My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 24


"As expected of a large company, its internet speed is really fast!"

Ye Fan pushed aside the stack of documents that he wanted to translate, and busied himself with downloading the QQ as well.

The moment he logged in to QQ, just as he was about to check if there were any high-salary boosts, a good friend named 'Princess Mu' started shaking the window!

Wu wu wu … Teacher, you're finally online! Come quickly and help me become the King! "

This Princess Mu was Ye Fan's' student ', Mu Mu Mu.

Ye Fan leaned back in his chair, lit up a cigarette and typed: "Student, teacher is at work. You still have a month left before school starts. You should first study properly!"

"Five hundred!" Help me get back to the diamonds! I have pocket money! " Mu Mu Mu sent a message immediately.

Seeing the two words "pocket money", Ye Fan revealed a smile on his face, and quickly typed out a line of words: "Since you are so ambitious, teacher will help you..."

"Hehe, Teacher Ye, when are you coming to my house?" Mu Mu Mu asked happily.

Ye Fan replied, "I'm in the company now, and I have a computer here. I don't need to go to your house to help you practice."

"What?" Did you get a job? At which company? " Mu Mu Mu hurriedly asked.

"Embroidery Group," said Ye Fan proudly.

"Bullsh * t!" The Embroidery Group's threshold is to graduate from a key university, and even needs to be filtered out layer by layer. Don't you not even have a primary school diploma!? "

Ye Fan flicked his cigarette. He noticed that there was no ashtray nearby, so he directly flicked the ash onto the table.

"Your teacher, I, am handsome, and have conquered the boss of the brocade, so I became a special assistant." Ye Fan said.

Mu Mu Mu sent a few laughing emojis, "You're crazy and delusional. Did you overdo it when you saw Su Qingxue's beautiful picture?

Let me tell you the cruel reality, a lot of people in Hua Hai call her demoness behind her back, she is famous for being an iceberg chick, but she did not care what methods she use to reach her goal. Many people call her a emotionless moneymaking machine! "

Ye Fan frowned, and replied, "Is there a need to exaggerate so much, even the machines are coming." And how do you know that? "

"Humph, this princess is still a small figure in the upper class of Hua Hai society. Su Qingxue is also a famous person in the business world. I've heard a lot about this news!"

Ye Fan was silent for a while and exhaled a mouthful of smoke. In his heart, he more or less believed Su Qingxue, but at the same time, he felt pity for her.

In the end, after Ye Fan repeated it over and over again, Mu Mu Mu helplessly accepted the reality and agreed to let Ye Fan practice.

Ye Fan currently had a lot of money, but playing games while earning money had always been something he liked to do, so he happily accepted the 500 yuan job.

However, before playing the game, Ye Fan planned to get the materials he needed to translate in the next three days, in case Su Qingxue would deduct his salary.

He opened the thick file and skimmed through it a few times. He found that it was not a difficult French. It was a common language used in business and there were no unfamiliar scientific words. It was easy to translate.

Ye Fan looked at the French documents, his two hands rapidly typing blindly on the keyboard, entering the translated documents.

For the three day task, Ye Fan only took two hours to complete. Along the way, he also brewed a cup of coffee and went to the toilet.

After completing the task given by Su Qingxue, Ye Fan started to play the game.

Unknowingly, it was now 11: 00 in the afternoon. Just as Ye Fan finished his match, Chen Ya's shout came from outside the office.

"Ye Fan!" Open the door! What did you lock in the back!? "

Ye Fan quickly shut off the game and ran over to open the door.

"Hur hur, Assistant Chen, you need something from me?"

As Chen Ya walked into the office, she smelled the thick scent of cigarette smoke. Upon seeing the messy table full of cigarette butts and ashes, her face turned gloomy.

"Who allowed you to smoke in the office!?"

Ye Fan scratched his head, "No one told me not to."

"You …" Chen Ya glared at him. "Next time, go to the smoking room on the fifty-fifth floor and smoke!"

Ye Fan agreed and didn't think much of it. If he were to smoke a few cigarettes, he would have to run to more than ten floors. Would he still be able to live?

Chen Ya glanced at the computer screen and sneered, "Where did you hide your games? Why aren't you playing anymore?" "Continue to play."

Ye Fan was stunned. He should have hidden all the game icons. How did Chen Ya know about this?

