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Chapter 2283 - The Sharp Conical Thunderbolts

Chapter 2283: The Sharp Conical Thunderbolts

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Under the attack of Qingfeng Li’s Five Thunder Immortal Array, many of those masters and elders were badly hurt, with their arms broken or head injured.

Some in the lower level were even knocked over, trembling with dizziness, bleeding from their mouths, looking about to die with difficulty in breathing.

Tianxing Ming took out Five Element Flags. Sky Rock Elder took out Golden Crow Immortal Spear. Grandma Plum Blossom took out Plum Blossom Sword. Yibing Han took out Frost Immortal Disk.

These were all powerful half-immortal devices, with immortal energy released from them. They blew up the void once showed up.

These half-immortal devices blocked the attacks from Five-colored Thunderbolts.

The thunderbolts couldn’t break in no matter how.


Qingfeng Li took a deep breath after seeing this.

He thought, “No wonder they can reach half-immortal level. Their Dharma Treasures are truly powerful, which can even withstand my Five-colored Thunderbolts. But how can you protect those around you? I’ll kill your minions first and then deal with you guys.”

“Five Thunder Immortal Array, Strike from above.” Qingfeng Li shouted and guided Five-colored Thunderbolts into conical shapes.

The formation also changed from Five Thunder Immortal Array to Sharp Conical Immortal Array.

The formation moved fast, shattering the void, blasting the space, and struck at those Elders, as well as Bright-moon Saintess and Three-colored Saintess.

Qingfeng Li cared about these people the most and wanted to kill them all.

The Sharp Conical Thunderbolts broke everything along the way with invincible power.

One of the thunderbolts struck at an Elder, and instantly cut him in half, turning him into ashes in his scream.

Then the other dozens of masters beside him were also turned into ashes by the thunderbolts from Sharp Conical Immortal Array.

They couldn’t withstand the thunder at all.

Under Qingfeng Li’s control, these Five-colored Sharp Conical Thunderbolts had reached half-immortal level. Those Perfection Saints or Peak Saints couldn’t take it at all unless they had also reached half-immortal level. Many of them were killed or injured in a second.

Tianxing Ming, Sky Rock Elder, Grandma Plum Blossom and Yibing Han were all irritated with cold looks.

They had friendly relations with these Elders, for all of them came from the saint sects in the universe. They stood on the same side in Fallen Immortal Arena.

These four were grieved when seeing the other self-cultivators dying by their side.

Tianxing Ming created a half-immortal palm of immortal energy with his hand, covering the entire palace. He wanted to protect those masters and elders.

But another cry for help came from behind at the next moment.

Bright-moon Saintess looked pallid on her pretty face, shouting, “Master, help me. Those five-colored conical thunderbolts are striking at me.”

She was a special target of Qingfeng Li. So he prepared hundreds of Five-colored Thunderbolts for her, striking from every direction at her.

Though Bright-moon Saintess had many Dharma Treasures on her, they were useless in front of Sharp Conical Thunderbolts. She was instantly scorched and badly injured.

Other Sharp Conical Thunderbolts were coming toward Bright-moon Saintess. She had sensed the breath of death.

She knew she’d definitely die with her mind and soul if hit by these Five-colored Thunderbolts. So she hurriedly cried for help to her master.

Tianxing Ming frowned, then he gave up saving the other masters and elders. He decided to save his disciple first.

Bright-moon Saintess was much more important to him than those masters and elders of other saint sects.

Tianxing Ming smashed his right hand backward, forming a palm of half-immortal power.

The palm covered the sky, cutting through the void, and instantly blocked the hundreds of five-colored thunderbolts.

But these Sharp Conical Immortal Thunderbolts contained too much energy, descending from the sky with spiral forces. They cracked the palm directly, turning it into pieces of starlight.

Tianxing Ming was surprised, saying in a low voice, “Interesting. They can even break my palm of immortal energy. That’s impressive.”

Bright-moon Saintess kept her life after her master struck out. But she was still trembling with lingering fear, looking terribly pale.

She looked at Tianxing Ming with gratefulness, saying, “Thank you for saving me, master. This damn Qingfeng Li is too vicious to attack me with these many five-colored thunderbolts.”

In the other direction, Three-colored Saintess went through the same thing. She was almost killed by Qingfeng Li’s five-colored thunderbolts too.

At the critical moment, Grandma Plum Blossom wielded her Plum Blossom Sword, creating 99 plum blossoms of immortal energy and saved Three-colored Saintess from the thunderbolts.

But the surrounding masters and elders of other saint sects weren’t that lucky as Bright-moon Saintess and Three-colored Saintess. They were struck by thousands of sharp conical immortal thunderbolts and kept screaming painfully.

After a short while, those masters and elders all turned into ashes, vanishing into the air along with their souls.

Though Qingfeng Li killed hundreds of masters and elders of saint sects with Five-colored Sharp Conical Immortal Thunderbolts, he felt a bit exhausted too.

Qingfeng Li was only a Perfection Saint at this moment. He hadn’t reached the half-immortal level and had no immortal energy inside him.

He turned pale and almost fell to the ground.

He withdrew the Five Thunder Immortal Array, for it cost too much of his vital essence.

The five-colored thunderbolts above Thunder Immortal Palace returned to other parts of the palace and stopped. Left on the ground were only the ashes from the bodies of those masters and elders.

Less than ten people were standing in front of Qingfeng Li. They were Tianxing Ming, Sky Rock Elder, Yibing Han, Grandma Plum Blossom, Bright-moon Saintess, Three-colored Saintess, One-eyed Elder…

Other masters and elders were all dead.

Seeing so many Elders died around them, even Tianxing Ming and Sky Rock Elder took a breath with lingering fear.

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