My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 17 Fall From The Top

“What!” Liu Chuan was shocked, his pair of small eyes is frightened. His hands shake, causing several of the roasted potatoes fall down to the ground, and it rolls until it hits Qin Chao’s feet.

“How is it possible … … Qianqian she, how she would commit suicide……”

“Don’t be silly, look again! ”

Qin Chao quickly mentioned a sentence and grab that 200 pounds kid, pick him up and hurriedly rushing inside toward the Business Studies top floor building.

“What are you doing! Who told you to go!” The electric baton Wang is waving his electric baton, with a bunch of other security guards stands in front of Qin Chao.

“I think you are the one who’s unauthorized!” Qin Chao could not help but cursed, kicking that electric baton Wang aside, “this is Yu Qian’s boyfriend, scram, if she really took out her own life, are you going to be responsible?”

“I, I,…” Electric baton Wang is clutching his stomach, curl up on the ground, watching Qin Chao’s eyes that are full of fear. This fearless man, who can’t be scared by the power of authority or other common sense, unexpectedly he is filled with a sense of fear.

“Qin ge, there is an elevator in the building!” One of the security guard, admiring Qin Chao’s action, ignores this electric baton Wang order and, said to Qin Chao.

“Well, thank you!” Qin Chao didn’t delay anymore, he pick up Liu Chuan again and quickly went inside the Business Studies building. At this time, electric baton Wang is still laying on the ground, and because of his peculiar posture, attracts many nearby students to take a photo snap of him, he tries to cover his face with his hand, but it was too late.

“Don’t shoot! Don’t take photos!” Having been kicked by Qin Chao, it took him a long time to regain his breath again, tried to crawl up from the ground, and feebly cried. But the students ignores his cries, they continue to take photos of him. There will sure be many of his photos appears tomorrow.

At this time, Su Fei heard the news and rushed together with Qin Ling to the scene.

“How could this happen?” This beautiful Director is holding her glasses, her pale blue eyes, reveals a trace of shock. This Guangyuan School has been around for a decade; this is the first time there is a student who wants to jump off the building.

Actually there is a very strange phenomenon, the more obscure the university is, the less of its student tried to commit suicide. Perhaps the students there are in a better state of mind, they just casually attend college, there are no pressures or stresses. Su Fei’s Guanyuan School, also like that, only students from rich family attended here because of the expensive tuition, therefore a student suicide case is really a rare occurrence.

If this student really jumps, then the school reputation will certainly be affected.

“Quick, quickly call the police!” Su Fei gave Qin Ling an order. The later nodded took out her phone to call the police. Afterward, Su Fei looks at electric Baton Wang who was laying on the ground, this angers her who think that he didn’t do something about the situation.

This beauty, while wearing high heels, move to shoves the crowds aside, arrives at the side of electric baton Wang.

“Eh, Director Su?” Electric baton Wang seeing Su Fei immediately gawks. This time in late autumn, the weather is getting colder, Su Fei didn’t dare to display his beautiful legs but opt for black stockings instead. But this pair of legs with stockings, actually make her even more attractive. Electric baton Wang tried to be subtle, fearing he might be caught peering at that thigh.

Su Fei suddenly becomes angry, she kicks that electric baton Wang, with her high heels, on his stomach.

Although this beauty strength is small, but with her strong heels, she still able to make that electric baton Wang screams loudly.

“What are you doing just laying in here, this is an emergency time! If that student is dead, you can forget about being security director anymore!”

“Director Su, Director Su!” Electric baton Wang shiver in fright, quickly screams, “this guy Qin Chao kicked me really hard, I can’t get up! ”

“Qin Chao?” Su Fei remembered that he had hired a security guard two days ago, suddenly frowned and asked, “where is he?”

“They’re all upstairs!”

Electric baton Wang voice fall, Su Fei immediately looked up through the lenses, tried to look at the building’s roof.


At this time, Qin Chao and Liu Chuan is on the roof, standing on top of the platform.

“Qianqian, what are you doing, don’t scare me!” Liu Chuan’s legs have gone soft; he is sitting on the platform, leaning his body against Qin Chao, shouting at Yu Qian.

“Dog’s leftover…” Yu Qian is leaning on the railing; she turned to look back, her bleak eyes are looking at Liu Chuan. When Qin Chao saw her, he suddenly drifting a bit nostalgic.

But Qin Chao didn’t lose his attention…this Liu Chuan, nicknamed as dog’s leftover, almost make him laugh out loud. But now is not the time to laugh, he still need to rescue the girl.

“Go, keep talking to her!” Qin Chao saw that Liu Chuan’s lip has turned blue, apparently he is too frightened to say a word. He gave him a little kick and angrily said.

“Qian, Qian Qian!” Liu Chuan suddenly wakes up, and loudly shout, “don’t do anything stupid, if you’re gone what am I going to do. We had a deal, to marry, to raise children on the farmhouse. If we had a boy we let him work on the field, if a girl we let her work on the corn inside! You, you can not die…”

Regarding Liu Chuan’s ambition, Qin Chao was thoroughly speechless. But he hopes that, this seemingly warm words, can raise Yu Qian’s spirit.

