orsted about mom's memory.

    I have my doubts that he can help since he couldn't do anything about his own curse either. After we're done with this maybe I can check again?

    "Lilia-san, then, I'll leave Lucy in your care."

    "And Madam too. Leave everything to me."

    Sylphy probably doesn't regret her decision, but she takes a deep bow toward Lilia.

    "Leaving the girl behind is probably not a good thing, but this time..."

    "It's fine. That's what a maid is for."

    Recently Lucy added new vocabulary.

    Simple words like "mama," "asha," "lila," "oki," "bibi," "jiro." [153]

    She looks so endearing when she tries to pronounce them.

    But still no "papa."

    She says "Ru- di-" once a while...

    Recently I haven't been paying attention to her, so she'll surely remember me last.

    That girl's parents are both going on a long journey and leaving her behind.

    I'm aware that we haven't been proper parents for her.

    I don't know when we'll improve.

    Lucy is so cute.

    She's an angel in my eyes.

    But feelings alone aren't enough...

    "It'll feel lonesome these four months."

    Only Roxy looks lonely.

    I feel guilty about going on a business trip and leaving behind a pregnant woman and her child.

    "Sorry, we'll try to hurry back, but..."

    "Take your time. Even though Lilia-san and Aisha said Rudi doesn't need to be here when I go into labor... but remember to bring me souvenirs. I want fruit candy, that sweet and sour dessert. Okay?"

    Roxy looks deadpan as always.

    She is nervous about her first child, but she isn't showing it.

    "Don't make that pitiful face, Rudi. I'm concerned, but men hunt; women protect the home and children. That's the Migurd way."

    Roxy proudly explains.

    She's a reliable woman.

    It's okay if you leave.

    So go without worries!

    "Still, I finally got a long vacation, so it's a little unfortunate. I was hoping to spend some leisure time with Rudi."

    "Yeah, that's right."

    Looks like Roxy took a maternity leave until she goes into labor.

    This country's tradition allows for a leave of absence during pregnancy and childcare.

    But Roxy does plan to continue her teaching career.

    She persuaded Vice Principal Jinas and took a long vacation.

    She probably dropped my name for that.

    It might be after the fact, but if my name can help Roxy do what she wants to, she's free to name drop as much as she likes.

    For the time being, before we head out, I decide to spend more time with Roxy.

    That night, in Eris's room, a noisy exchange can be heard.

    Sylphy's and Eris's voice.

    Eris argues against something Sylphy had said.

    Eris's loud [Why?] and [Why should I?] sandwich Sylphy's calm responses. Slowly Eris's voice quiets, and finally she ends it with [I get it.]

    And later that night, Eris came to my room.

    I was in bed, ready to sleep.


    She quickly hides herself in the bed.

    And made me her hug pillow.

    The area around her chest presses tightly against me.

    Pressured by such a matter at night, even a gentleman can hardly sleep.

    Well, tonight I'm also a gentleman.

    I don't mind doing it either, however.

    I want to check something before doing the deed though.

    "You... got in a fight with Sylphy?"

    "We didn't."

    "Is that so."

    I didn't hear any actual fighting.

    Well, if I leave right now and check Eris's room, I might find an unconscious Sylphy there.

    But I'll trust Eris for now.

    "Starting tomorrow, we'll be working with Sylphy. After Ghyslaine has her audience with Ariel, we need to prepare for the journey together."

    Introduce Ghyslaine to Ariel tomorrow.

    Sylphy said [Let me handle it] for that.

    Sylphy can probably take care of this by herself, but considering Ghyslaine's aims, it's better if I make the introduction myself.

    I thought about refusing Sylphy then, but either way she'll be alongside Ariel.

    And Eris should come too.

    So it ends up that tomorrow, the four of us will visit Ariel together.

    Sylphy really wants to introduce Eris and Ghyslaine.


    "So she said, now that it's settled, Rudeus wants to spend more time with Roxy."

    "Is that what Sylphy said?"


    That's the reason?

    It was for Roxy?

    If my responsibility decreases, then Roxy gets more time... I can understand her reasoning.

    Sylphy was being considerate.

    Say, Sylphy actually persuaded Eris without resorting to force.

    No, Eris has grown up.

    Before, she was a girl that let her fists do the talking.

    If you lay out the reasons, she would listen.

    "That's why, she gave tonight to me."

    Oh, so she made her demands.

    But I can understand, Eris has needs too.

    This selfish side of her is rather nostalgic.

    That inconsiderate girl died.

    The Eris with fangs is gone.

    She is no longer a wolf and lion...

    Well, maybe only for today.

    It wouldn't be strange for Sylphy to have her own needs.

    Or has she put herself aside for now?

    Well, I can appreciate her properly in our journey together. So I will.

    Putting those thoughts aside, I return a hug to Eris.

    And Eris, in frightening speed, strips me naked.

    "It won't do if you're found pregnant in the trip, so let's hold back..."

    "Worry about that later!"

    The night was messy.

    Family Planning isn't part of Eris's vocabulary.

    Next day, preparations begin.

    While packing up for the trip, I also try to spend more time with Roxy.

    Of course, I can't always be with Roxy.

    Introduce Ghyslaine and Eris to Ariel, meetings with Orsted, carefully making preparations.

    What skills North Emperor Auber and Water God Reida possess, and how to counter them.

