My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 7

Superb acting

"Qingxue, listen to daddy, letting you marry young master Zheng is for your own good, stop being willful," Su Changping said earnestly.

Su Qingxue scoffed, "It's for my own good or a certain someone's benefit - I think we all know it in our hearts."

After which, Su Qingxue glanced at Tong Huizhen sitting next to her.

It was as if Tong Huizhen got stepped on her tail, she yelled, "Su Qingxue! What do you mean by that!? Don't think that you can be insolent just because you're the CEO of Splendid!"

"Even though we're not blood-related, I am still your mother! I've raised you for over ten years, what sort of person do you see me as!?"

Speaking up to this point, Tong Huizhen's eyes reddened and looked very pitiful, and about to cry.

When Su Changping saw that his wife was about to cry, he quickly placed his arm around her shoulders and coaxed her, "Aiya, darling, don't be upset, Qingxue didn't mean it that way, don't misunderstand…"

Zheng Junfeng persuaded her gently as well, "That's right, auntie. Xueqing is a filial and kind girl, I admire this about her, that's why I want her to be my wife. She might not be too comfortable with traditional customs and match-making, so she's a little defiant…"

"Ay, only young master Zheng truly understands our Qingxue," Su Changping smiled and turned to her daughter, "Heard that? Young master Zheng is so understanding towards you! Why aren't you apologizing to him, huh? You're atrocious for bringing a stranger here!"

"Dad, you don't have to persuade me anymore, I know what I'm doing. Anyway, I will not marry Zheng Junfeng."

Su Qingxue's face was rigid as she looked at Zheng Junfeng and said, "Just give up, Splendid Group was handed to me by my grandfather to manage, and I will not let it end up in an outsider's hands. You can't have me and you can't have Splendid either."

Zheng Junfeng put on a look of innocence and smiled, "Qingxue, what are you talking about? I'm not interested in Splendid at all, I'm already so busy trying to manage Zheng Group, I'm not a business genius like you.

"In my eyes, in my heart, it has always been you alone all along, why don't you understand that I'm true to you, huh."

A tinge of iciness appeared on the corners of Su Qingxue's lips, "Whether that's the truth or not, you know it very well yourself… don't assume that I really don't know who has been the mastermind behind all the underworld gangs harassing our Splendid staff."

When Su Changping heard that, she was confused, "Underworld gangs? Harassing? Qingxue, why haven't I heard of these? What's going on?"

"That's right, Qingxue, is this a misunderstanding?" Zheng Junfeng seemed to be concerned.

Ye Fan rubbed his nose and thought to himself - no wonder the White Sharks gang would find trouble with the top management of Splendid for no good reason, this sort of incidents would never happen in the past. So there's actually someone messing with Splendid behind the scenes...

Su Qingxue knew that there was no point even if they discussed further, Zheng Junfeng would never admit. Hence, she was firm and direct, "Anyway, I've got a boyfriend already so this engagement is meaningless."

Zheng Junfeng narrowed his eyes and although there was still a smile on his face, his gaze had turned icy-cold.

"Haha, don't worry, Qingxue, I am very patient. Even if you really have a boyfriend, who knows? You guys might break up in a few days, right?" Zheng Junfeng let out a sinister laugh, his remark had two meanings.

"How could this chap be her boyfriend?" Tong Huizhen wiped her tears and pointed fiercely at Ye Fan, "Changping, call someone over right now! Chase him away! Can any stray cats and dogs sit around our dining table, huh?"

"If Ye Fan's leaving, I am leaving too," Su Qingxue talked back.

"You… you're so unfilial…" Tong Huizhen gritted her teeth in anger.

Zheng Junfeng waved and said, "Auntie, don't be mad. Whether it is the Su family or the Zheng family, the money for one meal doesn't make a difference to us, just treat it as charity. There's no reason why we shouldn't treat this Ye Fan guy to a meal, right."

"Hng, since young master Zheng put it this way, we'll just treat it as doing good and accumulating merit," Tong Huizhen spoke bitingly.

When Su Qingxue heard that, there was uneasiness in her eyes and she had the feeling that Zheng Junfeng had something up his sleeves.

Indeed, Zheng Junfeng immediately switched to using French and he spoke to the Caucasian waitress standing at the door, "Get this gentleman's order, be more professional…"

Zheng Junfeng winked at the waitress as a hint.

Waitresses working at such a high-class restaurant were obviously able to read people's thoughts easily, and she understood young master Zheng's intentions instantly.

The waitress with chestnut-colored hair and blue eyes stepped forward, smiled widely and asked in French, "Sir, what would you like?"

