My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 198 (END) - Personal Time is Needed

Chapter 198: Personal Time is Needed

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Or rather, Yao Si had been having the same dream repeatedly for the past few days.

In the boundless night, lonely and cold stars filled the skies, and…

“There’s a voice in my dream that says… I’m waiting for you.” Yao Si had a dazed look. The dream had been unusually real, as though she had really lived through that experience of being alone among the galaxies, witnessing the blinking lights and the constant change. Throughout it all, there had been an unwavering voice that kept on calling her. “It was… your voice!”

Mu Xuan’s gaze sunk, and he focused on her intensely as his grip tightened. He lowered his head to kiss her once more before resting his forehead against hers.

“Mu Xuan, you previously mentioned that you aren’t an earthling.” Besides, when Lin Long guessed that she had converted him, he didn’t oppose it, but neither did he acknowledge it. “I don’t think I converted you, the strongest evidence being… the blood deed on my forehead!”

She pointed to her forehead. If Mu Xuan had been converted by her, wasn’t he supposed to be the contractor? But instead, the mark was on her. “So did the pure breeds…” make a mistake?

“No, you are indeed the queen of the pure breeds.” Mu Xuan shook his head, rejecting her hypothesis.

“Why do you say so?”

“I thought about this for a really long time and recently figured it out.” He sighed once more before explaining in a low voice, “Yaoyao, do you remember when I told you about my messy memory?”

“Mmh, I remember.” That was the time he said he could only remember their conversion in the hospital.

“It isn’t really messy but rather…” He caressed her head. “I have two sets of memory.”

“Two sets! How could you have two sets, the other set…” Yao Si stilled as an absurd thought struck her. “Is that my memory?!”

He smiled, nodding. “The person in my memory is the first bloodling that was born. In order to find her contractor, she traveled through many different universes and searched for an extremely long time.

“She traveled through different planets and finally sealed her memory to become an earthling. In the past, I couldn’t differentiate which memory was mine, but right now I’m certain that it’s your memory.”

It was the memory she couldn’t remember. Did he know about it because of the conversion, having inherited her memories just like Li Zheng? Did she really convert him then?!

His eyes dimmed, and he tightened his grip around her hands. “Ever since I was born into this world, from the moment I possessed any form of consciousness, I knew I was waiting for someone. I didn’t know who she was and I didn’t know who I was, but I kept on waiting.

Those memories were like a colorless painting, blurry, bland, and without life. They were just an endless stream of loneliness.

“I waited for an extremely long time and eventually sunk into hibernation. I witnessed the birth of civilizations and disasters, but it was only when I woke up in a hospital on the Blue Planet…” Just one glance, and he had known that he had finally found that person he was waiting for. Everything had livened up instantly. “Yaoyao, your dream is actually my memory.”


“I was the first being in this universe, and I’ve always been waiting for you.”

“Mu Xuan…” Yao Si could feel an ache within her. She turned and pounced into his embrace. She didn’t possess any memory from before she was an earthling, so she couldn’t understand the pure breeds who had traveled through different universes just to find their contractors.

But Mu Xuan could remember the eternity he spent waiting for her in this universe. Whenever she remembered the dream with the lonely figure among the endless cold skies, her heart started to ache.

“Wait a minute, if you’re the first being in this world, what’s your race?” She couldn’t help wondering since there wasn’t any race that could live for such a long time as far as she knew. Even though bloodlings were immortal, he had only been converted after the creation of the Blue Planet.

“I’m not sure either.” Mu Xuan shook his head. “I seem to be the only one of my kind.”

“Oh…” She nodded after a moment. “Our universes are twins. If I really am the queen of the pure breeds, then you…” Her eyes opened up wide. “Are you perhaps the king of this universe?”

It seemed quite possible since Mu Xuan possessed the ability to suppress the elder grand prince. Other than the king of this universe, no one else should have been able to accomplish such a feat. Even though she could obliterate the pure breeds’ abilities, it was the bloodline suppression from being the first bloodling which forced the pure breeds into submission. It wasn’t the case for Mu Xuan, however, who depended purely on his ability.