    How to approach Tris and her band of thieves.

    Just in case, memorize the general geography of Asura Kingdom.

    And the layout of Asura Royal Silver Palace.

    Help Cliff begin his research on Orsted's curse.

    Doing everything I can.

    With that thought in mind, days passed.

    One day.

    Roxy and I sat together on the sofa in the living room.

    Recently, we always spend the end of the day chatting there, just the two of us.

    The conversations are endless.

    From what happened at school for Roxy, to recent research in magic tools.

    To what happened in our individual journeys after the Metastasis Event.

    Nothing of importance, just relaxing conversations between Roxy and I .

    "Well, Rudi. Before you head out, decide on a name for the baby."

    Today's topic is the baby's name.

    "Deciding on a name before going on a journey, isn't that bad?"

    I respond after hearing Roxy.

    "Is that how heroic tales go for Human Race? That doesn't matter to Migurd Tribe."

    How frank.

    In other words, a jinx is a jinx.

    But if my god says so, then there's no need to worry.

    This is God's command.

    "For Migurd, the village elder decides the name, but... our village head is Rudi. So please make up your mind."

    "Can I really make the decision?"

    "Of course. Every day I can rub my growing belly and say the name Rudi picked. Those will definitely be happy times."

    Roxy rubs her growing belly as she said.

    I also put a hand on it.


    I met Roxy over 10 years ago, and she now carries my child.

    Sylphy's was unbelievable too, but Roxy's even more unbelievable.

    Joy wells up in my chest.

    How amazing, this feeling, I can't get enough of it.


    "What is it, Rudi? You laughed like Sylphy just now."

    Like Sylphy?

    "Oh, Roxy's tummy is wonderful."

    "It's not as small as Sylphy, and not as tight as Eris, but... if you like it, enjoy to your heart's content."


    As instructed, I begin to enjoy rubbing it to my heart's content.

    "Inside, half of it is Rudi's."

    "And the other half?"

    "... The outside belongs to Rudi."

    "So it's all mine?"

    "The child is half mine. I won't budge."

    How straightforward.

    Roxy-Sensei sure is smart.

    Yes, the child is ours.

    But Roxy is mine.

    "The child's name, what should it be.."

    "Well... a Migurd name... should roll off the tongue."

    Migurd names are generally based on initials.

    But since our child is mixed, we don't have to follow tradition too strictly.

    "Then, how about we base the name on Roxy and Rudeus?"


    "Our affinity can't go wrong."

    We can't just copy them though.

    No "Ru-" or "Ro-," so "Re-" then.

    Let me think about names starting with "Re-."

    Re-, Re-, Re-

    Sounds like a kid that likes to sweep all day.

    Liking to tidy up isn't bad. [154]

    Then a name that rolls off the tongue as Roxy suggested.

    Reminds me of a girl who desires a fiery love. [155]

    But that doesn't feel right either.

    Something with more Roxiness.


    "La," "Ri," "Ru," "Re," "Ro," which of these sounds more like they would suit a child of Roxy?

    That would do.

    "If it's a boy, Rollo. And if a girl, Lara?"

    "Alright. Rollo and Lara. Both sound easy on the tongue."

    In that case.

    Will he or she end up kidnapped by a demon lord, or become the rescuer? [156]

    Roxy still has the exterior of a middle school girl, but her face is of a saint mother.

    It's divine.

    Why so divine?

    She'll definitely give birth to the child of God!



    "I know what I said a few days ago, but... please come back safely? I want Rudi to hold this child together with me."


    That goes without saying.

    The day to leave arrives.

    Volume 17 Young Man Period Kingdom Chapter -End-

    Next Volume

    Volume 18 Young Man Period Asura Kingdom Chapter

    Three days after Perugius Dola entered a partnership with Ariel Anemoi Asura.

    At an auditorium slightly far away from the magic university's women's dormitory, prepared for nobles, a place that has a variety of uses.

    Currently, this place was reserved by Princess Ariel in preparation to move.

    In front of the auditorium's room, there were four figures.

    There were three women and one man.

    Quagmire Rudeus, and Silent Fitts - Sylphiette.

    The other two were Sword Kings who had recently started to become famous in the neighborhood.

    They were Eris and Ghyslaine.

    "I'll say this first, I've forgotten about etiquette."

    "I'm also ignorant in manners."

    In front the auditorium's door, those two declared squarely.

    Before their attitude, Rudeus shrugged his shoulders and Sylphy made a bitter smile.

    "Ariel-sama isn't a person who makes such a fuss about etiquette. For an escort attendant, no more than the necessary etiquette is required."

    As Sylphy said so, she picked and removed a piece of thread she saw on Eris's shoulder.

    In front of that attitude, Eris's mouth formed the character 'へ' and crossed her arms.

    "But, I'm also Rudeus's wife, if my attitude is strange, won't I trouble Rudeus?"

    Hearing Eris's words, Rudeus was blinking his eyes in surprise.

    He did not think that such words could come out from Eris.

    "I'm not particularly troubled. However, I want you to keep polite speech in mind. If not, Sylphy will lose face."

    "……No, I don't particularly mind. I've become accustomed to such things."

    Sylphy scratched the back of her ear while her mouth made a pout.

    Being bullied, having experience in dressing as a male escort, she got used to being called this and that by other people.

