My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1550 - The Azure Emperor (1)

Chapter 1550 The Azure Emperor (1)

Yu Zhenghai and Yu Shangrong flew side by side out of Fragrant Valley to the western capital, Luo Yang.

The western capital did not seem affected by the great battle. Everything seemed normal. “According to Old Fourth, master and the expert fought in the northern city of the western capital. Where could master have gone?” Yu Zhenghai asked.

“We’ll know after asking around,” Yu Shangrong said. Yu Shangrong headed to the relay station where the cultivators from the western capital gathered, and Yu Zhenghai had no choice but to follow.

At the relay station.

Someone sighed and said, “Since the golden lotus cultivators came, we haven’t had a peaceful day since.”

“What can we do when the gods have descended? Although they caused a huge amount of damage during their battle, at least they didn’t make things difficult for us mortals.”

The cultivators who had witnessed the battle thought it was apt to refer to themselves as mortals. After all, those experts were like gods compared to them.

“I heard those two gods fought all the way from Great Han to Dunzang in the Unknown Land. I heard they destroyed the Pillar of Destruction there. I’m not sure how true is that.”

“Usually, no one dares to approach the Dunzang’s Pillar of Destruction. There’s a strangeGreat Saint guarding it.”

“What’s a Great Saint compared to the gods?”

Yu Shangrong was used to this scenario. He took a seat at one of the tables and asked, “Brother, is what you said earlier true?’

The person glanced at Yu Shangrong and said, “That’s right.”

“What do the two avatars look like?” Yu Shangrong asked.

“Brother, you don’t know? So many people witnessed it that day!” the person said excitedly, “One of the avatars is blue. Don’t look so surprised. We’ve never seen one like it before either. Moreover, it’s Myriad Supreme avatar. None of us have seen a Myriad Supreme avatar before; we’ve only read about them in books. The other avatar is black. The owner should be a black lotus cultivator. Anyway, they are both supreme beings. It’s impossible to determine the height of the avatars; they’re simply too tall that we can’t see them!”

Yu Shangrong frowned slightly.

Yu Zhenghai, who had taken a seat next to Yu Shangrong, asked, “Are you sure they went to Dunzang?”

“Well, I don’t know if they specifically went to Dunzang. That’s just what I heard. However, there’s no doubt they went to the Unknown Land. After all, only the Unknown Land can accommodate a battle of such a scale. If you want to verify it, you can go to the Unknown Land to have a look. A battle of such immense scale will definitely leave devastating traces behind. Just the palace in the northern city has been flattened beyond recognition.”

Yu Zhenghai and Yu Shangrong exchanged a look.

Then, the person said again, “However, I advise you not to look for trouble for no reason. There’s a weird Great Saint guarding Dunzang’s Pillar of Destruction.”

“A weird Great Saint?” Yu Zhenghai was puzzled.

“That weirdo likes persuading people to leave. If they don’t, they’ll be dragged into his courtyard and forced to listen to his principles of life for half a day. Then, if they still refuse to leave, they’ll be killed and buried next to his courtyard. Don’t you think such a person is weird?”


Yu Zhenghai finally said, “In any case, he’s not my ancestor so you can say whatever you want.”

“What?” The other person frowned in confusion.

Yu Shangrong rose to his feet at this moment and cupped his fists together at the other person as he said, “Farewell.”

With that, the duo left the relay station and rushed to the runic passage.

Yu Zhenghai asked, “Are we really going to the Unknown Land?” “There’s no other way.”


Yu Zhenghai and Yu Shangrong flew for two hours. Since they did know the runic passage in Great Han, they returned to the Evil Sky Pavilion first before using the runic passage there to travel to Dunzang’s Pillar of Destruction.

When the duo was in the runic passage, they could clearly feel the turbulence in the passage. Clearly, the runic passage was damaged. Fortunately, they arrived safely at Dunzang

When they saw the scene in front of them, they were both shocked.

Apart from the runic passage that they came in and a small area near them, the entire place was devastated.

Yu Zhenghai said with a frown, “It seems like the battle was abnormally fierce.”

Yu Shangrong nodded and said, “If Miss Zhao did not strengthen the protection for this runic passage, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to come here.”

Yu Zhenghai lowered his head and looked at the runic passage and said, “We have to find a chance for her to repair this.”

Following that, the duo flew into the air.

Yu Shangrong hovered in the sky and looked in the direction of Dunzang’s Pillar of Destruction in shock. “Eldest Senior Brother…”

Yu Zhenghai was also shocked by the scene before him.

“The Pillar of Destruction really collapsed?”

They had all been recognized by the Pillars of Destruction so they were most familiar with the Pillars of Destruction among those in the nine domains. They knew how powerful and tenacious the Pillars of Destruction were.

“Supreme beings are much more terrifying than I imagined,” Yu Zhenghai murmured to himself.

Yu Shangrong said, perplexed, “I’m really curious. If master is a supreme being, why would he hide in Fragrant Valley?”

“Maybe… He wants to be like Jiang Wenxu?” Yu Zhenghai said.

The duo flew around the ruins that used to be Dunzang twice before they were completely convinced this was indeed caused by a battle between supreme beings.

At this time, Yu Zhenhai suddenly said, “It’s over. Doesn’t this mean Great Saint Duanmu…”

Yu Zhenghai did not finish his words, but his meaning was clear.

Yu Shangrong said, “Now that Dunzang’s Pillar of Destruction has collapsed, I’m afraid didn’t escape the calamity.”

Yu Zhenghai sighed. “It wasn’t easy for Third Junior Brother to find his relative. Now, he lost his only relative.”

Yu Shangrong said, “Don’t mention this to Third Junior Brother for the time being, lest he’s saddened.”

Yu Zhenghai nodded.

The duo did not find any traces of their master in Dunzang so they looked in the direction of the abyss.

“There’s a hole there. It should’ve been caused by the battle.”

They had both been to Dunzang’s Pillar of Destruction. They remembered the lush trees and vegetation, but there was no hole as big as this. Clearly, it was only formed recently.

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