Of course, Mu Xuan had obtained that ability only after she converted him, but pure breeds were unlike the bloodlings on the Red Planet, especially in the case of bloodline suppression. Other than the superficial submission because of her identity, the pure breeds treated the other pure breeds with violence.

The most classic example was how the seven hundred generation bloodlings would not be suppressed by the pure breeds other than in terms of their ability. Bloodline suppression wasn’t a reason at all…

This meant that Mu Xuan’s strength came from within him and had nothing to do with his conversion. Besides, if he were to engage in a battle with her, she would not stand a chance.

Other than him being the king of this universe, there was no other explanation. Besides, his fans were scattered through the entire universe even though the bloodlings had a bad reputation. Was there even a race that could stand the sight of bloodlings?

However, due to the their abilities, they could only hide and avoid conflict with them. Even so, everyone respected and worshiped Mu Xuan, treating him as an untouchable existent—Galaxy’s No. 1 Male God. It was as though he didn’t belong to the most hated bloodling race.

This situation… was exactly how the pure breeds viewed their queen with rose-tinted eyes!

Perhaps the various races in the Galaxy were like the pure breeds and… submitted to Mu Xuan instinctively!

He was a presence akin to the queen of pure breeds.


“But…” After confirming this point, she suddenly had another problem. “If you are the king as well, then… who converted who?” She couldn’t seem to make sense of the situation. “Forget it, who cares! It doesn’t matter as long as we are together.”

She popped her head out of his embrace and gave him a peck on his the cheek. After laboring for so many days, it was time for some nourishment!


It had taken such a long time for Mu Xuan to smarten up. If it hadn’t been for the maniacal pure breeds, she wouldn’t have had to wait such a long time.

Mu Xuan’s usually cold features softened with inexplicable tenderness, and even the corners of his eyes turned upwards. He hugged her waist cooperatively, followed it with an aggressive kiss. He tightened his grip around Yao Si, and she felt her world spin. The next moment, a muscled figure had already pressed her onto the sofa.

Heavy rugged breaths reached her face, stirring up a flame within her. Her heartbeat quickened, her breaths turning into pants. It might have been because of the kiss or due to the anxiety from what was to come.

Mu Xuan’s fiery gaze grew increasingly intense as it inched closer and closer…

“Your Majesty!” The door was smashed open, and a tiny figure came dashing in. The moment he rushed in, he dropped everything in his embrace onto the coffee table in front of them full of excitement. “Do you still remember me? I’m the elder grand prince Yuan Jian. I’ve been managing the pure breeds for many years and have vast experience in it.

“Be it full series abilities, mental strength’s upper limit detection, or healthy food choosing, I can do all. Here’s my health certificate, the management card, pre-marital certificate, ability book, technology lifetime accomplishment award, biology and physic research award, etc… Your Majesty, what do you think about a talent like me having priority in getting a contractor?”

Once he was done, he lifted his head toward the two figures on the sofa. Mmh… Why did Her Majesty’s position look a little odd?

“Get lost!” Yao Si and Mu Xuan.

The pure breeds officially integrated into the new universe due to the cooperation of the entire race, and nothing absurd happened. After all, there weren’t that many pure breeds. With only a few hundred thousand of the, it was less than the birth rate of some of the other races.

Yao Si’s primary concern was an internal strife, but that fear showed up to be unfounded as they managed to blend in harmoniously. It seemed like the start of a wonderful society.

The main reason for it was that… among the first batch of immigrants, five had already found their contractors, and all of them happened to be bloodlings!

This meant that the contractors could be concentrated among the bloodlings on the Red Planet. Once the pure breeds noticed this phenomenon, they decided to toss their pride, arrogance, and whatever pure breed self-esteem they possessed out the window, treating the bastards they despised with love and warmth.

What a joke! Who called them bastards?! This was clearly a contractors’ camp! Even though not all the contractors were bloodlings, with such a high possibility, who would dare to risk it and cause them harm?

Hence, none of the racial disputes and conflict Yao Si had predicted arose. It was one of the fastest and most peaceful integration of two races in history.

It was indeed unexpected, but also worrying. The bloodlings in the Red Planet had cubs which were similar to the pure breeds’ contractors, so if there was an overlap… it’d be horrifying.

