My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1806 - Not Poison?

Chapter 1806 Not Poison?

Upon thinking of how Kou Hongzhen might torment his parents, who had lived in the countryside all their lives, the little fatty couldn’t restrain his wrath.

He lifted Kou Hongzhen up from the floor with one hand and violently punched the latter’s mouth. “Spit it out! Where are you keeping my parents?” “Ow, ah!!” Kou Hongzhen completely didn’t expect that he would still get beaten like a rag doll even after bringing so many henchmen with him to pick a fight.

“Those useless parents of yours, I killed them with a bit of torture, ah, ow!” Just as Kou Hongzhen finished speaking, he felt a needle pierce his arm, yet the pain had been magnified countless times. His entire body, from his veins to his follicles, were also screaming with him in agony.

Kou Hongzhen couldn’t help but roll back and forth on the floor.

It hurts! It hurts so much!!

Even so, Qiao Mu was apathetic toward the man who was rolling back and forth on the floor like a dying dog as she kicked him hard in the waist. “Where are they.”

“In, in our K-Kou Clan’s dungeon.”

The little fatty dashed out the door without another word.

The mentors just so happened to arrive at this time. They were startled by the sight and asked, “What happened?”

They had each returned to their rooms to meditate and cultivate after obtaining their share of the spiritual tea. They had planned to cultivate to take advantage of the surge from the spiritual tea, but who knew that something had cropped up in this short period of time!

“The Kou Clan has detained the little fatty’s parents in their dungeon.” Qi Xuanxuan filled them in anxiously, “We’re going with him to check it out.”

“You all stay here.” Mentor Wei Xu stopped them. “It’ll be fine with us going along. Behave yourselves here and don’t pick any more fights.”

When Qiao Mu saw that Wei Xu had come over to bring Kou Hongzhen away, she gave Kou Hongzhen’s belly a hard kick.

That guy gasped in pain, and then he suddenly realized that something seemed to have slid down his throat.

As Kou Hongzhen wasn’t an idiot, he immediately knew things were bad.

Qiao Mu had fed him some kind of poison?

Kou Hongzhen tried his hardest to vomit out the poison, but unfortunately for him, that drug had dissolved the moment it entered his mouth. He would not be vomiting out anything.

Wei Xu was startled, but he didn’t say anything. He lifted up Kou Hongzhen and chased after the little fatty with the other four mentors.

The rest of them who had stayed behind couldn’t help worrying.

“There shouldn’t be much danger with the mentors busting this Kou Clan with him, right,” Qi Xuanxuan murmured.

All of them didn’t look too good. They didn’t expect Kou Hongzhen to be such a dumb*ss to actually threaten Kou Hongwen with his parents?

What had originally been a conflict between clan brothers had escalated to an enmity that could only be resolved by life or death.

“Qiaoqiao, what did you feed Kou Hongzhen just now?”

“Hundred Herb Liberation Powder,” Qiao Mu stated impassively.

“A poison?” The name didn’t sound like a poison.

Everybody was taken aback when Qiao Mu shook her head.

They had thought that Qiao Mu would poison Kou Hongzhen in a fit of anger in that kind of situation, yet who knew that she did not?

Duanmu Qing raised an eyebrow and asked evenly, “What does it do?”

He did not believe that Qiaoqiao would so easily let off Kou Hongzhen after repeatedly getting provoked.

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