Mushoku Tensei (WN)

Volume 24 side story

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Armored Dragon Calendar Year 400 → K400.


Rudeus Greyrat.

That name is extremely famous.

As of now, that name has been carved all over the world.

You can see the name Rudeus Greyrat here, there, and everywhere.

You can see it at the corner of teleportation equipments, or in the production notes of the brand new Magic Textbook that is being sold throughout the world, or below the bridges that exist on highways.

That name is thoroughly scattered in many places.

Even now, there would be few who haven’t seen that name.

However, if asked what kind of a person he was, people can only tilt their heads in confusion.

That person has been recognized as the “Strongest Magician representing the 400s of the Armored Dragon Calendar”.

That person has been recognized as “The God of Education who revolutionized the school system & education”.

That person has been recognized as “The Intellectual who innovated cultural symbols such as paintings, dolls, toys etc.”

Although there aren’t many records showing that he, himself started those things.

If it’s the case of magic, then Silent Seven Star,

if it’s the case of education, then Roxy M. Greyrat,

if it’s the case of arts, then Zanoba Shirone.

Each of those names came up first before Rudeus Greyrat.

Hence, there were many opinions like “He was a sycophant who was good at flattering strong people” or “He was an imposter who stole credit from people who actually had talent by swindling them”.

Many also made claims like “The person named Rudeus didn’t exist but it was a title given to the ones who achieved many exploits in the Rudo Mercenary Group. For that reason, there were multiple people in existence.”

Rudeus Greyrat.

There were many theories regarding him, however, it was undoubtedly true that he accomplished great things, and had a huge impact on this world.

But from this point forward, it wouldn’t be unusual if he slips into obscurity from people’s minds rather than becoming famous.

That would be a great historical loss.

Hence, I have decided to add some private information regarding Rudeus Greyrat in the reference room of the Asura Kingdom.

『Armored Dragon Calendar Year 485

Asura Kingdom’s Reference Room - Office Head, Jed Bluewolf

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Rudeus Greyrat


Rudeus Greyrat (K407 - K481) was a magician in Ranoa Kingdom. In K430, he became one of the Seven Great World Powers by becoming 『The Seventh Rank』.

Working alongside Roxy M. Greyrat and Silent Seven Star, he became a magician representing the 400s.

His many aliases included 『Quagmire』, 『Dragon God’s Right Hand』, 『Magic King』, 『The Great Mage』, 『Chantless』.

Also, 『God of Education』, who drastically increased the literacy rate of the entire Central Continent.

In contrast, because of his cowardice in regards to battle, he was also called『Wimp』,『Startled Hare』,『Bowing Head』,『Escape Master』.

He came to be known by many names in his last years and as such he was also called

『Rudeus of the Seven Signatures』.


  • Childhood
In K407, at the Buena Village in the Fittoa Country of the Asura Kingdom, he was born as the eldest son to a father who was a low class Knight of the Asura Kingdom, Paul (K388 - K423), and to a mother who was a former adventurer and healer, Zenith (K390 - K459).

Rudeus from his infancy was able to use Intermediate Level magic when he was 3. Paul, who anticipated that talent of his, called Roxy Migurdia (K373 - ) as a private tutor to educate him.

As a result of his hard training, he could use Saint Level Water Magic by the time he reached 5.

Although he displayed talent capable of surpassing his own mentor, he still honored her until his very death.

When he turned 7, and after discovering his talent, he was invited to be a private tutor by the Feudal Lord of Fittoa Country of that time, and went to the Boreas Greyrat House.

While teaching magic to Eris Boreas Greyrat (Later Mad Sword King Eris), he also commenced his work on creating dolls using Earth Magic.

Although he had talent not befitting that of a child, when his parents didn’t show up on his 10th birthday, he still shed tears, acting more suitable for his age.

In K417, the Teleport Incident happened, and along with Eris, he was teleported to the Bingoya Region of the Demon Continent.

