My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 16


Ye Fan obviously dared to, is there any place that Ye Fan didn't dare to go?

Moreover, Feng Yue Ying was merely referring to a commercial apartment that she bought.

Crescent Bay District, Feng Yue Ying used her own money and bought a property on a mortgage. It was 150 meters square and located within the third ring road of Hua Hai City - it was considered a pretty good area.

But Feng Yue Ying was usually in the apartment and rarely returned to this place.

To Feng Yue Ying, the silence in this place would particularly remind her of her younger brother who was still in the hospital.

They took the lift all the way to the 20th storey and when they were at the door, Feng Yue Ying fished out her keys and her hand shook a little as she unlocked the door.

Maybe it was due to the air conditioning in the train which caused Feng Yue Ying to still be a little clear-headed, the girl realized that this invitation was rather ambiguous.

What was I thinking… I actually brought a man here! -They only really knew each other for two days...

But he was already there and she couldn't just chase him away. They were both adults and inviting Ye Fan over to her private place at this hour had made her intentions quite clear.

If she chased Ye Fan away now, it would be like fooling him for no good reason, right?

When she recalled the image of Ye Fan stepping forward bravely for her, Feng Yue Ying made up her mind...

"Sis Yue Ying, what is it, did you bring the wrong key?" Ye Fan saw that the woman was quite nervous and uneasy, which he found it quite interesting.

Feng Yue Ying took a deep breath, opened the door and spoke as softly as a mosquito, "Come on in…"

The decoration of the apartment was very warm - the sofa and tables were a warm color and on her beige wall, there were some scenery paintings. But because nobody lived there, the air was lacking a homely scent.

After Feng Yue Ying tossed her bag aside and removed her coat, she was only left with a thin white shirt and under the light, it was extremely arousing.

The alcohol made the girl emit a particularly rich and sweet scent.

Feng Yue Ying turned around, blinked her beautiful eyes, and there was an unexplainable charm as her long lashes shook.

"Ye Fan… you… are you single?" She felt that she had to make it clear.

Ye Fan nearly laughed out - seems like Feng Yue Ying is really awake, she actually considered these questions.

"I have a girlfriend, but she's fake - is that counted?" Ye Fan answered truthfully.

Feng Yue Ying thought that he was kidding and rolled her eyes, "Yes means yes, what do you mean by real or fake…"

Ye Fan shrugged, "Real… then I don't."

After hearing that, Feng Yue Ying heaved a sigh of relief and walked to Ye Fan. She lifted her head, closed her eyes and seemed a little nervous.

Seeing how the girl was being submissive and ignorant, yet obviously very nervous, made Ye Fan not know whether to laugh or cry.

"Sis Yue Ying, what are you doing?" Ye Fan asked playfully.

Feng Yue Ying opened her eyes and blushed furiously; she said in annoyance, "You… you're bullying me - you know what I'm doing!"

"Know what?"

Feng Yue Ying bit her red lips and was exasperated, "Forget it if you don't!"

After which, the woman turned around and wanted to leave.

But in that split second, Ye Fan grabbed Feng Yue Ying by her shoulder and turned her around. He placed another hand on the woman's back and leaned forward at the same time, kissing her cool lips...


Feng Yue Ying didn't even have the time to cry out in surprise before she realized that she was kissed by Ye Fan.

A pair of bright eyes were sparkling and they were looking straight at the man in close proximity, her delicate body shivering slightly.

"Wwwa-wait a minute!"

When Feng Yue Ying was touched by Ye Fan's hand, she quivered all of a sudden.

Ye Fan stopped and asked with his breathing slightly heavy, "Are you okay?"

Feng Yue Ying looked lovely and alluring as she stammered, "I… I would like to go to the toilet first…"

Ye Fan smiled, "Can't hold it in any longer?"

"En…" Feng Yue Ying really wanted to hide under the sofa - this is simply too embarrassing.

Ye Fan didn't waste any time, he got up from the woman, "Go on."

Feng Yue Ying quickly sat up, ran straight into the toilet and closed the door.

When Feng Yue Ying got into the toilet, she slumped on the door and slowly fell to the floor; her heart was racing and she touched her lips subconsciously like it still had the man's scent lingering on it.

This Ye Fan seemed quite decent but he was pretty skillful… Feng Yue Ying felt apprehensive in her heart and became more curious - where did the guy come from?

However, as Feng Yue Ying calmed down, she started being nervous - how should I continue when I go outside...

To put it bluntly, she was a traditional and conservative woman. If she wasn't provoked tonight and Ye Fan hadn't helped her or gave her a sense of security, she wouldn't have been so crazy to invite Ye Fan to her place.

Of course, it wasn't that she disliked Ye Fan, but… she thought that their relationship hasn't reached that point.

Five minutes later, Feng Yue Ying walked back into the living room hesitantly. Her heart was pounding hard but all she saw was Ye Fan lying on the sofa without his shirt and snoring.

Feng Yue Ying froze for a moment, then heaved a sigh of relief. Since the man was asleep, there was nothing she had to worry about anymore.

"Silly, you might catch a cold…"

Feng Yue Ying smiled and shook her head. She brought a blanket out and placed it over Ye Fan carefully, afraid that she would wake the man.

She was tormented the entire day and was sleepy too. It was the weekends tomorrow and she didn't have to go to work, so she planned to get up early to shower instead. Feng Yue Ying laid on the huge bed in the bedroom and fell asleep not long after.

The woman didn't know that after she fell asleep, the Ye Fan in the living room opened his eyes grudgingly.

Ye Fan was obviously pretending to sleep because he realized that Feng Yue Ying was still a newly hatched bird - whether it was her technique or reaction, she was clearly inexperienced.

Thankfully, she went to the toilet.

This way, Ye Fan had a chance to cool down and pretend to sleep - settling things once and for all.

The next morning, the sun shone into the living room.

Ye Fan smelled a captivating scent in the air and when he opened his eyes, he realized that there was a beautiful silhouette of someone in an apron with black hair, dressed in an oversized white t-shirt, making breakfast in the kitchen.

The woman was wearing a pair of orange hot pants and it showed off her legs; following the movements of her body, she was very attractive.

Ye Fan's eyes were glued to her - a pretty home-maker and a little warm nest, he was somewhat yearning for this homely feeling.

Feng Yue Ying just happened to turn around to take a plate when she saw Ye Fan staring at her. Her bare face without any makeup revealed a tinge of shyness and happiness.

"You didn't make a sound when you woke up, and why are you staring at me secretly?"

"Yingying, you're really pretty," Ye Fan blurted out.

Feng Yue Ying's cheeks turned red instantly, "What did you call me?"

Ye Fan grinned, "We've already kissed and touched, it's not too much to call you Yingying, right."

Feng Yue Ying didn't know how to respond because she didn't dislike it. She could only say, "Go wash your face and brush your teeth. It's time for breakfast."

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