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Chapter 2365 - Furiously Slaying All Forces

Chapter 2365: Furiously Slaying All Forces

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Qingfeng had caused a huge commotion. Around him, thousands of self-cultivators and immortal boats turned to look towards him, everyone appeared to be shocked.

“Who is the man, how could he be so powerful? He killed so many self-cultivators and Immortal boats with a single slap even though he is quite far away, have we seen him before?”

“I know him, his name is Qingfeng Li, he is the Number one devil of the Universal Saint Realm. Not too long ago, he killed numerous half-immortal masters, even the Five Elements Patriarch was defeated by him. But why is he here?”

The surrounding self-cultivators discussed animatedly, there was a flicker of shock in their eyes. Some people became fearful after recognizing Qingfeng.

They had arrived here after listening to the Void Demonic Snake’s words and the rumors spread by other powerful self-cultivators, so they were here just to obtain the blood of Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, and Little Apple.

No one expected to meet the number one demon of Universal Saint Realm.

He was a murderous existence who had killed countless of great elders, none of the surrounding self-cultivators thought that they were a match for Qingfeng.

Qingfeng looked at their expressions coldly, with anger in his eyes, “You all deserve to die, how dare you come to my Crimson Fire Continent to attack my wife. Don’t think of leaving here alive today, you shall all die!”

When they heard Qingfeng’s words, the surrounding self-cultivators became fearful and scared.

Before they recognized Qingfeng, they were still very arrogant and smug. But after recognizing him, they were all so scared that some even passed out.

Qingfeng Li’s name was too powerful, even babies would stop crying when they heard his name.

Some self-cultivators said loudly, “Qingfeng, please forgive us, we didn’t know that your wife was on the Crimson Fire Continent. We were lured by the Void Demonic Snake to capture the Phoenix bloodline and Immortal blood.”

Qingfeng’s killing intent was set. He didn’t care if these self-cultivators were tricked by others, he only knew that they wanted to steal the bloodline from his wife and Little Apple. They all deserved to die!

Qingfeng channeled his immortal vitality and released nine-colored thunderbolts which flashed brightly as they encircled his body, he looked just like Thunder Immortal.

Qingfeng then released the Thunder Immortal sword and slashed it ferociously in front of him.

The Thunder Immortal Sword contained nine-colored sword energy, which spiraled together with the thunder to slash through everything in its path.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of self-cultivators died before his sword, not one had survived. The surrounding powerful Immortal Boats also exploded into numerous pieces.

Of course, some self-cultivators used their strongest treasures and armour to resist. However, under Qingfeng’s powerful attacks, their resistance was nothing and they were instantly killed.

After three breaths, the surrounding 10,000 self-cultivators and more than 100 Immortal Boats were all extinguished into ashes. Only the Void Demonic Snake was still lying there quietly.

The Void Demonic Snake wanted to escape, but Qingfeng had locked its surrounding space, so there was nowhere for it to go.

These self-cultivators all spent tons of effort to reach the half-immortal master step, but they were all killed by Qingfeng in an instant.

Qingfeng killed even more people this time than at the Universal Saint Realm. Self-cultivators from neighboring planets who did not come to attack Crimson Fire Continent quickly retreated when they saw the sight.

They were all thankful that they did not come to Crimson Fire Continent, or they would be dead souls under Qingfeng’s sword.

The Sect Leaders and Elders of these planets warned their disciples to never anger Qingfeng.

Some even closed their doors to stop their disciples from leaving to prevent them from causing unnecessary trouble.

After all, Qingfeng was too strong, he would kill anyone who opposed him and would not listen to any bullshit.

Far away, the Void Demonic Snake was also stunned. Qingfeng wasn’t so powerful when it last saw him, so his powers must have improved by an astonishing level in just a few days. Even the Void Demonic Snake’s powers could not compare to him.

The Void Demonic Snake looked at Qingfeng and said, “How dare you lock the surrounding space to trap me? Do you know who I am?”

Qingfeng smiled coldly and said, “Why do I care who you are? Back in the void, I already let you go. But now, you lead self-cultivators to attack Crimson Fire Continent. You must think I’m easy to bully.”

Two beams of black and white light shone out from Qingfeng’s eyes, it was the light of yin-yang. The light slashed through the void and landed on Void Demonic Snake’s body, instantly causing blood to pour out from the two bloody holes on its body.

Even though the Void Demonic Snake was a powerful Immortal Beast, it could not compare to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng had reached the level of an Immortal, he was invincible against anyone who was the same level as him. Unless he met an upper-grade Immortal or a peak level Immortal, no other Immortal could defeat him.


The Void Demonic Snake opened its mouth to scream pitifully, its scales, skin, and flesh were all pierced.

Even though it was an Immortal beast, it could not block the power of the light of Yin-Yang. Furthermore, the power had become even more powerful after Qingfeng tempered with it.

The Void Demonic Snake sensed killing intent from Qingfeng, this young man definitely dared to kill him. Qingfeng was someone who would do whatever they wanted, the tens of thousands of self-cultivator bodies surrounding him was proof of that.

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