There, he made Ruijerd Supardia his ally. Ruijerd was feared as 『Dead End』 at that time and after becoming an adventurer, he started his journey from the Demon Continent to the Central Continent to reach the Fittoa Country.

During that time, he met Zanoba Shirone and Cliff Grimoire who would later become his allies.

When he turned 13, after escorting Eris to the Fittoa Country, he journeyed to the Northern part of the Central Continent in order to find his missing family. From there, he became well-known by the name『Rudeus of the Quagmire』.

  • School Days
In K422, he migrated to Magic City Sharia in Ranoa Kingdom and enrolled into the Magic University there on the recommendation of Jinas Halfas.

After taking down Rinia Dedorudia, Pursena Adorudia, Silent Seven Star, and Immortal Demon Lord Badigadi, he was renowned as the Magic University’s strongest magician.

The following year, when he turned 16, he became the guard of Ariel Anemoi Asura and married the magician Sylphiette, also Ariel’s guard.

Around that time, he settled down in Magic City Sharia and decided to stay there for the rest of his life.

The same year, he received information from his father Paul that his mother Zenith had been found, after which he departed.

With Silent Seven Star’s cooperation, he used the Teleport Magic Formation that he suddenly came across to travel to the Begaritt Continent.

Along with Paul, Elinalize Dragonroad, Talhand, Gisu, and Roxy Migurdia, they were able to successfully conquer the Teleport Labyrinth.

However, during the fight with the Manatite Hydra that resided at the centre of the Labyrinth, his father Paul passed away. Even though he rescued his mother Zenith, due to the effects of the Teleportation and the labyrinth, she had already become a vegetable. And thus, Rudeus fell down to the very bottom of despair.

The one who pulled him from the depths of despair was his mentor Roxy Migurdia. Because of this, he welcomed her as his second wife.

In K425, he fought alongside Eris Boreas Greyrat against the Dragon God Orsted at a forest outside Sharia.

At the end of a battle so fierce that a part of the forest vanished, Rudeus was defeated. After that, he became Orsted’s subordinate.

The reason for the battle was unknown, though it was speculated that Dragon God Orsted was going to harm Ariel Anemoi Asura as a result of which Rudeus intervened and tried to protect her.

After this battle, Eris Boreas Greyrat became his third wife.

The same year, after making an alliance with Ariel Anemoi Asura, he participated in the Civil War of the Asura Kingdom.

He fought North Emperor Auber Corvette, North King Wii Taa, and Water God Reida and triumphed. He was known as the leading actor who helped Ariel Anemoi Asura become the Queen.

In K427, he established the『Rudo Mercenary Group』in Magic City Sharia.

Even though he inaugurated himself as the President, he entrusted all of the officework to his little sister Aisha.

That same year, when he turned 20, along with Zanoba Shirone, he participated in the Defensive Battle of the Shirone Kingdom after his alliance with Pax Shirone.

He fought the army that came from the north at Karon Fort.

It was estimated that the number of people killed by Rudeus alone during that fight easily exceeded 10,000.

In K429, after graduating from Magic University, he headed towards the Holy Kingdom of Milis along with Cliff Grimoire.

Although they are no detailed records regarding the event, it was considered that he deepened his relationship with the Miko and made Cliff Grimoire an official of the Milis Religious Organization.

In K430, he participated in the Battle of Biheiril Kingdom along with Dragon god Orsted.

During the battle, he defeated North God Kalman the Third and became the Seventh Rank of the Seven Great World Powers.

  • Life as one of the Seven Great World Powers
After he became one of the Seven Great World Powers, Rudeus stopped making appearances on the front stage.

The reason why his popularity was lower than the great men of same generation as his was because of that.

(People that came out who basically replaced Rudeus from his position were 『The Seven Star Witch』 Silent Seven Star or Roxy M. Greyrat who was now the Headmaster of Magic University. They were more popular.)

Therefore, not many knew that he was the Seventh Rank of the Seven Great World Powers.

