My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 14

Not that familiar with each other

After dealing with his dirty clothes, Ye Fan went upstairs to Su Qingxue's study.

Su Qingxue's study was very minimalistic - there were only two rows of bookshelves, but they were filled with various kinds of books, and if one looked closely, they would see that they were all arranged according to their genres and in alphabetical order.

There wasn't a speck of dust on the spacious desk, her documents and stationeries were arranged neatly, even the length of her pens and the colors were categorized accordingly.

One could tell that the woman was very serious about her work and strived for perfection in every detail.

Sitting behind the desk, Su Qingxue was reading a document seriously. The woman looked stern and elegant.

When Ye Fan entered the room, Su Qingxue didn't say anything and was clearly planning to pay attention to him only after she was done reading the document.

Ye Fan wasn't in a rush, he picked up a book from the shelf casually, but these books were all about management, finance etcetera - Ye Fan was disinterested in them.

After over ten minutes, Su Qingxue finally raised her head and seeing that Ye Fan was reading, she asked, "Do you like these books?"

"I'm not suited to be a businessman," Ye Fan shook his head, "Oh right, Xiao Xue, I heard you're looking for me?"

Su Qingxue was expressionless, a tinge of coldness appeared in her stunning eyes.

"Ye Fan, there is something I hope you can be clear about…"

"En? What is it?"

Ye Fan sensed the distance that the woman before him, was putting between them - the both of them were merely two or three meters apart, yet it felt like they were at two ends of the world.

"Firstly, we are just contractual boyfriend and girlfriend - I am your employer and you are my contract worker. When there is no one else around, you can call me by my name, boss or CEO Su, but you cannot call me 'Xiao Xue' because we are not that familiar with each other.

Secondly, you are staying at my place only because I have considered your personal safety issues and also needed to put on an act for other people - it's not that I would like to take our relationship to the next level. A distinction should be made between males and females - you cannot just strip whenever you want like today.

Thirdly, the contract will end in three months at most and it might even end earlier. Don't think that my heart would soften by your bootlicking aunt Jiang and making an old lady happy…

Your behavior in my house today had already crossed the line of a contract boyfriend and I hope that you will know your place…"

After Ye Fan heard this, he was stunned for a moment - he couldn't deny that he was a little disappointed.

"So… you think I was bootlicking aunt Jiang, huh," Ye Fan laughed at himself and shook his head, "Don't worry, I am not so despicable.

You and I are from different worlds… it's very hard for us to have an outcome - I understand this point better than anyone else."

Su Qingxue knitted her brows slightly when she heard this phrase "different worlds" and felt something inside.

"Glad that you know that, I hope that you would know your place and can even cause aunt Jiang to be sad when it is time to leave," Su Qingxue said.

Ye Fan nodded and placed his hands in his pocket. He hesitated for a moment before speaking, "Xiao… uh, Qingxue, there is something I think you should consider."

"What is it?" Su Qingxue asked plainly.

Ye Fan said earnestly, "I can tell that your father actually cares a lot about you, but he is being kept in the dark about many things which is why he would make the wrong judgment.

After all, he is your father and you should talk to him about the company and the dirty tricks that the Zhengs are playing behind his back. Instead of…"

"Shut up!"

Su Qingxue exclaimed coldly and interrupted Ye Fan. The woman stood up instantly and stared at him icily.

"Do you have any idea what happened in the past!? Do you know how I was raised in this family!?

Who are you to poke your nose into my family's affairs?! This is my personal matter, I don't need an outsider like you to comment!"

Su Qingxue pointed to the door and yelled, "Get out of my house! I don't want to see you!"

Aunt Jiang just happened to be carrying a plate of fruits up and when she reached the door, she saw how Su Qingxue lashed out at Ye Fan and was completely stunned.

"This… what happened? Did you guys quarrel?" Aunt Jiang asked worriedly.

It was as if Ye Fan had touched on a taboo subject and Su Qingxue's couldn't restrain her anger, "Aunt Jiang, don't bother about this! Let this chap take his luggage and leave immediately!"

Ye Fan didn't expect that Su Qingxue would be so enraged when he talked about her father, he was upset but couldn't be bothered to fight with a woman.

He walked to the door and smiled in an embarrassed manner at aunt Jiang before going downstairs and leaving the mansion.

He couldn't bring his luggage with him as his clothes were all still in the washing machine.

But it didn't matter to Ye Fan, he couldn't possibly beg a woman to let him stay there. If he still had his temper, he would have already charged upstairs to teach that woman a lesson.

He didn't really take things to heart, but he definitely felt quite moody after a quarrel like this; he was speaking out of good intentions after all.

