My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 26


Ye Fan was not in a hurry, and he kicked a nearby stool a few centimeters away.

Xu Linshan was about to put forth her full strength, but her knee was hit, causing her hamstring to go numb and fall to the ground.


Xu Linshan cried out in surprise. She didn't notice Ye Fan's actions at all, and when she fell down, she even thought that she had carelessly hit a chair.

Just when Xu Linshan was worried that she had fallen so hard, a powerful arm held her tightly!

Ye Fan's arm looked like it was natural. It first rested horizontally on Xu Linshan's chest, then he righted the woman.

Xu Linshan felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Her delicate body trembled as she hugged her chest, cursing loudly, "You pervert." Ghost! "Touch me..."

"Hmm? Speak, Captain Xu, what do you want me to touch? " Ye Fan asked mischievously.

"I... "I …" How could Xu Linshan say that out loud?

Ye Fan innocently said, "Captain Xu, you came to hit me, but you almost tripped and fell. I helped you up, and you still want to scold me. Why do I feel like the outside is going to snow?"

Xu Linshan realized that more and more people were coming over. She didn't want to stay here any longer, so she fiercely gouged out Ye Fan with her eyes.

"You just wait. Sooner or later, I will make you regret everything you did today!"

Xu Linshan angrily threw down these words, turned her head and quickly ran out of the restaurant.

Everyone in the company looked at Ye Fan in shock, this was the first time they saw Xu Linshan being controlled by a man!?

At this time, four men wearing security uniform walked to Ye Fan's side.

The man in the lead straightened his hair, had a mole on his chin, and a black smile on his face. He patted Ye Fan's shoulder: "Bro, you're amazing!" The mother yaksha was subdued by you!? You must be Chief Su's new special assistant, Ye Fan, right? "

Ye Fan didn't have any interest in men, so he casually replied, "Yes, it's me. What's the matter?"

"Hehe, I am the captain of the security team. My name is Jiang Chao, and the three behind me are all brothers of the security team."

Jiang Chao was very familiar with this place. He pulled Ye Fan's hand and shook it.

"Captain of the security?" Isn't that Captain Xu, why are you also captain? " Ye Fan was curious.

Several female staff members in the restaurant were laughing.

"Haha, they are from the 'Water Carrying Team'!"

"Isn't it the Washing Toilet?" "Haha …"

Hearing these discussions, the security guards couldn't help but lower their heads in embarrassment.

Jiang Chao touched his nose and said with a wry smile, "Our security team is split into male and female teams. The female team is trained by Captain Xu and is mainly responsible for security. As for our male team..." Responsible for taking care of the employee's work environment ".

Ye Fan listened to the surrounding people's discussion for a while, and after thinking for a bit, he finally understood what was going on.

Xu Linshan had also trained a group of female security guards with extraordinary skills. She was proficient in Taekwondo and in every aspect, and her combat power steadily surpassed Jiang Chao and the other male security guards.

In this way, male security guards like Jiang Chao especially lacked status. They could only help the company carry water dispenser buckets, dump garbage, and even clean men's toilets. The most decent job was simply serving as a doorman.

Ye Fan rather admired this group of men. For the sake of the excellent welfare of the embroidery group, they really could yield.

"Captain Jiang, what can I do for you?" Ye Fan had almost finished eating and was ready to leave.

Jiang Chao hastily pulled him back and asked with some anticipation, "Ye Te, our company doesn't have many men, and there are even fewer young men. We should unite and fight for our own benefits, right?"

"What exactly do you want to say?" Ye Fan blinked his eyes.

"Hehe, then I'll go straight to the point. I saw that you weren't afraid when you were faced with danger and had the potential to fight against Captain Xu head on.

"So, I want to find you to join our company's basketball team and join them in the 'Hua Hai Business Basketball Game'!" Jiang Chao clenched his fist.

Ye Fan frowned, "Basketball team?" There's such a thing in the company? "

"Yeah, there are basketball teams in all the reputable companies in Hua Hai City, but our company is special. Women are the leaders and there are few men, so the higher ups don't care too much about them. So, we are basically at the bottom every year."

But this year was different, Olympic year! The government is engaged in sports for the whole country, so they attach great importance to this business basketball game.

Boss Su has already spoken and is asking me to show some results. If we are at the bottom and lose face in front of the provincial and municipal leaders, we will disband the basketball team and not let us participate!