It was theorized that maybe Rudeus himself had died after the Battle of Biheiril Kingdom and the one who came out was a body double or that only his name remained. However, due to the records left behind which stated that the establishment of Ariel National University was directly affected by him, it was quickly dispelled.

It was unknown just why Rudeus was trying so hard to hide himself from the front stage.

The records stated that he became the subordinate of Dragon God Orsted, and became friends with Zanoba Shirone - President of the Doll Company, Cliff Grimoire - Pope of the Milis Religious Organization, Miko of Milis, Ariel Anemoi Asura - Queen of Asura Kingdom, Death God Randolf of the Dragon King Kingdom, and Immortal Demon Lord Atofe of the Demon Continent. In order to prepare the world for Laplace’s resurrection 80 years later, he was trying to unite the world as one.

Meanwhile, he broke the taboo and brought back the usage of the Teleport Formation to the world. There were many books written that called him a great criminal for using the convenient capabilities to plot world domination.

  • Death
In K481, his first wife Sylphiette Greyrat announced his death to the world.

The cause of death was old age. While sleeping in his own bed, he passed away at an old age of 74.

He was such an exceptional person that more than 5000 people came running to attend his funeral.

At his funeral, even Dragon God Orsted, who was even more discreet than Rudeus himself, made an appearance.

『Equipment Used』

He equipped himself with a staff normal for a magician, and specialized in long-ranged suppression attacks, although Rudeus was considered to be proficient in close-quarter combats as well.

  • 『Arrogant Water Dragon King』 Aqua Heartia
This staff was considered to be given to him by the Boreas House on his 10th birthday and was made with the raw materials of an Elder Treant inhabiting the eastern part of the Great Forest in the Milis Continent.

The Magic Stone affixed in the staff was a Water Magic Stone, which emitted an ultramarine color. An A-rank item obtained from a now lost species of Water Dragons from the Northern Part of the Begaritt Continent.

It was manufactured by one of Asura Kingdom’s Rod Directors, namely - Chain Procyon.

It was an extremely strong staff, but it’s said that after the creation of『Magic Armor』, it wasn’t used much.

  • Magic Armor 『MK. I』
The prototype created under the joint cooperation of Zanoba Shirone and Cliff Grimoire.

It’s height is a little less than 3 metres.

The right hand was affixed with a Stone Gatling Cannon and the left hand was affixed with a shield and a Magic Absorption Stone.

Although its mana consumption was quite high, it was considered to hold defensive and offensive power similar to that of the Seven Great World Powers.

It was specifically created in order to fight Dragon God Orsted, though it was still kept in use after that.

It was destroyed by the Fighting God during the Battle of Biheiril Kingdom.

  • Magic Armor 『MK. II』
It was a complete set that could be separated into arm parts, leg parts, and torso part. It was a jet-black armor and helmet. A tuned-up version of the 『MK. I』.

If worn, it could provide physical ability similar to that of a Saint Ranked swordsman.

  • Magic Armor 『MK. Zero』
The decisive battle weapon of Rudeus created for the Battle of Biheiril Kingdom.

Its details are unknown.

  • Magic Armor 『MK. III』
The Magic Armor used by Rudeus during his last years.

Its height was a little more than 2 metres and its ability was the same as the 『MK. I』.

This Magic Armor became the basis for the mass-production of the All-Purpose Magic Armor Series later on.

  • Stone Cannon Gattling
A staff-shaped magic item that was created to fire stone cannons without regard for the mana consumption.

During operation, it rapid-fired stone cannons with terrific speed and if an ordinary person were to use it, his/her mana capacity would be instantly exhausted.

It was created by a specialist of magic items, namely - Jacqueline.

  • Stone Cannon Shotgun
A magic item similar to the above-mentioned gatling that could fire 12 rounds at once.

It was created by a specialist of magic items, namely - Jacqueline.

  • Paul’s Sword
The harder the object, the more easily it was cut. This convenient ability was possessed by Paul’s Sword.