Su Qingxue immediately understood what Zheng Junfeng was doing - he was clearly trying to embarrass Ye Fan and toy with him like a fool, trying to humiliate him that he didn't know his own lowly status and entered a high-class restaurant like this.

Unfortunately, Su Qingxue only knew how to speak English herself and could only quickly interrupt, "Waitress, please speak…"

"le-menu s'il-vous-platue-me-consillez-vous?"

(E/N: I think he's asking about the menu.)

At this moment, she suddenly heard a string of accurate and fluent French coming out of Ye Fan's mouth.

There was pin-drop silence in the private room.

Su Changping, Tong Huizhen and Zheng Junfeng were all in a state of shock.

The most surprised one was Su Qingxue - her beautiful and moving eyes widened as she stared blankly at Ye Fan.

After a short moment of shock, the waitress continued speaking in French, "Sir, I'll get you a menu right away. Sorry, I was rude!"

The waitress heard very clearly that Ye Fan used the most accurate French from Paris - this pronunciation was even more precise than a French person like herself, so obviously, she didn't dare to display her low-level skill before an expert.

Very soon, the menu came and Ye Fan ordered some dishes in fluent French and also asked the lady next to him.

"Xiao Xue, what do you like to eat? I think you would like this oulesarinires paired with the dessert, Clafoutis… as for alcohol, it's best to drink Belgium beer, but I'm afraid they don't have it here, white wine works as well"...

Every word Ye Fan said hit the nail on the head, he spoke in French at one moment then switched to Mandarin at the next and everyone looked blankly at him.

"Oh god, sir, you're very knowledgeable about the French cuisine, do you have it often?" The waitress realized that Ye Fan knew more than her.

Ye Fan waved and laughed, "Oh, how could I afford it, I learned these through the books I read…"

With that said, it made more sense to everyone at the table.

But Su Qingxue wasn't completely convinced, even if he could learn about the French cuisine in books, how would he explain his fluency in French? Besides, perfecting a foreign language is not attainable by last-minute cramping and studying.

In addition, when Ye Fan stepped into this restaurant, that calmness and composure he had didn't seem like it was the first time he came to this sort of place, it was as if he was a regular.

All of a sudden, Su Qingxue felt that this imitation boyfriend was somewhat mysterious...

Su Qingxue wasn't particularly picky and let Ye Fan do the ordering of dishes.

The food was served very swiftly and not long after, there was a feast laid out on the table.

Seeing the exquisite appetizers, main dish, wine and dessert before them, everyone then believed that Ye Fan really knew the cuisine.

"Ye Fan, how did you pick up French?" Su Changping asked out of curiosity.

"Oh, uncle, I forgot to introduce myself - I'm a foreign language tutor," Ye Fan smiled.

Su Qingxue blinked and asked doubtfully, "High school students have to learn French these days?"

"Uh… just an enrichment class, it's always good to learn more," Ye Fan simply came up with a reason.

"I thought you went to France to study, so you're a home tutor," Tong Huizhen spoke disdainfully, "Let me warn you - leave Qingxue alone after this meal, I can give you a sum of money, don't stay in our way!"

Ye Fan spoke with deep emotions, "Auntie, I don't want your money, I want to be with Xiao Xue… although I'm very poor right now, I will work hard and earn more money, I will do my best to give Xiao Xue a blissful future…"

Su Qingxue glanced sideways at the man - she knew that Ye Fan was putting on an act, but his acting was too realistic, and even her face was flushed as he spoke.

"Tsk, how much can you earn? Do you know how many millions Splendid Group earns in a year? Do you know the assets that we own? This is not something you can simply climb up the social ladder to achieve - a toad trying to eat a swan's meat…" Tong Hui Zhen said disdainfully.

Ye Fan smiled, suddenly, he reached out to hug Su Qingxue's shoulder and stretched his head over, pecking her on her right cheek with a loud "pop".

Su Qingxue was having her dessert, she was caught off-guard and before she knew it, she was already kissed by Ye Fan.

"Look, I've eaten a swan's meat already," Ye Fan laughed.

Su Qingxue turned her head aggressively and wanted to burst out in anger, but she had second thoughts about it - if she gets angry now, the act would all go to waste.

Hence, Su Qingxue could only pant with rage as she flushed with anger. She was mad, but her tender and beautiful face made her look as if she was shy instead.


Zheng Junfeng slammed his glass on the table and stood up with a gloomy face.

"Great, just great…" When Zheng Junfeng saw this kissing scene, he finally couldn't take it anymore. Not only was he unable to embarrass Ye Fan, but his own fiancee was also taken advantage of, so his ego obviously couldn't handle it.

"Uncle, auntie, I have something on, I'll get going first, see you next time."

After which, Zheng Junfeng stomped out of the private room and before he left, he glared coldly at Ye Fan.

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