“Dog’s leftover … …” Yu Qian laugh a little, “you’re really a nice guy, with you, I feel very warm……”

At this time, she stretches out her right hand, showing the brand name of her clothes, and said, “but you see, all of those things that you said, I don’t like it at all. You’re a nice young man, my family likes you, I also like you but, I want to be a rich woman! ”

“Money, my family have money! My family is the richest in the village, don’t you know it!”

“That’s just small money! Can you afford to buy me a branded clothes like this? Can you afford to buy me an LV bag like this? No, you can’t, you can only give me bags of roasted potatoes!”

While Yu Qian was saying this, her eyes suddenly look misty, “But Fang Hua can, he can take me into the upper classes of society… dog’s leftover, you know, when I wear those branded clothes, carrying an LV, those girls around me, they all looked at me differently. They don’t consider me as a country girl anymore, in fact, all of them looked at me with envy….I like this feeling, it’s like taking drugs, I became addicted towards these material things, full of greed.”

“Dog’s leftover, you are a good man, but you can’t meet my requirements. Fang Hua can, he really can…”

While Yu Qian is talking, she suddenly cried, her looks become really grim, “but I don’t know, that Fang Hua is a beast! He, he….I, I know that as long as I’m alive, I could never take out my revenge. But if I died, I’ll be an evil ghost, I can haunt him every day, making him restless. Haha, hahaha ha….”

Yu Qian’s cries began to turn into laughter, laughing really loud, making Qin Chao suddenly felt a chill.

“Qianqian, what did Fang Hua do to you, you tell me, I’m going to kill him, I’m going to kill him!” Liu Chuan suddenly stood up when he heard that Fang Hua has done something bad to Yu Qian, his eyes are full of anger, his mannerism has completely changed. If Qin Chao did not quickly hold him back, this overweight kid will surely rush down from this seven-floor building, and directly find Fang Hua to confront him.

“Dog’s leftover…” Yu Qian’s face suddenly returned to normal, her eyes fall upon Liu Chuan, full of love. “Don’t fight with him, you’re no match for him. You’re a good guy, for me, you must continue to live. There will be a better girl that will love you back….my debt to you, I’ll pay it in the afterlife.

After saying that, Yu Qian step back one step, her whole body tilt backward, in the midst of the whistling wind, and the sound of shrieking from below, she falls down to the ground.

“Fang Hua…you wait for me…” She is in the mid air, her eyes closed, with face full of love, her body is like a broken kite, fall down really fast to the


“Qian Qian!” Liu Chuan becomes really scared, completely collapsed on the ground. When Yu Qian fell down, Qin Chao had rushed toward the railing. He stood near it, watching the ground from the top of that seven floors building, this height, really make him dizzy.

Seeing Yu Qian’s body falling down, unexpectedly without knowing why, he actually jump down together. He held out his hands to pulls Yu Qian, whose eyes still closed, closer.

“Are you crazy?” Rosy’s figure suddenly appears in the middle of the air, but only Qin Chao can see her. This devil woman, threw a kick, kicking back Qin Chao upward, directly toward one of the classrooms at the 7th floor.

With a crash, his body enters the classroom, the glass shattered. The group of students in the class suddenly awake, releasing them from the old Professor’s hypnosis, they all look in horror as many pieces of glass smashes into the classroom along with Qin Chao’s body in the middle of it.

Fortunately, this is an optional course, so very few student are in it, and nobody seat near the window. Otherwise, with Qin Chao’s momentum and that many pieces of glass, who already shattered the nearby desks and chairs, who knew how many will get hurt.

“Are you out of your mind! Do you think you are an immortal?!” Qin Chao lying on the ground, his forehead is full of blood, slashed by many pieces of glasses. Rosy is coldly standing in front of him, pointing at his nose to curse him.

“You are now just practicing basic shape method, haven’t reached the devil spirit stage yet! Think about that carefully here!”

After that, Rosy turned into smoke and immediately disappear from Qin Chao’s eyes. Qin Chao was lying on the shattered windows glasses; he tries to get up, to look outside the window.

He saw Yu Qian body lying motionless on the ground below. There’s a large puddle of crimson blood around her, seemingly trying to tell the others about this woman grievances.

The surrounding peoples scattered to the side, a lot of the girls are scared and cried out. Some people started to snap their phone to take a picture but was quickly snatched by the security.

“D*mn it! Qin Chao frustration turned into anger; he walloped the windowsill. It suddenly appears a crack on it, making the teacher and the students in the room really scared.

At this moment, Qin Chao becomes really motivated to increases his power. If he had had enough power, Yu Qian would not have died. He don’t know what will happen to Liu Chuan, hope this guy will not commit suicide.

“Oh, no!” Thinking of Liu Chuan, making Qin Chao suddenly scared, he quickly rush out of the classroom and ran toward the top floor. This classroom already in a mess, the Professor also terrified, staring blankly at the spectacles, asking the students in front of him.

“Did, did someone just come in?”

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