My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 2512 (END) - Returning to the Earth and Visiting Old Friends (The End)

Chapter 2512: Returning to the Earth and Visiting Old Friends (The End)

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Time went by swiftly.

It had been 50 years since Qingfeng Li left Earth.

Since Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, and Mengyao Xu were all self-cultivators, the passage of time left no traces on them and they still looked to be in their twenties, young and beautiful.

However, Qingfeng Li’s relatives were not so lucky and many of them were white-haired now.

Qingfeng Li came with Xue Lin to the Ice Snow Corporation where he and Xue Lin had worked. In this place, they had experienced love, affection, misunderstandings, conflicts, and finally had ended up together.

They had lots of memories here.

When Xue Lin left Earth, she had entrusted Ice Snow Corporation into the hands of Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang.

At that time, Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang were both in their twenties, and now 50 years later, they were in their seventies.

As ordinary mortals, Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang were both white-haired with aged faces.

Sitting in the office, Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang were discussing the business expansion of the company.

With their great business talents, they had put all their energy into the business development of the company after Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin left Earth and turned the Ice Snow Corporation into the No.1 company in Huaxia with a market value in the trillions of yuan.

Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang had become the richest people in Huaxia, but they remained single, hurting all the men in Huaxia.

On the desk of the office was a picture of Qingfeng Li, who was the driving force in Wanxiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang’s life.

Seeing the sight through the office window, Qingfeng Li felt moisture in his eyes.

He pushed open the door and walked in.

Hearing his footsteps, Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang looked up and froze with eyes full of disbelief when they saw Qingfeng Li.

Wanqiu Xia rubbed her eyes with her fingers and stood up shakily, saying with great feelings, “Brother Li, is it really you?”

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, “I came back to see you.”

Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang couldn’t hold back their emotions anymore and burst into tears.

It was hard to imagine how they had spent the last 50 years in which Qingfeng Li had been their emotional support.

When they couldn’t sleep in the night, they would remember the tiny things they did together with Qingfeng Li.

Standing up shakily, Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang walked over and threw themselves into his arms and their tears dampened his shirt.

“Big Brother Li, I’m afraid this is just a dream. I thought I’d never see you again,” Xiaoyue Zhang murmured.

Qingfeng Li touched Xiaoyue Zhang’s snow-white hair and felt hurt inside.

Xiaoyue Zhang said in a low voice, “Brother Li, I don’t want you to see me in such an old and ugly state.”

Hurt flashed across Qingfeng Li’s eyes and he said gently, “Little Sister Xiaoyue, you’re always the prettiest girl in my heart.”

Hearing the words “Little Sister Xiaoyue”, Xiaoyue Zhang couldn’t control herself anymore and cried with all her heart, turning 50-years of longing into hot tears.

Wanxiu Xia also covered her aged face with hands, not wanting Qingfeng Li to see her looks.

Qingfeng Li said, “Sister Xia, Little Sister Xiaoyue, don’t worry. I’ll restore your youth.”

Now that Qingfeng Li had become the Immortal King, he could bring the dead to life.

It was a piece of cake for him to restore youth.

He reached out his right forefinger which emitted the force of time and touched gently on Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia’s foreheads.

What happened in the next moment was stunning!

Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang’s white hair began to turn transparent then finally became black.

Their wrinkled face turned from the age of seventies to sixties, fifties, forties, thirties, and then twenties.

In the end, they both regained their beautiful looks of twenties with snow white and smooth skin full of elasticity.

Feeling the change in their looks, Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang hurried to pick up a mirror and were elated and excited when they saw the beautiful faces in it.

Every woman loved beauty, which was part of their nature.

“Thank you, Big Brother Li,” Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia threw themselves into Qingfeng Li’s arms again and said in excitement.

Standing beside them, Xue Lin wasn’t jealous.

She was quite emotional when she saw Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang, and she was especially proud when she saw her Ice Snow Corporation had grown into the No.1 company in Huaxia under the management of Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang.

Noticing Xue Lin behind Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia both looked nervous and immediately left Qingfeng Li’s arms.

Xiaoyue Zhang said fearfully, “President, I forgot myself a moment ago.”

Although Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia had become the richest people in Huaxia, they were still afraid of Xue Lin, the previous president.

With a smile, Xue Lin said, “I want to thank you for bringing such dazzling light to Ice Snow Corporation. From now on, we will be together forever.”

Qingfeng Li talked with Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia for a while and left to visit Jiaojiao Liu.

Xue Lin split with Qingfeng Li temporarily to go home and visit her parents.

When Qingfeng Li, Ruyan Liu, and Little Apple came to Jiaojiao Liu’s place, he again felt the hurt inside.

By now, Jiaojiao Liu had become an old woman in her sixties with white hair and a wrinkled face.

When Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu left, Jiaojiao Liu had been a youthful girl of eighteen.

Time was as cruel as a knife.

It was the cruelest thing to see a beautiful girl turn into an old woman.

“Sister! Brother-in-law! It’s really you! I thought I’d never see you again before I die.” Seeing Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng Li, Jiaojiao Liu threw herself into their arms and burst into tears.

She cried so sorrowfully and painfully.

In the past 50 years, she had been missing her elder sister and brother-in-law.

Like Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang, Jiaojiao Liu had remained single while she waited for the return of her elder sister and brother-in-law.

