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Chapter 2285 - Fighting Half-immortal Masters

Chapter 2285: Fighting Half-immortal Masters

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Tianxing Ming, Yibing Han, Grandma Plum Blossom and One-eyed Elder were all shocked, as well as Bright-moon Saintess and Three-colored Saintess.

They realized how powerful Qingfeng Li truly was at this moment. Bright-moon Saintess and Three-colored Saintess were especially full of disbelief.

They had met Qingfeng Li before when they entered Fallen Immortal Arena. He was only a middle-grade saint at that time, with lower power level than them.

But his power improved rapidly, and he became a perfect-realm saint after only a month.

Qingfeng Li got the inheritance from Thunder Immortal and accomplished Thunder Immortal Sword Technique, the Immortal Level technique. He could even control all the thunder in Thunder Immortal Palace. He was no less powerful than the half-immortal masters.

The masters and elders didn’t dare to act rashly in front of Qingfeng Li with Thunder Immortal Sword in his hands.

Even Tianxing Ming and Yibing Han regarded Qingfeng Li as an opponent in the same level. They didn’t dare to be careless in front of him.

Yibing Han said, “Master Ming, Grandma Plum Blossom, One-eyed Elder, we’d better attack together and kill Qingfeng Li. He has Thunder Immortal Sword and has harnessed the power of Thunder Immortal. We may lose if fighting alone.”

Tianxing Ming and Grandma Plum Blossom thought for a while and both nodded. They were the Masters of saint sects, with amazing power and strong backgrounds. They were half-immortal masters with powerful Dharma Treasures.

Normally, they seldom attacked one enemy altogether. But this time was different. Qingfeng Li’s power was out of their imagination, which could kill Sky Rock Elder easily with a single slash.

Sky Rock Elder was at the same level as Tianxing Ming, Yibing Han, and Grandma Plum Blossom. Though he was a bit weaker than Tianxing Ming, the difference was quite tiny.

Sky Rock Elder couldn’t parry a single slash of Qingfeng Li. How many stances could Tianxing Ming take? Two, or three? Therefore, Tianxing Ming agreed with Yibing Han’s idea at last.

The Blood Immortal hummed behind them, saying with contempt, “Tianxing Ming, you’re so shameless as the master of Five Elements Saint Sect, attacking my master with others.”

The Blood Immortal knew Tianxing Ming ever since the Wild Era of the Universe. Tianxing Ming was only a kid at that time, far less powerful than Blood Immortal as the overlord of Blood Clan.

However, the Blood Immortal offended Golden Spear Immortal King and was nailed in Blood Sea Abyss by Heavenly Immortal Spear.

But she was tough, learning Nine Esotericas of Blood Clan and eventually survived.

Tianxing Ming took a look at Blood Immortal and said indifferently, “You damn woman should have died a million years ago. You survived and broke free, but the former overlord of Blood Clan becomes a servant of Qingfeng Li. You are the one who should be shameful.”

Blood Immortal got stern and showed a freezing look, shaping a heavenly palm of blood energy with his right hand.

The palm shattered space and destroyed everything along its way, smashing at Tianxing Ming.

Tianxing Ming wielded his right hand, throwing out Five Element Array flag again, creating shiny five-colored radiance.

The five-colored light released bright immortal radiance from five directions. It blocked the heavenly palm and tried to trap Blood Immortal inside.

Qingfeng Li held Thunder Immortal Sword in his right hand, slashing heavily forward. It shot out a blast of nine-colored sword energy, releasing the sound of thunder, suppressing the firmament.

The sword energy shattered everything along its way and slashed at Five Elements Array flag. With the sound of a crack, the flag in the most front broke with a fissure on it.

Tianxing Ming showed a touch of gloom. He waved his sleeves and summoned the flags back. He didn’t dare to use them anymore.

Tianxing Ming’s eyes were bright like the flash. He was a bit afraid of Thunder Immortal Sword. It was an immortal device, which was much more powerful than his half-immortal device.

Tianxing Ming said in a stern voice, “Yibing Han, Grandma Plum Blossom, One-eyed Elder, stopping reserving your power. Take out your most powerful Dharma Treasures. If we can’t kill Qingfeng Li today, we’ll all die here.”

Grandma Plum Blossom slashed her Plum Blossom Sword forward, creating 99 plum blossoms of sword energy, blooming with vital energy, but concealing killing spirit inside.

The plum blossoms were shiny and bright, making it very hard to open eyes along the way. They shattered time and space instantly and even made the souls quiver. They seemed able to cut the souls in half.

Yibing Han didn’t hesitate and took out Frost Immortal Disk.

It was a plate of one foot wide. It was completely white with Frost Talisman scripts shining and Laws of Greater Dao roaring.

Frost Immortal Disk released supreme coldness once showed up. It was a few thousand degrees beneath zero, and instantly froze the surrounding space.

The five-colored thunderbolts in Thunder Immortal Palace were also frozen and couldn’t move.

Tianxing Ming wielded his hand and threw the Five Elements Array flag at five directions of Qingfeng Li, trapping him inside.

He took out Five-colored Half-immortal Blade at the same time, with the blade energy shining over the sky.

The blade released sharp energy once showed up, shattering the heaven and earth, collapsing the sun and moon. It even broke the five-colored thunderbolts.

One-eyed Elder had never struck out before. But he suddenly opened his eye.

A black beam shot out from his single eye, turning everything along its way into ashes. It instantly created a black hole, with everything turning into nonentity inside, and aimed at Qingfeng Li.

The remaining ones were all very powerful, and were much stronger than those dead masters of saint sects.

Qingfeng Li felt the threat. Blood Immortal and Sky-fighting Immortal General wanted to help, but Qingfeng Li shook his head and kept them away.

Although he knew it was risky, he could only increase his attack power in danger.

Other than Thunder Immortal Sword, Qingfeng Li also had nine-colored thunderbolt, Flame of 30 thousand degrees and Killing God Mandate. He wanted to kill these enemies with his most powerful attacks.

Qingfeng Li slashed his Thunder Immortal Sword again, hitting the Five-colored Half-immortal Blade in Tianxing Ming’s hand with ‘Third Sword Slashes Immortals’.

Qingfeng Li breathed out the Golden Flame of over 30 thousand degrees, burning down space, melting the ice created by Yibing Han.

In the other direction, Qingfeng Li shot out a golden beam with the Penetration Vision in his right eye, crashing against the black light of destruction from One-eyed Elder with shocking brightness.

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