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Chapter 2000 - The Legacy of the Monarch

Chapter 2000: The Legacy of the Monarch

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Huozhu Chi smiled coldly and said, “I want to avenge my junior brothers’ deaths even if I need to stand against you. Don’t blame my actions if you try to stop me.”

Linglong Xue naturally would not agree to Huozhu Chi’s actions. She had gambled all of her assets on Qingfeng right now and hoped that Qingfeng would be able to open the lid of the bronze sarcophagus so that he could obtain the inheritance within it.

Linglong Xue took a step forward to block Huozhu Chi’s path. She said, “I said that nothing must happen to Qingfeng. If you want to kill him, you have to defeat me first.”

Huozhu Chi smiled coldly and said, “If that is the case, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Huozhu Chi summoned the Eight Trigrams Compass into the sky and chanted a spell, causing two beams of yin yang light to rush out of the compass.

The speed of the light was extremely fast and instantly shot towards Linglong Xue.

Linglong Xue was not afraid, as she took out the Blood Magic Bottle and threw it into the air.

She slammed her fingers at the bottom of the bottle and a bloody flash of light appeared.

The bloody flash of light belonged to the Blood Sea Monarch. It was extremely powerful and collided with the yin yang lights with a loud boom. The surrounding space was instantly shattered and destroyed. It even caused cracks to appear on the stone steps.

One had to say that Huozhu Chi and Linglong Xue were both extremely powerful. The weapons in their hands were all half-step saint level items; the weapons originated from the Crimson Fire Monarch and Blood Sea Monarch, who were the two most powerful masters of the Crimson Fire Continent.

One ruled over the land while the other ruled over the seas. The two constantly conflicted with each other. Now that their weapons had met, their weapons naturally collided and fought viciously against each other.

The Eight Trigrams Compass and Blood Magic bottle battled fiercly in the air while Huozhu Chi and Linglong Xue exchanged blows. One used fists and the other used finger techniques.

Each of their attacks were half-step saint level attacks, causing the surrounding space to become dark and cracked.

Thankfully, this was the main burial chamber of the Sun Monarch and the site where his coffin was placed. The power of their attacks was contained by the fingerprints on the sarcophagus.

Otherwise, the flurry of energy would expand and shatter the ground, and everyone would to their deaths.

A flash of happiness appeared in Jun Po’s eyes. He purposely said that Qingfeng killed Huozhu Chi’s junior brother so that Huozhu Chi would battle Linglong Xue. If that happened, he would be able to kill Qingfeng.

Jun Po smiled coldly and walked towards Qingfeng’s direction.

At this moment, Qingfeng was still immersed in understanding the presence on the fingerprint. He was unaware of the happenings in the outside world.

At the moment, Qingfeng’s spirit energy being roasted as he was surrounded by the burning sun from all directions. The flames were different from Qingfeng’s golden flame or fire elemental vital essence. They were the solar essence fire.

Solar essence fire was emitted by the sun and contained terrifying power that could burn everything. It could reach a temperature of 11,000 degrees.

Qingfeng used his spirit energy to lead the golden flame within his body. Suddenly, he appeared among the flames and started to engulf the solar essence fire.

The golden flame was not as hot as the solar essence fire, but they could engulf the solar essence fire and turn it into its own flame energy.

The Golden Flames looked like it had seen delicious food when it met the solar essence fire, pouncing on to the fire to engulf it.

But the solar essence fires were unwilling to be eaten. The fires tried to resist but it was no match for the golden flame.

Soon, the golden flame completely engulfed the solar essence fires and turned it into its own power. At the same time, the temperatures of the golden flame reached 11,000 degrees.

It was a terrifying temperature that could burn away a city with a single flame.

Qingfeng was elated when he saw that the golden flame had engulfed the solar essence fires as a book had appeared before him.

It was a red book made of jade and it remained unburned by the 11,000 degrees flames. Clearly, it was extremely strong.

Qingfeng quickly picked up the book, seeing that it was titled <Sun Bible>.

Qingfeng was delighted and excited. He knew that the Sun Bible was a technique that the Sun Monarch practiced and was said to be a saint level technique.

But the last two books had disappeared, so the Sun Monarch only practiced the first part of the technique. Even so, he ruled over the entire Crimson Fire Mainland for 5000 years.

However, the Sun Monarch was defeated by the Crimson Fire Monarch and his vital energy was taken away.

Qingfeng started to use his spirit energy and vital essence to open the first page of the Sun Bible.

After he opened the book, Qingfeng was met with a golden light. There were all kinds of golden scriptures written in the book. They were all scripture literature from the ancient universe.

Other self-culvtivators might not be able to recognize the characters due to the language being ancient, but Qingfeng had learned from Dark Night Emperor so he immediately recognized the writing in the Bible. Qingfeng was super excited to see the techniques on the Sun Bible.

In the beginning of chaos, the world was divided into yin and yang. There was black and white during the day.

The sun shone onto the ground and the dark sky enveloped the void.

Qingfeng followed the writings on the Sun Bible and started to practice the technique in his body. Soon, a huge solar essence fire burned from within his body. The solar essence fire travelled through his muscles, meridians and bones and later gathered on his palms.

The book also contained the <Saint Solar Palm>. There were 6 palms in the technique and each had devastating power.

Just as he was practicing the Sun bible, Qingfeng sensed danger behind him. Qingfeng quickly stopped practicing the technique and used his Wind Elemental Feather Wings to dodge to the side.

However, he was a little too slow and the attack blasted a huge hole on his elbow.

Qingfeng was shocked and furious at the person who sneak attacked him.

His body was hard as steel and impenetrable since he practiced Mortal Purgatory Body, but he was still wounded by the other person, so the weapon they used must have been very powerful.

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