    Of course, even if she got used to it, it was tough.

    But, after living together these 10 days, to expect such understanding from Eris was unfair.


    On the other hand, seeing this, Eris thought that after all she should try her best.

    Her feelings regarding Sylphy were still complicated.

    Frankly, she did not yet hold an image of her place in the 'family'.

    However, she did not identify her as an enemy.

    The feelings of being comrades, or rather the feeling of being compatriots was closer.


    While Eris's face made a frown, she looked down at her attire with no self-confidence.

    There were no funny places.

    It was not formal attire, but Nina assured that it was not an attire that would bring shame to a Sword King.

    However, she was a stubborn Sword King.

    "The attire is not weird?"

    "Yes. It's fine. That form is very cool."

    Having received Sylphy's approval, Eris nodded with [Alright].

    Somehow, having Sylphy say it's all right was enough for approval.

    "Or would a dress be better? After all, Eris is an Ojou-sama from a respectable family. To say, looking like an Ojou-sama would be better?"

    "If there's no problem, this is fine."

    Eris has also bought clothes and accessories since coming here, but she hasn't shown them to Rudeus yet.So far, the opportunity to wear them wasn't there…….

    Somehow they did not feel suitable, not once were they put on.

    What was shown was only a negligee for night use.

    Furthermore, at night the period of time to show it to Rudeus was short, as a matter of fact it was soon taken off.

    "About etiquette, until we arrive at Asura Kingdom it is fine to learn from Sylphy."

    "……Well, I'm not reluctant to teach."

    Eris took a deep breath.

    Become a wife.

    Become a woman suitable for Rudeus.

    While thinking she had persevered well, after all just training the sword was not good.

    "All right, let's go."

    Following Sylphy's words, Eris and Ghyslaine nodded deeply.

    Sylphy knocked at the door in front of them and raised her voice.

    "Ariel-sama. Eris Greyrat and Ghyslaine Dedorudia-sama have come for introduction!"

    "Please enter."

    Sylphy opened the door and entered inside.

    Due to packing, the inside of the room was more messy than usual.

    Ariel was seated in the middle of the room.[157]

    Sylphy moved to stand next to Ariel.

    Rudeus stood in the middle between Ariel and Eris.

    Rudeus first placed his hand to his chest and bowed, then gestured with his hand towards Eris.

    "Ariel-sama. This person is Eris, Eris Greyrat. I'm sure Ariel-sama already knows, she is the swordswoman with the alias Mad Sword King. For this journey, she will accompany me, Rudeus Greyrat, as an escort."

    Rudeus said so far, then called her out in a low voice with [Hey, Eris].

    Eris noticed her arms being folded, placed her hand to her chest and bowed.

    It is an imitation of Rudeus.

    "Eris Greyrat."

    It was an attitude that could be considered poor, but Ariel smiled gently.

    "I am delighted to make your acquaintance Eris-sama. I am Asura Kingdom's second princess, Ariel Anemoi Asura. I have heard many things about you since a tender age."

    "Hmpf, anyway, surely they weren't good rumors."

    Hearing those words, Ariel laughed slightly.

    "Indeed, the rumors reaching the royal palace were certainly not good rumors. However, I do not intend to judge a person based on rumors. Rumors are, after all, just rumors."


    "Above all, standing next to Rudeus-sama is evidence enough. People who gather near Rudeus-sama tend to have one or two peculiar traits, but they are not bad people."

    Nodding in satisfaction, Eris crossed her arms.

    Spreading her legs to about shoulder width, it's her usual pose.

    The greeting of a noble's young daughter was already forgotten.

    "That's it. Rudeus is amazing. It seems you do understand."

    "Yes…… Regardless, it may be for a short time, please be at ease."[158]

    While being seated, Ariel expressed her thanks.

    Seeing this, Eris breathed out with [Hmpf] in a single breath and bowed once again.


    Scratching the back of her ear after seeing Eris's attitude, Sylphy cleared her throat.

    Before the cough, Eris made a small [Ah] and opened her arms.

    Then, making a troubled face, retreated to the back.

    Seeing this, with a wry smile, Rudeus indicated to Ghyslaine.

    "This person is Ghyslaine, Ghyslaine Dedorudia. The famous Black Wolf Ghyslaine. I'd like to introduce her as Ariel-sama's escort."

    Ghyslaine came one step forward and kneeled down on one knee.

    Facing Ariel with one eye, sending a sharp glance.


    "I am delighted to make your acquaintance Ghyslaine. I am Asura Kingdom's second princess, Ariel Anemoi Asura. Ever since you came to Fedoa region—"

    "I want to ask one thing."

    Interrupting Ariel's words, Ghyslaine asked,

    "I heard by working under you, I would be able to fight against Sauros-sama's enemies. Is it the truth?"

    "It is the truth."

    Ariel replied immediately to this insolent question.

    She has already heard from Sylphy why this person would want to become her guard.

    Ghyslaine will take revenge for Sauros.

    In name, Eris is Rudeus's escort, but she seems to join for a similar reason and aim.

    "If you follow me to Asura's royal palace, the perpetrators responsible for tricking Sauros-sama……will surely be found. No, I will find them. At that time, please swing your sword until your heart is content."

    Ariel seems to know things regarding Sauros Boreas Greyrat's death.

