My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 29 Conversation With Spirit

“Help me…” Chen Yingyang burst out a shrill scream, like a slaughtered pig, “murder, somebody help me!”

But in the middle of the night, on this deserted campus, only his miserable voice was heard, even if there is a student somehow heard his voice, he or she will only think that it is a haunted voice, who would dare come out to save him.

Of course, with the exception of one person, that is Qin Chao.

“Oh, no!” Hearing Chen Yingyang cries for help, Qin Chao put more effort in pedaling his bike. But in front of him is a seven-story tall building, he cannot be sure when he climb to the top, whether or not comrade Chen Yingyang would still be alive.

Rosy’s body floated to the front of the Qin Chao, she gently touched his chin with her cold fingers and said, “you can try to use your elemental force to refine the bike, making it an artifact.”

“Refine the bicycle?” Qin Chao stared at his four years old lucky bike, although his bike can also be called an ‘artifact’, but can it really be refined to become a real artifact?”

“When you refine this bike for the first time, it will become a garbage 9th grade human level artifact. But nevertheless, after it became an artifact, it

will have some ability.”

Rosy seems to anticipate what’s coming, her round ass falls on the bike’s handlebar.

“Let’s try it!” In this critical moment, Qin Chao cannot afford to be hesitant. He uses all of his remaining elemental force in his body and infuses it all to his lucky old bike underneath him. He saw a green light flash out from his lucky old bike, it briefly illuminated the night sky.

Qin Chao felt something extraordinary happened to this bike, when it nears the building, its front tire suddenly pull up. This bike lands on the building’s wall, then continue to move vertically just like when it’s on the ground, Qin Chao increases his pedaling frequency, quickly galloped toward the rooftop.

“D*mn, it really becomes an artifact!” Qin Chao laughed, stroking his beloved vehicle. Combining his climbing skill with riding a bike on this building’s wall, he turn right and left, bypassing some of the obstructions on the wall.

But heaven seems to disagree with Qin Chao, when he ride to the 5th-floor, a gust of wind suddenly blew up, Qin Chao and his lucky old artifact were blown out together.

“I’ll be d*mned!” Qin Chao didn’t know how to support his bike, he helplessly watched his bike as both of them fall to the ground.

“Idiot, use your garbage soul-binding-lock chain!” Rosy follows Qin Chao to fell together but seeing his dazed look, she cannot help but curse. “You don’t want to save Su Ji anymore?”

“Right!” Qin Chao’s eyes suddenly lit up, here raises his hand where his storage ring were on and put away his bike inside it. At the same time, he calls out his soul binding lock, with the howling sound of the wind, he flings it to the roof of the building.

This chain originally only two meters long, but impressively it grew several times, it turned into more than ten meters long, and with its iron thorn, in the blink of an eye it flew above the roof, it’s thorn jabbed into the wall.

“Click!” That iron thorn tightly jabbed the wall. Qin Chao is clutching the chain, his body slightly shivers, abruptly stopped at the third-floor, swaying back and forth, blowing in the wind.

“Hmph!” Qin Chao’s arms turn into the beast’s black claws, he gripped the chain and started to walk on the wall toward the rooftop.


“Let go of me! Let go of me!” On the rooftop, Su Ji was ruthless, her high-heeled shoes have been covered with blood. Chen Yingyang almost died, but he still holding her leg. His back has fully covered with blood, his face was also struck by high heels, his entire right eyelid has flipped over, blood dripping out from it.

“Mur….murder…” This Chen Yingyang appears to have lost consciousness, but with his last strength, he still holding Su Ji back, not letting her jump. But as an ordinary human his strength, after all, is limited. Compared to Su Ji, who was possessed by Yu Qian, her strength is mighty, like a spartan warrior.

Her kick is finally able to make Chen Yingyang let go of her leg.

“Hahaha!” Su Ji loudly laughed, dragging the bloody heels, she keeps on laughing, “no one can stop me now!”

She smiled, two more steps and she will fall down to the ground.

“There’s still people downstairs!” Who would have thought, she suddenly heard a thunder-like voice from below. She then saw someone wearing a blue security guard uniform, with red hair and beast-like claws, suddenly rushed up from below, grabbed Su Ji in his arm and lightly fall on the rooftop.

“Aaa!” Yu Qian’s soul let out a piercing scream and twist her body to squeezed out of Su Ji’s body. With that scream, she tried to escape into the night sky.

“You can’t run away!” Qin Chao frowns, put down Su Ji and swung his soul binding lock from his right hand, it flew toward Yu Qian who is in the mid-air.

This soul binding lock is really deadly when used against spirits. Like a black snake, it quickly entangles Yu Qian’s body and circle around her waist. She had no way out.

“Get over here!” Qin Chao explosively shout, moved his arm, pulling back Yu Qian’s body.

As a spirit who has just died, Yu Qian’s supernatural power can be considered the lowest among other female ghosts. This time, she was tied by Qin Chao’s soul binding lock, her soul’s body trembles, she cannot even move an inch. Her hollow eyes stare at Qin Chao, she seems to wonder how could this man able to catch her.

