My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1577 - Return (2)

Chapter 1577 Return (2)

In the past, the conflict between the Dark and Light Alliance and Great Yuan’s royal court was quite intense. However, now that both sides shared the same interest, they had become united.

King Chen of Wu did not stand on ceremony. He took a seat and said, “I won’t beat around the bush. Have you thought about what I’ve spoken to you previously?”

“If you want Zhao Hongfu, you’ll have to ask for her opinion,” Zhang Bie said.

“Ask her? As the Alliance Leader of the Dark and Light Alliance, is there a need for you to ask her?” King Chen of Wu asked with a hint of disdain.

“Zhao Hongfu is a runemaster of the Evil Sky Pavilion, and her cultivation isn’t low. I can’t tell her to do anything,” Zhang Bie said.

King Chen of Wu said, “The Evil Sky Pavilion is no longer the Evil Sky Pavilion of the past. Naturally, I still respect Miss Zhao. However, do you know why Zhao Hongfu is staying in the Dark and Light Alliance?”

Zhang Bie waved his hand and said, “It’s definitely not for the power of the Dark and Light Alliance. Moreover, I’m the one who invited Miss Zhao here with great hospitality.”

“Okay, then we can ask her again,” King Chen of Wu said with a smile.

Zhang Bie waved his hand, ordering his subordinate to bring Zhao Hongfu over.

Soon enough, Zhang Bie brought Zhao Hongfu into the main hall.

When Zhao Hongfu saw the duo, she took a seat and asked, “May I know what the Alliance Leader wants from me?”

“King Chen of Wu wants to invite you to work for Great Yuan’s royal court. Currently, the nine domains are interacting with each other, and we have a lack of runic passages. Runemasters are in demand now.”

King Chen of Wu cupped his fists together at Zhao Hongfu and asked, “Miss Zhao, I wonder if you’ll consider it? Don’t worry. When you arrive at the royal court, His Majesty will definitely appoint you as the Chief Runemaster of Great Yuan and let you lead the Runic Academy. 3,000 people will be under your control. You can also set your conditions.”

Zhang Bie frowned upon hearing these words. After all, it highlighted the shabbiness of the Dark and Light Alliance.

Zhao Hongfu did not even think about it. She patted the armrest of her chair and said, “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

“Miss Zhao, why don’t you reconsider?” King Chen of Wu asked as he leaned over.

In fact, Zhang Bie did not want Zhao Hongfu around. She was like a hot potato that everyone coveted. Considering she came from the Evil Sky Pavilion, many people in power were eyeing her. Hence, he said, “Miss Zhao, King of Chen of Wu has good intentions. I’ll have to say some unpleasant words, and I hope you won’t be unhappy. The Evil Sky Pavilion has already collapsed. The nine disciples have long entered the Great Void. You should seriously consider King Chen’s suggestion.”

Zhao Hongfu frowned and said unhappily, “What? You dare to humiliate me and treat me as a commodity?”

“This…” Zhang Bie was at a loss for words. Finally, he said, “Miss Zhao, please calm down. During this time, has the Dark and Light Alliance mistreated you? Back then, the Dark and Light Alliance had a conflict with the Evil Sky Pavilion, but that was all in the past. We should look to the future and work together.”

The biggest problem now was Zhao Hongfu did not do anything. Every day was just a waste of time.

King Chen of Wu said, “Alliance Leader Zhang, Miss Zhao can come and go as she pleases. Why do you have to say such nasty words?”

At this moment, a subordinate suddenly rushed into the main hall and said with a bow, “Alliance Leader, King Chen of Wu, the Evil Sky Pavilion is here!”

“The Evil Sky Pavilion?”

The duo rose to their feet at the same time.

Although 100 years had passed, when people heard the name the Evil Sky Pavilion, they would still shudder and their hair would stand on end.

Zhao Hongfu was puzzled. “The Evil Sky Pavilion?”

Everyone walked out of the main hall immediately. They saw a flying chariot that had just landed.

The cultivators from the Dark and Light Alliance did not know why, but none of them dared to approach. It was as though they were blocked by an invisible force.

At this time, the four elders of the Evil Sky Pavilion stepped forward.

Zhao Hongfu exclaimed in surprise, “Elders?”

Following that, a dignified and calm voice called out from the flying chariot, “Zhao Hongfu.” Upon hearing the voice, Zhao Hongfu’s heart moved. She was very familiar with this voice; she often heard it in her dreams. She had always thought about how great it would be if the Pavilion Master, whom she assumed had died, returned. The Evil Sky Pavilion that she longed for no longer existed.

At this moment, Leng Luo asked, “Why aren’t you paying respect to the Pavilion Master?”