A trace of hurt appeared in Ruyan Liu’s eyes while she reached out to wipe tears from Jiaojiao Liu’s face and touched her white hair.

She said, “Qingfeng, please help Jiaojiao recover her youth.”

Hearing Ruyan Liu’s words, Jiaojiao Liu looked at Qingfeng Li with eagerness on her face.

Qingfeng Li nodded and reached out his finger, activating the force which could separate the sky from the earth and reverse time.

His finger touched Jiaojiao Liu’s forehead and instantly her white hair turned to black; her aged face regained its beauty, and her wrinkled skin turned smooth and elastic.

In the blink of an eye, Jiaojiao Liu recovered her youthful look of when she wa eighteen, looking beautiful, youthful and vibrant.

Elated, Jiaojiao Liu jumped and sang and even kissed Qingfeng Li.

Ruyan Liu was speechless, knowing her younger sister had always been impulsive.

The self-cultivators of the Saint Realm and Immortal Realm would have been stunned if they had seen this.

After all, Qingfeng Li was now the Immortal King and the highest ruler of nine heavens, ten lands and ten thousand species on the 100 million planets in the universe.

Even the Immortal Kings and half-step Immortal Kings had to greet him kneeling on the ground.

However, Jiaojiao Liu had just kissed Qingfeng Li.

Chatting with Jiaojiao Liu and Ruyan Liu for a while, Qingfeng Li turned to leave.

He would go visit his life-and-death buddies of the Wolf Fang Sect.

When he found Daoist, Alice, Bald Man and Death God, they were all white-haired old people.

Using the universe force, Qingfeng Li recovered their youths and turned them into young people in their twenties.

Holding Qingfeng Li, Alice cried and laughed like a kid.

Qingfeng Li drank wine and talked with his buddies of the Wolf Fang Sect for one whole night.

They talked about their past endeavors and expressed their emotions with wine.

On the next day, he went to visit his other old friends, including the Ten Great Demon Kings, Xiaoman Lu the Nobel Prize winner, Yanzhi Pei the No.1 beauty, Feifei Xie the major star, Ling’er Demon, Xianzhi Qin, Nichang Luo, Catherine, Yanran Zhao, Lingxiu Xu, Hao Luo, King Kong the Qingfeng League master, Tianci Zhang the chief of Family Zhang, Dragon King the Dragon Fang Team captain, Hongdie Ye, Miaochun Zhang the Medical University President, and Yunchang Xu the President of the Antiques Association.

Xiaoman Lu, Yanzhi Pei, Feifei Xie and Ling’er Demon cried and laughed in great excitement when they saw Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was very happy to see the old friends who had overcome difficulties with him.

He helped many friends extend their lives and recover their youthful looks.

He made men live longer and women more beautiful.

For the people who had the physique for cultivation, he taught them cultivation techniques and led them into the world of self-cultivators.

At this moment, his mother Fire Phoenix transmitted a message to him, telling him that Xue Lin was in the hospital and would give birth soon.

With his will, he tore open the void and came into the hospital in the next moment.

In the hospital, Xue Lin was lying in the bed, ready to give birth while Qingfeng Li sat beside her with tenderness on his face.

“Honey, the baby is due soon and I’m afraid,” Xue Lin said nervously with a blush.

Qingfeng Li rubbed her charming face and said gently, “Honey, don’t be afraid. I’m here with you.”

  • One hour later –


A loud cry sounded in the birth room.

Xue Lin gave birth to a boy with a cute nose and a chiseled handsome face.

Seeing their grandson, the Conqueror and Fire Phoenix couldn’t stop smiling.

Everyone was happy for Qingfeng Li and so was Little Apple since she would have a playmate in her little brother.

Seeing the boy, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin were content and happy.

“Honey, think of a name for our baby,” Xue Lin said, her face full of maternal love.

After a moment of consideration, Qingfeng Li said, “His formal name will be ‘Tianyu Li’, and his nickname is ‘Little Peach'”.

Everyone applauded calling it a good name. The name “Tianyu” meant sky, earth and universe, showing Qingfeng Li’s hope for his son.

Qingfeng Li stayed for a while on the Earth with Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu and others and relived their beautiful memories.

In the end, Qingfeng Li returned to the Immortal Realm.

Sitting in the Immortal King Palace, Qingfeng Li separated the sky from the earth, evolved the world and created everything in the world.

There were some defects and damages in the universe.

Qingfeng Li fixed all the defects and damages and made the universe a better place for cultivation by increasing the intensity of the universe immortal qi, spirit qi and genuine qi.

Qingfeng Li would be admired by countless self-cultivators.

Peacock Demon Empress, Longevity Immortal King, Fire Dragon, Dark Night Monarch, Dog Ancestor, Snake Ancestor, Treasure-Seeking Mouse, Wolf Fang Sect, Ten Great Demon Kings and Blood Immortal helped Qingfeng Li manage the Immortal Realm and suppress the extraterrestrial forces.

Qingfeng Li lived happily with his parents, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Jiaojiao Liu, Little Apple, Little Peach, Mengyao Xu, Xiaoyue Zhang, Wanqiu Xia, Xiaoman Lu, Yanzhi Pei, Feifei Xie, and Ling’er Demon.

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