My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 10

Wealthy woman and nanny

Ye Fan said he was packing his luggage but in actual fact, he didn't really have much to pack, other than a canvas bag filled with his tools and some clothes, he didn't even fill up a suitcase and his place was already emptied.

When he was done, Ye Fan suddenly recalled something as he took out an old black jewelry box from under his bed.

When Xu Lingshan saw that, she mumbled, "Finally there's something valuable."

Ye Fan looked at the jewelry box with a complicated gaze then he turned his head and smiled, "Yes, this is quite valuable."

Xu Lingshan rolled her eyes, "What are you smiling for! Hurry pack up and leave!"

"Okay, okay, okay…' Ye Fan hurriedly agreed.

Not long after, Xu Lingshan drove the car and sent Ye Fan to the district in Hua Hai city where many wealthy people lived at.

Little Egret county was less than 10km away from the city center yet it was mostly mansions there and each mansion was separated by about 10m to over 100m. The vast greenery, park and all sorts of outdoor exercising areas caused the housing in this area to reach 30,000 yuan per square meter.

Su Qingxue lived at mansion number 6 and this house number had made known that Su Qingxue's status was not to be despised, even in the district where the wealthy lived.

The car stopped at the entrance and there was someone who opened the gate immediately.

The person who walked out was dressed simply, she looked like she was in her early 50s, was glowing with health, and had a mole on the corner of her eyebrow.

"Captain Xu, please come in and take a seat, drink some water," The woman greeted Xu Lingshan warmly.

Xu Lingshan greeted the woman very formerly, "Hello, auntie Jiang, I can't have a drink of water, I have to get back to the office."

"So urgent?" Aunt Jiang was somewhat regretful, then she saw Ye Fan who got out of the car and smiled, "You must be Mr. Ye, right? Missy had informed me that you'll be staying here from today onwards, I have already prepared everything for you."

The moment Ye Fan saw aunt Jiang, he couldn't help but narrow his eyes...

This old nanny really isn't simple - Ye Fan thought to himself.

Xu Lingshan saw that Ye Fan was standing there in silence so she said unhappily, "Hey! Aunt Jiang is talking to you, why aren't you responding!?

You'd better be more respectful towards aunt Jiang - she's the one who watched CEO Su grow up and is an elder in the Su family. Don't think that you can be rude to her just because she's a nanny!"

Ye Fan grinned and let out a silly chuckle, "I just didn't expect that aunt Jiang would be so young so I'm mesmerized."

Aunt Jiang sized Ye Fan up thoughtfully, she lowered her head and laughed, "Mr. Ye, you really know how to joke, I'm an old lady who is almost 60 years old, I'm not young ah."

Xu Lingshan scoffed, "Aunt Jiang, if this chap is disrespectful towards you, give me a call, I will take care of him!"

"No, no, I trust missy's taste," aunt Jiang waved.

Xu Lingshan was still quite worried, she said a few words to aunt Jiang before driving away.

There was only Ye Fan and aunt Jiang left at the entrance. Both of them looked at one another for a while before aunt Jiang spoke respectfully, "Mr. Ye, this way please, I'll bring you around."

"Aunt Jiang, just call me Ye Fan and Xiao Ye, it's weird that you keep calling me mister," Ye Fan said casually.

"Then… I'll call you Ye Fan. You are missy's boyfriend, it's not right for me to call you Xiao Ye," Aunt Jiang smiled widely.

"Heh heh, that works too," Ye Fan didn't mind.

After they entered the mansion, Ye Fan admired the interior design and decor - it was simple and modern, the grey and blue hues were very fitting with Su Qingxue's temperament.

All the electrical installations were also the latest and most in-trend, there wasn't a speck of dust on the floor and there was a valuable Western painting on the wall. Although it was very aesthetically pleasing, the house lacked a homely feel.

The only placed that wasn't so plain was the spacious kitchen - there were three chillers and refrigerators, and Ye Fan really wondered how much food she had to store in there.

"Aunt Jiang, this is where you and Xiao Xue live?" Ye Fan asked.

Aunt Jiang sighed, "That's right, old master and madam don't live here and ever since missy left home, she stayed with me here and this place is really cold and cheerless all these years."

