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Chapter 2057 - Suppressing Qingfeng LI

Chapter 2057: Suppressing Qingfeng LI

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Qingfeng Li’s expression changed as he saw the Crimson Fire Monarch absorb the entire planet’s vital essence. He felt an enormous sense of pressure, immobilizing him instantly.

Visible to the human eye, the billions of self-cultivators on the entirety of the Crimson Fire Continent exuded their vital essence into the void, which then shot towards Fire Monarch Mountain like streaks of lightning before finally injecting themselves into the Crimson Fire Monarch’s body.

At the same time, a great ball of flames formed above the Crimson Fire Monarch’s head, lighting up the entire sky.

The flames grew hundreds of thousands of meters tall, like a flame sea that would not put out. Immense energy exuded out of the flames.

Qingfeng Li mumbled in his head, The planet’s vital essence is too powerful, I won’t be able to fight it. What should I do?

Qingfeng Li channeled his Mortal Purgatory Body to resist the planetary vital essence. Yet, he was still unable to move his body.

Xue Lin, Mengyao Xu, and the others wanted to help him, but their bodies were also suppressed by the vital essence and wouldn’t budge either.

A second later, Qingfeng Li and everyone else around him were frozen in their steps, as the planet’s vital essence hovered above them.

Hongmei Chi laughed arrogantly from atop the mountain as she saw what was happening, “Qingfeng Li, you are for sure going to die! My father is going to rip you into pieces.”

The Crimson Fire Monarch continued absorbing the planet’s vital essence, and soon, all the energy hovered above Fire Monarch Mountain – at that moment, he was the leader of the planet, and no one could compare with him.

Qingfeng Li and the Crimson Fire Monarch were both at the saint level. However, Qingfeng Li stood alone, yet the Crimson Fire Monarch now also possessed the vital essence of countless self-cultivators, enabling him with the powers of two saints. Qingfeng Li would be easily suppressed.

The Crimson Fire Monarch looked down and sneered, “Now that you can’t move anymore, I will strip off your skin and make you into boots for the messenger.”

Then, he took out a dagger. It was the crimson fire dagger, exuding flames as well as red talisman scripts, and lighting up everything around them.

Immediately, the dagger seemed to split open space, the ground, and the heavens. This was obviously an extremely powerful saint vessel.

The Crimson Fire Monarch was determined to strip the flesh off Qingfeng Li with this dagger.

With a swift movement, he transformed into a cyclone and sped toward Qingfeng Li. Waving the dagger in his hand, the Monarch aimed for Qingfeng Li’s head.

At that moment, a bolt of blood energy shot from afar. The energy, even faster than lightning, smashed into the Crimson Monarch’s hand, causing the dagger to fly out of it.

The Crimson Monarch’s expression changed immediately and turned around, demanding, “Who? Who dared to attack me from behind?”

A beautiful woman in red, with red hair, red eyes and red cheeks flew from the skies.

She was as fast as lightning and landed next to Qingfeng Li in a split second. Qingfeng Li’s face lit up slightly as he realized that she was Linglong Xue.

However, that expression quickly disappeared as he realized that this person was not the same Linglong Xue as the person he met in the Mystic Sun Realm. She felt unfamiliar and exuded extremely powerful saint-level energy.

Curious, Qingfeng Li thought, Is this woman Linglong Xue or not? Why does she feel both familiar and unfamiliar to me?

The Crimson Fire Monarch looked at Linglong Xue as his expression changed, “What are you trying to do, how dare you come and wreak havoc here at the Fire Monarch Mountain. You would be going against me if you stop me from killing Qingfeng Li, do you understand?”

The Blood Sea Monarch smiled faintly and responded calmly, “You can’t kill Qingfeng Li today.”

The Crimson Fire Monarch sneered in reply, “So what if I’m determined to kill him today, what are you going to do about it?”

Then, the Crimson Fire Monarch waved his dagger in the air again, slicing it at Qingfeng Li in an attempt to skin him alive.

The Blood Sea Monarch’s expression turned icy as she waved her finger at her opponent, shooting out a ray of blood energy. The energy landed above the saint vessel, once again knocking it out of the Crimson Monarch’s hand.

The Crimson Monarch turned around suddenly, “Blood Sea Monarch, are you really challenging me? I am now at the saint-level and was appointed as the Conqueror of the heavens and the continent.”

To that, Blood Sea Monarch sneered, “Haven’t you realized that I’m also at the saint-level and am the conqueror of the sea? There can only be one saint-level conqueror on each planet – one united leader of each dimension. We are meant to fight to the death, so why not now?”

The Crimson Monarch began laughing hysterically, “Sure, sure, Blood Sea Monarch, if you’re looking to die, I’ll fulfill that wish. I was going to destroy the blood sea once I killed Qingfeng Li anyways, but now that you’re here, let’s settle things between us, once and for all.”

The Crimson Monarch suddenly waved his hand to create a giant saint palm that was 100,000 meters tall. Covering the heavens and sun, it smashed towards the Blood Sea Monarch.

However, she didn’t seem to care much, and with a swift movement, drew out her own fingers to create a blood finger that was 100,000 meters tall.

The blood finger shot through the void, smashing into the palm to create a boom that shook the entire space. Mountains and rivers began to shatter, the sun and moon began to waver.

The other self-cultivators watched in awe as they felt like the sky was about to collapse and an earthquake was about to erupt. The ground split open as if it were the end of the world.

Saint-level battles were shocking – yet, it was nothing. Both the Crimson Fire and the Blood Sea Monarch were natives of the Crimson Fire Continent and had yet to employ their full powers.

This was because they both knew that once all their powers were released, the entire planet would be destroyed. Therefore, they restrained themselves by only using part of their powers. Still, that power was capable of shattering the heavens and ground.

Qingfeng Li saw how powerful the Blood Sea Monarch and thought in his head,Ah, I know, she’s not Linglong Xue, she’s the Blood Sea Monarch, her older sister. But why do I have a feeling that they’re the same person?

Qingfeng Li found the answer to this question immediately from the Crimson Fire Monarch, as he looked at the Blood Sea Monarch, “I’m impressed. You merged yourself with your clone, Linglong Xue, and together you achieved the saint-level.”

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