Seemingly seeing through Ye Fan's surprise, Chen Ya disdainfully asked, "What do you think our embroidery department is doing?"

The employee's computer produces abnormal traffic, there are game files to download, we all know clearly... Don't think we don't know anything about playing games in the office. "

Ye Fan wanted to cry, but no tears came out. This was too cruel, actually monitoring the computers of employees? He had never been a white-collar worker before, so he had no idea that something like this could happen.

"I will report this to CEO Su. Even though you don't work well, you still play games. According to the company's rules, 20% of your salary will be deducted!" After Chen Ya finished her sentence, she flung her head and prepared to leave.

Ye Fan heard 20%, that's just 10,000 dollars, right? How could this be?

He quickly shouted, "Wait! "I've already finished my work, so it can't be my salary. I don't have anything else to do!"

Chen Ya turned around and sneered. "What are you talking about? "You completed the three days of translation?"

"Yes." Ye Fan picked up a printed document and handed it to Chen Ya, "If you don't believe me, look, I just haven't had the time to give it to you."

At first, Chen Ya thought that Ye Fan was talking nonsense, but when she remembered that Ye Fan had passed Su Qingxue's test that morning, her heart began to thump...

This was a three day workload that was assigned to him according to the requirements of a professional translator. Could it really be settled in just one morning?

Chen Ya received the document hesitantly and flipped through it briefly. The more she read, the more she frowned …

Why does it seem like... Did he really finish translating?

However, this was truly inconceivable. Chen Ya ran to the computer and opened a French translation software. She then randomly selected a few words to confirm the translation.

Chen Ya's expression turned stiff after she had drawn over twenty words and realized that all of them were very precise in translation …

She pushed her glasses a few times, looking a bit confused, a bit surprised, and carefully sized up Ye Fan a few times.

"How did you do it?" Chen Ya felt incredulous. Could it be that when this fellow translated, he did not even need to search for information or think about it? Is it possible to make French the same as one's mother tongue?

Logically speaking, even if it was a commercial document written in Chinese, it would still take a lot of time and effort to figure it out just by looking at it.

Ye Fan said with a relaxed face, "Is that very difficult?" I will just watch as I translate it...

"Oh right, there's a word on this piece of information that the French company might have written incorrectly. I marked it out and modified it. You can confirm it."

Chen Ya felt that her brain couldn't wrap its head around the matter. This fellow had even found the wrong words used by the French? He could not help but ask in a daze, "How … "Where?"

"It's page seven, the color of a llama's fur, the color of its skin is brown, and the color they want to use is yellowish brown, so it should be jun-brun. These two are not the same color, don't you think so?" said Ye Fan.

Chen Ya took a deep breath and looked at Li Fan with a complicated gaze. After a long period of silence, she said, "It's already lunchtime, you can go and eat. I will give the ingredients to Boss Su."

Ye Fan was indeed hungry, but still nervously asked, "Assistant Chen, then my salary …"

"Forget it this time. If you play the game again, I'll still deduct it from you!" Chen Ya harrumphed, walking away like a gust of wind.

Ye Fan was in a good mood after hearing that, "Assistant Chen, it's already noon, aren't you going to eat with Boss Su? "Together?"

Chen Ya said without turning her head: "I lose weight. CEO Su doesn't eat lunch at the company. You just have to mind your own business."

Ye Fan Xin said, "You are flying to the airport to lose weight, if you continue to reduce it, it will become a" basin ".

However, he did not care about Chen Ya. However, Su Qingxue's work place did not even eat lunch, which made his heart ache. Especially after he heard Mu Mu's words, he felt that women were pitiful …

It was one thing for this woman to work seriously, but how could she not eat? Aunt Jiang definitely did not know about this, or else she would be worried to death.

Thinking about these things, at the same time, Ye Fan took the elevator downstairs and arrived at the luxurious staff dining hall.

As a listed company, there was no need to talk about the employees' treatment. The restaurant's environment was also elegant. It used the combination of Chinese and Western buffets to allow employees to choose what they wanted to eat.

Ye Fan filled up a whole plate of food and looked around. The embroidery group was basically filled with female employees. Although there were a lot of beauties, he also wanted to find a place where all the pretty girls could gather.

Just then, a woman's voice called out to him from behind.

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