Paul’s sword was quite famous in the kingdom. However, it was considered that he used a different sword during his time as an adventurer.

『Magic Used』

Rudeus was well versed in using all of the properties of magic, but as indicated by his nickname『Quagmire』, his speciality was in Earth and Water Magic.

It was said that he used various magic depending on the situation of the battle, but it’s considered that most of the magic used by him were the following.

  • Stone Cannon
Generally known as an Intermediate Level Earth Magic.

A magic capable of hitting the enemy at high speed with a lump of stone that could be created to be as big as a fist.

However, the same thing fired once by Rudeus’s Chantless Magic had the power of bursting and scattering the Immortal Demon Lord.

There were variations like exploding stone cannon and stone buckshot.

  • Quagmire
Said to be Rudeus’s signature move, it’s a type of melded magic.

He was said to be able to use this to swallow up an entire town.

  • Mist
Similar to above-mentioned, it was also said to be one of Rudeus’s signature move, a type of melded magic.

It was said that he once covered up an entire forest with this mist.

  • Electric
A reduction of the King Class Water Magic Technique『Lightning』, one of Rudeus’s original magic.

Rudeus could freely use this magic in close-combat, and it could be used against the Immortal Demon Clan to paralyse them.

  • Shockwave
Capable of blowing off an opponent by making vibrations in airspace, a type of Wind Magic.

It’s said that Rudeus used this in close-combat and fought as if he was flying in air.


During his lifetime, Rudeus researched and developed various types of magic and magic tools.

And he was considered to have sponsored & funded various researches as well.

  • Way of mastering Chantless Magic
It was said that Rudeus Greyrat could use Chantless Magic from his early childhood. His mentor Roxy M. Greyrat improved the thesis on the method of his Chantless Magic and established a proper way of mastering it. The Magic Triumvirate and Asura Kingdom assertively incorporated that method, resulting in the birth of a large number of excellent magicians.

  • 『Magic Potion』 Mana Recovery Medicine
Silent Seven Star accepted the funds offered by Rudeus and developed a mana restoration drink.

This Magic Potion was developed in order to break the law that bound magicians since time immemorial, namely, mana exhaustion. With the combination of the above-mentioned method, the period of swordsmen being the strongest ended. Not only that, but it was helpful in improving the magician’s social status as well.

  • Magic Artificial Arm
The Magical Artificial arm helped a lot of poor people or adventurers who couldn’t receive Saint or King Class Healing Magic.

It’s said that the Magical Artificial arm’s research was funded by Rudeus and created by the joint co-operation of Zanoba Shirone and Cliff Grimoire. The one who popularized it as a medical treatment device rather than a magic tool in the world was Silent Seven Star.

  • Magic Armor
It’s said that no one other than Rudeus used the Magic Armor. However, the third daughter of the Greyrat house, Lily Greyrat, inherited its research, and the production of an All-Purpose Magic Armor was completed in K483. It was useful for reducing the amount of casualties during the subjugation of large monsters.

  • Magic Doll
Zanoba Shirone received funds from Rudeus and was able to successfully develop Magic Dolls.

Dolls that looked exactly like humans were capable of performing chores, tasting poisons, performing reconnaissance, care for you, and perform various such other duties.

Due to its extremely high price and low stock, the only places that these were being used were at the Royal Palace of the country where Rudeus and his friends lived.

  • Teleportation Magic Formation
Silent Seven Star received funds from Rudeus and researched the Teleport Magic Formation in order to resurrect their usage, which was a taboo at that time.

As a result of these formations being put in every nation and country, the need to travel long and dangerous journeys vanished, making travel to distant countries easier and faster.

It’s said that the reason he touched on such a taboo subject was because he looked back on his father Paul’s death in the Teleport Labyrinth.

The one who actually did all of the research was Silent Seven Star, and it’s said that Rudeus simply became a sponsor for her. For some reason or another, the nobles, merchants, and officials of the Milis Church blamed only him as『The Person who broke the Taboo』.