    To take responsibility for Fedoa region's disappearance, he was executed.

    One of the four feudal lords, in order to weaken the power of Boreas, it is the result of a scheme to weaken the forces of the first prince.

    Of course, Ariel does not have any memory of issuing such an order.

    However, Ariel thought that there was the possibility that a person in her own faction had a hand in this.

    In that case it would become a difficult situation…….

    Even so, the neck of that noble will be presented without hesitation.

    To save Rudeus's face who introduced Ghyslaine.

    "I entrust it to you."

    Ghyslaine said so with a single word and quickly stood up.

    Moving her tail and sending a gaze to Sylphy.

    "Then, what should I do?"

    "Ehm. From tomorrow on, Ghyslaine-san will become Ariel-sama's escort. Today's meeting is intended to make introductions, once the preparations for the journey are complete, please come to my place again."

    "Got it…… and Ghyslaine is fine."

    Ghyslaine said so in a short amount of time and retreated to the back with one step.


    Once again, Ariel took a look at the three figures in front of her.

    Mad Sword King Eris, Black Wolf Ghyslaine.

    The one who summoned those two was the most powerful magician among Ariel's acquaintances, Quagmire Rudeus.

    Powerful they may be, but these three people have not sworn fealty to her.

    And, the one standing behind Rudeus was Dragon God Orsted.

    While Rudeus himself denied this, it seems it was on the instructions of Orsted for him to contact her.

    To be honest, it is not known exactly what Orsted is plotting.

    Ariel has only once seen Orsted.

    With just one glance, inexplicable fear was experienced.

    Based on the conversation with Nanahoshi, without knowing the reason for cooperation, a sense of anxiety exists.[160]

    Even so, Ariel remembered feeling a mysterious sense of security.

    Is it because a great amount of forces were assembled before her eyes?

    Despite knowing that an unmanageable force could very well ruin herself?


    "Then, everyone, I leave it up to you."

    Ariel stood up and expressed her thanks to the three people.

    Replying in kind, Rudeus.

    Seeing Rudeus, hurriedly returning the expression of gratitude, then Eris.

    Lastly lowering her head and returning with a bow, Ghyslaine.


    With the expressions of gratitude ending, Ariel glanced at Sylphy.

    The reason she didn't feel uneasiness was because they had a connection with her.

    It is unknown what Orsted was plotting.

    However, Rudeus followed Orsted to protect his family.

    Hence, Rudeus will not hurt Sylphiette.

    And, Sylphiette will not hurt Ariel.

    This fact gives Ariel a sense of security.

    (Special thanks to you, Sylphy.)

    In her heart, Ariel lowered her head to the peerless best friend standing beside her.

    On the night of that day.

    In one of the countless taverns existing in the magic city Sharia.

    In the bar overflowing with great noise, there is a particularly quiet corner.

    In that corner, a tall woman sat near the counter's corner, drinking from her cup quietly.

    A dark brown, muscular beast-race woman.

    Although she was a middle-aged woman, from a bystander's point of view she was a beauty.

    Having said so, there were none who approached her.

    Rising from her was a dangerous atmosphere.

    As the Mad Sword King was an existence that called forth fear, this was what kept her from being popular.

    Furthermore, although she was the teacher of the Mad Sword King, she was not the person known as Mad Sword King.

    In that tavern, a new customer arrived.

    Arriving by tingling the door's bell was a woman from the long ear tribe with magnificent hair.

    A beautiful face, possessing a stimulating body with the exception of her chest.

    However, from her slender appearance, her stomach had gotten unimaginably big.

    She is a pregnant woman.

    Seeing such a woman, some people in the tavern let out a delighted voice.

    [Hey, hasn't it been a long time.]

    [Is it already fine to not men hunt?]

    [Oh yeah, heard you've gotten married.]

    [C'mere and have a drink!]

    As she was treated with such happy voices, she walked inside the tavern.

    Towards the tavern's corner.

    To the counter's inner part.

    She sat down next to the seat everyone did not dare to approach.

    The surroundings held their breath.

    "He~ey Ghyslaine. I've kept you waiting."

    She - Elinalise, called out to the beast-race woman sitting at the end of the counter in a cheerful voice.

    "You're late."

    Ghyslaine indifferently stated the situation.

    "It couldn't be helped. I'm pregnant… ah, for me beer and snacks to go with it."

    Elinalize requested so from the storekeeper.

    Hearing that a pregnant woman is drinking, the surrounding men frowned.

    Ghyslaine was also one who thought so.

    "Is it fine to drink?"

    "To celebrate our happy reunion and to talk about the sad topic. A drink is required for either of them."

    Having said so, Ghyslaine could not decline.

    "Don't worry, I won't drink so much as to affect the child inside. We finally did it, it's my beloved husband's child."

    Elinalize stroked her stomach with a charming expression.

    Seeing this, Ghyslaine made a surprised face.

    "I heard that you became a couple, but to think for you to concentrate on one person."

    "It's also a little bit surprising to me. But Cliff is quite splendid. I'd like to ask for a little more flexibility, he doesn't listen to conversations, but he knows what he wants, he feels a strong sense of responsibility towards himself.[161] When we're doing ecchi stuff he tries his best, he moves and tries hard to make not only himself but also me feel good. That is very sweet….Ghyslaine should also try to find someone somewhere soon!"

