My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 832 - Strip Off His Clothes

Chapter 832: Strip Off His Clothes

“Strip off this person’s clothes!” At Qiao Mu’s order, Lightning and them pounced on him with swift movements.

In his rage, Shi Guangjin was about to resist with mystic energy. However, after Lightning struck the back of his neck with the hilt of his sword, he plopped face-down onto the ground, literally eating dirt.

“Argh!” Shi Guangjin hollered angrily.

Further back, the several madams and misses standing at a distance also all covered their lips with their handkerchiefs, their eyes revealing looks of disbelief.

Heavens! Was that what the crown prince consort had ordered to do?

That person was the State Duke of Qing’s Estate’s third young master! Wasn’t the crown prince consort being rather too unreasonable?

After all, she hadn’t married the crown prince yet and was the crown prince consort in name only. What if the king and queen blamed her for discrediting the royal family by doing this? Wasn’t she afraid that they would directly remove her title as crown prince consort?

“Prince Consort.” Xi’er, a maidservant, supported the eldest prince consort Shu Quan’s arm and whispered into her ear. “That is the crown prince consort? She truly is ferocious, not even putting the State Duke of Qing’s Estate in her eyes. No wonder she claimed to be unwell that day, dismissing Prince Consort just with that.”

Shu Quan gave that maidservant a faint glance. “Don’t speak carelessly. You have to be more prudent in ceremony and propriety, especially after entering the palace. If your words just now were to enter her ears, do you know what kind of crime you would be charged with?”

Jolting in alarm, Xi’er hastily wanted to kneel down, but Shu Quan stopped her. “Okay, I just wanted to remind you that you should only speak words that correspond to your status.”

As she spoke, she chuckled coldly, with ice dregs and fragments floating within her eyes. “Or else, just like that stupid third son of the State Duke of Qing’s Estate, you won’t end up well.”

Xi’er shuddered all over, and when she looked over again, she saw that the State Duke of Qing’s Estate’s third young master’s arms had been restrained. Someone had kicked the back of his legs, forcing him to kneel before the crown prince consort.

In his shame and mortification, Shi Guangjin shouted resentfully, “You wh*remongering b*tch, you still haven’t married His Highness the Crown Prince yet! And yet you’re acting all pretentious in front of other people! With what identity are you punishing me? You dare touch me, the third young master of the State Duke of Qing’s Estate?”

“Shut up!” Hui Feng gave Shi Guangjin a giant slap. He hadn’t known before that Shi Guangjin actually abused the crown prince consort with such insults.

Sure enough, he really f*cking was the good-for-nothing of the State Duke of Qing’s Estate who didn’t attend to proper duties. This bastard scoundrel actually dared to wantonly hurl insults at the crown prince consort in front of Huabei Gate. If the crown prince were to hear these insults, he would lose his life on the spot!

“Commander Hui, I’ve always respected and saluted you as a hero for managing the royal palace’s security. Yet you debase yourself as a willing lackey now? Allowing this woman to bully people by flaunting her powerful connections, and treat people from the State Duke of Qing’s Estate this way?”

Hui Feng was promptly angered into laughter.

Did this third son of the State Duke of Qing’s Estate know what he was saying right now?

If it weren’t for his old man and two older brothers covering for him, this brainless guy would have probably died several years prior…

“What are you guys doing? Don’t touch me! Audacious wretched servants!!” Shi Guangjin struggled with all his might while pressed against the ground. His eyes were also incomparably crimson, as if they had been injected with blood.

Lightning and them ignored his unending barks, directly stripping his upper body of its clothing. Afterwards, they pressed down on his arms, making him kneel before Qiao Mu with a lowered head. This also prevented him from moving no matter how he struggled.

“Qiaoqiao.” Qiao Zhongbang and Wei Ziqin poked their heads out from the carriage with slightly worried expressions.

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