This is a difficult task, but this is the only chance for us embroidered men to be proud of! If you get a result, you become a hero! "

Ye Fan curled his lips, playing basketball or something like that, but he wasn't interested, so he waved his hand and said, "I'm an assistant, not a security guard."

"As long as it's a male employee of the company!" Jiang Chao hurriedly said.

Ye Fan could only pretend, "I don't know how to play, so forget it."

"No?" It doesn't matter if you don't, we'll teach you! "

Jiang Chao grabbed Ye Fan's hand and pleaded, "You can join us first, basketball is not hard to learn!"

Ye Fan was puzzled, "You guys are so lacking in manpower?" "How many people are in the basketball team now?"

Jiang Chao's expression stiffened as he glanced at the three security guards behind him.

"Don't tell me there are only four of them? I remember there were five people who had to play basketball, right? " Ye Fan felt his heart ache.

"Last month, a brother couldn't withstand the pressure of the mother yaksha, so he had to clean the toilet for three months before he was humiliated and directly resigned.

I am looking for someone in the company, but no one dares to join, as they are all afraid of being humiliated by the female Yaksha with the surname Xu. Only Brother Ye, you have the guts to not be afraid of the female Yaksha … "

"Stop, stop, stop." Ye Fan told him to stop and said, "I really have no interest in playing basketball. You should look for someone else."

With that, Ye Fan turned around and left.

Jiang Chao, who had a depressed look on his face, and the other three male security guards were mocked by the female employees who were walking by listlessly.

"... Brother Chao, give up, we really can't find anyone. " A security guard said.

"It's a pity about the tournament's prize money. In previous years, I was able to get a thousand dollars at least …" Another guard said regretfully.

"Sigh …" The voice let out a long sigh.

Just when Jiang Chao and the other three felt that their standing in the company would drop and they would never be able to turn the situation around again, Ye Fan, who had just left, suddenly appeared in front of them.

Ye Fan's eyes lit up, his face carrying a kind smile. "You guys said …." "Is there a bonus for the competition?"

Jiang Chao and the others were taken aback. They hurriedly nodded their heads vigorously.

"That's right!" There was a bonus! The Chamber of Commerce and the government have been organizing this together. The lowest number of participants would be at least five or six thousand! "

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes, "Then what about the champion?"

"Last year, it was five hundred thousand. I heard it was six hundred thousand this year …" "Seems so," Jiang Chao said after some thought.

"Do you need to hand over the bonus to the company?" Ye Fan asked.

Jiang Chao shook his head, "Of course not. Other companies don't know, but our company definitely won't. Boss Su can be generous, only knowing how to reward and not deduct the bonuses. It's just a pity that we don't have enough money, and are at the bottom every year … "

Ye Fan's smile became even more brilliant. He patted Jiang Chao on the shoulder, "Captain Jiang, for the dignity of the men of our company, I have decided to give up on me. For the greater me, I will fight alongside all of you!"

Jiang Chao and the other three were so touched that tears almost fell from their eyes. They immediately hugged each other and started clapping happily.

Ye Fan gave them his phone number. After agreeing on the schedule for the practice and competition, he planned to go back to his office.

But before that, Ye Fan even took out a lunchbox and filled it with some fresh fruits.

He hadn't forgotten that Su Qingxue hadn't eaten lunch yet. Even if a woman didn't eat lunch, she would still eat some fruits, causing her body to be injured from hunger.

Returning to the top floor, Ye Fan directly walked to the CEO's office.

He knocked on the door and Su Qingxue's cold voice came from inside.

"Come in..."

Ye Fan pushed the door open and entered. He discovered that the woman was sitting in front of the computer, looking at the screen while recording something in her hand. On the table, there was a huge pile of documents, seemingly quite busy.

"Put the report on the table and leave first." Su Qingxue thought it was Chen Ya and didn't even raise her head.

Only when Ye Fan placed a box of fruits on the table did the woman raise her head and frown.

"Why is it you?"

"I heard Chen Ya say that you don't want to eat lunch. This isn't good, but you should eat some fruits." Ye Fan grinned and said.

Su Qingxue had a face of displeasure, "I've already eaten, and it's none of your business what I eat!"

"Have you eaten?"

Ye Fan looked around and found a pile of empty plastic bags in the trash can. There were more than a dozen of them, about three to four hundred milliliters. Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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