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Chapter 1997 - Monarch’s Presence

Chapter 1997: Monarch’s Presence

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The surrounding self-cultivators were stunned to see Huozhu Chi defeating Jun Po with a single strike.

They had just witnessed the battle between Huozhu Chi and Jun Po and the two had tied. But after climbing the steps, Qingfeng Li’s power seemed to have soared. He easily caused Po Jun to take ten steps backward.

Qingfeng did not look at Jun Po any longer and continued to make his way towards the top.

He lifted his leg slightly and easily stepped onto step 51 without difficulty.

“What is going on? It is so difficult for me to take each step but Qingfeng Li did it with so easily.”

“Didn’t you see? Qingfeng seems to be walking on normal ground. The surrounding sun scriptures are not attacking him.”

“Does that mean that Qingfeng Li found out the method to walk up the stone steps? What a genius!”

The self-cultivators discussed animatedly and looked at Qingfeng Li with admiration.

A strong fighter would be respected by others wherever they went. This was especially true here when Qingfeng Li managed to easily climb up the stairs while the others struggled.

Qingfeng speedily walked up the stone steps. Soon, he arrived at the 65th stone step, standing alongside Huozhu Chi and Linglong Xue.

Huozhu Chi and Linglong Xue became vigilant when they saw Qingfeng Li.

Among all the self-cultivators, Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, and Qingfeng Li had climbed the greatest number of steps. They were not far away from the bronze Sacrophagus. Whoever got there first would receive the inheritance of the Sun Monarch.

At this moment, Huozhu Chi and Linglong Xue both treated Qingfeng as their greatest enemy.

When Qingfeng saw them, he said, “I hope you guys are not thinking of attacking me. You should preserve your power to climb the stone steps instead. You can only get the inheritance if you get there fast. If we use up all of your energy in battle, we are only giving away the legacy to others.”

Huozhu Chi and Linglong Xue exchanged solemn glances.

They thought that Qingfeng’s words were right. Furthermore, they discovered that Qingfeng’s presence was very powerful and rivaled their own.

If they joined forces, perhaps they would be able to defeat Qingfeng but they would also suffer injuries. If they fell down the steps, and the other self-cultivators got to the top first, they would gain nothing.

Huozhu Chi said with a cold smile, “Qingfeng Li, I will deal with you after I obtain the Sun Monarch’s inheritance.”

He then summoned out a scroll.

The scroll was ancient and mysterious. It looked to be at least a few thousand years old and there was a tinge of yellowness in the paper.

But there was a huge drawing of a flame at the top of the scroll. The red flame was the size of a palm and radiated a red light which blinded the eyes of other self-cultivators.

Huozhu Chi opened his mouth and muttered a chant. A flash of red light appeared and entered the scroll.

He pulled apart the scroll and placed the laid it on the ground.

The terrifying presence of a pinnacle tier level 9 fighter appeared from the scroll. It froze the surrounding space as soon as it appeared. Even the sun talisman scripts on the stone steps moved back at the presence of this.

The surrounding self-cultivators were stunned at the sight. They looked like they had seen the ghost.

Some weaker self-cultivators fell to their knees with a thud. They placed their heads on the ground and dared not lift it up.

Some other self-cultivators discussed among themselves in a low voice. They said, “What is going on? I thought that the Crimson Fire Monarch is unable to enter the Mystic Sun Realm. How can his presence be here?”

“Didn’t you see? That is not the real Crimson Fire Monarch. It is only a trace of his presence that was sealed within the scroll.”

“I know. The scroll must be a saint-level weapon for it to be able to contain a trace of the Crimson Fire Monarch’s presence.”

The surrounding self-cultivators looked at Huozhu Chi with fear in their eyes.

They knew that Crimson Fire Monarch was invincible. No one in the self-cultivating world was his match.

Huozhu Chi smiled faintly and looked at Qingfeng Li coldly. He used the power of the scroll to counter the oppression of the Sun Monarch. Then, he made his way up the 61st step, 62nd step, 63rd step…

Huozhu Chi easily walked up the stone steps since he no longer faced the oppression of the stone steps.

Linglong Xue furrowed her brows. She never expected him to use such a powerful Dharma treasure at this stage. It was beyond her expections.

Linglong Xue smiled charmingly and said, “You think you are special just because you have the presence of the Crimson Fire Monarch? I also have the presence of the Blood Sea Monarch with me.”

Linglong Xue then summoned an emerald jade from her interspatial ring. The jade was the size of her palm with carvings of the blood sea. The red bloody sea’s presence covered the entirety of the stone stairs.

There was a small fingerprint at the top of the jade which belonged to Blood Sea Monarch who was said to rival the Crimson Fire Monarch in power.

The Crimson Fire Monarch had ruled the skies of the Crimson Fire Continent while the Blood Sea Monarch ruled over the Blood Sea which was impenetrable even to the Crimson Fire Monarch. Linglong Xue was his sister.

Linglong Xue held onto the jade and took a step forward.

The Sun Monarch’s talisman scripts all retreated rapidly when they sensed the power of the Blood Sea Monarch. None of the scriptures dared to attack her.

Linglong Xue stepped onto the stone step easily walked forward.

The surrounding self-cultivators were stunned. They all had their mouths wide agape.

They had just witnessed the power of Huozhu Chi but now, they witnessed Linglong Xue’s power. As expected of the emperor of a supreme dynasty, they were too powerful!

Qingfeng li stood behind them and narrowed his gaze when he saw Huozhu Chi and Linglong Xue rapidly making their way up the stone steps.

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