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Chapter 1772 - The Power of Half-step Spirit Monarch Realm

Chapter 1772: The Power of Half-step Spirit Monarch Realm

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MYCEC Chapter 1772: The Powerfulness of Half-step Spirit Monarch Realm

Eyeing Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake before him, the White Hair Devil spoke, “I have my eyes on you two, you’d better come and submit to me as battle-beasts.”

Black Puppy twitched its mouth and spat disdainfully. It then replied loudly, “Who do you think you are? Get some water and have a good look at yourself – a full head of white hair, looking like an old monster who’s lived hundreds of years, I can’t even tell if you are human or a ghost. How obnoxious of you to ask me to be your battle beast.”

After following Qingfeng Li for a long time, Black Puppy had taken after Qingfeng’s mean and vicious way of articulating himself.

They both could enrage people just by spewing insults.

Black Puppy’s disrespect had angered the White Hair Devil so much that his face had become contorted, and his eyes were blazing with rage. He deeply prided himself for ranking forty-nine on the Devils List and was infamous for his brutality. No one dared to insult him, so being insulted by a dog was even more unimaginable.

The crowd of self-cultivators heard its nasty remarks and had all become dumbstruck – their eyes were fixed, and their jaws dropped. They found Black Puppy’s boldness astounding.

Standing aside, Sky-Devouring Snake wiggled its tail and backed Black Puppy up, “Good job. This guy does deserve some deadly insults. How dare you ask me to be your battle beast? Maybe go back to your mother’s womb for a few more years of self-cultivation, then we’ll see about it.”

“You two damned beasts! You’re begging for death. I will surely flay you two today and enjoy myself some dog and snake meat hot pot.” The White Hair Devil strode forward as his body gave off a prevailing thirst for blood.

With every step that White Hair Devil took, a crack started appearing in the void. After more than a dozen steps, a few dozen cracks had appeared in his surroundings.

The cracks were like a cobweb, spreading towards all directions. His power was so tremendous that the dimension couldn’t sustain it.

“Ice and Snow Law, follow my command – freeze.”

The White Hair Devil howled as he recited a chant, utilizing the power of ice and snow in this world…

All of a sudden, the previously sunny and clear sky were covered in clouds that began showering the world with snowflakes. The snow was copious and fluent, falling at a rapid speed and instantly covering up the entire Peach Blossom Inn.

The power of the ice and snow had brought about an intensely frigid atmosphere, directly freezing Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake within it.

Now, Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake had become ice sculptures. Their bodies were completely encased by rigid ice blocks. This was the power of nature, utilized by those who had mastered the Half-step Spirit Monarch Realm. The two had no way of resisting, unless they also achieved breakthrough to the Half-step Spirit Monarch Realm.

A shade of cruelty and bloodthirstiness crossed the eyes of White Hair Devil as he declared coldly, “How dare you two beasts offend me? Prepare to meet your fate today.”

Seated on the upper floor of the inn, Qingfeng Li happened to witness the scene in which Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake became frozen. A wicked light started shining in his eyes, especially after hearing the White Hair Devil’s remark, which enraged him greatly.

Qingfeng’s figure flickered, as he suddenly arrived next to Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake. He then summoned the Golden Flames in his body to his index finger and middle finger. Jumping and turning, the flames started dashing towards the ice blocks surrounding Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake.

After being shot onto the ice blocks, the nine-thousand-degree red scorching flames melted down the white ice blocks in no time.

Sneezing continuously, Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake were freezing cold. However, now that Qingfeng Li had melted the ice blocks with their Golden Flame, they promptly jumped out and took cover behind Qingfeng Li’s back.

Pointing at the White Hair Devil, Black Puppy warned, “Qingfeng Li, this guy is incredibly powerful! He was able to make a sunny sky rain down ice and snow… This Monarch Law is really something.”

Qingfeng Li nodded. He could certainly recognize the power of this White Hair Devil, as he knew very well that the strengths of Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake were now comparable to those of top-level masters.

Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake could now easily deal with common Ninth Level Supreme Realm masters; yet, they were defeated by this White Hair Devil.

Watching the fluttering flames on Qingfeng Li’s fingertips, the White Hair Devil’s pupils narrowed, and a tinge of shock appeared in his eyes.

“Saint level flames, how unexpected that you have control over saint level flames…” The White Hair Devil said as he glanced at Qingfeng Li. A shade of greed crossed his eyes as he remarked, making his intention of seizing the flames apparent.

Qingfeng Li’s forehead furrowed. He was surprised that the White Hair Devil was able to recognize his Golden Flames. Moreover, Qingfeng Li could tell that, judging from the look on his face, the White Hair Devil seemed to be intending to seize the flames.

Actually, Qingfeng Li did not want to have to use such a important trump card on him, either. Yet, only the Golden Flame were able to break the Ice and Snow Law. In order to save Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake, there was no other way.

The White Hair Devil’s words filled all the self-cultivators’ faces with shock. They were blown away by what they heard. As they were famous masters from the high-tier planet the Crimson Fire Continent, they naturally had knowledge of techniques and flames from the ancient era.

“How astonishing… this young man actually possesses saint level Golden Flames.”

“I’ve heard that back in the Ancient Era, there was a saint on Earth named the Golden Saint – he wielded the Golden Flames, and they were extremely frightening.”

“That is right. From the look of it, the flames used by this young man are unmistakably the legendary Golden Flames.”

“The White Hair Devil could recognize the Golden Flames with just one look, he is definitely something else as well.”

A heated discussion erupted among the self-cultivators, and many looked to Qingfeng Li with eyes filled with fervor and greed. Most of them understood very well the power of the Golden Flames and were contemplating snatching them from Qingfeng Li.

Not far from the commotion, the Peach Blossom She-Devil’s eyes wandered gently. She could sense from the beginning that Qingfeng Li was in possession of some ultimate treasure and now it had finally come to light – it was actually the Golden Flames.

Unlike how they usually acted, Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake were now anxious. They felt sorry and embarrassed as Qingfeng Li only revealed his Golden Flames in order to rescue them.

Ordinary self-cultivators could not identify the Golden Flames. However, to the strong and powerful like the White Hair Devil – a Half-step Spirit Monarch Realm master, it was obvious.

The White Hair Devil lightly pointed forward a finger on his right hand, and an icicle was created and flew towards Qingfeng Li.

Commanding the Golden Flames in his hands, Qingfeng Li shot them forward and onto the white icicle. The white icicle started melting into countless broken pieces and in the end, disappeared completely.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Qingfeng Li was forced to take four steps backward. Even though he had resisted the Half-step Spirit Monarch Realm attack with his powerful Golden Flames, the strong force of the collision still pushed his body toward the rear.

Qingfeng Li’s right hand also felt faint quivers, even his body was not held up sturdily. This was because the force of the collision was so powerful, as if a gigantic meteorite had collided with a planet.

The White Hair Devil looked at Qingfeng Li as a tinge of admiration crossed his eyes, and he praised, “How powerful… they even resisted my Monarch’s Law! These legendary Golden Flame sure live up to their name.”

Qingfeng Li glared at the White Hair Devil coldly as he remained silent, not uttering a single word in response.

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