“Yu Qian, you’re already dead, why are you still trying to kill other people?” Qin Chao spoke very gentle toward this chained female ghost, perhaps because Liu Chuan cares so much about her.

“Really….?!” From the side, Rosy pouted her mouth, discontentedly said, “you never talk so gently to me.”

Qin Chao ignores this devil woman’s self-pity, he reached out and pointed to the already fainted Chen Ying Yang, said, “this man and you have no enmity or grievance, yet you still hurt him this badly.”

Then he pointed to Su Ji, “this girl and also Fang Wen, although they have no relationship with you whatsoever, unexpectedly you tried to take their lives. Yu Qian, wake up, do you really want to become an evil spirit? Do you wish to make every time Liu Chuan hear your name, he will shiver with fear?”

Originally Yu Qian’s eyes were hollow, but upon hearing the word Liu Chuan, a glimmer of light suddenly appears in her eyes.

“Liu…Chuan…” Yu Qian seemed to regained sanity, slowly drifted up from the ground. The night wind suddenly separated her loosely hanging hair, revealing a delicate face.

“Gousheng (TL: Liu Chuan’s pet name, literally mean dog’s leftover)…” Yu Qian’s cloudy eyes unexpectedly shed two tears, “gousheng, is he okay?”

“He is not okay!” Qin Chao folded his arms, coldly said, “he’s now sorrowful, broken hearted, because of you committing suicide. Although you died happily, you left many people that care about you to be sad. Liu Chuan already lost a few pounds, your old father also frequently cries. There’s also your mother, now paralyzed in bed, she always shout your name in her sleep every day.

Hearing about all these people seems to make her heart twitch with pain, so she hung down her face.

“I have become an unclean person, only death can redeem my dirty soul.” Yu Qian cried for a long time, suddenly looked up and said.

“Maybe I hurt a lot of innocent people, but please forgive me, this was not my intention. After dying, my soul only thought about taking revenge, so I did many bad things.”

“Wasn’t it Fang Hua who had done something to you?” Qin Chao’s brows wrinkles, mentioning this name.

“Fang Hua…” Originally Yu Qian was alright but upon hearing Fang Hua, her eyes suddenly becomes red, wailing loudly and struggle hard, the chain emit a hissing sound because of being dragged.

“Calm down!” Qin Chao quickly activates his soul binding lock ability, the chain emitted a faint green light, it deter Yu Qian who is going crazy.

After struggling for a while, this Yu Qian finally quiets again.

“That’s right…it’s Fang Hua…” Yu Qian tried really hard to calm herself down, and then she started to tell the secrets that no outsiders knew.

“Two months ago, it was Fang Hua that animal’s birthday, His birthday party was great, my dormitory friends took me to participate it. Then I remembered Fang Hua gave me a glass of champagne, I never drink this stuff, naturally curious, so I took it and tasted it. Who would have imagined…Who would have imagined that Fang Hua unexpectedly put an aphrodisiac drug inside it, that evening, he, he took possession of me….”

“Since then, he has been pestering me, buy me all the things I want. When I put on those famous brands, for a moment I entered the highest social circle, I cannot extricate myself from such situation…I hate Fang Hua, not only he plays with my body, he plays with my spirit too. Afterward, I know everything. It turns out that on his birthday party, he made a bet with his friends, within two months, not only will he get my body, he will also have my heart…”

“A few days ago, he had found a new girlfriend, and got rid of me, he also call out*** to rape me…hehe, tell me, this kind of dirty woman, can she still deserve to live in this world?”

Yu Qian’s red eyes suddenly looked up, it stared at Qin Chao frighteningly.

“This beast…” Qin Chao made a fist, the joints on her fingers were making a ‘clack-clack’ sound. He wishes for Fang Hua to be here so that he can pound his flesh into a mess.

“But why didn’t you said that to Liu Chuan, he would forgive you and accept you. I can tell, he really loves you.”

“He did not…” Yu Qian suddenly becomes very sad, her body trembles, “I have tempted him, but he turn me down. I understand, who would want to take a second-hand goods? No, I’m not just a second-hand goods, I do not even know how many hands has touch me, haha..hahaha…”

Yu Qian grabbed her hair and laughed forlornly. Qin Chao looked at her, suddenly sighed. He pulled out a pack of Red River cigarette from his pocket and slowly lighted it.

(TL: Red River, a Chinese cigarette brand)

He doesn’t smoke, he just use it when he was with his former girlfriend, nothing more.

“Yu Qian, you know,” Qin Chao index finger and middle finger pinched that cheap cigarette, said, “once Liu Chuan approached me, holding a pack of cigarette, he asked me to apologize to you on his behalf. Although you and Liu Chuan were together for so long, and he treated you like a princess, yet you actually did not understand him. Liu Chuan attaches importance of face; he felt a little embarrassed if he just suddenly accept you at that time. After all, you already dumped him. So he begged me to say a few gentle words to you. Too bad, these gentle words, you would never hear it…”

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