My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 12

Missy's great foresight

Ye Fan was confused, he scanned the woman, "Xiao Xue, are you having a fever?"

After which, Ye Fan reached out and touched Su Qingxue's forehead.

Su Qingxue hurriedly retreated back and exclaimed angrily, "What fever! Stop trying to change the subject! Didn't you act like you're really knowledgeable, huh? Now are you going to pay me for the television!?"

Ye Fan sighed, then turned around and walked to the electric socket next to the television. He picked up the plug of the television and shook it at Su Qingxue.

"Beauty, your television works without plugging in, huh?"

Aunt Jiang coincidentally stepped out of the kitchen at this moment and when she saw this scene, she simply burst out laughing.

Su Qingxue's eyes widened and after some time, she pretended like nothing happened and said, "That doesn't mean it is fixed!"

Then, she pressed on the remote control. But she realized that the television turned on smoothly and started to play.

"Aiya, really, that little blurry part is gone now. Ye Fan, you're really good," Aunt Jiang praised him gleefully.

Su Qingxue was in a daze, she smoothed her messy black hair and glanced at Ye Fan, "You're just lucky; there's nothing to be proud about anyway, it's merely fixing a television.

Ye Fan was helpless and smiled, "I wasn't proud eh, I only kept saying that I'll try to fix it - don't put words in my mouth."

Su Qingxue pretended that she didn't hear that, she walked to the dining table and saw over ten dishes on the table. Her beautiful eyes blinked a couple of times, "Aunt Jiang, why did you cook so much?"

"Missy, you brought your boyfriend home, obviously I had to cook more to celebrate," aunt Jiang spoke like it was the most logical thing to do.

"What's there to celebrate about? If I knew he was this sort of person, I wouldn't have allowed him to move in," Su Qingxue said.

Aunt Jiang covered her mouth and laughed, "There's no cure for regrets in this world. I think Ye Fan is pretty good, missy has great taste."

[E/N: I wonder when the medicine for regrets will be invented, "sigh"]

Ye Fan nodded furiously - Aunt Jiang knows him best.

"Aunt Jiang, you have no idea how crafty he is. Moreover… we wouldn't be able to finish these for sure - it's such a waste," Su Qingxue frowned, "Just cook our usual four dishes and a soup, don't have to add on for him."

Ye Fan didn't care what the woman said, he took a bowl of rice and handed it to aunt Jiang.

"Here, aunt Jiang, thank you for your hard work."

Aunt Jiang didn't know how to react; after being in the Su family for over ten years, she had always been waiting on others and no one had ever served her before.

The old madam was moved as she took the bowl of rice, "This… how could I let you do this."

"What's wrong with this? I am younger, it is only right that I serve my elders. Don't tell me that Xiao Xue has never taken a bowl of rice for you before?" Ye Fan asked, puzzled.

When he asked this question, it suddenly hit on Su Qingxue that aunt Jiang had been taking care of her for over ten years, yet she doesn't remember doing anything like that before.

It wasn't that she was haughty, but usually, Aunt Jiang would have already prepared everything and she just had to go over and eat, so she hadn't thought about those things.

"Xiao Xue, although aunt Jiang is a nanny, you need to be more filial. Aunt Jiang takes the public transport to the market to buy the ingredients every day; you have so many cars, it would be good if you could fetch her there or accompany her to shop," Ye Fan said.

The more Su Qingxue listened, the more upset she got. She felt very guilty in her heart but when she recalled that it was Ye Fan lecturing her, she felt uncomfortable.

"Mind your own business! I've been living with aunt Jiang for so many years, do I need you to teach me? Just taking a bowl of rice for aunt Jiang, right? Must you make yourself sound so terrific?" Su Qingxue complaint.

Aunt Jiang hurriedly consoled her, "Missy, don't be mad, Ye Fan was just casually speaking his mind. I watched missy grow up and I know that missy has a good heart."

Su Qingxue said apologetically, "Aunt Jiang, next time if you need to buy the ingredients, wait for me to get home and we'll go together. In the past, I didn't notice these things…"

"There won't be time to prepare the dishes if I waited for you to get home. It's alright, my old bones are still strong," aunt Jiang smiled and waved her hands.

"I'm worried that aunt Jiang would be cheated by this chap - he knows how to act like an honest man very well, but is actually a really bad person. He's sucking up to you, his intentions are not simple," Su Qingxue didn't forget about Ye Fan taking advantage of her in the day.

"Xiao Xue, don't spout nonsense. When did I act like that, how did I cheat?" Ye Fan asked sternly and righteously.

"You are a cheat," Su Qingxue sneered.

Seeing both of them squabbling, aunt Jiang was between laughter and tears, "In the past, the house was really quiet. Ye Fan just came today and even missy got so excited - I'm really not used to this liveliness."