  • Encrypted Memoirs
The records of the above-mentioned research were all considered to be written in a 52 volume book in 『Rudeus’ Handwriting』, but everything was written only by him and Silent Seven Star, and was all written in a cypher no less. Because it still hasn’t been deciphered yet, its credibility is low .


  • His height was around 175 cm and despite being a magician, he held a solid and muscular physique. His skin color was white, his left eye possessed the foresight eye, and his right eye the clairvoyance eye, which made his eyes heterochromatic. There’s no description as to whether he was a handsome man, but his wife Sylphiette, during the time they met at Magic University, harbored the impression that “My knees gave away just by looking at his face for several seconds”. His other wives Eris Greyrat and Roxy M. Greyrat gave no comment on the topic but it was considered that his looks weren’t that poor.
  • He prefered his garments to be a grey robe without covering his head with any attire. He was quite careless in choosing his garments from a young age. In the Magic University, he wore a robe that had many cuts in its hem which made him look like a delinquent; in the Asura Kingdom, he wore some kind of weird outfit during an audience which made many nobles frown — or so it’s written in the records. During the time when he crossed his 20s, it was considered that he started paying some attention to his attire to which the Armored Dragon King Perugius commented in K430, “He has started wearing some decent clothing these days”. Other than his carelessness for clothing, he loved cleanliness, to the point where he remodelled one of the rooms in his house to a huge bathroom and bathed almost everyday, or so it’s said.
  • During his time in Sharia, Rudeus was quite feared, but was still respected and loved more than any other magician. This assumption can be inferred by the great number of attendees that participated in his grand funeral, and Rudeus’s words that were carved onto the stone monument that was erected at one corner of the Magic University to respect him.
  • It was said that he had a gentle personality and was socially kind but was extremely lustful. Records said that he fondled his wives’ bodies in a presumptuous way without giving any heed to public gazes, but he was actually quite a devoted husband. He never made a move on anyone other than his three wives, and as such, there were opinions that his extreme lust was simply a rumor. Once again, his personality was so calm that he never let go of his smile no matter how much abuse or violence he went through, but if his family or friends were to be harmed, he would get angry like the raging fire and was also capable of taking violent actions.

There are many anecdotes mentioned below regarding Rudeus’s personality.

  • At one of the parties in the Asura Kingdom, when a noble made fun of one of his wives, he grabbed him by the collar of his neck, dragged him out of the party and right in front of that noble, burned an entire forest to demand an apology.
  • When Rudeus’s sworn friends — namely Pursena and Rinia, destroyed one of the dolls that looked like his wife, he punished them by using a method which was considered to be the most humiliating by the Beast Race.
  • Perugius invited Rudeus to the Sky Fortress to name one of his children to which Rudeus misunderstood that his child would be harmed and ended up appearing armed to the teeth at the palace. It was said that Rudeus threatened that he would be prepared to fight Perugius if his children were to be harmed.

However, most of these anecdotes haven’t been deemed to be authentic.

  • He’s not really the typical well-known person but most of the world-famous people knew about Rudeus and either respected him or feared him.
  • After death, a white cloth was discovered from his pocket, which his wife Roxy hid in a hurry. There were rumors that a very confidential thing was being hidden from public eyes, but the truth remains unknown.
  • A law of strengthening the aggregate amount of mana from childhood was discovered for the first time in this world. He was known to have incorporated that law in the present education system.
  • His favourite foods were rice, eggs, and the Ogre drink of Biheiril Kingdom. Also, he has been known to say that eating raw eggs was a bad habit.
  • His religion was unidentified, although it was considered that he believed in an evil god. However, there was no existence of any type of crest that was in compliance with his God, and therefore it was considered that he believed in an extinct God of the ancient times or he made up a God himself.
  • It was also said that he was an atheist or that he only believed in the Dragon God.

『Family & Relatives』

  • Greyrat House
One of the highest family lineage in the Asura Kingdom.

