My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1000 - Carrying Her Back to the Eastern Palace

Chapter 1000: Carrying Her Back to the Eastern Palace

Mo Lian caught her small body firmly in his outstretched arms, his body unmoving like a mountain.

The man’s breathing faintly brushed against her face, and before she could speak, he lowered his head and bit her small mouth without room for objection. His teeth and lips rubbed against her lips as he nibbled repeatedly in an overbearing fashion.

She had simply served herself up on a silver platter to get bitten!

Qiao Mu was dumbfounded, and she reflexively pushed at his chest with her hand as she tilted her small head backwards.

Yet Mo Lian didn’t let go of her waist. Instead, he also bent over with her, practically about to snap this little one’s waist by bearing down on her.

This posture was actually quite difficult, not to mention that the two people were still in mid-air with the wind scraping past their ears, without having activated a defensive barrier at all.

Even so, Mo Lian’s stance was still stable and totally unaffected.

Qiao Mu protested with muffled sounds. After finally extricating herself with all her might, she sealed his mouth with her small hand.

“Mo Lian, listen to me.”

“I’m listening.” While pulling down her small hand, Mo Lian’s gaze deepened.

Qiao Mu was suddenly at a loss for words.

“What do you have to say?”

“Uh…” Cough cough, it was so strange. She didn’t know what she wanted to say to him after he interrupted her.

“Why aren’t you speaking.” Crown Prince Mo caressed her small face. Although he looked gentle, Qiao Mu inexplicably sensed that the person before her was not happy!

Why wasn’t he happy? She had even informed him before leaving.

“That’s right, I left you a letter, did you read it?” Qiao Mu abruptly hugged his waist, snuggling her face into his embrace. “This trip back to Hulan Mountain was actually for my teacher’s secret inheritance realm. On the whole, my trip this time went smoothly. Since you were quite busy during these few days, I thought that it was also okay to just make a trip back by myself…”

“You consider those few words as leaving me a letter?” Mo Lian suddenly raised his sharp eyebrows as he looked at her with a spurious smile.

At this, Qiao Mu scratched her small nose with slight embarrassment.

She had left a letter just to explain the situation, and besides, how would she know how to write a lengthy letter?

Mo Lian grasped her small chin. “Qiaoqiao, you are quite good at running off. A second of inattention was all it took for you to disappear.”

Qiao Mu blinked her eyes. “I didn’t run off.”

“You consider leaving those two to three words for me as giving prior notice?” Mo Lian looked at her with a beaming smile.

Yet Qiao Mu shrunk her small head as she subconsciously leaned backwards.

The man in front of her looked to be a bit dangerous!

“How was that two to three words. There were clearly at least twenty-some words total on that leave letter,” muttered Qiao Mu under her breath.

Mo Lian didn’t respond and looked down at her instead. “We’re returning to the Eastern Palace.”

At nightfall, the crown prince sent someone to inform the Qiao Zhongbang couple that the crown prince consort had been found, and that she would be staying the night in the Eastern Palace before returning.

At this time, the little fellow was currently sitting in his embrace, holding a brush while bitterly staring at the several dozen pieces of white paper spread out in front of her.

Crown Prince Mo personally held the hand with which she was holding the brush, teaching her stroke by stroke how to write a so-called leave letter…

First of all was this form of address that had to get corrected! She should call him “Husband,” or “Dearest husband,” or “Lian,” but she couldn’t call him by his full name!

Our dear Qiao Mu felt so bitter!

Didn’t this crown prince have a big pile of official documents that had yet to be dealt with? How did he have the leisure and the mood to hold her here for half the day to polish her letter-writing skills?

“Do you know how to write now?” The crown prince tilted his head as he looked smilingly at the little one in his arms.

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