Gradually, everyone started to realize that all the pure breeds’ contractors were inheritors that didn’t have their own cubs. All of those with whom they wanted to form pairs were all single dogs, so the horrifying overlap scenario had yet to occur.

In the beginning, they assumed it was a coincidence, but with the tenth contractor, their worries were refuted. The last pair was actually an inheritor that had just awakened from the Heavenly Bestowed Yard.

After much research, they concluded that perhaps the contractors weren’t focused among the inheritors, but rather… earthlings.

Li Zheng eventually found his own inheritor. They both had a common trait. Compared to other converted cubs, both of them had earthling characteristics, which meant that contractors were congregated in the twin of the pure breeds’ mother planet—the Blue Planet and its earthlings. There was an above 90% chance of finding one among them.

This news caused a stir among the single pure breeds who had scoured through many universes without an aim or goal. Now they had a trace of the source! However, this was yet another stalemate as the Blue Planet was already gone.

The earthlings now were just clones from the Heavenly Bestowed Yard. On top of that, they were cubs for the inheritors on the Red Planet. In the past, bloodling had to wait in line with others of their race, but now there was an entire group of pure breeds coming to lengthen their waiting time?!

But this wasn’t a problem that could stop the contractor crazy pure breeds. Even though their abilities had been sealed, most of them possessed immense knowledge after living for so long. Even though the Heavenly Bestowed Yard could create clones, they came from a universe with a much more advanced technology. A normal pure breed like Lin Long could create galactic beasts as pets, so what were clones?! They were definitely skilled enough for it!

Thus, a large bunch of pure breeds joined the Heavenly Bestowed Yard research group willingly, and soon the earthlings could be reborn.

But as the pure breeds and the bloodlings of the Red Planet occupied themselves, they realized that the queen that had been guiding their journey in finding their contractors was missing!

The entire race fell into a frenzy!

The ten pure breeds who found their contractors had all done so under the guidance of the queen while the contractor of elder grand prince Yu Zhe in particular had been rumored to have been specifically arranged by the queen. Now that she was gone, what were they going to do?


Your Majesty, please come back…

At that moment, in an unknown galaxy far away… an unassuming little ship was sailing at a leisurely pace.

“Mu Xuan, isn’t it a bit mean to just leave without a word?” Yao Si asked casually as she ate piping hot duck blood curd.

Mu Xuan turned back to glance at her. Stretching his arms out, he pulled her onto his knees and wiped her lips clean. “Why, do you want to head back?”

The corners of Yao Si’s lips twitched when she remembered the ‘moment’ that was interrupted. She didn’t know what luck she possessed, but those that had passed by her randomly, greeted her on the street, or had asked for her autograph all ended up finding their contractor the next day or became another person’s contractor.

Most importantly, the news of it had spread like wildfire within the pure breed community, leading them to treat her as the ‘contractor radar’. Groups of pure breeds would come to her in hope to be blessed with a contractor. The situation had escalated so far that they were just one step away from offering her joss sticks.

They were treating her as a deity!


Couldn’t she get some personal space?!

“No, I’m not going back, not even if I die!” Yao Si tossed the tiny bit of guilt within her aside, not forgetting to stomp on it several times as well! She turned to circle her arms around Mu Xuan’s neck, pressing herself close against him. “You’re all I need.”

Mu Xuan stilled, his whole neck turned a fiery shade of red. He lowered his head to plant a kiss on her lips, and in that moment, the entire ship filled with the scent of love. He inched near her ear and replied in a hoarse voice, “Me too.”

Yao Si’s mind started to spin. She couldn’t seem to process what he meant, but the next second, a more aggressive kiss reached her lips, drowning out all her thoughts. She couldn’t even remember how they ended up on a bed.

After such a long time, they were finally going to face each other completely and entirely—

[Ding! Attention to the ship ahead, we’re Falcon Pirates and you’ve been surrounded. Surrender now and you shall not be hurt!]

“…” Yao Si.

“…” Mu Xuan.

F*ck, don’t stop me! I’m going to take revenge on society!


*Book completed*

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