Ye Fan simply walked out of the residential area, he took a train and went to a nearby street of bars that had a lively nightlife.

He has not been to a bar for a long time - on one hand, he wanted to save some money and on the other hand, he was busy with all sorts of odd jobs and was enjoying his days.

But today, he wanted to drink to his fill. If he could get a beautiful woman, that would be even better.

Pink Lady Bar was a bar with a better than average moral quality, it attracted mostly white collared workers - one could drink there quietly and could also find some excitement.

After Ye Fan walked into the bar, he went to the counter and asked for a glass of whiskey. He was about to find a beauty worthy to be hit on when he heard someone calling his name.

"Ye Fan? Is that you?"

"Yue Ying-jie?"

Ye Fan turned around and realized that Feng Yue Ying was with a couple of ladies in a similar OL dressing, sitting at a round table.

"Why are you drinking here, I've never seen you here before," Feng Yue Ying seemed to have drunk quite a bit, her cheeks were rosy and she had a charming smile.

Seeing a familiar face, better yet, an attractive beauty, Ye Fan's mood improved and he walked over, "This is my first time here."

A white-collar petite lady, who was dressed in a black uniform, laughed, "Department head, is this your boyfriend? He is quite manly eh - so department head actually goes for this type of men, huh."

"Xiao Lian, what are you talking about. This… this is my younger brother," Feng Yue Ying spoke ambiguously.

Another white-collar lady with short hair, Xiao Ying, said, "Department head Feng is blushing. Just tell us your relationship truthfully, we won't leak it out to the rest of the company."

"Ay, I didn't expect that Department head Feng is already taken - all those admirers would cry to death if they found out," another white-collar teased.

Feng Yue Ying rolled her eyes and said in an annoyed tone, "Just keep teasing me, you'll see how I'm going to get back at all of you at work!"

As she was speaking, Feng Yue Ying shifted and emptied a space on the sofa, "Ye Fan, sit with us, you're alone anyway."

Ye Fan wanted to find a woman to indulge himself at first, but it was pretty good to have so many beautiful ladies here drinking with him too. Hence, he agreed and sat down.

They drank and chatted at the same time, then he found out that these women were all from Feng Yue Ying's department and were basically her trusted subordinates. They had quite a close relationship outside of work and would often hang out together after work.

In order to confirm, Ye Fan asked, "Sis Yue Ying, is the White Sharks gang still harassing you?"

Feng Yue Ying revealed a bright smile, "You wouldn't believe what happened - did you know that the hall leader of that White Sharks gang actually came to my company to apologize to me. I didn't even know what happened, but whatever it was, it's the past."

"That's good," Ye Fan nodded.

Xiao Lian quickly stepped in, "Department head Feng, trust me, it must be some Mr. Perfect who secretly likes you that helped you deal with those people!"

"Stupid, do you think that this is a drama series, huh - as if there is such a good thing," Xiao Ying shook her head.

Feng Yue Ying had her suspicions as well, but she thought long and hard, and still couldn't recall knowing someone like that so she simply dropped the subject.

Feng Yue Ying clicked glasses with Ye Fan, "Here, whatever it is, I'll give you a toast; all thanks to you that I was safe and sound yesterday."

The moment she said that, the group of white-collar smelled the gossip in the air and started fighting to find out what happened yesterday.

Feng Yue Ying obviously didn't go into details and simply gave an outline.

"Oh! So it was a hero saving a beauty. Department head Feng, we don't believe that Ye Fan is just a younger brother to you, as you say," Xiao Lian giggled.

Feng Yue Ying's face turned red as they teased her, she wanted to explain but suddenly, she saw a horde of people walking over.

Seeing the people coming over, Feng Yue Ying's face turned ugly and her eyes gave off a tinge of hatred.

The woman's change could be felt by everyone present and they couldn't refrain from looking over.

A tall young man, who was wearing a Givenchy t-shirt, a Rolex around his wrist, and had a fair and clear complexion, was walking over with three or four other men that were similarly dressed. They had a sloppy and arrogant smile plastered on their faces as they made their way over.

"Aiya, I thought I found you so familiar - so it's our dear Yingying. How have you been recently?"

Feng Yue Ying suppressed her emotions, pretended she didn't hear anything and continued drinking.

Xiao Lian and the other subordinates were filled with righteous rage, but they didn't dare to say anything.

Just as Ye Fan was puzzling over what was going on, this young man was already making him his target.

"Hey brat, get lost, give your seat to young master," the man curled his pointer finger and didn't take Ye Fan seriously at all.

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