    "I'm fine."

    When faced against that fond speech, Ghyslaine replied quickly.

    She has already given up living as a woman.

    She thought to walk the way of life of a swordswoman.

    "Well……I won't pressure you into it."

    At that moment, Elinalize's beer came.

    In this area beer was slightly more expensive, but the alcohol content was low.

    For Elinalize, it was more like juice.

    "Now then, to the reunion of dear friends, cheers."


    Ghyslaine clinked the cup in her hand with Elinalize's cup.

    A satisfying sound echoes.

    Ghyslaine and Elinalize.

    Thus original members of the Black Wolf's Fang managed to reunite.

    "It would have been great if only Gisu and Talhand were also at this place……"

    "……As well as Paul and Zenith."

    When that was said, the enjoyable alcohol became immediately sorrowful.

    However, Elinalize originally came to hold such a conversation.

    It would have been easier to become a little more intoxicated before starting that conversation, but it was nothing to worry about.

    "About Paul……it's unfortunate. Originally, it should have been me to fall first……"

    "That guy lived life in a hurry. I did think it would lead to an early death."

    "Ah, come to think of it, such a thing was said in the past."

    "It was you who said it."

    "Did I?"

    "Ah……in fact, I did not find it too strange that he died."

    "Paul was splendid to the end… want to listen?"

    "Please tell me."

    When asked, Elinalize started to talk about Paul's final moments.

    About how he was separated from his family, and how he was desperately searching for them.

    About how despite being such a womanizer, he abstained from women and was wholeheartedly faithful to Zenith.

    About his reunion with Rudeus, as well as the conversation with him.

    About the happy face Paul made when talking.

    And finally how he died protecting Rudeus, Paul's final moment.

    "I see, that guy has also changed. I recall the time when he and you were fooling around together."

    "Oh my, the number one fool must have surely been Ghyslaine? I remember the time when you were shaking your tail when looking at Paul."

    "That was a delusion. That was during the oestrous cycle. And, I'm not from Adorudia. Even when happy, the tail doesn't shake."

    "It's a metaphor, a metaphor."


    "But, the Ghyslaine at that time sure was cute. Whenever something happened, you were worried about Paul."

    "It's in the past. Forget it."

    As Elinalize was laughing, she tossed the seasoned snack into her mouth.

    Making chewing sounds when chewing the hard meat.

    Seeing this, Ghyslaine did the same thing.

    "Ah, then one more, let's split it between us two."

    Elinalize pushed her own plate towards Ghyslaine.

    Two people poking the same thing.

    For a while, those two were controlled by the sound of chewing.

    "For me, Zenith was more shocking than Paul."

    When the dish was finished, Ghyslaine muttered this.

    "I would have never thought that Zenith would become like that."

    "That's true. But Rudeus seems to be searching for something like a cure, she also seems to recover little by little."


    "Surely one day the Zenith we know will come back."

    "Is that so?"

    "Well, that will probably take many years."

    Ghyslaine lightly laughed and stirred her cup.

    "At that time, I hope we can once again drink together."

    "That's true. At that time, let's call Gisu and Talhand, it will surely be a noisy time."

    "What happened to them?"

    "Ah, after the party with Talhand was disbanded -- "

    Afterwards, the two talked about various things.

    About what happened after the party was disbanded.

    About what happened after the mana calamity.

    About what happened after Rudeus was met.

    And not only about that. What happened during their time as adventurers.

    What happened when they entered the dungeon.

    What happened when Gisu gambled, lost their money and every member of the party was extorting him.

    What happened when Paul took advantage of Ghyslaine's mating season.

    What happened when Elinalize took advantage of that situation and for a short time the three of them were leading a sordid lifestyle.

    In general it was an embarrassing enough memory to get a red face.

    However, everything felt nostalgic and the memories caused their hearts deep down to tremble.

    In a tipsy state, Elinalize spoke while narrowing her eyes.

    Ghyslaine also became dead drunk a while ago, resting her face in her hands with vacant eyes.

    "Oh my, it's unusual for you to drink until dead drunk, are you going back to your room?"

    "It's all right. The wolf won't attack me anymore, because it is no longer here."[162]

    Ghyslaine said so while looking back over her shoulder.

    The rowdy adventurers who received Ghyslaine's gaze averted their eyes.

    "This way, I should have accepted Philip-sama's invitation."

    "Philip? Ah, the one from Fedoa region."

    "Ah, once I was asked whether I wanted to become his concubine or not."

    "That is quite a shame. If you had accepted, you would have married into money."

    In front of Elinalize's teasing voice, Ghyslaine made a lonely smile.

    "I would have been unable to face Eris Ojou-sama."

    "For you to say that to face another, I'm surprised such words came out from you…… oh my!"

    Saying so while looking at Ghyslaine, Elinalize tilted her head.

    Ghyslaine's eyes were still.

    They were eyes full of blood thirst.

    "Philip-sama is also already dead. He did not survive the mana calamity. The corpse was buried, the one who killed him was also killed."

    "……Oh my, is that so. That's quite unfortunate."

    "Eris Ojou-sama married into Rudeus's family……"

    Ghyslaine stared intensely at the ceiling.

    "And next is Sauros-sama's enemy."

    With Ghyslaine exhibiting blood thirst, some of the tavern's guests felt danger.

