My Boyfriend Is A Dragon

Chapter 198 - Master of the Dimension

Chapter 198: Master of the Dimension

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As if being tossed around by the dimension was not enough, Xu Lan had to endure another round of being tossed around by Bai Wu. Previously, Xu Lan had a strong and robust physique, but it was wearing thin rather conspicuously; when compared with Bai Wu, Xu Lan’s leanness was all the more evident. Bai Wu propped his own body up in order to count Xu Lan’s eyelashes. He found Xu Lan’s coppery, sun-tanned skin to be adorable, regardless of how he looked at it; even the scar above Xu Lan’s eyebrow was so cute that Bai Wu almost melted.

It was that man, Xu Lan, who once cared for Bai Wu wholeheartedly and was sleeping beside Bai Wu. From that point onward, Bai Wu could only wear his heart on his sleeve, for there was nowhere else he could go. He bent forward and kissed Xu Lan, and in his own world, he held on tight and never let go.

“Mm?” The poking of a heated, stiff, rod-like ‘gun’ was what woke Xu Lan up. He opened his eyes in a daze and felt Bai Wu kissing him.

“Papa, you’re awake?” Bai Wu remained on top of Xu Lan and looked at him with tender eyes.

“F*ck! Get down from me now…”

Hoarseness caused his rich and deep voice to sound rather erotic. Bai Wu looked at him with an expression that appeared to increase gradually in heat. After that, Xu Lan strictly forbade Bai Wu to call him ‘Papa’. When those fine lips uttered the word ‘Papa’ syllable by syllable, Xu Lan felt soreness in his whole body along with a grave feeling of shame. It escalated to a point where Bai Wu became more intense: he deliberately moved closer to Xu Lan’s ear and called out in a cloying voice.

Bai Wu stared at Xu Lan with glowing eyes, akin to a cheetah that had gotten a hold of its prey in the pitch-black night.

Xu Lan awkwardly pushed him. “You! Get down now!”

“Don’t move!” Bai Wu leaned himself on Xu Lan’s body and said patiently.

By mid-morning, the rest could no longer wait, so they went and knocked on Bai Wu’s door.

“Elder, are you awake?”

Bai Wu had just crawled up, and the anger which he had tried to control had nowhere to be released. With no idea which unlucky idiot would face his wrath, he opened the door with a loud thud and looked crossly at the person who came.


Those sudden words scared the hell out of him. He took one look at Bai Wu’s face and trembled while pointing at the sun.

“To-today, we didn’t receive any mission.”

Bai Wu took one step and slammed the door shut, leaving the person terribly shaken. Once midday came, everyone was already standing by the well, pacing back and forth uneasily. Bai Wu was swarmed by all of them as soon as he stepped out.


“Elder, this…”

“Enough. Don’t be too anxious. It seems that there weren’t any newcomers last night, plus we don’t have any missions today, so this strange occurrence further reinforces my guess.” Bai Wu squinted and said in all seriousness.

“So what do we do now? I don’t suppose we’ll just sit down and wait to die?” The businessman came forth and remarked, to the support of a few others.

“…check the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. See what situation they’re in when there’s no mission assigned. Zhang Fei, Sheng Ya, Mr. Businessman, Mr. Crew-Cut and I, the five of us will each lead a group to those five elements. Whoever has a wristwatch on them shall return to this spot after two hours.”

Bai Wu walked over to the well and looked into it before giving out the solemn order.

“Yes!” The crew-cut man was the first to stand up and answer.

“Will do,” the businessman said. A row of ten or so people was further divided into five groups. Each of those groups were to head toward a different element.

‘Meow!’ came a cat from the well just ahead of Bai Wu, causing him to turn his head abruptly. A boundless void appeared right in front of Bai Wu, and with the deep, dark well as its axis, it gradually began splitting open. The black cat was hanging for dear life on the edge of the void, and it looked at Bai Wu while crying out in despair.

Bai Wu was frozen stiff from head to toe, and he simply stood still. Xu Lan noticed the change and pushed the crowd aside to get to him. Xu Lan followed Bai Wu’s gaze and looked down.


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