"It must be really boring to have only two people living in such a huge mansion," Ye Fan shook his head.

"Too bad, missy likes the silence and other than coming home to eat and sleep, she would be working in the study. She doesn't engage in many social events and I am used to that already."

Speaking up to this point, aunt Jiang seemed to recall something and she asked, "Oh right, Ye Fan, how many people do you have in your family? Does your parents know that you're going to live here?"

Ye Fan lowered his head and chuckled, "My parents passed away when I was very little and I've always been living alone so it's fine."

Aunt Jiang was slightly taken aback and she said remorsefully, "Ay, poor child, I'm such a blabber, I shouldn't ask all these…"

"Haha, aunt Jiang, don't worry about it, I'm used to it. Look, I'm still well and healthy after living by myself all these years," Ye Fan grinned.

The old woman sighed and didn't continue the same topic. She brought Ye Fan to the second storey where his bedroom was, "Ye Fan, you'll be staying in this room from now on and next to you is missy's study and bedroom. I want both of you to stay closer to each other and become more intimate."

Aunt Jiang spoke and looked very eager, "This is the first time missy is dating, it must be fate that she met you. I really hope that your relationship would bear fruit, then you wouldn't let the late master down too."

"What? This is the first time Xiao Xue is dating?"

Ye Fan was surprised; although the woman was cold and really quite hard to get close to, she was a stunning lady and no matter what, there would be men who would court her furiously - maybe those men failed?

Aunt Jiang smiled bitterly and sighed, "Nobody believes it but I've watched her grow up and ever since she was in high school, she had all sorts of sons from wealthy families wooing her, but she wasn't interested in dating at all.

Previously, I was so worried that missy would drag till she was 30 or 40 and would refuse to get married. Thankfully, you appeared and I am so relieved… Ye Fan, you got to work hard. I will wait for you guys to get married and call you "son-in-law"!"

Married? Son-in-law?

Ye Fan didn't know whether to laugh or cry - this aunt Jiang was thinking too far ahead and she probably wouldn't be able to wait for that day. After all, he had signed a three months contract.

Seems like Su Qingxue didn't inform aunt Jiang that they were just a contractual couple. Seeing how aunt Jiang was pouring out the truth, he felt rather bad.

However, Ye Fan could catch some messages in what aunt Jiang said. That is, aunt Jiang lived in this house mainly because of Su Qingxue's late grandfather.

Ye Fan entered the room and unpacked his luggage. When he went downstairs, he saw that aunt Jiang had changed her clothes and was carrying a cloth bag, about to head out.

"Aunt Jiang, where are you going?" Ye Fan asked.

"Oh, there is only seafood in the fridge so I'm going out to get some fresh vegetables and cook up a feast tonight to welcome you. Just stay home to watch some television or go outside for a swim," aunt Jiang said.

Ye Fan was doubtful, "Aunt Jiang, you're driving?"

"Aiya, at my age, how would I know how to drive, I am walking to take the public bus," aunt Jiang laughed.

Ye Fan didn't have any part-time jobs today so he said, "I'll go with you, there should be another car at home, I'll fetch you there."

Ye Fan remembered that Su Qingxue had a Maserati.

When aunt Jiang heard that, she was delighted, "Sure! If you don't mind going to the supermarket with an old lady like me."

"Hehe, why would I mind, I'm still counting on aunt Jiang to whip up a good meal for me eh," Ye Fan laughed casually.

Aunt Jiang was elated, the way she looked at Ye Fan was gentler and she beckoned with her hand, "Come, let's take the lift to the garage."

Ye Fan was stunned - whoa, this Su Qingxue is really a wealthy woman - she even has a lift to go down?

When they entered the lift, Ye Fan then realized that there were actually two storeys, B1 and B2 - this mansion actually has a total of five storeys!?

"Ye Fan, what car do you like? Go pick one yourself. Basically, missy only drives the cars in B1 and other than hiring someone to maintain the cars in B2, she doesn't drive them," aunt Jiang briefed.

Ye Fan entered B1 and realized that there were ten cars parked there. The cheapest one was a BMW Z4, followed by a Mercedez-Benz ML400, then a BMW X6 etcetera. At the slightly more expensive tier was the Porsche 911 and there was also the Maserati that Su Qingxue drove previously.

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