Zhang Bie and King Chen of Wu: “???”

Their eyes were wide open as they stared at the flying chariot in disbelief.

Pan Zhong lifted the curtain of the flying chariot at this moment, revealing a familiar figure.

The Pavilion Master of the Evil Sky Pavilion slowly walked out. Then, he stood tall as he looked down on everyone.

Zhao Hongfu regained her senses and immediately flew over. She kneeled on the ground and said, “Pavilion Master, you’ve returned!”

Lu Zhou’s expression was calm as he looked at Zhao Hongfu who could not conceal her excitement and emotions. Then, he said gently, “I came to pick you up.”

These words caused a surge of feelings in Zhao Hongfu. She had always prided herself on being mentally strong. However, at this moment, she could not help it; her eyes began to redden.

Zhang Bie and King Chen of Wu felt a heavy pressure on their chests, making it difficult for them to breathe. Their palms and their backs were drenched in cold sweat. How was this possible? How could he be back?

Zhao Hongfu rose to her feet excitedly and moved to stand next to the four elders.

From the beginning until the end, no one dared to stop Zhao Hongfu. They did not even dare to say a word.

At this moment, Zhang Bie even wished someone else was the Alliance Leader. He was panicking, wondering what to do. When he finally regained his senses, he walked down the stairs. Perhaps, due to his nervousness, he stumbled over the last few steps and almost fell. After that, he said loudly, “Zhang Bie greets Pavilion Master Lu!”

Lu Zhou looked down at Zhang Bie and asked, “Are you the new Alliance Leader of the Dark and Light Alliance?”

“Yes, I am!”

King Chen of Wu hurriedly followed suit. He bowed and said, “Chen Tianhao greets Pavilion Master Lu.”

Lu Zhou glanced at him and said tonelessly, “King Chen of Wu? 100 years have passed, I don’t even remember what you look like.”

King Chen of Wu said, “This is only natural. How can Pavilion Master Lu remember a useless person like me?”

Zhang Bie felt his hard stand on end when he heard these words. No matter what, King Chen of Wu was from the royal court, and yet, he was so demeaning to himself. It could be seen that King Chen of Wu did not care about pride or dignity as long as he could survive.

Lu Zhou looked at Zhao Hongfu and called out, “Zhao Hongfu.”


“How have you been living in the Dark and Light Alliance all these years?” Lu Zhou asked.

This question felt like a golden needle stabbing into Zhang Bie and King Chen of Wu’s nerves. The duo trembled at the same time.

Everyone looked at Zhao Hongfu.

Before Zhao Hongfu could reply, Lu Zhou said calmly, “Just tell me the truth. If you have any grievances, I’ll avenge you and annihilate the Dark and Light Alliance.”

Everyone from the Dark and Light Alliance shivered. Which of them had not heard about the Evil Sky Pavilion? It was just that they thought the Pavilion Master of the Evil Sky Pavilion was dead. However, the person standing in front of them was definitely not a fake. Even if he was, who would dare to risk their lives to test him?

Zhao Hongfu turned around to look at King Chen of Wu and Zhang Bie before she answered honestly, “Alliance Leader Zhang and King Chen were quite nice to me. They didn’t mistreat me.”

After hearing that, King Chen of Wu and Zhang Bie sighed in relief. It felt really good to escape the jaw of death.

Lu Zhou nodded in satisfaction before he said, “I want to take Zhao Hongfu away. Do you have any objections?”

Zhang Bie hastily waved his hand, “No objections! We have no objections at all! Miss Zhao is from the Evil Sky Pavilion and a good friend of our Dark and Light Alliance. Since our friend wants to leave, we’ll send her off!”

Lu Zhou turned to King Chen of Wu and asked, “What about you?”

King Chen of Wu hurriedly said, “I completely agree with Alliance Leader Zhang!”

Lu Zhou said, “Very well.”

He did not want to waste time here. He turned around and entered the cabin of the flying chariot. Then, he said indifferently, “Next.”

Pan Zhong excitedly drew the curtain. Then, he rubbed his chin with an expression of pride before he said loudly, “Let’s go!”

Leng Luo asked, “Zhao Hongfu, are you still not coming?”

Zhao Hongfu regained her senses. She felt as though she was dreaming. She trembled slightly and hurriedly leaped onto the flying chariot.

After everyone was on board, the flying chariot rose into the sky and flew away. It passed through the barrier easily as though the barrier was just a bubble.

The moment the flying chariot vanished from sight, King Chen of Wu, Zhang Bie, and the cultivators from the Dark and Light Alliance sat limply on the ground at the same time.

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