    However, Elinalize was not the slightest bit disturbed.

    She knew that the woman before her had a personality that would suddenly release blood thirst and suddenly cut somebody down.

    But she also knew that she would not be cut down.

    "To do so, I have become the princess's escort for this reason."


    Elinalize let out a sigh and stared at the same ceiling.

    "Ghyslaine has also changed. In the past, you weren't such a knight-like woman with such great loyalty."

    With these words Ghyslaine quickly stopped moving and looked into her cup.

    Amber-colored alcohol.

    Reflected in there was her own face.

    She immediately came to a conclusion.

    "……After all, I am also part of the Dorudia tribe."

    Ghyslaine said so and stood up.

    She left her seat, walking in a manner that one would not think her being dead drunk.

    "Where are you going?"


    "My oh my, as always it's very abrupt."

    Elinalize shrugged her shoulders and stood up.

    She took out silver coins from her pocket and tossed them towards the counter.[163]


    Elinalize, who finished counting, raised her voice towards Ghyslaine, who was about to disappear into the night street.

    Ghyslaine's ears moved and she turned around.

    "Please protect Rudeus and Sylphy in the Asura Kingdom for me! They are both my cute grandchildren!"

    "……Leave it to me."

    Ghyslaine gave a reply, her tail stood straight up.[164]

    Elinalize went in the opposite direction, her feet turned to the direction towards the home where Cliff was waiting.

    She believed that since it was her close friend, it goes without saying that she would naturally protect the people around her.

    Note : This chapter and map were drawn by the original author including the note below, not a part of the Light Novel but the Web Novel, the map image has been edited to English by the translator.

    The map was created extremely rough.

    Please only use it as reference to get a rough image.

    World Map 3


    Supplementary news regarding the Asura Kingdom.

    • Asura Kingdom

    The country holding the world's greatest national power.

    Naturally abundant, a fertile earth where starvation isn't an issue. The land doesn't become infertile.

    • King's Country

    Feudal Lord : Asura

    Habitat : Nothing in particular

    Area that governs the royalty. Population density is high, gathering of goods takes place within the Asura kingdom.

    In addition, for the sake of commerce with Begaritt Continent, glasswork, etc. are also being sold.

    • Fittoa Country

    Feudal Lord : Boreas

    It was famous as the land of perfume but after the Metastasis event almost the entire area vanished.

    • Milbotts Country

    Feudal Lord : Notus

    Famous as the land of alcohol. There is a gigantic brewing site.

    Although beer is drunk ordinarily in the Asura Kingdom, most of the wine drunk in celebrations are produced in this territory.

    • Donati Country[165]

    Feudal Lord : Zephyrus

    Famous for sugar and knitting wool.

    The export of arms for the northern adventurers and mercenaries is carried out as well.

    • Wishiru Country[166]

    Feudal Lord : Euros

    Though there is no special mention of it's local specialty, the circulation of money or goods is prosperous because it is a doorway for the merchants that come from the south.

    • The Rest

    Every feudal lord is governing a small territory.


    An extra

    A rough sketch of the Greyrat Mansion.

    (Artist's impression)

    Greyrat Mansion

    Rudeus uses the 『Study Room』 and 『The room next to the Love nest』 as a private room for himself.

    Leo is basically an indoor dog and often seems to sleep in Roxy's room.

