My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 973 - Wake Up, I’m Not Her

Chapter 973: Wake Up, I’m Not Her

Zhou Yao kissed her eyes. His thin lips kissed her eyes again and again with tenderness and indulgence. His passionate love and longing for Leng Zhiyuan were completely awakened by this woman called Bai Qi this evening.

In the past few years, he had gone out with many women. They all somewhat resembled Leng Zhiyuan. That Liu Chengcheng’s side profile was very similar. He knew what kind of person Liu Chengcheng was, but it didn’t matter. He just needed to see her side profile.

His heart had become hallow over the past four years. No one knew how much pain he was in. When she left him in a world full of strangers, he was devastated.

He looked for her shadow in those women like a lunatic. Then again, sometimes he felt as if he’d lost all interest. He wanted to intoxicate himself, but he knew better than anyone else Zhiyuan was irreplaceable.

No one could ever replace her.

In this wasted and drunken game, he began to feel bored. But then he met Bai Qi. For some reason, he could always find Zhiyuan’s shadow on her.

This feeling was very real, so real that he had lost control and couldn’t resist. His body reacted violently like the time at the hotel.

Two days ago, she appeared at his house again. She helped Sileng shower and her chest was all wet. Later that night, when she hugged Sileng as he slept and bent over his bed, he’d seen quite a bit of her.

He wanted to do this to her then.

He gave her a few hard slaps, pinched her, and scratched her to make her feel the pain.

She called him a pervert. Humph. He admitted that he was indeed a pervert.

Zhiyuan had left him for many, many years.

Once his memories were awakened, Zhou Yao became unusually manic and passionate. “Zhiyuan, don’t move. Let me kiss you. I miss you so much… honey, I miss you so much…”

He kissed her eyes then moved his lips along her cheek to her collarbone. His other large palm tugged at her blouse.

Bai Qi shivered. This man was possessed. He took her for another woman. She pushed him and hit him with all her might, but his body was strong and built, like a lion. She couldn’t do anything to him.

He kissed her collarbone crazily, one could say it was violent. She could even feel his teeth biting her skin. He seemed to want to swallow her up.

She turned her head to avoid his breath. Tonight, the smell of tobacco on his body was strong, in addition to his masculine scent. She grabbed his short hair with her two small hands and pushed him away forcefully.

“Zhou Yao, don’t you feel guilty toward Leng Zhiyuan when you do this?”

As soon as she said that, the man on her body trembled.

Bai Qi knew that she had guessed correctly. He kept calling her “Zhiyuan.” Zhou sileng, Zhou Sileng. The meaning of this name was actually very simple: Zhou-si(misses)-leng.

Leng Zhiyuan.

“Zhou Yao, look carefully. I am Bai Qi, not Leng Zhiyuan. I don’t know which part of me resembles Leng Zhiyuan, but you have mistaken me for her. Are you worthy of her? So what if I slept with you? Will Leng Zhiyuan come back? Other than the comfort you get from your body, what else could you obtain?”

“Zhou Yao, wake up. I am not her!”

The atmosphere in the kitchen fell silent. It was as if a bucket of cold water had suddenly put out the fire. The atmosphere was extremely cold.

Suddenly, the man loosened his grip on her.

Bai Qi lifted her head to look at him in the dark. The man was also staring at her coldly and viciously. There was still some desire in his eyes, but more than that, it was hatred towards her.

She gave him a heavy blow. She was the first person in the past four years to tell him that Leng Zhiyuan would never come back.

Zhou Yao turned around and left.

Bai Qi was immediately relieved after the man had left. She pushed against the countertop with her small, fair hands and breathed heavily.

That was close.

She tidied up the messy clothes on her body, then quickly ran upstairs to her room. She was afraid that others would see her, but she was even more afraid that he would come back.

After entering the room, she immediately walked into the bathroom and took off all her clothes. She stood under the showerhead and took a hot shower.

His scent still lingered on her body, which made her heart palpitate. She looked down and saw that her collarbone was full of hickeys and bite marks.

She rubbed her skin with force, trying to wipe away all the marks he left on her body. She hugged herself tightly with her slender arms and rinsed herself over and over again.

Suddenly, she remembered his hoarse, painful, and obsessed mumble, “Zhiyuan… my wife…”

Was that woman the person he loved?

Would a man like him love a woman so deeply?

Bai Qi felt her legs go soft, and a strange feeling slowly expanded inside her. She felt a little heartache and a little comforted…

She quickly organized her emotions. She realized that she had become overly curious about him. He was a very dangerous man, and fickle too. She would leave tomorrow, and she did not want to have any more interactions with him.

The next morning.

When Bai Qi came out of her room, Zhou Sileng pounced on her as usual and hugged her leg. Bai Qi stroked Zhou Sileng’s small head. She really liked this little friend of hers, but unfortunately, he had a devil daddy.

Zhou Yao came out of the master bedroom as well. He wore a black coat, and his handsome features were even colder and sterner than usual. The three of them bumped into each other in the corridor. He did not even look at the two people. Instead, he turned around and went down the stairs.

Zhou Sileng was surprised. He whispered suspiciously, “Bai Qi, what’s wrong with my dad? He’s so cold today. His entire body seems to be covered in frost. Who angered him? That person is too bold.”

Bai Qi could only laugh awkwardly.

Mother Zhou entered the dining room. The four of them ate breakfast together. No one spoke at the dining table. Even the servants had sensed that their male host was in a bad mood today, so no one dared to even breathe loudly.

After they’d finished breakfast, Mother Zhou said, “Sileng, I’ll send you off today. I’ll send you to school. I’ll get the driver to send Ms. Bai away after you.”

Bai Qi liked the proposal.

“No, Grandma. I want daddy to send me off today. Daddy, aren’t you going to your unit? You can give me and Ms. Bai a ride,” Zhou Sileng said while looking at his daddy with his big, amber eyes.

Bai Qi was stunned. Why was Sileng so close to his daddy today?

Zhou Sileng had his own considerations. Now that he had found his woman, his life became extremely comfortable. However, daddy was still alone and looked pitiful. Naturally, he had to care more about daddy.

He actually loved daddy very much.

In the past four years, he and daddy had been relying on each other.

Mother Zhou happily agreed with Zhou Sileng’s idea. Only by spending more time together could this father and son pair deepen their relationship. “Alright then, Zhou Yao, you can drive Sileng and Ms. Bai.”

Mother Zhou made the decision.

Bai Qi was speechless.

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