There were 4 main houses, namely, Notus, Boreas, Zephyrus, and Euros. Each one of them governed over a large territory and as such, they were known as the Four Great Aristocrats.

Rudeus was the direct descendent of the Notus Greyrat line. However, due to his father Paul running away from his own house, he and his family were erased from the Notus Greyrat family tree.

  • Paul Greyrat : Father
The eldest son of one of the highest aristocrats of the Asura Kingdom, the Notus Greyrat house.

He ran away from his house and became an adventurer at a young age. Later on, he met Zenith, asked for a favor from his old friend Philip Boreas Greyrat, and became one of the lower class knights in the Fittoa Region.

  • Zenith Greyrat : Mother
The second daughter of the Latreia house of the Holy Kingdom of Milis.

  • Lilia Greyrat : Maid. Paul’s mistress.

  • Norn Greyrat : Younger Sister. Novelist.
  • Aisha Greyrat : Younger Half-sister, advisor of the Rudo Mercenary Group.
  • Sylphiette Greyrat : Wife. A quarter elf race.
  • Roxy M. Greyrat : Wife. Demon Race (Migurd). Headmaster of the Magic University.
  • Eris Greyrat : Wife. Human Race. Sword King.
  • Lucy Greyrat : Eldest Daughter
  • Lara Greyrat : Second Daughter
  • Ars Greyrat : Eldest Son
  • Sieghart Saladin Greyrat : Second Son
  • Lily Greyrat : Third Daughter
  • Christina Greyrat : Fourth Daughter


  • Zanoba Shirone
A senior at the Magic University. Former prince of the Shirone Kingdom. The President of the Doll Company. A Miko of superhuman strength.

At the time of the publishing of the 『Picture book of the Supard Race』, Zanoba and Norn’s efforts played a crucial part.

Zanoba came to respect Rudeus as his master and Rudeus commented, “No one can match his ability regarding the knowledge of dolls”, in regards to Zanoba.

  • Cliff Grimoire
A senior at the Magic University. He later became the Pope of the Milis Church. It’s said that he protected Rudeus many times as he easily got into trouble with the Milis Church. Once again, Rudeus made it clear just how much he relied on him by earnestly commenting that, “If Cliff-Senpai wasn’t here, then I wouldn't be here”.

  • Silent Seven Star
A senior at the Magic University. 『The Seven Star Witch』.

She’s famous in the world as the one who established the Teleport Magic Formations in various countries. In addition, she made numerous ground-breaking inventions and made developments in cooperation with Rudeus.

  • Ariel Anemoi Asura
Queen of the Asura Kingdom.

According to the Asura Kingdom’s records, just before her death, she left behind her last words to her confidant Luke that, “It’s because of Rudeus’s great efforts that the Asura Kingdom is now peaceful, so make sure not to be hostile towards him even after my death”.

  • Aleksander C. Ryback
North God Kalman the Third. Former Seventh Rank of the Seven Great World Powers. 『Dragon God’s Left Hand』.

It was considered that as a substitute for Rudeus who wanted to be discreet, he went around various nations as a proxy of the Dragon God.

  • Rinia Dedorudia
Captain of the Rudo Mercenary Company.

As one of the Chief Heads of the Beast Race, it’s considered that she acted as a mediator between Rudeus and the Beast Race.

  • Pursena Adorudia
Vice-Captain of the Rudo Mercenary Company.

Similar to Rinia, as one of the Chief Heads of the Beast Race, it’s considered that she acted as a mediator between Rudeus and the Beast Race.

  • Perugius Dola
One of the 『Three Demon Slaying Heroes』, the 『Armored Dragon King』.

The leading authority of Asura Kingdom.

Silent Seven Star’s Teacher.

According to the Asura Kingdom’s records, it’s written that Rudeus has been referred to time and time again by him, but his relationship with Rudeus still remains unknown.


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■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Recorder : Asura Kingdom's Reference Room, Assistant Office Head - Couleur Elrond.


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