"I… I am not excited…" Su Qingxue spoke but lacked confidence, she doesn't know why she gets angry whenever she sees Ye Fan.

[E/N: "sigh", typical tsundere]

"Alright, alright, let's start eating, the food will turn cold if we continue quarreling like this," aunt Jiang called out and the three of them finally sat down and started eating.

Su Qingxue wore a gloomy look on her face, apparently, she was affected by what Ye Fan said about not helping aunt Jiang take a bowl of rice. After she took a bowl for herself, she started eating without a word.

The woman ate very delicately - doesn't show her teeth while chewing or poke messily at the food when she's taking them. She was both cultured and gentle.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, was the complete opposite - he took huge bites and would finish half a bowl of rice in one bite, even aunt Jiang told him to eat slowly.

Not long after, Su Qingxue realized that seven or eight out of ten plates were already cleared.

"Reincarnation of a hungry ghost," Su Qingxue had to give it to him, she has never seen anyone who could eat so much.

Ye Fan simply ignored her, cleaned up the table and praised aunt Jiang for her cooking. Then, he took out a cigarette and placed it on his lips, about to do his usual "race with the deity of life".

"No smoking! Get out if you want to smoke!" Su Qingxue gave a look of disdain.

Ye Fan was embarrassed as he smiled, he forgot that this wasn't his rented apartment and got up to go outside.

When he was outside, the high temperature hit his face directly but Ye Fan didn't mind. He sat on the flight of steps, took a long drag on his cigarette and blew out the smoke in enjoyment.

He didn't expect to take only two puffs when a black Maybach showed up at the door.

A man and woman stepped out of the car and surprisingly, they were the husband and wife, Su Changping and Tong Huizhen.

A driver, who followed behind them, was just about 1.7 meters but he had a muscular physique, a chiseled face, and a scar at the corner of his brow. He was full of spirit and it was obvious that he wasn't an ordinary driver.

Seeing Ye Fan at the door, Su Changping and Tong Huizhen knitted their brows and were clearly upset.

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes but beckoned to them very quickly, "Uncle, auntie, you're here. Why didn't you guys join us for dinner?"

"Why are you here?" Su Changping asked sternly.

Ye Fan replied, "Xiao Xue asked me to move in, we are in a relationship, after all."

"Look, I've already said it - this girl is crazy. How could she let this kind of man move in with her, what if this news spread, how is she going to face everyone!?" Tong Huizhen was infuriated.

Suddenly, the door opened and a cold and indifferent Su Qingxue stood there, "I brought my boyfriend home, not a secret lover, why should I be ashamed?"

"You brat! How dare you talk back!? Is this the way you should speak to your parents!?" Tong Huizhen screeched.

Su Qingxue's face was covered in frost, she didn't move an inch and stared coldly at Tong Huizhen.

Seeing the swords drawn and bows bent at the door, Aunt Jiang was unable to continue cleaning up the dishes inside and quickly went to the door to welcome them, "It's old master and madam? Quick, come in, it's hot outside."

"Yes, dear, let's go in and talk," Su Changping looked upset, "we'll discuss with Qingxue when we are inside."

Tong Huizhen glanced coldly at Ye Fan and said sarcastically, "We will have to discuss but this is our Su family's affairs, an outsider like him cannot be present!"

"He is my boyfriend, the man I am going to marry, he is not an outsider," Su Qingxue refuted.

Marriage?! Ye Fan nearly choked on his cigarette - this woman really dares to talk, huh.

Tong Huizhen glared at her, "Brat, you really dare to let these words out of your mouth, huh!?"

"I am just stating a fact," Su Qingxue said plainly.

Tong Huizhen was so enraged that she started shaking, her eyes reddened and looked as if she was about to cry, "Are you seeing this!? She just looks down on me, her adoptive mother! She doesn't treat me as her mother!!"

Su Changping knitted his brows and sighed, "Stop fighting, both of you. Qingxue, we care about you that's why we would rush down to find you, there are some things we didn't make clear in the day and we need to clarify things with you. You can't let your parents stand at the door to talk, right?"

"Missy, let old master and madam come in first," aunt Jiang persuaded.

When Su Qingxue heard aunt Jiang, she turned around and walked into the house.

Ye Fan wasn't in a hurry to get inside, he might as well stay outside and smoke, rather than have another hysterical moment inside when they sit together.

Tong Huizhen wiped the corners of her eyes and when she went inside, she winked at the driver and said, "Zhang Dong, stay at the door and watch this chap attentively. Don't let him stir trouble when we are discussing matters inside."

"Yes, madam," Zhang Dong responded and cast a suspicious glance over at Ye Fan.

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