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    2. (Beet is the baby treant Aisha is raising, ビート)
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    46. (TL: Needs TLC, literally it means to trouble, is that an Japanese idiom or so (あのおっぱいを揉めるなら)?- Hard to modify it, because it's so funny in all level. It use the idiom, but it remind readers that Eris is a trigger happy idiot, and the possibility of getting hit so hard he's punch-drunk, a boxing concept, is there)
    47. (TL: This and the next sentence needs TLC, not sure exactly how あたい fit in them.-Change if it please you, but these are fine, context-wise)........あたい means me/I
    48. TL: So the power of love made her go beyond her usual Saint-ranked potential. ED:Not particularly. The Saint-rank people is huge, so to get a monicker usually require you go up to King level. The nicknamed people lower level than that up till now is mostly Adventurers, who can set their own call name. Nina didn't have her own nick when testing Eris. Paul and Erinarize don't have any. Roxy didn't have, just a generic monicker of the Water Saint Magician then Water King Magician, though in latter case they remember her name. unlike before. That monicker process has its own weight in its own right.
    49. (TL: Rudeus doesn't use 俺 but オラ, sounding more arrogant.)
    50. (TL: Dude, wouldn't you want to know how your parents would have lived if one hadn't died and the other was cursed?)(Do you mean wasn't? Because Orsted wouldn't know otherwise bc mana calamity.)
    51. (TL: Translated グラーヴェル as Gravel.)
    52. (TL: Names ending with -ris, Tris, Eris etc.)(Aka two)
    53. (TL: Needs TLC)ED:In Spirited Away movie, some part of the name of characters are stolen by the main villain creating a new shorter name. They will forget their real full name and also the memories before they were given the new name. eg: Tristina -> Tris
    54. Was that a typo from the author? in the original WN, it really is written "2000", but Orsted loops every 200 years, doing it for more than 100 years, so it's not only 2,000, but 20,000... right?
    55. (TL: Need TLC, wondering how 性能を天下 can be translated, earth-shattering performance?)
    56. (TL He's comparing how he was told by Human God to do things with no preparation at all.)ED: Also the difference of material helps versus the talk-only from Hitogami. Putting money where his mouth is, so to speak.
    57. (TL: リングス海 - Rings ocean or ocean rings? (I think it refers to a legendary dungeon in the middle of the ocean) ((Well, there was a dungeon translated in chapter 10 as the Demon God's Cavern in the center of Ringus's sea.))
    58. (TL: Think it's a reference to Monogatari series?)
    59. (TL: Needs TLC, not sure if TL is correct.)ED: I add a word to the previous sentence so that this one doesnt look too strange.
    60. (TL: 余地, room in his heart to forgive her?)ED: fix that long ass sentence so that it's smoother.
    61. Needs TLC, not sure whether なし崩し的 was translated correctly.
    62. (TL: May need TLC, 絡め手 - roundabout ways?)
    63. (TL: Not sure whether he's scared of a physical attack or a sexual attack.)(Since he has a maiden's heart and Eris is also sweaty it's safe to assume sexual)
    64. (TL: Again, simplified 魔導鎧 as magic armour.)
    65. (TL: Author uses デチューン.)
    66. (TL: In the sense that the quality of the circle is good.)
    67. (TL: Sound was like ka-ching Hollywood style, but in RL it wouldn't make such a sound.
    68. (TL: Needs TLC, おしっこチビっちゃう.)
    69. sisters=Sylphy+Roxy
    70. (TL: Onii-chan should be self-explanatory, Aisha calls Norn-ane, where ane (姉) means older sister. Btw, Norn calls Rudeus' wives as 姉さん, which I translated as sisters in the sentence a few lines ago.
    71. (TL: Roper -, thanks to unknown user in discussion page.)
    72. (TL: Translated 光輝 as splendorous because Perugius' familiar all possess an attribute, Arumanfi's is splendour/brightness.)
    73. (TL: Because Eris was once known as the mad dog, Rudeus is telling her to stop like one would tell a dog house/sit.)
    74. (TL: 破壊のドットバース, Dotverse, Dotbirth?)(TLC Note: Dotverse of Destruction is one of the 11 familiars.)
    75. (TL: Basically a Mame Shiba is a smaller version of a Shiba Inu. I only knew of Shiba Inus and had to look it up because I didn't know Mame Shiba actually existed.)
    76. (TL: Need someone specializing in translating barking sounds.) lmao
    77. (TL: Shake is shaking paw, beg is sit up and beg. Really wanted to write dick (チンチン) and chalk it up as translation error.)
    78. (TL: Needs TLC, not confident about [一方的な苦手意識を持っている感じだ] part).
    79. (TL: Needs TLC, not so confident about this one.)
    80. (TL: 赤の大鷲亭, was surprised that 大鷲 was Steller's sea eagle, I didn't know that it even existed. Would have translated as just big eagle otherwise.'s_sea_eagle)
    81. (TL: Regarding the bat shops, I think they are brothels, but it's somewhat unclear. 蝙蝠と名の付く店は女の子を).-ED-It might be instinctively clearer to characters of that setting. Bat=succubus=femme fatale
    82. (TL: Though I think everyone knows Senpai & Kouhai)
    83. (TL: It'll be a pain to spell out the name if it was a girl.)
    84. (Is the master thief some kind of reference?)
    85. (TL: As in 'talk to the hand'.)
    86. (TL: Needs TLC, translated 改心 as revelation, but it's closer to reform?)
    87. (TL: Literally 悪神.)
    88. (TL: Needs TLC, つい素で怒ってしまった.)
    89. (TL: Needs TLC.)
    90. 気のせい means "due to one's imagination.
    91. These past two lines contain mahjong references: 'atozuke' is calling to form your hand when you don't have a yaku (winning condition) yet, and having a set of the prevailing wind is a yaku worth 1 han.
    92. (TL: Needs TLC, just hiragana makes translating it harder than it being full of kanji.)
    93. (TL: In the sense that it reeked of something, couldn't find a better word.)
    94. (TL: Needs TLC, I don't understand a single work of drunken speech)
    95. (TL: Makes パチパチ sounds?)
    96. (TL: seiza)
    97. (TL: 女子力 - woman's strength/capabilities?)
    98. (TL: Needs TLC)
    99. (TL: She couldn't have talked for more than a glass or two and she's already drunk?)
    100. (TL: Don't think Ecchi really requires an explaination.)
    101. Alternative translation check (which doesn't seem to fit): "In fact, she felt a sense of antagonism to a certain degree with her degree of ability." (TL: Needs TLC, not sure about this sentence. 実際に、ある程度実力は拮抗したかに思えた。)
    102. (TL: To be exact, younger sister - 妹)
    103. (TL: Respectful form of father and grandfather, just felt like writing it out.)
    104. (TL: Laughing like ニヤニヤ)
    105. (TL: Needs TLC, 青田買い? TLC: She got married too rashly.)
    106. (TL: Literally homo ホモ.)
    107. (TL: Ruijerdo approves.)
    108. (TL: .)
    109. (TL: This seriously was difficult to translate. Used Thee instead of you to accentuate his way of speaking, feel free to correct it. I'm seriously confused about thee, thy and thou, I just use what I feel was right.)
    110. (TL: Facial tissue.)
    111. (TL: Needs TLC, can't think of a better way to put it, あたいが仲間はずれってこと) ((I suspect he's saying, "Was I excluded because of my (low) worth?" Or, "Was I not valued enough to be invited?"))
    112. (TL: Tried translating マジかよ as in everyday conversation).
    113. (TL: While I think the text talks in singular, it makes more sense if he talks of them in plural, I believe.
    114. (TL: Needs TLC, 一応、カマを掛けてみるか)
    115. I don't know what the original text was, but this part makes no sense with the wording of "Human God". Should it not be Hitogami, since everyone is supposed to know the "Human God", but only those who have met him personally know "Hitogami"? I think a kanji/hiragana difference should exist in the original text as mentioned in an earlier ref. Someone please confirm the case, and correct the text, or me.
    116. (TL: Needs TLC, unclear whether he protected himself or the country protected him.)
    117. (TL: While it's literally tea (お茶), I believe it can also mean refreshments in general.)
    118. (TL: Literally ああ, sure sounds better.)
    119. (TL: Fighting spirit in this case is 気合, not 闘気. Basically he's saying that he's fired up/will give it his all.)
    120. (TL: Need TLC, translated 太鼓判を押して as 'a sealed deal', but literally it was more like 'assured with a large seal'.)
    121. (TL: Translated 監視役 as display station, if you have a better translation, feel free to edit it. Brain entering energy conservation mode) ED: using "spy" instead of "display station"
    122. (TL: Had a much harder time because of 恋 and 愛 than I thought.)
    123. PythagoraSwitch
    124. (TL: Basically he didn't ask for a specific color.)
    125. (TL: Titiana - ティティアナ, Death Adder Rat - デスアダーラット.)
    126. (TL: It's actually storehouse, but vault sounds better.)
    127. (TL: Needs TLC, 釘を刺された)
    128. (TL: Needs TLC, is that a reference to something?)
    129. (TL: Needs TLC)
    130. (TL: Needs TLC, loosely translated this part)
    131. (TL: Author uses デメリット)
    132. He's weighing the pros and cons, he doesn't know the endgame so he doesn't see the benefit.
    133. (TL: Author uses ポジティブ, but I think he actually meant optimistic. Left positive because that's what the text says.)
    134. (TL: banzai - 万歳, hurrah or whatever else fits.)
    135. (TL: Needs TLC for the second part)
    136. (TL: キリッと, make of it what you want)
    137. (TL: Ippon)
    138. (TL: Needs TLC)
    139. (Needs TLC, I think it's some idiom)
    140. "growing your nose," a Japanese idiom for acting perverted. Alternate meaning: "Rudi! Don't act perverted in front of Ariel-sama!"
    141. Sniper0432 Notes: Originally, this piece of text in jap has no question mark, so I replaced it.
    142. Sniper0432 Notes: Based on other editor and check of original text, 'coming of age' can be replaced with 'milestone ages', as it would make sense in the next sentence. However, this does not work well in English, so it is up to you.
    143. Unsure: オルステッドにビクつき。
    144. Sniper0432 Notes: Altered to fit more with the original text. そう口に出すと、アリエルの手の力がグッと強くなった。
    145. Sniper0432 Notes: Also altered to fit more with the original text. 「二人が、そんな事を……?」
    146. Sniper0432 Notes: What you originally had here was better, so I replaced it.
    147. Sniper0432 Notes: Re-translated with the help of a friend, as original translation makes no sense in English. といわんばかりの態度である。
    148. Names are crapshoot: 空虚のシルヴァリル。 光輝のアルマンフィ。 贖罪のユルズ。 洞察のカロワンテ。 時間のスケアコート。 豪雷のクリアナイト。 破壊のドットバース。 波動のトロフィモス 生命のハーケンメイル。 大震のガロ。 狂気のフュリアスファイル。 暗黒のパルテムト。
    149. Accidental pun - impossible is "arienu", close to Ariel
    150. She's a masochist in case you've forgotten the incident when she tried to rape Sylphy in the becoming a guard chapters, was cut open, and had a good time.. ((This was in chapter 83, but it was something Ariel said as a cover story, to prevent Sylphy from being executed for having injured her.))
    151. Terminator reference.
    152. Mama, Aisha, Lilia, Roxy, Beat, Jirou.
    153. Reference to an old lady's catchphrase in Tensai Bakabon, manga by Fujio Akatsuka
    154. Reference to Laura Newfield from Yukyu Genso Kyoku 2
    155. ADV of Lolo reference.
    156. (TL: Needs TLC)
    157. (TL:Needs TLC, what is よしなに o.O?)
    158. (TL: Her sentences tend to be extremely short, quite difficult to properly translate [ギレーヌだ])
    159. (TL: Needs TLC)
    160. (TL: Needs TLC)
    161. needs TLC -- This is a reference to Paul, the way it's translated seems fine if the reader remembers stuff from earlier volumes. Ghyslaine used to wear a charm that her mother gave her to protect from the wolf attacking during the night, a reference to being raped. It didn't work, as Paul raped her during a bath. They do seem to go easy on the nature of what Paul did to several women though...
    162. ( 懐から could mean bosom, bust or pocket)
    163. (TL: I think this is what it means ( ピンと立てて))
    164. ドナーティ領 in Engrish
    165. ウィシル領. Probably subject to change

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